The 10 Best Handheld Massagers of 2024

Handheld Massagers have been popular in the market due to their widely acclaimed benefits. They help to relieve muscle pain and are also useful in dealing with lower back problems. Muscle pains are unavoidable, and the best handheld massagers give you pain relief enabling you to continue with your schedule uninterrupted.

You’re at a higher risk of getting muscle pains if you are a sports personality or you spend time on your computer throughout the day. Stay-at-home mums and people with muscle conditions are also at a higher risk of experiencing muscle pains, stiffness and fatigue. Massage sessions are expensive to many hence the reason many go for the alternative, handheld massagers. They are affordable, convenient, portable and easy-to-operate. Besides, you don’t have to keep an appointment like you usually do with your professional massage therapist.

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Best Overall: Sonic X Handheld Massager

Sonic X Handheld Massager

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With the highest customer ratings, LifePro Sonic X Percussion Massage Gun houses a myriad of important features you desire in a handheld massager. The device helps you to train faster and harder to improve your athletic performance. It brings about vibrations in your body that awakens muscles and trigger myofascial release that helps your body to regenerate cells faster. This reduces the downtime between workouts.

The device contains a powerful motor that produces deep vibrations; these vibrations aid in relaxing your muscles and joints, which is useful for promoting mobility and flexibility. It also rejuvenates your sore muscles and aching joints. You can choose from the five intensity levels to get your ideal massage.

Also, the device has soundless brushes that make pre-workout, post-workouts and warm-up exercises possible even in public places. Public settings necessitate the use of a cordless massage gun and the LifePro Sonic device has a 6-hour rechargeable battery that enables you to take it from home to gym and back. A comfortable grip, single-button-control and portability make it a favorite among professional athletes.

There’s a reason professional therapists recommend this device, and it also doubles as our #1 handheld massager in the market. It has four attachment heads, a 2500mAh battery and offers rapid tension relief.

Key Features

  • 4 Heads for rigorous massage
  • A rechargeable battery for cordless use
  • Quiet & portable for outdoor use
  • Powerful motor that produces high-penetration vibrations


  • Brand: Sonic
  • Ergonomic lightweight design
  • Soft and firm cylinder grip
  • It’s super quiet
  • Using the device for a long time causes overheating

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Best Value: InvoSpa Handheld Massager

InvoSpa Handheld Massager

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InvoSpa Percussion Massage Gun comes with six massage heads and six-speed levels. With the multiple speed options, you can pick a speed that satisfies your desires. Also, you can use any massage head to target different parts of your body and muscle groups. Whether you are using low pressure or high pressure, the device provides the best percussive massage experience that helps your muscles to recover faster. You will also love its heavy-duty construction that keeps the device stable during all-time use.

This massager features a super quiet motor that minimizes noise during operation; this enables you to carry it to your sports club or gym. Its single-handed operation and comfortable grip make it a must-have tool for professional athletes. Athletes who love cordless devices will like this massager as it comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that offers up to 6 hours’ runtime. The device’s motor is powerful and offers high-penetration that sends spasms of relaxing waves throughout your body and muscles. If you want to improve your athletic performance, then it’s best to incorporate the device on your warm-ups, pre-workouts and post-workout recovery routines. It weighs only 2.5 lbs and has an accompanying carrying case for storing and carrying the device.

Key Features

  • Six massage heads for targeting different muscle groups
  • Powerful motor for high-penetration
  • Long battery life for outdoor use
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Brand: InvoSpa
  • Light to hold and carry
  • Easy to use
  • Quieter than most regular massagers
  • Lower battery life

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Best Budget: MIGHTY BLISSTM Electric Handheld Massager

MIGHTY BLISSTM Electric Handheld Massager

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If you regularly experience knotty muscles or spasms after exercises, then it’s time you try this device by Mighty Bliss. The tool is perfect, super powerful and effective in increasing blood circulation and relaxing your muscles. You don’t have to worry about powerless or flimsy devices anymore with this innovation. Its motor produces up to 3,700 RPM that relaxes your aching, painful muscles and cramps in seconds.

The device has six different massage heads that offer thorough massage on your body and muscle groups. Its brilliant, slim and lightweight design makes it worth your bucks while also giving it a realistic look and efficiency. It is robust for use by professionals though even beginners can use it for muscle recovery and home therapy. On top of its excellent features is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that offers up to 120 mins on a single charge. Coupled with the battery, you’ll enjoy going cordless without worrying about losing power when the power goes off.

The device is lightweight, portable and comes with a lifetime warranty. The company also offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product.

Key Features

  • Super powerful 3700 RPM for rapid muscle relief
  • Brilliant slim& lightweight design
  • Higher battery life
  • Cordless and lightweight for outdoor use


  • Brand: Mighty Bliss
  • It is lighter than most regular massagers which makes it ideal for prolonged use
  • The device allows you to use it while charging
  • It is silent than most handheld massagers
  • It does not offer heat

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Best Design: PADO PUREWAVE CM-05 Handheld Massager

PADO PUREWAVE CM-05 Handheld Massager

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If you are looking for a powerful yet gentle & quiet device, then this massager by PADO is what you need. It is best in relieving muscle pains and enhancing quick muscle recovery. With multiple attachments, you can reach many parts of your body and muscle groups for rapid relief. Furthermore, the device has three massage tips: Deep tissue, Swedish and Acupressure massages that provide both soreness and knotted muscle relief.

If you usually use your device at the gym or sports clubs, then you’ll find this device’s features handy. The rechargeable Li-ion battery offers up to 3 hours’ runtime without the need to recharge. On minimum usage, the device can last for 1-2 weeks.

Those who love a gentle massager will love the Pado Purewave CM-05. It also features a super quiet motor that produces less noise, unlike most regular massagers in the market. The low-noise feature makes it a must-have in the collection of your device. And if you’re an avid traveler, then you will enjoy having a super quiet device that doesn’t disturb other passengers when you desperately need a massage. Overall, it’s the best device that improves blood circulation.

Key Features

  • Has three attachments for full body massage
  • Three massage tips for total soreness relief
  • Easy to reach design
  • Longer battery life with fast recharge


  • Brand: PADO
  • Useful for relieving pain and increasing mobility
  • Easy to use
  • Useful for patients with Plantar Fasciitis
  • Shorter battery life

TYMO Handheld Massager

TYMO Handheld Massager

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Tymo Back massager is one of the top devices for getting a good masseuse after a long day. It has five interchangeable nodes for reaching different muscle groups. Its movements mimic the Shiatsu massage to offer you an intense and ultra-deep percussion that enhances rapid muscle recovery. With the interchangeable nodes, you can customize your massage experience to fit your needs and target different parts of your body and muscle groups. While using the device, you can use one of its free nodes with oils or lotions to help your muscles relax.

The device offers ultra-modern masseuse and is both lightweight and portable. It is also cordless and comes with rechargeable batteries that last up to 2 hours on continuous use. It’s the perfect choice for home, office and gym use. Tymo back massager eliminates the need to go for a professional massage service.

You’ll love the three modes that offer varying levels of strength and massage, ensuring you get an excellent body massage. The extra luxurious performance offered by the device is a haven to both sports lovers and those who require therapy. At the flick of a button, enjoy deeper penetrations and reduce stiffness in your muscles. The powerful and durable motor provides ambient power to the device and features an overheat protection and 15-min auto-off shields that protect you and your family. Complete the pack with a lifetime U.S customer service that ensures you are enjoying the device features and functions.

Key Features

  • Soothing warm for relieving stress
  • Cordless, portable and lightweight for outdoor or travel use
  • Five interchangeable nodes for the best ultra-deep massage
  • Three modes give you varying massage intensities


  • Brand: TYMO
  • Product Dimensions: 18.1 * 4.5 * 6.3 inches
  • Product Weight: 2.82 pounds
  • Has a long handle for further reach
  • It’s soft and gentle on the back and neck
  • Easy to use
  • A great battery that holds a charge longer
  • The buttons have no backlight which makes it hard to use the device at night.
  • The heat feature produces too little heat.

VIVREAL Handheld Back Massager

VIVREAL Handheld Back Massager

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If you’re suffering from muscle knots, aches or tensions, then it’s best to get this device. It is a portable massager that has six interchangeable massage nodes that offer deep masseuse. It’s more like a real masseuse, and it promotes stress relief while giving your body a full on your shoulder, back, foot, neck, elbow and thigh. What’s more, the device is cordless and rechargeable, allowing you to get an incredible Shiatsu style massage at your convenience. Whether you are at your home, car or office, you’ll love this cordless& rechargeable device that offers up to 100 mins uptime on a full charge. You can also check the smart battery status display for insight on the battery status and percentage. However, for safety reasons, you cannot use the device while it’s charging.

The device also features six adjustable speeds; whether you want a soft or more intense speed, you can never miss your ideal one. All you have to do is to press the right buttons and let the device guide you to a rejuvenating massage session. It provides fast relief to those who have muscle conditions such as muscle tightness and muscle pains. You’ll also love the ergonomic motor that offers up to 3200 pulses per minute, penetrating deep into your muscles and tissues to relieve pain. It does this by mimicking a vigorous kneading. The device also features overheat protection; it switches off after 15 minutes of use to protect it from overheating or over usage when you fall asleep while using it.

Key Features

  • Cordless and rechargeable for travel use
  • Six adjustable speeds & 6 adjustable massage modes for the perfect massage experience
  • Ideal surprise gift for friends and family with neck, shoulder, back or muscle issues


  • Brand: VIVREAL
  • Product Dimensions: 16 * 2.5 *3.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 1.85 pounds
  • Has a high battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Effective for dealing with back pains and aches
  • Hard plastic detachable heads cause discomfort when in contact with shoulder/spine

VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Massager

VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Massager

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If you’re looking for a massager with a simple design but a variety of massage options, then it’s best to try this device from Viktor Jürgen. It’s a double-headed massager that comes with three sets of free massage heads that offers numerous massage options. It’s great for use in your legs, back and foot. The device also comes as handy for those with neck and back problems as it houses a powerful motor that produces up to 3,350 pulses per minute. The customizable speed settings enable you to adjust the motion and strength of the device to suit your needs.

The device is also easy-to-use; it has non-slip and a comfortable grip composing of firm rubber grip for maximum comfort while using it. It is useful for releasing built-up muscle tension, relieving muscle pains as well as enhancing blood circulation. If you’re looking for the best gift for your mom or dad, then no other device can match this high quality and portable massager.

Key Features

  • Powerful motor delivers deep massage experiences
  • A non-slip and comfortable grip makes the device easy-to-use
  • Three massage heads offer a variety of massage options


  • Brand: Viktor Jürgen
  • Product Dimensions: 6.7* 5.5 * 14.6 inches
  • Product Weight: 3.45 pounds
  • Longer cord enables you to reach your lower back
  • Quiet, smooth motor
  • Great massage action
  • Hard plastic nodes can make some parts of your body uncomfortable.

HoMedics Handheld Massager

HoMedics Handheld Massager

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HoMedics Percussion Action Massager has a myriad of benefits to its users. It is portable, lightweight and has a soothing heat feature that helps in penetrating tired muscles; the feature makes your message more soothing and relaxing. During operation, the device mimics the movements of a professional therapist with its nodes to loosen your knots and relieve pain in your muscles. To utilize the heat function best, remove all attachments and expose the red heat nodes.

The device weighs less than 2.5 pounds and fits in a carry-on suitcase. You’ll also like the ergonomic rubber handle that makes it easier to handle and grip the device during use. What’s more, the two pivoting massage heads operate at up to 3100 pulses/min giving you a gentle, deep, relaxing and vigorous massage you desire. Other notable features include easy-to-use buttons, simple-to-use design and two sets of interchangeable massage nodes. There are also four different speeds that give you a varying massage experience.

Key Features

  • Optional heat feature makes your massage more soothing and relaxing
  • Four different speed settings offer a varying massage experience
  • Simple-to-use buttons
  • Lightweight& Portable


  • Brand: HoMedics
  • Product Weight: 2.48 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17.1* 5.9* 5.5 inches
  • It is long enough for reaching your back and neck
  • Multiple soft and hard twin head covers
  • Easier to hold onto even in difficult positions
  • Has a padded handle
  • It heats up slowly
  • Its lightweight feature makes the device not to hit as hard as you might want it

Acvioo Handheld Massager

Acvioo Handheld Massager

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If you’re looking for a personal masseuse that will offer you multiple working modes, then this device is your perfect match. It has 10 working modes that give you variable options for satisfying your massage needs. Whether you need a gentle massage or something deep& intense, then you’ll like this massager is suited for both home and office use.

The device has a mushroom-shaped design that gently massages your legs, back and different parts of the body. You’ll enjoy relieving the pain and soreness in your muscles and joints with the massager. The device comes from medical-grade silicone that is soft, hygienic and skin-friendly. The material gives every inch of your skin a smooth massage. The device is also cordless and has long-lasting power. Besides you can also leave the wires and go cordless when you want to with its reliable Li-ion rechargeable battery.

Key Features

  • Up to 10 working modes for varying massage experiences
  • Made of skin-friendly medical grade silicone
  • USB-rechargeable
  • Mushroom-shape design for quickly accessing your back, legs and other parts of the body


  • Brand: Action
  • Product weight: 0.35 pounds
  • Take a short time to charge
  • Longer battery life
  • Ergonomic and padded handle
  • Less powerful as advertised

TheraFlow Handheld Massager

TheraFlow Handheld Massager

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For those looking for a device that offers intensive percussive action, this device is a perfect match. It offers deep tissue relief that gives you a calming effect and muscle soothing. Best for relieving muscle pains, tightness and soreness, the device is also customizable with a variable massage intensity and three head attachments that emulate Shiatsu, Acupoint and scalp massage.

The extended power cord for the massager increases its reach and flexibility. Its robust design also increases its flexibility with the device having no battery; therefore, you won’t have to worry about battery failures.

Key Features

  • Extended power cord for further reach
  • Robust design for more comfortable use
  • Easy to use


  • Brand: TheraFlow
  • Product Weight: 2.49 pounds
  • It has different attachments & adjustable speeds
  • Super quiet and powerful
  • It’s quite heavy than most handheld massagers

Buying Guide for Handheld Massagers

Getting the best massager can be a daunting task as there are many products in the market. Each of these products has its unique features. These features can either be helpful to you or not. Massagers’ manufacturers understand that users have different preferences when it comes to massagers, and they tend to make a combination of various features in a massager to attract more customers.

Top features to consider when buying a handheld massager

Check the few features below in a handheld massager

Massage Mode

Most massagers have numerous massage modes:

  • Percussion: This kind of massager is similar to that of a professional masseur. It mimics the kneading style massage experts use. The process also comes with faster movements to your body through a hit by the wrists. Percussion massage mode may have adjustable nodes or not but that is dependent on the model you buy. This massager stimulates your muscles, skin and improves blood circulation.
  • Kneading: Usually, masseurs create a sensitive pressure against your underlying skin tissues and bones with their palms and fingers. You’ll feel the same sensation when you choose a kneading mode of attachment. It is excellent for sore muscles and helps relieve pain.
  • Tapping: Experts masseurs generally use a “pounding and striking” technique to carry out this type of massage. A handheld massage mimics the movement via its attachments. You’ll then feel a continuous strike on your skin and muscles that enhances blood circulation while maintaining muscle elasticity.

Heat Therapy

Most handheld massagers in the market have a heat therapy function. The therapy is vital for regular massagers as it helps to relieve post-work stress and reduce muscle and joint pain. However, a majority of people use the heat therapy function in soothing back pain, and the pain around arms, legs, joints, lumbar and shoulders. The therapy also works in curing muscle knots as it produces continuous pain. Additionally, heat function works on exertion soreness, painful muscles, arthritis and more. The method pinpoints the injured joints, muscles and then enhances blood circulation around the affected areas.

Speed Adjustment

It’s advisable to pick a handheld massager with a speed adjustment function. This feature plays an important role when adjusting the massaging speed and intensity to achieve an ultimate and comfortable massaging session. Multiple speed adjustments enable you to choose smoother & rougher massages depending on your desires.

Attachment heads

A kneading head is the most popular attachment head among the multiple attachment heads. It supports deep-tissue massage. However, you should also get roller heads as they offer a firm massage that promotes blood circulation. A broad massage head also provides an ultimate relaxing massage to soothe stress. If you want your skin to glow and look younger, then go for a scraper head. But only a few handheld massagers have scraper heads.

Cord Length

If you enjoy a relaxing massage session, then it’s best to buy a handheld massager with a long power cord length. These devices can reach different parts of your body to offer you a relaxing massage without any hassles.

The Healing Benefits of Handheld Massagers

  1. Relaxing effect: Handheld massagers have a relaxing impact on your muscles and even your mind. They also lower stress levels.
  2. Ideal for Muscle Pain: Handheld massagers helps to relieve muscle pains. They improve blood circulation, which enables your muscles to relax.
  3. Helps to relieve back pain: Handheld massagers stimulate blood circulation, which allows the muscles around your spine to receive more oxygen and nutrients. It also enhances their ability to treat themselves, increase their elasticity and flexibility, which helps to reduce your back pain.
  4. Can Improve your Sleep: Handheld massagers have a relaxing effect which can help you to sleep better. After you undergo a massage session for 10-20 minutes, your stress levels will reduce significantly, which enables you to sleep well.
  5. Good for exertion soreness: The moment you start your exercise or change your training regimen, you can experience a type of muscle pain called exertion soreness. Handheld massagers stimulate your muscles which helps in dealing with exertion soreness; the heat therapy function is the most useful feature for alleviating this condition.
  6. Improve Local Blood Circulation: Handheld massagers stimulate local blood circulation and activate your muscles which can help to treat your aching muscles and painful joints.
  7. Makes your skin look better: Handheld massager stimulates blood circulation which may make your skin look better. You can also enhance your skin looks by choosing models with skin scrapers.

How to use a handheld massager?

Before using a handheld massager, be wary of how it works so that you’ll be safe during the masseuse. First, if you have experienced concussions before, then it’s best not to use the device on your head or neck. It may seem like a non-issue, but it can reignite concussions in your body.

Second, never use a percussion seeing on your skull. You may experience the signs and symptoms of a concussion if you misuse the device. Even on a lower setting level, you are still at risk of injuries.

Another safety concern to note is the heating feature of a handheld massager. If you use more than one heating feature at a time, you’ll likely experience issues. For example, there are numerous case studies for people who used more than one heating therapy. The effect was itching on their skin which became worse when more heat was applied.

The latest safety concern with massagers users should be wary of is its speed settings. The highest speed of a massager can be too intense; hence it’s crucial to get to the top speed in 2-3 weeks. That way, your body will slowly adapt to rising speed from the beginning.


  • Carry your massager when traveling: A manual handheld massager is portable and can fit in a carry-on case. Use it to relax your tight shoulders after a long flight.
  • Warm-up your muscles before a massage session: Warming your muscles makes them more relaxed and pliant which enables the nodes to penetrate your tissues deeply. Even models with heat function require you to warm your muscles to increase their effectiveness.
  • Clean the massager periodically: Never use your handheld massager with lotion. If your device gets dirty, wipe it gently with a damp cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use oils and lotions with a handheld massager?
A: This question depends on the specific massager. While some models react negatively with plastics, other handheld massagers allow you to use oils and lotions to bring about ultimate relaxation. The rule lies with checking your user manual. The manual provides you with the right information that’ll help you make the right decision on whether to buy a device that allows you to use oils and lotions; or one that doesn’t.

Q: Can I use my handheld massager on the feet?
Yes, but there are some specific models that are designed for your feet. The foot has more muscles and tendons than the bones, and some massagers have vibrations that may be too powerful. For feet relief, choose handheld massagers with several massage levels and a small pointed node.

Q: Will I be pinched when I use a personal massager?
A: Most massagers do not pinch your skin, but it’s prudent to check user reviews to be sure. A handheld massager should not pinch your body or press down or stroke you at very high rates. If you come across negative product reviews based on such aspects, then it’s best to forego the product. You will always find many alternatives you can take home.

Q: What type of pains and aches will my massager alleviate?
A: Massagers are useful for alleviating muscle and joint pain. But they can also relieve headaches, reduce stress and improve blood circulation.

Q: Can I use a handheld massager during pregnancy?
A: Yes, you can use a handheld massager but after consulting your doctor. Massages during pregnancy can be risky; hence it’s crucial to get a clearance from a medical professional before using one.

Q: Can I use a massager on my kid?
A: This will depend on the age of your child. Never use a massager on babies and toddlers. But if your kid is seven years or older, then no issues will arise by using this product.

Q: How quickly can a handheld massager relieve my muscle soreness?
A: That depends on an individual. But longtime muscle issues require a handful of sessions while simple muscle tightness issues can be resolved with a single session. However, research suggests that simple, regular massages have many health benefits in the long run.

Q: Should I use a massager on my bare skin?
A: Yeah, in most cases, you can use it, even though it’s not recommended. Some models allow you to massage over your clothes which is more hygienic as sweat and dead skin cells won’t stick to the massager nodes.

Q: Can handheld massagers be dangerous?
A: If you misuse a massager, they become unsafe, but if used appropriately then they’re safe. Always follow the instructions and avoid using the massager for body parts it was not made for.

Q: How long should I use a handheld massager?
A: The manufacturer should point out the length of your message. It is recommended you use the device for around 15 minutes per session. But many handheld massagers turn off automatically after a session ends.

Q: How much does a handheld massager cost?
A: This question relies solely on your budget. But never that spending too little equates to low quality and tons of money equates to the highest quality.

  • Many best handheld massagers will cost you between $75-$200
  • Organize the features you need in a handheld massager so that you’ll find the product you need. That way, you’ll use the massager in a way that fits your protocol.

Q: How can I clean my massager?
A: Massagers have a user manual that has the cleaning instructions. But you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth and leave it to dry.

Q: How portable are handheld massagers?
The portability of a handheld massager depends on many factors such as power source and cord length. Manual massagers are probably the most portable but they are labor-intensive. Battery-powered models, on the other hand, depletes the battery faster but you can pack them in a carry-on case and use them anywhere. A corded model with a short cord enables you to pack more quickly, but you’ll be limited mainly in reaching hard-to-reach areas. Getting a good massager can be hard when you don’t know the features you need. Besides, most of us can only have time or money to visit a spa or a chiropractor regularly. Therefore, a high-quality handheld massager is all we need to get a penetrating percussion and or soothing vibrations. A handheld massager has numerous benefits on your body. These include helping you to lower your back problems, aiding in muscle pain relief and making your skin better. Buy your favorite handheld massager today and enjoy quality massage sessions.

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