The 10 Best Massage Chairs of 2024

Whether you are recovering from a severe injury, suffering from work-induced stress or experiencing chronic low back pain, regular massage will turn the frown upside down and you will start feeling better. Massage offers more than short-term pressure. When used regularly, it offers both emotional and physical benefits. Even though some people will think of massages as a choice for people in need of pampering, others will think of it as legitimate prevention from health problems.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or money for a massage each time he/she feels stressed or sore. For that reason, massage chairs are a wise investment. After buying a quality massage chair, you will enjoy all the benefits professional masseuse and chiropractic practitioners offer from the comfort of your home and without paying any extra money. At other times, you will have a comfortable chair to sit on when watching TV, reading and doing other activities.

The best massage chairs can be expensive, so you must spend more time to be sure that you have selected one to match your needs. You need information about the available types of massage chairs, their intensity and the features to look for. You do not have to start searching for that information. We have worked hard to come up with this guide. Check out the product list below and the buying guide.

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Best Overall: Kahuna SM-7300 Massage Chair

Kahuna SM-7300 Massage Chair

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When searching for a stylish durable massage chair, the Top Performance Kahuna chair should not miss in your to-buy list. It is among the best chairs the market offers and it comes with a modern design. The manufacturer crafts the chair uniquely so that it gives your body a full massage. Its inbuilt compression airbags will remove any pain and stress fatigue for the best experience. Moreover, it consumes less electricity than many other models in the market today.

Key Features

  • Offers 5 massage levels
  • 9 programs, including 5 auto programs and 4 special programs
  • Adds 3 inches to the hip and shoulder area to accommodate every body type including the big and heavy body figures
  • Holds up to 320 pounds
  • Functions with 6 rollers to provide a great experience


  • Brand: Kahuna
  • Product dimensions: 48 X 28 x 47 inches (LxWxH)
  • Material: Synthetic material
  • Offers many massage levels for you to try
  • Accommodates all body shapes and sizes
  • Can hold persons of 320 pounds
  • Offers nine automatic massage programs
  • Very heavy

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Best for Full body: RELAXONCHAIR MK-CLASSIC Massage Chair


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If you need a new generation massage chair with advanced technology and features, the Relaxonchair massage chair is a good choice. The chair provides full body massage and saves you money. The producer designs it with rollers technology that relaxes the whole spine, the lower back included. This chair focuses on every body part to relax and relax the pressure points. The L-Track design will help heal pain faster and support the lower back.

The RELAXONCHAIR Fun Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair comes with automatic functions. Even more, it offers four unique programs that the user can change very fast. The manufacturer programs the chair to function like real massage therapists. Its Air-Cell technology will pin your body to release all the pressure points. Lastly, it will stretch your legs and relieve stress very fast. Before starting the massage, the massage chair will scan the whole body to customize the massage.

Key Features

  • 3 stage ultra-automatic zero-gravity system
  • Full body massage offer special attention
  • 7 massage programs
  • 3-levels of airbag intensity control and 3 levels of massage speed


  • Brand: Relaxonchair
  • Material: Synthetic material
  • Made with 3 zero gravity positions
  • Offers fully automatic massage programs
  • Computerized sensors to detect the length of your spine automatically
  • Very heavy
  • No pressure adjustments

Best Value: Ootori A900 Massage Chair

Ootori A900 Massage Chair

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Next in our list, we have the Ootori A900 Massage Chair Recliner, which comes in many color options. Even though the product is expensive, you should be sure that you would get the most from the chair. The manufacturer makes it with high-quality leather materials that guarantee more comfort from the chair. FDA approval is the other important thing that the manufacturer has been boasting of.

Most of the users acknowledge the fact that the massage chair is from one of the reputable manufacturers in the market. Also, the manufacturer is sure that the chair will serve you for many years. That might be the main reason they backed it with a three-year warranty. The support team is always ready to help you in case a problem arises.

To adjust the massage chair, press its zero-gravity button and wait for it to attain the optimal position. Ensure that your feet are elevated higher than the head and around 20 cm above the heart level. That will alleviate pressure on your vertebrae effectively and reduce back pain. The smart body technology will scan your body size automatically for a customized massage.

Key Features

  • SL-Track
  • 3D massage rollers
  • Zero gravity
  • Foot roller


  • Brand: OOTORI
  • Material: Synthetic material
  • Space-saving feature
  • Body scan
  • Lower back heating
  • 6 auto programs
  • Fully body airbag massage
  • Heavier than other models

Best Advanced Design: Ootori Massage Chair

Ootori Massage Chair

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One of the features that you will love on the OOTORI Massage Chair Recliner is the dual heat transmitters that the manufacturer incorporates in the main seat to target your vertebrae adequately. The heat transmitting pads of the chair can deliver temperatures between 104 degrees Fahrenheit and 120 degrees Fahrenheit to the body for optimal results. When merged with effective massage motion, heat therapy maximizes the massage stimulation, therefore, increasing strain eradication in addition to enhancing lymphatic flow substantially for healthy well-being.

The OOTORI Massage Chair Recliner helps enhance blood flow in the body for effective removal of toxins and the strain trapped in the anatomy. The manufacturer bases its zero-gravity function places the user in a reclined stance that mimics that of an astronaut immediately before the shuttle takes off to remove any imbalance strain placed in the lower back. The 3-stage zero-gravity feature will help you attain optimal comfort level within a short time.

The inbuilt airbags target the user’s calves through squeezing motions to deliver relaxation while rollers situated near the bottom target the feet with various movements such as scraping and kneading. The chair is suitable for all body types because the Body Scan system scans the body to customize the massage immediately you switch on the chair.

Key Features

  • Advanced design
  • SL-track technology
  • Zero-gravity chair
  • Body detection system


  • Brand: OOTORI
  • Material: Synthetic material
  • – The manufacturer backs it with three years warranty
  • It is FDA-approved
  • Lower back heating
  • Guaranteed comfort
  • Very expensive

Best for Versatility: Ootori 3D SL-Track Massage Chair

Ootori 3D SL-Track Massage Chair

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One of the standout features is the 50 inches roller track length that allows the massage chair to hit the piriformis and gluteal muscles. For that reason, it helps the user deal with sciatica issues. It extends all the back rollers to the hamstrings and under the buttocks to offer comprehensive massage. When it comes to the zero-gravity feature, the manufacturer designed it to minimize the stress on your low back – stress associated with traditional seating.

The 30 degrees tilt of this chair and the 120 degrees angle between the chair back and the seat has revolutionized the positioning of the massage chair. Most importantly, it will be helpful if you have any back pain. You can adjust the electric massage rollers to match the width of your shoulders and with the six auto programs, you will enjoy gentle but firm massage for the shoulders, thighs, arms and calves. Choose your desired program manually. Keep in mind that the foot rollers under the feet rotate back and forth to stimulate your reflexology points. Use the Bluetooth feature to listen to your cool favorite songs during the massage sessions.

Key Features

  • Foot rollers to stimulate your reflexology zones
  • Bluetooth technology to allow connection of your mobile device and listen to music
  • Six automatic massage programs
  • Adjustable shoulder width and leg stretching
  • Zero gravity position to minimize stress


  • Brand: OOTORI
  • Material: Synthetic material
  • The manufacturer backs it with three years warranty
  • Zero gravity technology
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Air pressure massaging
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth speakers
  • Bulkier than many other options
  • The fabric is not the best

FOREVER REST FR-5Ks Massage Chair

FOREVER REST FR-5Ks Massage Chair

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The New FOREVER REST FR-5Ks SHIATSU, Zero Gravity Massage Chair has acquired a good reputation, mainly because it has been in the market for a long time. The massage chair will save you from back pain. During the massage, the zero gravity chair will position your body in a zero-gravity recline to facilitate relaxation, improve blood circulation and help provide effective massage. In the manual mode, you will enjoy 7 different types of massage such as Shiatsu, Rolling, Kneading, nocking, combo knocking and tapping and vibration.

Use the remote to enjoy the four automatic massage programs such as Switch, Swing, Relax, Recover mode and stretch. The stretch mode squeezes the legs and feet and pulls them down towards the ground as the backrest pulls the upper body into a recline position. The chair provides calf acupressure massage in addition to foot massage and foot rolling. If you are among the tall people, you will need to push out on the footrest of the chair so that the leg massager will extend outwards.

Key Features

  • L-track back rollers system that travels from the buttocks to the back
  • Forward sliding technology, wall huger and space saver
  • Multiple heating zones
  • An extended track so that the massage rollers can massage tall people


  • Brand: Forever Rest
  • Material: Synthetic material
  • The manufacturer backs it with three years warranty
  • Zero gravity positioning
  • Four automatic massage programs
  • Seat heat therapy
  • Rolling foot massage system
  • Very expensive
  • Not as comfortable as other models

ideal massage Full Featured Massage Chair

ideal massage Full Featured Massage Chair

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If you have any stress or you are feeling any pain, deep tissue massage is important. The Ideal Massage Full Featured massage chair will get you that. This black chair is not only easy to clean but it is also comfortable and you will find it easier to use than the available complicated types. It reclines to several positions to provide you with the best stretch. The footrest and armrest allow it to massage the two regions deeply.

Like other massage chairs, it offers 30 minutes of uninterrupted massage. All you need to do is choose head-to-toe massage in addition to the length of time that suits you. The humanized massage hands featuring 3-D intelligent detect and the long massages will give you enough time to relax and enjoy the massage. The manufacturer equips the chair with four-wheel driven massage hands that move vertically on the organically designed S-Track rolling system.

You will have four auto programs to try with a single touch. They feature four massage functions including kneading, shiatsu, spinal, vibrating and rolling. To enjoy a multi-functional massage, you just need to choose the multi-functional massages. Back Use the manual mode to adjust the back rollers and take control at any part of your body.

Key Features

  • Built-in heat therapy to relax the body muscles
  • 3 zero gravity positions at the touch of a button for optimal massage and comfort
  • Four auto programs to choose from
  • Variable massage time
  • 3 years warranty


  • Brand: Ideal Massage
  • Material: Synthetic material
  • The manufacturer backs it with three years warranty
  • Choose your massage time – between 5 and 30 minutes
  • Enjoy a 3D customized full body massage
  • Offers four auto massage programs
  • The real zero gravity position places the head lower than the body
  • The manufacturer positions rollers for the neck poorly
  • The airbags malfunction

KTN Massage Chair

KTN Massage Chair

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KTN Massage Chair, Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair will give you the results you need within a short time. The zero-gravity feature offers three zero-gravity angles and you just need to click the button to get the best reclining angle. Meanwhile, it places the knees and heart at a horizontal line to stimulate the blood circulation and reduce the heart pressure. The airbags of this massage chair will cover your feet area, hips, arms, shoulders and the hips. Apart from full body massage, the chair works to deal with chronic pain – set the massage time and strength to match your needs.

The S-track design offers flexible acupoint massage for the shoulders, neck, waist area and the back. The 3D massage chair starts by scanning the body automatically so that it can adjust to the best massage position to match the user’s back, neck, waist and other parts of the body. It comes with 2 heating pads in the waist area and lower back, which will help you deal with your waist and back issues and promote blood circulation. And because the manufacturer knows that it will last for many years, they offer 3 years warranty. Finally, the FDA has approved it.

Key Features

  • Low back heating to relieve pain and cold
  • Foot rollers massage to help soothe the foot area
  • Zero gravity massage to minimize pressure along your spine and back region
  • Effective leg extension feature
  • Body detection technology for a customized massage


  • Brand: Sinoluck
  • Material: Leather
  • Comes with 32 airbags for the best massage
  • Offers three-speed levels
  • Allows the user to choose separate massages for every area
  • The low back heat therapy provides relaxation to affected areas
  • The extendable footrest allows the calf areas to get massage
  • Very heavy to move
  • Made of leather so it heats very fast

Ootori RM503 Massage Chair

Ootori RM503 Massage Chair

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Have you been looking for the best zero-gravity massage chair but you are not willing to overspend? Ootori Massage Chair Full Body Recliner Zero Gravity Shiatsu Luxurious Electric Massage Chair might be all you need. The luxurious chair performs on the level of most top-notch massage chairs but at an attractive price tag. Its true zero gravity recline feature allows better blood circulation for deeper massage and effective relaxation.

To ensure that every user gets the best experience, the manufacturer offers six massage variations, including kneading, knocking, tapping, shiatsu, vibration and combo knocking and tapping. It also offers four automatic massage programs – relax, stretch, recover and swing mode. They place 2 heating pads in the lower back region to enhance the massage experience. The heat helps loosen any tight back and on the feet area, the chair features two rows of reflexology massagers that provide soothing kneading style application.

The 8 massage rollers in the backrest and the foot rollers function along with the 56 airbags situated in the shoulder, arm, legs and seat area help offer full body massage. The 3 years warranty guarantees that the manufacturer will repair or replace the chair at no additional cost if it malfunctions. They also offer an additional warranty to help extend the parts.

Key Features

  • Offers three massage stages in three strength and speed control
  • Features an 8-point smart massage system to help deliver rolling, kneading and tapping back massage
  • Comes with zero-gravity technology to help eliminate discomfort
  • Acupuncture-inspired feet roller system to stimulate acupuncture points on the feet
  • Offers soothing heat to increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients in the body


  • Brand: Ootori
  • Material: Leather
  • Offers six massage variations
  • The manufacturer includes two heating pads in the low back areas
  • You will have four massage variations to try
  • The heating pads offer mild heating to prevent burning sensation
  • Not ideal for a small space
  • The remote control may not function as needed

Best Portable: EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair

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For people searching for an Earthlite manufactured massage chair, this one is a perfect choice. The massage chair is also a good choice for anyone looking for a portable chair that he/she can take to any place and enjoy the best massage experience. In the portable package, you will receive padded shoulder strap, rugged nylon carry case, EARTHLITE Vortex Chair and Sternum pad.

For easier travel, the massage chair only weighs 15 pounds and the manufacturer forges the innovative oval frame from strong but light aircraft-grade aluminum. The design will fold easily and fit in the nylon carry case. Moreover, the manufacturer upholsters the chair with quality dual-density Pro-Light cushioning in addition to buttery soft Natursoft upholstery. The two materials guarantee durability and superior comfort during your massage sessions.

The chair is easy to adjust and use. It provides multiple faces, seat and arm and seat adjustments for optimal positioning of the client. For quick setup, the manufacturer offers seat adjustments and face cradle armrest to accommodate every client size. And the best news is that the chair comes with a lifetime warranty covering the frame and 3 years warranty to cover the upholstery and cushions. The company has existed since 1987.

Key Features

  • Generously padded with Pro-Lite foam
  • The adjustment process is easier and faster
  • Comes with many extras such as zippered carrying case and sternum pad
  • The manufacturer offers 3 years warranty
  • Incredibly comfortable


  • Brand: EARTHLITE
  • Product dimensions: 29 inches by 19 inches by 51 inches
  • Product weight: 15 pounds
  • Material: Nylon
  • Movable to any place
  • Made to last for many years
  • Easier to adjust
  • Expensive
  • The armrest is very low

Types of massage chairs

Here are the key types of massage chairs available in the market. By understanding them, you will manage to refine your search.

  • Recliner: The recliner massage chair is the most traditional form of massage chairs. Due to its small size, the chair will fit in your home. A part from being inexpensive, the chair offers many massage features to match your needs.
  • Zero gravity: If one of your childhood dreams was to become an astronaut, the zero gravity massage chair is worth buying. The chair offers the same experience astronauts get when going to space. It is effective when it comes to relieving body tension and relaxing the mind. Unfortunately, it is very expensive and most people see it as a luxury massage chair. The chair will make you feel like you are already in space.
  • Full body: Full body massage chairs are the commonest in the market. Just as their name suggests, they offer full-fledged body massages. They also provide other forms of massage depending on the user’s budget. Generally, the chairs provide relaxing massage to the back, neck, feet and shoulders but some models will massage the arms and hands. After buying one, you will benefit from great relaxation each time, particularly after those long tiring days.
  • Ottoman: Of all massage chairs, the Ottoman massage chairs have the longest history and you buy one to enjoy more comfort in your home. People have considered them budget massage chairs for many years because they are inexpensive and they serve the intended purpose. The chair is fairly small and it will take less space in your home. They provide adequate space to both short and tall people because they allow adjustments between the legs, the upper body and headrest.
  • Chair/seat pad: If you do not have enough money to buy a massage chair or you do not have the space to accommodate one, then you just need to buy a seat pad. The seat pad allows you to convert your chair into a massage chair at a low price. After buying a quality one, attach it to your favorite seat and you can get your message when watching your favorite TV shows. Alternatively, you can use it when seating up in your bed.

The ultimate guide to buying the best massage chair

We know that massage chairs are among the most important investments in any home and you should not take the selection lightly. A massage chair in your home will help you deal with all forms of problems that might cause muscle pains and back pains. Even more, a massage chair will help you with deep tissue therapy and sleeping therapy too. After many years of research, massage chair manufacturers have managed to come with chairs that offer masseuse and chiropractor services at the same time. Some of the features that make a perfect massage chair include:

Zero gravity

Inspired by NASA, the zero gravity treatment is among the prominent features to expect on any massage chair. The zero gravity technique presses the bodyweight on rollers to help cure chronic back pains and offer other therapeutic benefits. After selecting zero gravity mode on the chair, it will tilt you backward to maximize the comfort level and reduce the pressure. And after the first zero-gravity phase, the chair will tilt you back so that you can place your legs over your heart level.


Some people will refer to airbags as air cells but that might not be important for now. Massage chair manufacturers design the airbags to offer compression massage and to provide comfort during a massage session. Unfortunately, they make a lot of noise. Therefore, when shopping for a chair, identify all your priorities and select the massage chair accordingly.

Space-saving technology

The purpose of space-saving technology is to help reduce or extend the amount of space the massage chair occupies without the user placing it very far from the wall. That should sound convenient. A recliner boasting the space-saving technology will remain around 3-4 inches from the wall and at times, the gap from the wall and the chair might be only 2 inches. Such a massage chair will be easy and comfortable to use.

Body scan technology

A massage chair that finds the sore spots in your body and relieves pain will be amazing when inside your home. Daily busy lives may lead to tightening of nerves and stress up your body muscles. To get relief from the chronic and exhausting situations, you just need to buy a machine that understands how your body functions. Body scan technology helps a massage chair understand your body. It will even stop the chair to give extra massage to the sore areas on your body. To feel fresher after a massage session, adjust the roller positions manually with the help of body scan technology.

SL Track

The SL Track comes because of merging two forms of design tracks. The L-Track is the longest track that eventually forms an L-shape of the user’s body while the S-Track is the short track that works wonders on the low back in addition to offering therapeutic massage benefits. Depending on your body preference s and type, you will have to decide on the track that suits you better. Do enough research and choose wisely.


No one would want to buy a massage chair each year. So, the manufacturer’s warranty is the other important feature to look for during your purchase. Manufacturers offer warranties for several years – the time might range from 1 year to 10 years. The warranty will come in handy when its time to repair the chair because it might reduce or eliminate the repair expenses.


Noise can make your soothing massage chair uncomfortable. Even though a music system on the chair might reduce the noise, massage chairs produce a lot of noise. The noise mostly results from the many airbags and the vibration the chair produces.

Music System

A music system will be more helpful if the chair is noisy. Mostly, massage chairs are compatible with MP3 and Bluetooth devices. With a music system, you will listen to your favorite songs while enjoying the soothing feeling the massage chair offers.

Heat System

Massage chairs with heat systems are high-end types because they operate differently from the others and they enforce heat during the massage. The chair you buy should have a heat therapy system because it relaxes the sore and tight body muscles. Each of the rollers exerting pressure on the body for massage is heated to make heat therapy sensation, which relaxes the body muscles and soreness. You can buy such a chair and fit it in your vehicle or place it in your bedroom.

Having massages at your convenience without visiting massage parlors could prove to be adequate preparation for each workday or relax the mind and body after long journeys. The above features will help you choose the best massage chair and reduce the operating expenses.

Which are the key benefits of having a massage chair in your home?

Now that you understand how a massage chair functions and the key features to look for when buying one, it is the time to look at how it will benefit you. Here is a breakdown of the benefits. Whether you select a full-body massage chair, a zero-gravity massage chair or seat pads, you are likely to enjoy all of them.

  • 24/7 massage: There is no need to schedule your massage sessions anymore. Professional masseuse and chiropractor practices will require you to do that. After buying a massage chair, you can enjoy a customized massage whether it is very early in the morning or late in night.
  • Multiple massage techniques: As we have stated above, most massage chairs in the market will provide numerous massage techniques. The many techniques come with many benefits. In other words, you will always get a massage technique to provide the desired results.
  • Increased comfort: If you have been visiting a professional massage each week, it is time to stop that. A massage chair with many techniques is a better choice and you can use it at any time. Moreover, you can watch movies or TV shows while enjoying the massage.
  • Lower back relief: Most of the features of the massage chair are designed to deal with back pain. Some chairs will come with airbags and rollers to enhance the massage in the lower back area and others will use heated pads to provide you heated massages for the best relief.
  • Good investment: Even though you will pay a lot of money for the massage chair, you will get the value of your money in massages. The chairs are durable and most manufacturers offer warranties. Overall, the massage chair will cost less than your regular visits to the local professional massage parlors. That makes the chair a great investment.
  • Foot massages: Mostly, you will get a mean massage from your massage chair. However, some chairs come with adaptable foot massagers that allow personalization of the massage experience. Put differently, you can adjust the foot massage to match your needs.
  • Muscle stretch: Massage chair manufacturers make them in a way that they will manage to stretch your body muscles more effectively. Some of the features will simulate any of the muscle stretches you perform during your yoga sessions.
  • Spinal relief: With the help of many technologies, massage chairs can track the spine and target various body muscles. Apart from relieving the back pain, the massage chair will stretch the vertebrae and increase spinal relief. That might be all you need for the best day at work.
  • Full-body relaxation: Perhaps, you have been looking for a better way to relax after those taxing days at work. A massage chair is the best way of relaxing your whole body. All you need to do is sit on it, adjust the settings and it will massage your arms, back, feet and legs for full-body relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are massage chairs?
A: Essentially, a massage chair is a chair designed to deliver massages like a real masseuse. The user only needs to sit back and enjoy the massage.

Q: What will the massage chair do for me?
A: Massage chairs work to loosen knots, relieve tension and offer relief from day-to-day pain. Sufferers of different conditions use them to get relief.

Q: How do massage chairs work?
A: Massage chairs work on track systems, with nodes, rollers, airbags that work up and down the spine, mimicking the hands of a masseuse. The work out knots, relieve muscle tension and help improve the body circulation.

Q: Are massage chairs effective?
A: Studies have proved that massage therapy is more effective in pain management. Massage chairs are designed to mimic the hands of masseuse and they are proved to offer relief from the day-to-day pain. The massage from a massage chair is as effective as that from a masseuse or professional chiropractor.

Q: How long should you sit on the massage chair?
A: Generally, you should not spend more than 15 minutes on the massage chair per session. Most massage chairs feature auto-shutdown features that monitor the use. That way, they can eliminate any potential side effects.

Q: Are massage chairs safe for pregnant women?
A: Experts offer mixed advice on the safety of massage chairs for pregnant women. Most will recommend the chairs for pregnant women who want to deal with low back pain but they will say that you have to avoid using one during the first trimester. Also, you have to limit your sessions. Some massage chair manufacturers discourage their use by pregnant women because their working on specific points could lead to premature labor. If you are pregnant, speak to your doctor before you use any massage chair.

Q: Are massage chairs safe for kids?
A: People of all ages can use massage chairs. However, kids should take massages with parental consent. They should also have the massage at the presence of their parents. So, never leave your child near the massage chair alone.

Q: Do massage chairs hurt the back?
A: Incorrect use of massage hair may bruise or damage your back. So, follow the guidelines of the manufacturer each time and avoid exceeding 15 minutes.

Q: Is a massage chair safe?
A: Massage chairs are safe. However, in some cases, they will do more harm. Do not use them if you have:

  • Rashes or an infectious disease
  • Broken bones
  • Blood circulation problems
  • Serious wounds
  • If you are pregnant

Q: Should I have a massage 2 days in a row?
A: Yes, regular massage will change your life. It will boost your overall body in addition to boosting your energy levels and improving your wellbeing.

Q: Is the S-Track different from the L-Track?
A: The S-Track is different from the L-Track. The S-Track follows the natural curving of the spine and stops just above the tailbone. On the other hand, the L-Track follows an L-shape and starts at the neck, covers the spine area and moves to the hamstrings and glutes.

Q: How much electricity will a massage chair consume?
A: The power consumption of massage chairs will vary from one model to the other. The standard massage chairs consume 55 watts but the market offers others that consume more than that. Before buying any model, remember to check the watts.

Q: Do all massage chairs come with inbuilt speakers and music players?
A: No, speakers and music players are some of the special features to expect on high-end massage chairs. So, not every manufacturer will offer them.

Q: My partner is very short but I am tall. Can we use one massage chair?
A: Massage chairs are designed to accommodate many body types. You can adjust the massage chair manually or electronically so that the massage rollers can reach your whole body. Some high-end chairs do a pre-massage scan and do the adjustments manually.

Q: How much will I spend on a massage chair?
A: The price of massage chairs varies widely with the price of entry-level models ranging between $200 and $700 and the top models may retail at a price above $20,000. Before buying any chair, you have to think of the amount you are ready to spend. After that, start looking for the features you need most. Alternatively, you can buy massage pads and attach them to your chair of choice. They retail at a price between $50 and $200.

Q: Will the massage chair make a lot of unnecessary noise in my house?
A: Perhaps, you would want to relax during your massage sessions. That is why most manufacturers will work hard to ensure that their models function silently. However, some functions will lead to a noisy operation. Even though the noises are not extremely loud, you will hear and feel the vibrations. And as you expect with any reclining chair, the parts of your massage chair will squeak from time to time – oiling will help. The compressor or pump, which inflates the air pockets, might become louder as your chair gets old.

Q: Is a massage chair worth my money?
A: Massage chairs are worth buying. With one, you will save a lot of money because there will be no need of visiting a professional masseuse. With technology, you will never compromise on convenience. Massage chair pads are a great alternative for people who do not want to make huge investments.


After buying a massage chair, you will never have to wait for a professional masseur. A massage chair is what you need to prepare for those busy days at work or to relax the mind and body after the long journeys. The above guide to the types of massage chairs and the top chairs in the market will be helpful during your shopping. Massage chairs use various techniques and tools to fix pain, stress and displacement problems.

A quick example, the heating massage will calm your aching body parts and boost the blood flow. The air compression bags will restore the blood flow because they press and release the body. Vibrations work to improve the blood flow and sensory skills while the rollers press muscles, body tissues and the spine to disperse pain to offer long-lasting relief. In addition to rolling, rollers knead.

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