The 10 Best Cupping Sets of 2024

Do you experience numbness, pain in the joints, varicose veins, skin color changes or tingling of feet and hands? Don’t fret. This list of best cupping sets of 2020 is here to provide everything you need to know about the cupping technique and the finest accessories to go for.

Every person values comfort and wants to feel nice about themselves. Cupping, an ancient healing method, uses cups to enhance the flow of blood and vital energy in the body. Modern Cupping techniques use cups to create suction and/or draw blood from the body for full rejuvenation.

However, just like any other items out there, cupping sets come in a wide range of models, designs, specs and materiality. This makes it very overwhelming to choose from the myriad of variants, a specific cup that perfectly matches your preferences. This review comprehensively and lucidly describes the top 10 premium cupping sets in 2020 with the primary aim to help you and your best choice.

Best overall: Lure Essential Glass Cupping Set

Lure Essential Glass Cupping Set

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Lure Essential Glass is the most trusted cupping set among athletes, Olympians, bodyworkers and massage therapists. It is also the top-rated suit in the industry.

Lure essential cupping sets come in a package consisting of 4 gift sets. The sets feature different diameters from the smallest to largest and are priced differently when bought separately. However, when you buy the product as one package you will enjoy a discounted fee.

The luxury medical cups work pretty well for all persons devoid of age bracket. For high-end efficacy, you can use them with a glam boost or Lure Essential Pure Organic Rosehip Seed to achieve a smooth glide. They work best in skin dehydration procedures to achieve an ideal tone, skin lift or tightness.

If you are looking for something for a professional or personal yoga face therapy, then here it is. This kit exercises facial muscles like a pro. It helps in improving blood circulation on the face. By designating only five minutes for facial yoga using this suit, you will immensely oxygenate the 43 muscles in your face for radiant looks.

Key Features

  • Package of 4 Gifts
  • Organic Rosehip Seed Oil for smooth slides
  • Cupping Massage Oil for deep tissue massage


  • Brand: Lure Essentials
  • Easy to install and use
  • Different cup diameters for both facial and body cupping
  • PDF and video tutorial for beginners
  • Scientifically tested and certified for safety
  • A bit pricey compared to other popular models

Bliss face and Body cupping set

Bliss face and Body cupping set

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The award-winning cupping industry, Lure Essentials, did not stop at our first review. Bliss face and Body cupping set is another product specifically made with professionalism in mind. The suit comes in the form of a gift package with 7 massage cups: 3 body cups, 2 Facial cups and 2 eyecups.

For most of its products, Lure Essential offers video tutorials. Bliss face and Body cupping is not any exemption. The package comes with an additional ebook to take new and pro users on the beauty enhancement therapies. As an extra package, the kit features an unconditional and lifetime warranty that covers its crucial components.

All the cups above can be used with gels and certified cupping oil to manage acute and chronic pain, restore mobility, improve circulation and promote healing. Regular cupping can also help with enhancing fascial adhesion, softening scar tissue, relieving tension, releasing endorphins and many more.

The manufacturer company stands behind almost all their products. Other than the lifetime warranty for this suit, they offer certified cupping education aimed at showing new users what to expect and how to use this pack.

Key Features

  • Custom engineered and medically tested silicone body for DIY cupping
  • 7 gift cups for full-body cupping


  • Brand: Lure Essential
  • Facial cups: 2×0.75”
  • Body cups: 1 L (2”) and 2 small (1.5”)
  • Eyecups: 2×0.37”
  • Customized to meet the specific customer needs
  • Quality materials for comfy and excellent suction
  • Training guide and full support for newbies
  • Can be cumbersome to use for first-timers

Best value: K.S. Choi Corp Cupping Set

K.S. Choi Corp Cupping Set

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Acuzone premium has beaten all the odds to become one of the best cupping set in Korea. Engineered and designed by K.S. Choi Corp, one of the esteemed cupping set manufacturers in the country, the quality accessory became the most popular suit among the 2016 Rio Olympic Athletes. It prides magnificent plastic cups that are shockproof and heatproof. They can be conveniently sterilized with boiling water.

If you are looking for the finest baby bottle plastic cups, then AcuZone is the deal. These cups guarantee cutting-edge beautification for all type of cupping techniques. With regular use, you stand a chance to achieve flawless skin with no marks and scratches.

With AcuZone, complexity in terms of usage is nothing to worry about. The kit comes with an intuitive one-page user manual that illustrates everything you need to know about setting and using all the 19 cups.

The first thing that comes in most people’s minds as far as plastic sets are concerned is whether they scratch the skin during cupping sessions. That is true with some variants. However, for this kit, the manufacturer company has kept it sturdy while at the same time soft and flexible. It does not generate any mark on the body.

Key Features

  • Different cup diameters for full body cupping
  • Shockproof and heatproof silicone body for sterilization in hot water


  • Brand: KS Choi Corp
  • 19 cups: 13×2”, 2×1.6”, 2×1.3”, 1×1.8” and 1×1.1”
  • Finest plastic cups in the market
  • Competitive price considering the total number of cups in the package
  • Manual does not illustrate the cupping techniques

LURE Home Spa Ionic Energy Cupping Set

LURE Home Spa Ionic Energy Cupping Set

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The #4 in our list of reviews is an ornamental cupping suit by Lure Home Spa. This cupping set is specifically for those who are ready to unlock the wide range of benefits achieved from professional vacuuming.

Under proper use, this cupping suit will guarantee you a full body therapy for increased blood and lymphatic flow. It also helps with minimizing stagnation on the skin, releasing toxins, clearing colon blockages, loosening connective tissues and many more.

The suit is also one of the best bets when it comes to enhancing body balance, energy, strength and vitality. It can be used to alleviate chronic pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, relieve fatigue, ease arthritis, improve immunity and many more.

In the kit are 10 performance-driven cups made purposely to drive static cupping therapy to a whole new level. The cups fit perfectly in all body parts including wrists, knees, ankles and feet. They are not only light but also sturdy enough to withstand any pressure that can lead to breakage.

Lure promises 100% satisfaction on all its releases. This kit is not any exemption. It comes with the best customer support and a lifetime warranty that includes product replacement. For the best results, all you need is to follow the guide of use that is also part of the kit. Otherwise, for better suction, you may need to keep your skin moist by adding water or any certified lubricant.

Key Features

  • 10 Performance-driven cups for full-body therapy
  • Small, light and sturdy body for convenience
  • 6 embedded magnets for static therapy


  • Brand: Lure Home Spa
  • Silicone body medically tested for safety
  • Lifetime warranty on the cardinal components
  • Custom engineered to meet your specific preference
  • Maybe a bit pricey as compared to brands in the same bracket

Care Me Chinese Acupuncture Cupping therapy set

Care Me Chinese Acupuncture Cupping therapy set

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Looking for a premium cup made purposely to last? Look no further. Care Me, one of the most trustable cupping companies in the US has released another premium quality cupping set. The cups are made exclusively from Polycarbonate, a type of glass used in an airplane for durability.

Alongside the cup, the package also comes with a free vacuum tube. The tube is adjustable to fit into all the 14 cups from largest to the smallest. Additionally, you will get an adjustable vacuum gun used for alternating the degree of suction from strong to gentle. Otherwise, the set works with a magnetic cupping concept using 10 magnet needles that are also an integral part of the kit.

Investing in this kit is one step ahead to jump-starting your quality wellness journey with invaluable returns. This must-have home medical kit is a great TCM therapeutic tool for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, karate and martial arts players and sports players. It can also be used by medical practitioners for physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractor.

To help with ease of use, the kit comes with a 36-pages copyrighted manual that illustrates both acupoints and cupping techniques. Otherwise, all the 14 cups plus the tubes and vacuum are covered in a 5-year effective from the time of purchase.

Key Features

  • Adjustable vacuum tubing gun for excellent suction
  • Durable polycarbonate body for the cups
  • 14 cups with magnets for static therapy
  • Three curved cups to fit into the knee and elbow regions


  • Brand: Care Me
  • 14 cups: 4×2.5″, 6×2”, 1×1.5″, 1×1″ diameters
  • Replacement option for the full body parts
  • Properly detailed copyrighted manual for new users
  • Reasonable cost compared to what variants in the same caliber cost.
  • Strong suction that can scare away newbie users. It is advisable to start with low suction range as you advance.

EDGE Cupping Therapy Sets

EDGE Cupping Therapy Sets

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The sixth in our list is another premium cupping set by Lure Essentials. Specifically for this set, the company has used high-quality platinum cured chemical-grade silicone materials to achieve both elasticity and durability. The cups are 100% free from fillers, BPS, BPA, phthalates, latex, PVC or any other type of plastic.

Iconic EDGE green, like its counterparts–the Brilliant Blue and EDGE clear–, is an ideal gamechanger. To help with effortless control of the suction power, the cups are made with a pliable body that requires no skills to operate. They pride greater scale of performance in terms of relieving joint and muscle pains, recovery and mobility and reduction of muscle spasms.

Lure EDGE green was made to satisfy the most basic cupping needs of most customers. As a result, the company stands behind all the kit’s accessory. Other than the lifetime product replacement warranty, the manufacturer company is there to help whenever encountered with any inconvenience.

Key Features

  • Four pliable gift cups with varying diameters for full body cupping
  • Platinum cured grade silicone body for durability


  • Brand: Lure Essentials
  • Four cups: 1×2.75”(XL), 1×1.5”(X), 1×1.5(M) and 1×1.25 (S)
  • The lifetime replacement warranty for cardinal components
  • DIY user-friendly cups
  • The cups must be pressed and squeezed to provide suction power. If you are not trained and strong enough, you may not be able to meet the required suction
  • Be aware of the edges in some of the cups. With careless cupping, you can end up hurting your body.



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If you are looking for a perfect cupping device that guarantees deep body suction without so much hustle, then this is your best bet. Made by Cupping Warehouse, there is no compromise that these accordion body styled cups will guarantee everything you need.

The body of the cups is made up of purer and clearer materials for greater visibility of tissue when cupping. They do not contain any kind of byproduct (phthalates, plastic or BPA) and are sturdy and long-lasting.

Deep pro is one of the advanced inventions in the Supreme Line by the manufacturer company. They are solely made with professional vacuuming for adept therapists in mind. The set falls in the category of the most coveted devices for professional cupping. They work best for deep tissue and scar tissue cupping, decompression and release of tissue in fascial adhesion, and back and joint pain relief. They do not necessarily need a back massager when cupping.

All the components of this kit are engineered and designed by Cupping Warehouse, a supplying healthcare provider for years. The cups feature thick walls with the strongest silicone, suction for longevity. They can be used by athletic trainers, estheticians, physical therapists, massage therapists and any other person with a deep interest in cupping.

Key Features

  • 6 accordion styled cups with varying diameters for full body cupping
  • High-grade scientifically tested silicone body for quality cupping sessions
  • Thick walls and strongest silicone suction for durability


  • Brand: Cupping Warehouse
  • 6 vacuum cups: 2×2” (X), 2×1.5”(M), 2×1.25”(S)
  • Reusable accordion cups
  • No back massager needed for a quality result
  • Discoloration likely to occur when cupping
  • May not be your ideal option for those who love working with XL sizes

Cupping Warehouse Silicone Chinese Massage Cupping Set

Cupping Warehouse Silicone Chinese Massage Cupping Set

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Rated #8 in our review Anti Cellulite Cupping set does not compromise anything less than perfection. It comes to take the homey touch and feeling during various types of cupping sessions an extra mile.

These Chinese massage cups come in transparent bodies that allow for clearer and purer visibility during suction. As a result, you can easily know the intensity of suction pressure you are working with to avoid poor results.

If you are looking for excellent gliding accessories, then here it is. The premium cups allow for hustle-free back and forth gliding courtesy of their smooth bodies. They are ideal options for promoting circulation, pain relief, muscle soreness, removal of toxins and anti-cellulite therapies. Additionally, they help a great deal in the release of endorphins for comfy and deep sleep.

Cellulite Cup silicone massage enhances simplicity and convenience when it comes to cupping. The cups come in a super soft and flexible body that allows for gentle squeezing for effortless control of suction. They meet every scale of individual preference or needs during cupping sessions.

In the kit are five cupping devices that feature different diameters. The package also comes with additional cellulite lotion, massage oil and/cream for slide cupping. It does not stop there. There is also a manual that entails step-by-step procedure when using the cups, disclaimers and things to avoid for a quality result.

Key Features

  • Supersoft silicone body for comfortable suction
  • Transparent and pure bodies for excellent visibility during cupping


  • Brand: Cupping Warehouse ™
  • Lifetime warranty on cardinal components
  • Cost-effective as compared to most variants
  • Without the recommended oil from the manufacturer, you may end up having red marks on the affected body parts.

DoSensePro Cupping Set

DoSensePro Cupping Set

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If you are struggling with improving your body’s general health and stopping the aging clock, then this cupping set is specifically made for you. Designed and Engineered by DoSensePro6, these anti-cellulite cups are not only durable but also lightweight to be used in any part of the world wherever you go.

The cups are made with high-quality medical-grade silicone that is clear to guarantee visibility during suctioning. The materials can withstand any type of wear and tear.

Each set for this package comes with 4 gift cups. All these accessories are packed in a soft velvet bag that also comes with an instruction guide to see you through your first attempt.

The transparent, smooth and super soft design will allow you to use the cups easily by effortlessly controlling their suction. For apex quality results, it is recommended to use cream or oil for dry skin.

Some of the ill-health condition that you can easily control by using this cupping set includes work stress, lymph drainage and skin tone. The cups work excellent over body surfaces including thighs, but, shoulder, calves, legs, back and face.

With this kit, you are one step ahead to enjoying DIY spa-like cupping at the comfort of your home. Their lightweight feature also makes them easy to carry more so when you want to enjoy the best of your cupping experience with your friends.

Key Features

  • 2XL and 4L cups for full-body coverage
  • Durable medical grade silicone for a quality result


  • Brand: DoSensePro
  • 6 Gift cups: 2XL (2.75”x3.15”) and 4L (2.17”x2.17”)
  • Lightweight for ease of maneuverability
  • Can be used with all types of cupping oils or cream
  • Fitness instruction for the first-timer
  • May not work well under the high-temperature range

MEINA Cupping Set

MEINA Cupping Set

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The last in our list of reviews is the 7PCs Silicone Anti Cellulite cupping set by 500-miles. In this kit, the company has used cutting-edge technology to come up with a professional cupping device that aims at bringing everything you pay for in spa to your homestead.

This superfluous cupping set guarantees timely results in all methods of cupping for radiant skin. When used for a daily massage, the cups can help with eliminating wrinkles and the creation of fine lines across the body. The more you use it, the higher the probability of achieving long-term results.

The silicone cups have undergone a series of rigorous medical testing. They are made with super-strong, soft and flexible silicone that is easy to wash.

One feature that stands out in this variant is its super-cost effective nature. The suit comes with 7 massage cups: 2 mini-eye massage cups, 2 face massage cup, 2 medium body massage cups and 1 Large body massage cup.

To achieve the most desired results, make sure to use this suit under an appropriate temperature range. Extremely low temperatures make them firmer and hard to glide over the body. Otherwise, it is recommended to soak the cups in hot water for approximately five minutes before using them.

Key Features

  • Super-strong and flexible silicone body that is soakable in hot water
  • Various sizes range from large to small for full body massage


  • Brand: 500-miles
  • Medically tested and certified silicone bodies for safety
  • Package content capture every body part
  • May not be an ideal option for users in areas under extreme temperatures.

What is cupping?

Cupping refers to an alternative medicinal therapy that works by creating a suction on the skin surface. The technique uses cups made of plastics, bamboo, silicone, bronze, glass or animal horns that are specifically placed on various parts of the body to lift the tissues and create a stretching effect.

Cupping is a therapeutic technique is not a complex process. To create the vacuum, most therapists normally place some inflammable substances such as herb, small pieces of paper or alcohol inside the cup and set it on fire. Then, the cup together with the burning contents are placed on x the skin in an upside-down manner for some minutes.

As the fire goes off, the air inside the cup cools hence creating a vacuum. It is this vacuum that lifts the skin tissues and its fascia, reddens the skin and vasodilates the blood vessels.

If you have been so keen on your screen, then you must have observed red patches on the skin surfaces of most athletes. These are fresh spots that result from cupping. However, cupping is not anything new on Earth. It has been into existence for decades in ancient cultures among Egyptians, Africans, Chinese, Greeks, Arabs and many others.

7 Things to look out for when buying a cupping set

With such a wide range of cupping set, you will always find something that suits your individual preferences. However, you must practice dire cautiousness to avoid landing on a poor quality cupping set or any other related risk. First, you need to do personal research about the existing option. Then you can go ahead to enlisting and order for your best fit using these seven metrics.

  1. Number of cups

    Think about the number of cups you need. You will need more cups when cupping body parts around the back. Ask yourself where on your body you are going to use these cups over.

  2. Size of the cupping sets

    Different models and designs feature different diameters. For flexibility, you may need to purchase cups of varying diameters. Whatever you choose should not bury your personal preference.

  3. Suction cups or pump guns

    Suction cups create the vacuum necessary for stretching effect when cupping without the need to install a suction gun. They feature silicone bodies. On the other hand, pump guns use suction guns to create a vacuum. They are your best bet when looking for a cup that guarantees a tighter pool.

  4. Facial cupping

    Not all cups are suitable for usability in all body parts. There are special cups with design features that suit their usability around the face. So check out for that.

  5. Cupping type

    Dry and wet cupping are the two popular methods in this therapeutic technique. The two methods are different and require different types of cupping sets. Check for the specs of the cup for safety in your preferred method before getting out of the store.

  6. Cupping on the go

    Do you travel frequently? And, will you need to carry your cup with you? Look out for a cup that is pliable (e.g silicone cups) since they do not break easily. Cups with travel cases in their shipping packages are an added advantage.

  7. Price

    Different companies charge varying amounts for their releases. The type or model to go for should not milk your picket dry. Most variants are fairly-priced. Purpose to spend averagely $25-65 depending on your personal preferences.

Benefits of cupping

Cupping, though popular in this century, is not a new invention. It has been into existence for years. This traditional healing method dates back to some 3,000 years among cultures in Egypt, China, the Middle East and Africa. Some of the health merits that has kept in the limelight include.

  1. It enhances blood flow in the body: When you place the cups on a specific part of the body and exert a suction, the sucking effect causes vasodilation of the blood vessels in the region. This helps with relieving muscle tension and improving the general blood flow around the “sucked region”.
  2. Relaxation: Wet cupping may involve moving the cups in circles to bring about the massaging effect. This helps with achieving a unique kind of relaxation.
  3. Digestive help: Regular cupping around the abdominal area enhances digestive secretion that helps with smooth peristaltic movement. This helps in improving appetite, the flow of bile and digestion. It also helps with relieving constipation, distention or acidity.
  4. Respiratory help: Cupping helps in enhancing respiration and curbing related diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and congestion along the respiratory vessels.
  5. Relieve pain: Cupping eases pain and treats scar tissues that are formed deep within the body muscles. It also reduces swelling or muscle knots.
  6. Release toxins: The technique invigorates local circulation of blood and qi energy. During this process, it draws impurities in the body to the skin surface. With just a slight incision, these impurities are drawn out of the body together with the impurified blood.

Methods of cupping

Ancient cultures used animal horns for cupping. Down the line, cups were used as a substitute for the animal horns. Also, other than placing the suction cups on a specific region of the body for 3-30 minutes, several other techniques are used to enhance the efficacy of this technique. Popular cupping methods include:

  1. Dry method: In this method, the cups are placed on a specific part of the body and left intact for about 3 minutes or as long as 30 minutes.
  2. Moving/sliding cupping: In this method, therapists apply oil over the surface of the body to be cupped. Then, cups are placed to create a suction force and then continuously glided over a large area. This process specifically helps with deep tissue massage and muscle tightness.
  3. Wet/bleeding cupping: Here, once the cup is placed over the body to create suction, they are removed. Then, the therapist makes small incisions in the skin and places back the cups over the incised region. The cups will draw blood, at the same time removing toxins from the body.
  4. Needle cupping: In this method, a therapist inserts acupuncture needles into a specific part of the body. Then, places a cup over it for suction.

How does cupping therapy work?

Cupping works pretty much similar to deep tissue massage. However, the two are different types of medicinal concepts. In deep tissue massage, therapists press the body inward to remove toxins, ease tension and achieve a relaxing feel.

On the other hand, cupping works by pulling the skin and soft skin outwards to achieve the same effects. However, in this instance, you only require a short range of time as compared to tissue massaging ( 5 mins for cupping Vs 30 minutes for effective deep tissue massaging).

For maximum cupping effects, you will need to:

  • Keep your skin always wet before any cupping session.
  • Keep the skin smooth by waxing or shaving.
  • Check out the manual section for your cup’s rules to effective use.

Other rules to proper use include:

  • Checking with your manufacturer whether you can use oil or slide technique with the cup
  • Checking whether you cup comes with an English manual for non-speakers of Korean and Chinese languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Cupping hurts?
A: Cupping as a therapeutic method should not hurt at all. However, with untrained professionals, the sucking effect can be intense hence leading to pain. That is why it is recommended to seek help from qualified practitioners to avoid the awful experience.

Q: Will I blister during cupping?
A: From the words of Maria Wei, a professor of dermatology at the University of California, quality cupping sessions should not lead to blistering. But even with that, many people develop small blisters during the process. It is recommendable that the blisters be broken, treated and bandaged.

Q: How long does a cupping session last?
A: Generally, a cupping session lasts between 15-30 minutes depending on the type. But it can be longer than one hour when combined with both acupuncture and massage.

Q: Is there anything that I should, or should not do after a cupping session?
A: Just like any other type of deep tissue massage, cupping comes with its distinct aftercare. One, the process opens up your body pores. Therefore, you will need to stay away from wind or fan for about 24 hours to avoid attacks from outside influence. You should also avoid baths for 24 hours to avoid dampening your tissues.

Q: Does cupping causes skin damage or bruising?
A: During a cupping session, red patches normally develop on the affected body parts. These are not bruises. The spots are as a result of broken capillaries under the skin. They signify local congestion and increased blood circulation.

Q: How often can you use cups in the same area? Everyday? Or?
A: Qualified practitioners recommend cupping once per day. However, before doing this, you must carefully assess how your body reacts to the medicinal technique.

Q: What is the difference between wet and dry cupping?
A: In dry cupping, once the therapist places the cups on the skin, they are left for up to thirty minutes without moving. In wet cupping, the cup is first placed on the body surface for a few minutes, then removed. After this, an incision is made on the body, after which the cup is returned to draw some blood out of it.

Q: Is it normal to feel tired after a cupping session?
A: Most people feel some kind of drowsiness after a cupping session. This is very normal and good for your health.

Q; Should I ever move the cups when they’re suctioned to the skin?
A: During the flash or glide method, the cups must be moved from one surface of the skin to another. To avoid pain, an oil is applied over the skin surface to help with smooth sliding.

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