The 20 Best Mens Bifold Wallets of 2024 [Updated]

We are living in a world that is evolving. Men are becoming more interested in their personal image. Today, they do not have to grow ungroomed bore, wear ungroomed loose trousers and a tee. Even though men still grow beards, the beards are groomed. They still wear tees and trousers but in a fashionable way. Even more, no one would imagine getting a worn out bulky wallet out of the pocket to pay for a drink. That means it is the time to get the best mens bifold wallet.

A bifold wallet is among the important personal things. Apart from holding your personal identity literally, it speaks volumes of who you are – messy, prepared or organized. So, when it comes to replacing the worn out bifold, you should know all the features to look for. This guide will help you choose the best. We have also gathered the top 10 men’s bifold wallets for 2019 to provide you with a better starting point.

The 20 Best Mens Bifold Wallets of 2020

Best Overall: Kinzd Slim Bifold Wallet with Money Clip

Kinzd Slim Bifold Wallet with Money ClipView on Amazon(US)

For people who need a strong properly constructed bifold wallet, this bifold wallet is a perfect choice. The wallet has a compact size, which means that your credit cards and IDs will remain stack on each other. That makes the wallet look smaller in both width and height but will make it a little thicker. Your cards will fit in the wallet, made of genuine leather, snuggly and they will not fall out as they might do on other wallets. Your ID or driver’s license will remain viewable on its compartment. The RFID blocking technology will keep your personal information safe.

Best Slim: Kinzd Men’s Waterproof Bifold Wallet

Best Slim: Kinzd Men's Waterproof Bifold Wallet

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The Kinzd Men’s Bifold Trifold Wallet offers 1 ID window to hold your driver’s license or any other ID card so that you can access easily when traveling. It also features 4 card slots and 1 cash slot. That might be all you need for a day at work. The minimalist design allows you to carry cash, credit cards and ID in the front pocket. The wallet measures 4 inches by 2.8 inches by 0.01 inches and it is waterproof and durable. You can use it as a gift or as an everyday carry. You do not have to worry about protecting your credit card or ID details because the manufacturer incorporates RFID blocking technology. The wallet is made of quality leather and a good travel companion.

Best Value: Bellroy Hide & Seek slim leather bifold wallet

Best Value: Bellroy Hide & Seek, slim leather bifold wallet, RFID editions available

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The Bellroy Hide and Seek Slim Leather Bifold Wallet look nice and elegant and it is well made and finished. The outer leather offers a matte feel and on the inside, the wallet is more polished. What most of the buyers like is the slim profile and classic appearance that provide a great starting point for people who would want to slim their pockets. It is an ideal choice if you want to carry 5-12 credit cards. The manufacturer uses certified top-grain leather to make this wallet, which measures 3.3 inches by 4.5 inches. In addition to the RFID protection technology, the manufacturer incorporates, you should expect a 3 years warranty.

Saddleback Leather Co. Large Full Grain Leather Big Bifold Wallet

Saddleback Leather Co. Large Full Grain Leather Big Bifold ID Credit Card Wallet

View on Amazon(US)

Take a closer look at the Saddleback Leather Co. Large Full Grain Leather Big Bifold ID Credit Card Wallet Organizer and tell me the type of material the manufacturer uses to make it. Faux leather? No! The producer uses full-grain leather, which is the highest cow leather grade, to make it. That should tell you that the wallet is durable and the appearance improves with continued use. The material is more heavy-duty and thicker than the typical cheap full-grain leather offered in the market and it becomes supple and soft as it ages.

However, the manufacturer does not focus on creating a wallet with a great looking exterior alone; you will realize that the interior is no joke too. If you are one of the collectors who love holding many items and carry them each day, the Saddleback Leather Co. Large Full Grain Leather Big Bifold ID Credit Card Wallet Organizer offers adequate space. It features 8 card slots for your business cards and credit cards. It also features 6 compartment pockets for receipts, passports, checkbooks and boarding passes. Use the offered 1 coin pass to carry your guitar picks, loose change or bobby pins. Do not worry about other people accessing your information remotely because the wallet boasts an effective RFID shielding feature.

TUMI – Alpha Global Double Billfold Wallet

TUMI - Alpha Global Double Billfold Wallet with RFID ID Lock for Men

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Bifold wallets have been a popular choice for men and TUMI has earned a reputation as a reliable supplier of high-quality bifold wallets for men. The catchy design of the TUMI – Alpha Global Double Billfold Wallet with RFID ID Lock for Men will turn heads when using the wallet in a queue or crowded places. Unlike the Saddleback Leather Co. Large Full Grain Leather Bifold ID Credit Card Organizer, this wallet is made of 100 percent nylon material with distinct softness and luxuriousness. The material might demand a few minutes each day to maintain the wallet in the right shape but it will last for many years.

Apart from the nylon material, the color shade makes the wallet attractive. It is dark therefore creating a calm, gentle masculine feeling. The combination of nylon material texture and color will help you display your characteristics. Perhaps you are wondering about the interior construction. On the inside of this double bifold, you will find 5 card slots,1 ID window and 2 slip pockets to hold your receipts. The wallet measures 3.8 inches by 4.8 inches by 0.8 inches, so it will fit in any of your pockets comfortably. Do not worry about the cleaning because this wallet is hand washable.

Bellroy Note Sleeve slim leather Bifold wallet

Bellroy Note Sleeve, slim leather wallet, RFID editions available

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If you have been searching for a versatile bifold wallet that can be a great companion on most occasions such as travel, business appointments, hangouts or for daily use, you will love this wallet. The Bellroy Note Sleeve, Slim Leather Wallet is not only good looking but it offers extra storage space for your everyday carry. It measures 4 inches by 3.3 inches and it will hold 11 cards in addition to several flat bills, coins and receipts. The RFID blocking feature is more effective and it will provide you with the peace of mind you need to complete your daily tasks.

The wallet is more convenient when traveling because you will want to carry several cards along with bills. The 3-quick access slots will keep all the cards you use more often closer and the others will stack together in the handy pull-tab section to maintain the silhouette slim and allow easier access. The wallet is made of environmentally friendly leather, meaning that it is soft and it will last for many years. To help eliminate any doubts, the manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty. If you do not like what you receive, you can return it and get your money back. If you want to carry many cards and keep your information safe, the wallet is worth consideration.

Personalized Slim Leather Bifold Wallet (Made in the USA by Mr Lentz)

Personalized Slim Leather Wallet - Bifold (Made in the USA by Mr Lentz) 005

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Made in the United States, the personalized Slim Leather Wallet from Mr Lentz is among the bifold wallets for men that will catch your eyes. The manufacturer chose an addictive style to ensure that the wallet will still look masculine and powerful after many years of use. It is a good choice for men who want to display their strong personality and love for style.

Mr Lentz uses the finest leather material and solid brass hardware to make it. They also hand-cut it to hold 6 cards and a stack of bills on one side – and perhaps several receipts on the other side. After folding it up, the wallet will fit in your front pocket comfortably. And because the wallet is customizable, you can print your name, name initials or any other information you want on it. Personalized Slim Leather Wallet is a perfect choice for men who need more separation. You will get a free tin of handmade natural conditioner to help maintain the great look.

Most users love the great look and functionality of this wallet. If you buy the non-colored option, you will realize that more natural color will come into it as you continue to use it. After many years of use, it will be soft and the color will deepen.

Fossil Men’s Quinn Leather Passcase Bifold Wallet

Fossil Men's Quinn Leather Passcase Wallet

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Fossil Men’s Quinn Leather Passcase Wallet is made of 100 percent buffalo hide leather and it features bifold closure. Going outside in, the manufacturer uses 100 percent man-made material lining that allows smooth usage. The Fossil Men’s Quinn Leather Passcase Wallet has 8 credit card slots, 1 large bill compartment, 2 slip pockets and a removable insert featuring 6 card slots and 1ID window.

Speaking of the measurements, the Fossil Men’s Quinn Leather Passcase Wallet measures 4.5 inches by 0.75 inches by 3.3 inches. That should tell you that it will fit in either your back pocket or front pocket without affecting your slim appearance. Due to the smoothness and supple feel the exterior leather material uses, you can use the wallet throughout the week. And talking of durability, Fossil is widely known for superb durability. The number of customers that give it compliments for longevity is high. All you need to do is observe the leather caring instructions from the manufacturer and the wallet will serve for a lifetime.

Ensure that the wallet you are about to buy features a signature logo embossed on it. That way, you will avoid buying the replica products that might only last for a few days. You should also receive it in a metal box that will protect it from damage during shipment and allow you to present it to another person as a gift.

Fossil Men’s Derrick Leather Bifold Flip ID Wallet

Fossil Men's Derrick Leather RFID Blocking Bifold Flip ID Wallet

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This is another quality men’s bifold wallet from Fossil. The Fossil Men’s Derrick Leather RFID Blocking Bifold Flip ID Wallet has a higher position in the wallet world of men. Most of the buyers compliment this wallet for its stylish design and the beautiful leather texture. Besides, the producer uses 100 percent cowhide leather for the outside material and lines the inside with 100 percent cotton material. The easygoing style of this wallet will make your charisma shine.

After opening the inside, you will find 2 interior slip pockets, 1 interior compartment to hold your bills and receipts and an interior ID window for your photo ID or driver’s license. The wallet also features 8 interior credit card slots and measures 4.5 inches by 0.8 inches by 3.7 inches, meaning that you can carry it in any of your pockets.

The manufacturer also knows that thieves are now tech-savvy – they can access your details remotely. They have therefore included an RFID lining that helps protect debit cards, credit cards and IDs from unwarranted scanning. You will have the peace of mind you need when working in crowded places. Moreover, you will be able to carry it when traveling in other countries.

2 ID Window Bifold Wallet for Men

2 ID Window RFID Wallet for Men, Bifold Top Flip, Extra Capacity Travel Wallet

View on Amazon(US)

2 ID Window RFID Wallet for Men, Bifold Top Flip, Extra Capacity Travel Wallet will help you refresh with a great looking bifold wallet – most of the buyers love the wallet for its striking aesthetics, subtle handcraft and high practicality. At first glance, you will realize that it is made of high-quality leather, which is soft and very comfortable to touch. Due to the design, nice stitching and the logo embossed on a corner, the wallet is a good choice for casual wear to hold the necessary items. One of the things you should keep in mind is that this wallet is designed for minimalists.

By checking it deeply, the Bifold Top Flip wallet meets all the requirements of a minimalist wallet – it is slim and compact. The wallet is slim from the design to the silhouette that fits in any pocket easily. It is compact from the amazing measurements – 3.5 inches by 4.5 inches by ¼ inches. When it comes to the carrying part, it features 2 ID windows to allow faster access of your ID or driver’s license when traveling or when shopping in the local store. Behind the ID windows, you will find 9 credit card slots and two additional slots. You will never be short of space.

Carhartt Men’s Bifold Wallet

Carhartt Men's Billfold Wallet

View on Amazon(US)

Carhartt Men’s Billfold Wallet is among the trending bifold wallets for men, possibly because of its amazingly low price tag and great quality. Moreover, the unique and catchy design along with the 100 percent leather is possibly the other upsell feature on this wallet. Apart from the unique and attractive appearance, high-quality materials ensure durability.

In combination to the luxury logo printed on one side and the sweat-resistant patch on half of the exterior to keep the whole wallet dry and cool, the wallet displays a tough, powerful manly appearance. On the inside, the Carhartt Men’s Billfold Wallet features 6 credit card slots and two additional slots for your ID cards and any other additional cards you might want to carry each day. Furthermore, it comes with a removable interior pass case, which features 2 ID windows to hold your photo ID and driver’s license.

After ordering it from an online store, it will come packed in a nice tin package that prevents damages during shipping. When open, the bifold measures 3 ½ inches by 8 ¾ inches but when closed the measurements will stand at 3 ½ inches by 4 ½ inches and around 5/8 inches thick. Overall, the wallet is not bulky and it is flexible.

Bull Guard Mens Bifold Wallet Soft Genuine Leather

Bull Guard Mens RFID Blocking Bifold Wallet Soft Genuine Leather Brown Western

View on Amazon(US)

Perhaps, many people are hooked to this bi-fold wallet due to its unique easier to carry and use design with impressive storage capacity. You will see a clear ID window, 11 credit card slots, 3 easier-access credit card slots with thumb access, 2 slip-in pockets and 2-pocket money divider. Due to the simple access of cards and ample storage, the bifold wallet is designed for extra capacity and efficiency. If you need a wallet for outdoor activities, travel, bikers, sports or daily use, it is a good choice. You can also take beauty to any executive meeting.

A wallet made of quality materials will last for many years and therefore the manufacturer uses premium top leather, which is luxurious as it is long-lasting. With time, the leather will soften, build character and mold perfectly to fit in your pocket. Keep in mind that new leather will feel bulky and the card slots might not be flexible. That is normal and after using it, it will start feeling softer, folding better and feeling slimmer.

It measures 3.5 inches by 4.25 inches, it is light and compact but offers enough capacity and room. The manufacturer creates it for people who are always on the go and those who appreciate top-notch quality and handsome aesthetics. The RFID shielding feature works effectively to prevent remote access to your details.

Bullcaptain Large Capacity Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet

Bullcaptain Large Capacity Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet/Credit Card Holder

View on Amazon(US)

For people looking for an affordable selection, the Bullcaptain Large Capacity Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet will satisfy your needs, particularly if you love carrying all your necessary items in a spacious and streamlined interior. Measuring 4.72 inches by 3.74 inches by 0.98 inches, the wallet features a divided ID window that allows fast access of your ID or driver’s license. That is a convenient feature for any person who travels more often. The producer also equips it with 15 credit card slots,1 ID window and 2 currency pockets. That might be all you need.

However, the manufacturer also equips it with RFID SECURE Technology, which is a special metal composite made to block any 13.56 MHz or higher signal and protect the information stored in your credit cards, IDs or driver’s license RFID chips from unauthorized access. Even more, the producer does not limit you on the color choice. You can buy a brown, black, blue or light brown color wallet depending on your needs.

You will love the many card slots, currency pockets and ID windows because they will allow you to organize your bills, credit cards and receipts for quick access. Due to the slimness, you can place the wallet in your pockets, bags or your backpack. Women can try it too.

Best Gift For Father: Swallowmall Mens Leather Slim Bifold Wallets For Men

Best Gift For Father: Swallowmall Mens Wallet RFIDGenuine LeatherSlim Bifold Wallets For Men, ID Window 16 Card Holders Gift BoxView on Amazon(US)

If you need a wallet that you can carry in your front pocket and use it to carry several credit cards, the Swallowmall Men’s Wallet is a good choice. In addition to nice quality leather and several compartments for credit card and debit cards storage, the wallet provides a zippered compartment in the ball area to hold your most important documents. The divided bill section and the coin holder are two of the important features you will love. You will have 10 card slots, 1 back card slot, 4 hidden slots and 1 ID window. It also comes with 2 cash pockets and will hold 16 cards at once. It is wear resistant and reliable. The RFID blocking technology will block 13.56MHz RFID signals.

Best Front Pocket: SERMANBRANDS Slim Leather Bifold Wallets for Men

Best Front Pocket: SERMANBRANDS RFID Blocking Slim Bifold Leather Minimalist FrontPocket Wallets for Men with Money Clip without ID Window

View on Amazon(US)

SERMAN BRANDS designed this leather minimalist wallet for people in need of a compact, durable and functional bifold wallet. The manufacturer incorporates the wallet with RFID SECURE Technology that can block 13.56MHz or even higher RFID signals to ensure that your personal information is safe. The wallet is slim and stylish and comes with a quick access driver’s license or ID window for faster access. It can hold 6-8 cards and US bills without appearing bulky. It also features a pull-tab to minimize the bulk. It measures 4 inches by 3 inches. In case of damages, you will benefit from the 12 months warranty. You have the chance of choosing a charcoal black, Texas brown, Canyon Red, California Desert or slate grey colors.

Best Minimalist: Zitahli Minimalist Slim Bifold Wallet with Money Clip for men

Best Minimalist:Zitahli Minimalist Slim Bifold Front Pocket Wallet with Money Clip for men, Effective RFID Blocking & Smart DesignView on Amazon(US)

The Zitahli Minimalist Slim Bifold Front Pocket Wallet can hold 8 cards, such as credit cards, debit cards and IDs and it features a money clip to hold your cash and still look slim. The manufacturer uses Japanese cardboard to keep the wallet’s shape pleasant. They also smooth the edges to ensure that the wallet lasts for many years. The cowhide made wallet measures 4.5 inches by 3.2 inches and weighs only 0.23 inches. Smart pull-strap technology allows easier access to cards. The card slot featuring a thumbhole allows easier pulling of the cards. Moreover, the RFID technology blocks signals around 13.56 MHz to keep your personal information safe.

Best Money Clip: TRAVANDO Bifold Wallet with Money Clip

Best Money Clip: TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet"RIO" - Mens Wallets slim Front Pocket RFID Blocking Card Holder Minimalist Mini Bifold GiftBoxView on Amazon(US)

One of the first things that will impress you after you hold the TRAVANDO is the company name situated on the first side of the wallet. The other thing is the leathery feel the wallet provides. The style and color are unisex, which means that women can use it too. Its clip is made of stainless steel and is strong enough to hold more than 2 bills. The wallet has seven card pockets: 6 inner pockets and one easier-access front pocket. It is ideal for anyone who wants to carry business cards, debit and credit cards in addition to several bills each day. The measurement stands at 4.5 inches by 2.8 inches by 6 inches and after your purchase; you will never worry about the safety of your personal details. RFID technology is effective.

Best Storage: HIMI Stylish Bifold Wallet for Men Genuine Leather RFID and 2 ID Window

Best Storage: HIMI Stylish Bifold Wallet for Men Genuine Leather RFID and 2 ID WindowView on Amazon(US)

The material used to make the HMI Stylish Bifold Wallet for Men feels very appealing. You will get 8 pockets to place your credit cards and an ID flat. The pockets on both sides of the wallet are deep enough such that a card you place in them will overlap with the one you lace on the second-from-the-bottom slot. That makes the card hard to see. You will have 6 slots for your credit cards, loyalty cards and anything similar. The bottom two are not usable. This wallet is made of genuine leather and its RFID blocking technology is effective. The manufacturer offers it with a gift box for people who want to use it as a gift.

Best with ID Viewer: Stealth Mode Leather Bifold Wallet for Men

Best with ID Viewer: Stealth Mode Leather Bifold Wallet for Men With ID Window and RFID BlockingView on Amazon(US)

Credit cards, passports, government-issued identification cards and other cards are now fitted with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips. The purpose of these chips is to help people checkout faster when in stores, speed up time at customs and make your life easier. However, some malicious people have developed ways of intercepting the RFID signals and steal personal and financial information. The Stealth Mode Leather Bifold Wallet For Men comes with RFID blocking technology to keep your information safe. It can hold 10 credit cards and ID cards, and it measures 4.25 inches by 3.25 inches by 5 inches. That means it will fit in your front pocket perfectly.

Best Classic: Polare Mens Vintage Italian Leather Slim Bifold Wallet without ID Window

Best Classic: Polare Mens RFID Blocking Vintage Italian Leather Slim Bifold Wallet without ID WindowView on Amazon(US)

Among the things that differentiate the Polare Men’s Wallet from the competition, is the quality material and solid construction. In fact, most of the buyers are happy with the price and the quality of the wallet in addition to the capacity. The wallet, which comes with a gift box too, is made of Italian cowhide leather and the manufacturer incorporates effective RFID Readers blocking technology, which means that your credit card, debit card, smart card and any other banking information will remain safe. It measures 4.13 inches by 3.46 inches. It has 6 card slots, 2 bill pockets and 2 money pockets. In case of any damages, you will benefit from the 12 months warranty.

How to choose a top men’s leather bifold

Bifold wallets for men come in all sizes, shapes and materials. Picking from the bountiful can be a little confusing. Unless you already know the wallet you need or the one that can go with your outfit, your choice is likely to fall over traditional leather bifold. The process of selecting a quality bifold wallet has to go beyond deciding on the appearance. You will have to consider your daily life.

For example, if you like wearing jeans, you will need a light leather wallet and allow it to soak up your denim coloring and sweat. If you are one of the people who wear suits on a daily basis, you will need a traditional wallet with a dark finish because it will give you the sophisticated appearance you need. And if you are a cattle rancher, a cordovan leather wallet is the best choice. You can sit on it when driving your truck or riding on a horse.

All wallets are made to serve one purpose, but that does not mean that they all serve properly. Leather wallets are the commonest but not the only choice. High-quality sports wallets made of fabric may serve you well and an ABS wallet may help you turn heads. Regardless of the wallet you choose, you will have to ensure that it offers RFID protection. Think of minimalism and purchase a capacious wallet that can hold most of your credit cards, debit cards, ID and Driver’s license.

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