The 15 Best Standing Desks of 2024

Given the worldwide outbreak that is Covid-19, it is quite possible that you’re reading this post as you are working from your home and trying to find the best standing desk which allows you to stand at a stretch while you may not be having very much workout.

You will find many different reasons to pick a perfect standing desk. However, they inspire you to become less inactive, decrease the risk of disease, help decrease back pain, boost energy, enhance productivity, and even it has been proposed that they tend to help decrease anxiety and stress.

To ensure that you are comfortable, it is best to try to find a height adjustable desk thus you can ensure the position of working is exactly perfect for you.

However, the top standing desks allow you to program various heights and also allow you to switch between standing and sitting height simply at the push of a switch.

Also, there are the converters for standing desk which can turn a typical desk into an ideal standing desk that can be more inexpensive and perhaps perfect if you need to keep the existing furniture.

At the same time, you can separately buy the frame of standing desk and then add desktop of your own choice.

However, with increasingly more people doing work from home nowadays, a high- class standing desk is what you need, so do not miss your office. You will be possibly more productive.

In this review post, we’re going to review 15 best standing desks that will definitely blow your mind. Also, you will discover a detailed buyers’ guide to make the best choice. Keep reading to find the best match.

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Flexispot 48″x30″ Adjustable Height Standing Desk

Flexispot 48

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Flexispot 48″x30″ Adjustable Height Standing Desk is a cost-effective option for anybody who does not want to make a hole in the wallet.

With 48″x30″ surface and an adjustable electric lift system which can easily raise this desk from around 28″ to 47.6″, this standing desk from Flexispot is our best pick for top standing desk intended for your home office. It is simple to set up and you just have to use 2 buttons to run it.

Also, this particular desk will take you from the sitting position to standing position in around ten seconds.

At the same time, you can hardly hear the noise of its motor operating. The capacity of weight is approximately 148 lbs.

Additionally, this desk is scratch proof and stable. One keynote is at the highest setting, this may lose a little of its stability.

This Flexispot 48″x30″ Adjustable Height Standing Desk is fairly light. The key benefit of it is it is easily adjustable.

Key Features

  • Simple to assemble
  • Made to last a long time
  • Industrial-class steel frame


  • Brand: FLEXISPOT
  • Model: Not mentioned
  • Portability: No
  • Height adjustability: Yes
  • Product size: 50.5″x29.75″x9″
  • Product weight: Approximately 102.8 pounds

  • It is durable
  • Pretty noiseless
  • Effortless to run
  • Offers a good price
  • It may lose some balance at the highest setting

GreenForest Corner L-Shape Office Computer Desk

GreenForest Corner L-Shape Office Computer Desk

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This GreenForest Corner L-Shape Office Computer Desk, undoubtedly, is extraordinary for space-saving while broadening the work area. The inexpensive desk for gaming provides a great feeling with its eye-catching look.

The durable steel frame, blended with the MDF black top, the entire unit looks exciting and pretty architectural in the look.

Height is easily adjustable from the foot mugs, as well as these are switched both anti-clockwise and clockwise to elevate or lower the desk.

However, the basic aesthetic style and design provide this desk with a smart and modern look.

Also, the sturdiness originates from the overall weight of the item, and also it is available at approximately 37.2 lbs that is practical for the most gamers that may find themselves needing to move this to a new area.

This is an ideal gaming desk intended for three monitors. So, if you’re a serious gamer we tremendously suggest this to you.

Key Features

  • Durable frame
  • Adjustable height desk
  • It ships with the tools to set up the desk


  • Brand: GreenForest
  • Model: Not mentioned
  • Portability: No
  • Height adjustability: Yes
  • Product size: 58.1″x43.3″x29.13″
  • Product weight: Approximately 37.2 pounds

  • Highly secure and stable
  • It is modern and durable
  • Pretty comfortable and offers excellent space
  • Requires a pretty long time to set up

Vari Electric Sit-to-Stand Standing Desk

Vari Electric Sit-to-Stand Standing Desk

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Vari is the top brand to take into account whenever you’re dealing with the best standing electric desk. This includes 3-key memory settings that will make this simpler to fine-tune the desk anytime you like.

It is accessible in 4 unique colors and ideal for covering big workstation demands. This electric desk can offer sufficient space for several monitors and lots of extra space for storing mouse, keyboards, and more. This has 3 programmable settings for height and also a silent motor.

Also, the manufacturing device will simply be using the commercial-standard materials such as steel and laminate and a balance crossbar for making this desk very sturdy and durable. Once bought, the desk is right here to survive for years.

There’s no reason to use special or complicated tools to do the job on this Vari Electric Sit-to-Stand Standing Desk. Also, it includes 1 month of safe guarantee and 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty.

Key Features

  • Big workspace
  • State-of-the-art materials
  • Offers 3 programmable height


  • Brand: Vari
  • Model: Not mentioned
  • Portability: No
  • Height adjustability: Yes
  • Product size: Not mentioned
  • Product weight: Not mentioned

  • It is simple to set up
  • Very large workspace
  • High-quality materials used to make this desk sturdy
  • The tray for cable management doesn’t fit sturdily

SHW 55″ Home Office Computer Desk

SHW 55

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The SHW 55″ Home Office Computer Desk, we must say, is a straightforward and simple home office choice which features a neutral and nice visual that will virtually fit any working or living space.

Therefore, the smart design of frame and two built-in grommets for arranging the cords make this particular desk feel as if less of a set up anywhere you set this up.

It is slim, sleek, and even out of way for most part still while providing space on the desk top for several office essentials and monitors.

The powder-layered finish, steel frame, and eco particle board design total to a remarkably solid desk for your money, while the flexible glides balance/stabilize the feet of desk on the uneven floors permitting a smooth set up.

Several colors and wood grain options let you choose your desired aesthetic, thus this home-based desk must be suitable for your current office at home space or even makeshift workspace.

Key Features

  • Very sturdy
  • Simple to set it up
  • Offers a reasonable price


  • Brand: SHW
  • Model: OD-0063
  • Portability: No
  • Height adjustability: Yes
  • Product size: 55″x24″x28″
  • Product weight: Approximately 39.9 pounds

  • Crafted to last
  • It offers an ideal design
  • Perfect to use at office and home
  • You’ll get difficulties while setting it up

VIVO DESK-V000V 36″ Adjustable Height Standing Desk converter


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This VIVO DESK-V000V 36″ Adjustable Height Standing Desk converter is built ergonomically with the health of users in mind.

This lets you make changes in between the work sessions, letting you sit or stand, thus making your job experience more exciting.

It removes all types of discomfort which you’re prone to experience while using conventional desktop designs.

It will assist you to assemble your workspace using different sorts of equipment which can assist you to accomplish all the work goals soon enough.

This desk needs minimal assembly as it includes all the parts attached. What you just need to perform is to set this up on the old desk, adjust the components to suit the work needs, and lastly, organize the workspace for optimum productivity.

Key Features

  • Very simple to adjust height
  • Excellent for the small rooms
  • Its construction is quite reliable and sturdy


  • Brand: VIVO
  • Model: B0784HWPN6
  • Portability: No
  • Height adjustability: Yes
  • Product size: Not mentioned
  • Product weight: Approximately 42.5 pounds

  • Professional construction
  • Comes with device slots for extra storage
  • The keyboard tray enhances productivity
  • The weight capacity is very low

Seville Classics Pro S3 AIRLIFT 54″ Adjustable Electric Commercial-Grade Standing Desk

Seville Classics Pro S3 AIRLIFT 54

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Seville Classics Pro S3 AIRLIFT 54″ Adjustable Electric Commercial-Grade Standing Desk is another amazing option out there.

This desk offers many different features that will make you really amazed. This has the same bent front of desk that puts you nearer to the activity.

There’s a controlling pad on underside of this desk that is ideal while you need to move from sitting position to standing position facing your game.

You will find memory buttons designed into control pad thus you do not need to mess with adjusting its height. Just you need to push one button and this will lower and lift to the designed height.

This Seville Classics Pro S3 AIRLIFT 54″ Adjustable Electric Commercial-Grade Standing Desk additionally is available in many different color choices, therefore it is realistic to make it completely your own. This has also an extremely hefty, sturdy design. This desk weighs around 120 pounds only.

Key Features

  • Snug to use
  • Very durable
  • Comes with an ergonomic design


  • Brand: Seville Classics
  • Model: Pro S3
  • Portability: No
  • Height adjustability: Yes
  • Product size: 54″x30″x51.4″
  • Product weight: Approximately 120 pounds

  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Single-piece strong desk top
  • Electronically adjustable height
  • Doesn’t include any cable management system

Flexispot 48″x30″ Electric Sit-Stand Adjustable Height Standing Desk

Flexispot 48

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The list will not be comprehensive without talking about some pro standing desks. However, they might not be perfect for the tastes of everyone; still, the health advantages of standing while working are incontrovertible.

FlexiSpot’s height adjustable electric desk includes a large work surface. It is easy to place many different monitors or laptops here, together with office stationery and project files.

This particular work area is sustainably sourced with the surroundings as the key consideration.

Design of this unique desk contains a durable, strong, steel frame which is commercial grade. The FlexiSpot combines it with a sturdy work top.

This Flexispot desk does not even limit you to standing up always, because it is adjustable. It has standard desk height.

By pushing a button, it is easy to lower this down to a preferred sitting height as well as grab the chair – do not worry, we will not tell anyone that you are being idle!

Not to mention, remember that if you are 6’3″, then you will need to search somewhere else for a comfortable option.

Key Features

  • Two control button
  • Electronic lift system
  • Smooth and quick adjustments


  • Brand: Flexispot
  • Model: Not mentioned
  • Portability: No
  • Height adjustability: Yes
  • Product size: Not mentioned
  • Product weight: Approximately 90 pounds

  • Long-lasting
  • It is noiseless
  • Simple to run
  • May lose some balance at the maximum setting

VIVO DESK-V000K Adjustable Height 32″ Standing Desk converter

VIVO DESK-V000K Adjustable Height 32

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This VIVO DESK-V000K Adjustable Height 32″ Standing Desk converter is another most loved item as it allows you to get the perfect balance between movement and sedentary in the day.

However, the enhanced touch locking mechanism will lift this up immediately and let you do the job properly without any neck or back pains.

Its body is quite an impressive and tough one, built from steel to support as much as 33 lbs to hold the laptop and monitor.

On top of that, it is pretty space-efficient because it offers space for writing and other activities. This item is simple to assemble, it only needs minimum assembly.

At the same time, you will be happy to know that the company offers 3 years manufacturer’s warranty.

It is also a saleable product as it provides you an excellent work environment because of its most significant characteristics for example the twin-tiered structure, sturdiness, and fast transition. Moreover, it is enough space- efficient.

Key Features

  • It is spacious and wide
  • Made of durable material
  • Comes with an ergonomic design


  • Brand: VIVO
  • Model: DESK-V000K
  • Portability: No
  • Height adjustability: Yes
  • Product size: 34.49″x19.37″x7.48″
  • Product weight: Approximately 31.9 pounds

  • Fast transition
  • Simple operation
  • Very space-efficient
  • It is stable and strong
  • The shelving tends to be somewhat fragile

FLEXISPOT M7B 28″ Standing Desk converter


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If you are interested in converting the transition desk into a sit-stand stylish workstation, this FLEXISPOT M7B 28″ Standing Desk converter will be the best accessory to buy.

It offers a U-shaped unique design which provides more workspace. It is additionally enough sturdy to hold around 33 pounds of weight.

On the other hand, the top will fit your computer monitor, paperwork, and a number of other desktop gadgets. Furthermore, its adjustable height suits the demands of various people.

The fast-launch attachment will allow you to use this desk without/with the tray. This is the best sit stand desk out there.

This desk is perfect for drawing, writing, or laptop use, which makes it a convenient model to incorporate into the household accessories.

While you add its 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on its frame, you’ll get a highly functional and reliable standing desk.

Key Features

  • The height is easily adjustable
  • The work surface is extra large
  • The keyboard tray is removable


  • Brand: FLEXISPOT
  • Model: M7B
  • Portability: No
  • Height adjustability: Yes
  • Product size: 30.71″x20.08″x7.87″
  • Product weight: Approximately 36.7 pounds

  • Reasonably priced
  • Uncomplicated to transport
  • Various size options available
  • Easy and quick to dismantle and erect
  • Doesn’t include any electric motor

ApexDesk 60″ Elite Series Adjustable Height Standing Desk

ApexDesk 60

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This ApexDesk 60″ Elite Series Adjustable Height Standing Desk is definitely a robust standing desk which was created from high-quality materials which can handle as much as 225 lbs.

It is easy to control its height by just pressing a button as well as it will remember around 4 varied heights. Its table top is layered with the scratch-proof laminate to make sure that it can last for years.

This item comes effectively packaged and Styrofoam stops it from getting damaged. This is pretty heavy thus make sure that you get someone to assist you with the assembly.

Needless to say, people are satisfied with this item. They state it is constructed pretty well – designed with the professional materials. This is available in the high price; hence you undoubtedly get exactly what you buy.

This ApexDesk 60″ Elite Series Adjustable Height Standing Desk does not include any cable management system, thus you would need to purchase that separately.

Not to mention, if you are getting the extras, then most people suggest getting the wheels too.

Key Features

  • Available in several colors
  • Includes a motorized heavy-duty steel frame
  • Gloss finish work surface is also scratch-proof


  • Brand: ApexDesk
  • Model: ET60-OAK
  • Portability: No
  • Height adjustability: Yes
  • Product size: 60″x30″x48″
  • Product weight: Approximately 40.3 pounds

  • Enough legroom
  • A number of color options
  • Comes with 4 programmable settings
  • Cable management system is unavailable

AuAg Racing Style 55″ T-Shaped Standing Desk

AuAg Racing Style 55

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If you’re trying to find a desk that offers large area for all the gaming gear, then this AuAg Racing Style 55″ T-Shaped Standing Desk can be an intelligent choice.

This gives you sufficient space to install two monitors. Also, table top is fully coated with a large three-mm thick water-resistant mouse pad.

This mouse pad, on the other hand, is durable, soft, and simple to wash.

Not to mention, tabletop is crafted from MDF with the carbon fiber design. Its t-formed legs provide sufficient space for the legs.

It is also multi-functional gaming desk as well as you can easily use this as a computer office desk, study, or writing desk.

With the 2 cable grommets as well as a hidden box for power strip, you can effortlessly manage the cables. Handy headset-hook and cup holder make this uncomplicated to manage the headset and drinks.

Its design is quite user-friendly as well as it includes 4 leveling adjustable glides to ensure a steady position on unequal floor.

Key Features

  • It is versatile
  • It is made water-resistant
  • Comes with a big mouse pad


  • Brand: AuAg
  • Model: 55IN
  • Portability: No
  • Height adjustability: Yes
  • Product size: 55.1″x25.98″x30.3″
  • Product weight: Not mentioned

  • Has a compact design
  • Reasonably priced for most
  • Easily portable and lightweight
  • The tabletop comes in 3 pieces

FlexiSpot M3B Adjustable Height 47″ Standing Desk converter

FlexiSpot M3B Adjustable Height 47

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If you’re in search of a desk which is flexible, easy, and smooth, then this FlexiSpot M3B Adjustable Height 47″ Standing Desk converter will be the ideal option.

This already assembled standing desk is simple to switch from sitting position to standing position by softly pressing its hand bar as well as can be lifted or lowered effortlessly with all loads on desk devoid of going through very much stress.

This two-tier standing desk creates a big working area and firmly stands on the footprints by supporting many different tools.

However, with this particular desk, it indicates that more work easily can be completed with this spacious desk.

Needless to say, this desk offers a top large tier that is 47″ wide and even can take as much as two 27″ laptops and computers, while lower tier is able to allow for papers, mouse, and keyboard.

This FlexiSpot M3B Adjustable Height 47″ Standing Desk converter can easily be utilized for home or official use by anybody who enjoys a versatile workstation and preferred to change from sitting position to standing position while working.

Key Features

  • Detachable keyboard tray
  • The height range is adjustable
  • It is designed to last a long time


  • Brand: FlexiSpot
  • Model: M3B-FS
  • Portability: No
  • Height adjustability: Yes
  • Product size: Not mentioned
  • Product weight: Approximately 59.9 pounds

  • Great desk converter for tall people
  • Adjusting the desk position with a hand bar
  • Quick-release keyboard tier design
  • Not enough sturdy for writing on it

Techni Mobili Rolling Height Adjustable Laptop Cart/Desk

Techni Mobili Rolling Height Adjustable Laptop Cart/Desk

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This laptop stand for desk offers a unique appearance with some exclusive features. This Techni Mobili Rolling Height Adjustable Laptop Cart/Desk acts as the stand-alone device.

This mobile cart includes wheel casters at the bottom intended for uncomplicated mobility. Also, the cart has integrated storage for magazines, papers, or simply anything you may require.

Customers enjoyed the superb quality of the cart and even enjoyed the attractive look of the replica mahogany wood.

However, the hardware clearly was labeled for effortless construction for a smooth experience.

Additionally, the extra storage options and level surface made this moving cart quite versatile for the cost. With the height-adjustable features, customers could stay targeted while maintaining correct posture.

Key Features

  • Simple to adjust
  • Professional construction for durability
  • The storage compartment is pretty large


  • Brand: Techni Mobili
  • Model: RTA-B002GPH06
  • Portability: No
  • Height adjustability: Yes
  • Product size: 16″x22″x46″
  • Product weight: Approximately 28.3 pounds

  • Splendid design for attractiveness
  • Sturdy wood and steel construction
  • Tilting top designed for convenient presentation
  • We didn’t notice any cons

FEZIBO Stand-Up 32″ Standing Desk converter

FEZIBO Stand-Up 32

View on Amazon(US)

The FEZIBO Stand-Up 32″ Standing Desk converter, believe it or not, is the top standing desk converter which guarantees your body to get enhanced health. Aiding standing work position, this desk is snug to utilize whether standing or sitting.

Offering a big surface, this desk tends to measure 34.41″x21.26″x6.22″. Considering the size, it’s able to handle up to two laptops and monitors.

No matter if mounted or standalone monitors, it is a superb desk to maintain the body burning additional calories.

Based on its user, there’s a simple height adjustment mechanism. The truth is, with comfortable gas lift and control lever which allows easy and smooth to customize its height.

Its base is improved with the rubberized caps which keep the table risk-free from scratches.

At the same time, caps are outstanding in balancing this desk against slides. Astonishingly, the desk is built with an additional tray to allow for your mouse and keyboard and even other things.

Key Features

  • Simple to adjust
  • No assembly is needed
  • Sturdy structure will not wobble


  • Brand: FEZIBO
  • Model: Not mentioned
  • Portability: No
  • Height adjustability: Yes
  • Product size: 34.41″x21.26″x6.22″
  • Product weight: Approximately 28.6 pounds

  • Pretty sturdy
  • It is enough spacious
  • Straightforward to operate
  • There are no cons of this desk

VariDesk 36″ Pro Plus Adjustable Height Standing Desk converter

VariDesk 36

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This VariDesk 36″ Pro Plus Adjustable Height Standing Desk converter has two large tiers thus you can easily have sufficient space for your work demands.

Lower level, on the other hand, is perfect for keeping the mouse and keyboard nearby.

This is the best computer workstation that will work in almost any office size. Many possess a “space-saving” structure which lets you work efficiently in the space, regardless of the size.

Also, if you want additional storage in the office, it is important to pick a workstation which has additional shelves where it is easy to keep the important things.

When selecting among the various workstations for computer you should think about the unit’s quality and how uncomplicated this is to set up.

At the same time, you can read the online reviews posted by other buyers. Such reviews can assist you to evaluate the different workstation options for computer therefore you can pick the one which fits your budget and needs.

Key Features

  • Simple assembly
  • Offers smooth motion
  • Crafted from first-class steel


  • Brand: Vari
  • Model: 34563
  • Portability: No
  • Height adjustability: Yes
  • Product size: 36″x26.8″x4.2″
  • Product weight: Approximately 64.8 pounds

  • Comes with two large tiers
  • Features an ergonomic design
  • Quick change from sitting to standing
  • Tiers do not move separately

Buying Guide On The Best Standing Desks!

To choose the best adjustable standing desk, we dealt with a detailed process such as study and even hands-on screening. The market of standing desks is constantly growing, with new brands releasing new products on a daily basis.

To maintain the updated information, we monitored the changing marketplace and maintain romances with the best standing desk companies.

Besides the time spent in study and connections, we have many years of expertise from which we’ve come to know what makes an excellent desk, and also the common troublesome areas and selecting a budget-friendly option. Here is what we believe to be vital when buying an ideal standing desk:

  1. Ergonomics

    The companies are paying considerably more focus on how their items would work perfectly with human body.

    Of course, we have solid bodies which can endure the hunger strikes, toughest exercises, sports activities, and workouts.

    Still, all the above-mentioned activities need movements. The standing desks progressively are being built to fit and connect to human body devoid of compromising comfort, convenience, good posture, and health and wellness.

    These kinds of ergonomic factors have been integrated with the structure of the monitor arms that are now integrated in many standing desks.

  2. Maximum/Minimum Height

    The standing desks usually are, like the name signifies, standing to play games, work, or even monitor the data in domestic environment or work.

    Taking it into account, practically anybody could desire to buy one. Considering the different ranges of height, the standing desks out there would require to adapt to the lowest and highest heights possible.

    The majority of desks include allowances which benefit 95% for women and men that are excellent, though a table which adjusts further will be superior for the tall individuals.

  3. Keyboard Tray

    Few standing desks include a tray for keyboard that is somewhat dismaying. Such features do not just permit extra space on your desktop, but at the same time boosts the ergonomics too.

    What is more, while standing, it is easier to type simply at the lower position as well as better if tray for keyboard is somewhat tilted to the lower position, providing your fingers the comfort they need at such height.

  4. The Surface Area

    The standing desks should not vary much from the typical desktops’ working space. However, the space on desktop must allow the accessories, laptops or computers which would be positioned on board.

    Also, we would prefer to say it is completely up to individual preference but similarly needs to be an authentic choice.

  5. Electric

    The electric-run standing desks control the desk’s adjustments electronically. It reduces the individual’s stress, decreasing the manual-handling which needs to be completed.

    With the effortless touch of the button, desk goes down or up pretty efficiently. Such feature is a popular one for several who tend to lean towards having a stand up desk .

    You will find a number of most affordable versions which are equally reliable and well-built. Also, for ergonomic benefits and unhindered convenience, the electronically-run standing adjustable desks will be a great option for homes, work-spaces, and offices too.

  6. Weight Capacity

    Not to mention, we have found plenty of regular sitting desks that support plenty of files, 2 computers, pen holder, an extra laptop; list is unlimited.

    Overall, it is wood we’re discussing here; they will effortlessly hold several laptops and extra accessories.

    The standing desks typically are manufactured from similar materials; bamboo or processed wood.

  7. Assembly Procedure

    The standing desks also have become really an important thing for numerous workspaces, homes, and offices alike. No matter if it is a pro workspace, garage, or just an area in your home devoted to doing certain tasks.

    Given that such desks might not be bought to the office area which has a compensated handy-man available at their call, this must be quite simple to put together.

    It needs to be fairly easy to set up, with the DIY standard easy for the typical individual to assemble.

  8. Adjustment

    The best standing desks which are fully adjustable could turn out to be a problem in all wrong places.

    However, the adjustability feature allows the users to fine-tune that position of desk to an ergonomic and convenient level which suits them.

    Additionally, a desk which remains mounted in a specific position may well not fit the user’s height, and even may turn out to be very unpleasant.

    While you get accustomed to standing as well as working, the standing habits can change; it could demand a fast adjustment on table which the adjustable standing desks will allow only.

  9. Accessories

    Last but not least, a computer stand or standing desk which includes enough accessories for superior convenience and organization is undoubtedly an advantage.

    Accessories such as monitor stand and cable management system will suitably help the users perform their technical feats as well as use the laptops/computers more proficiently.

    With the cables well organized in position and monitor put sturdily and ergonomically, these helpful accessories can get your job done without any hassle.

Types Of The Best Standing Desks!

  • Monitor Adjustable Risers

    The monitor adjustable risers can be an incredible after-market option for people who do not prefer to invest a lot on the standing workstation.

    However, if you prefer the advantages of a height adjustable desk but do not desire to eliminate the old desk, a monitor adjustable height stand will be the best option for you.

  • Height Adjustable Desks

    The height adjustable desks have an amazing work surface which moves down and up with you. So, if you just possess space for a desk and need to make transitioning between standing and sitting as uncomplicated as possible, a height adjustable desk is the perfect option for you.

    With the height adjustable desk, it is easy to do all the standing and sitting in just one place. The height adjustable desks can have an electric lift, manual lift, or gas lift adjustment system.

  • Height Standing Desks

    The height standing desks include an ideal work surface measuring 42-inch tall to use as the stand-up workspace.

    If you possess plenty of space to use in the workplace then simply you may desire to include a height standing desk to that space and change between your common desk and the new one.

    FAQs About The Best Standing Desks!

    Q: How Much Time Should You Stand At The Standing Desk?
    A: Sitting behind the desk throughout the day is awful for your wellness and specialists to have always been advising individuals to stand up at the workstations for around 15 minutes per hour.

    However, a professor from “University-of-Waterloo” says his study shows that individuals need to be standing at least for 30 minutes hourly to get the best health benefits.

    Q: Are The Standing Desks Worthwhile?
    A: The research does not seem to recommend that an ideal standing workstation is actually worth the purchase.

    But, the problems with the standing desks tend to be independent of all those with the sitting desks. To put it differently, standing minimizes plenty of issues. Therefore, there is no doubt that a standing desk is worthwhile.

    Q: Is It Far Better To Sit Or Stand At The Desk?
    A: Standing burns 0.16 calories more each minute than sitting. However, if a 144-lbs person stands for 6 hours daily rather than sitting, they will burn an additional 60 calories every day.

    On top of that, muscle activity right from standing also is related to lower threats for heart attacks and strokes, researchers claimed.

    Q: Are The Standing Workstations Overrated?
    A: They are not the remedies for anything as well as standing is definitely not a workout. We all know physical exercise is beneficial and that getting inactive is not.

    Study, however, indicates that alerts in terms of sitting at the office are usually over-blown as well as standing desks tend to be overrated so as to enhance your health.

    Q: Should I Use My Standing Desk Throughout The Day?
    A: Should I use my standing desk throughout the day? The answer is no. Much like sitting throughout the day is bad; standing for the whole day is bad too. You should change between standing and sitting from time to time in the day.

    Q: Can Standing At The Desk Assist You To Lose Weight?
    A: While the latest study indicates that the standing desk will be unlikely to assist with fat loss or avoiding fat gain, there might be other advantages of the standing desk.

    The promoters of the standing desks indicate studies revealing that after the meal, levels of blood sugar return to typical faster on the days an individual spends more hours standing.

    Q: Why Is Sitting Down Not A Good Idea?
    A: Lying or sitting down for a long time boosts your threat of long-term health issues, for example, diabetes, heart disease, and even some cancers. Excessively sitting can additionally be awful for your psychological health.

    However, being active isn’t as difficult as you imagine. There are plenty of quick ways to add some physical activities in your daily life.

    Q: Is Standing Awful For The Knees?
    A: Of course, studies show long-term standing not just stresses your lower back, knees, and legs; also it can result in circulation issues, joint damage, and varicose veins. While you must be on the feet to instruct, you can use strategies to relieve the strain.

    Q: Are The Standing Desks Best For Your Back Pain?
    A: Although a computer standing desk may improve your back pain, it is probably not a miracle solution.

    For instance, the standing desk may help enhance your posture as well as take off the pressure from your lower back and neck; but, it is not sufficient to fix more serious issues, for example bulging disc or scoliosis.

    Q: Is It Terrible To Stand Throughout The Day?
    A: In addition, research has demonstrated that continuous standing may increase the threat of heart disease.

    That is due to the fact that standing for a long time can lead to blood gathering in your legs, higher pressure in veins and even higher oxidative stress, these all can lead to an increased threat.

    Q: Do The Standing Desks Enhance Productivity?
    A: Choosing the best standing desk can increase productivity, based on a new study posted in the “British-Medical-Journal”.

    In addition, it discovered that 52% of those making use of standing desks were feeling more involved in the work after 1 year. The study tracked 147 NHS employees who previously invested most of their time seated.

    Q: Can Standing At The Desk Burn Fat?
    A: Standing burns 0.16 calories more each minute than sitting. However, if a 144-lbs person stands for 6 hours daily rather than sitting, they will burn an additional 60 calories every day.

    On top of that, muscle activity right from standing also is related to lower threats for heart attacks and strokes, researchers claimed.

    Q: Is Standing Perfect For My Heart?
    A: Basically, spending fewer hours sitting as well as more hours standing reduces weight, cholesterol, and blood sugar – these all mean a lower chance for heart problems.

    Q: What Number Of Calories Can I Burn While Standing For Eight Hours?
    A: While you stand up, you burn between one to two hundred calories per hour. This all relies on your weight, height, age, and sex. Sitting, in contrast, burns only 50 to 120 calories per hour.

    Q: Is It True That Sitting At The Desk Terrible For Back?
    A: Investing much of the day in sitting position can make the spine stiff, sore, and even in pain. That is because excessive sitting, while this may be comforting, puts pressure on the discs and muscles of your neck and back.

    Q: While Standing It Hurts My Feet – Why?
    A: Standing on the feet for a long time can trigger pain and stress in the feet. Your entire body can experience changes when it comes to plantar warts, bunions, back pain, and posture. You will find ways to prevent these conditions by having proper care for foot, correct posture, and smart choices.

    Q: What Goes On To The Legs If You Sit For A Long Time?
    A: It is due to the fact that sitting leads to blood pooling in the legs. The varicose veins are not usually risky. In unusual cases, they may result in blood clots that can trigger serious issues. Sitting for a long time may cause DVT (deep-vein-thrombosis), for instance, on an extended car or plane trip.

    Q: Can Sitting Make Me Fat?
    A: New study gives most of us another cause to stand up off the desk chairs as well as get moving.

    However, the results, published in the Cell Physiology imply that the stress placed in hips and buttocks from sitting for a long time can produce around 50% extra fat in all those areas.

    Q: Is Standing Harder Compared To Walking?
    A: It may seem like a tricky question yet the right answer is that standing on feet for 1 hour is worse compared to walking.

    This is a deficiency of blood circulation which causes the muscles to fatigue quickly and leads to pain in your neck, back, legs, and feet. This is vital that you plan appropriately for long hours of standing.


    There’s the best standing desk to suit everyone’s needs. Also, there are a number of things to take into account while making a decision.

    The standing desks usually have sufficient potential to reform the way we work. Not to mention, sitting while doing work has endorsed the inactive lifestyle widespread in the current age.

    Needless to say, this lifestyle provides plenty of health problems. Standing desks try to get individuals on their legs and enhance the productivity and health.

    What is the top standing desk available on the marketplace today? Need our recommendation? If yes, then you can go for Seville Classics Pro S3 AIRLIFT 54″ Adjustable Electric Commercial-Grade Standing Desk . It comes with all the best & amazing features. While reviewing this product, we were mesmerized.

    At the same time, don’t worry if you do not have enough budget, then try to consider the ApexDesk 60″ Elite Series Adjustable Height Standing Desk. This affordable but high-quality standing desk will get the job done perfectly.

    Nonetheless, you will find many other outstanding options to consider, based on your desires and needs.

    As a final point, do not forget that the best standing desk is not a replacement for doing work ergonomically, enhancing your flexibility, taking breaks, and even getting stronger.

    You’ll have to accomplish all these to continue to be injury-free and healthy.

    There’s no doubt that you enjoyed our review post. We are excited to know your opinions. You can easily use the comment section to share your views with us. Also, support us by sharing this unique post on the social networks.

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