The 10 Best Massage Guns of 2024

Massage guns ‘popularity among athletes, swimmers and bodybuilders are fast rising due to their effectiveness for relieving pain, muscle aches and for enhancing general wellness. Hard training and exercise usually take a toll on your body. Therefore, getting a pain reliever is essential for enhancing your performance in your next training. Besides, even if you’re a hobbyist, your body still requires recovery after a rigorous training exercise.

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The best massage guns provide quick muscle relief. Massage sessions offer much-needed muscle relief, especially after strenuous activities. But massage sessions are expensive and most athletes can hardly afford it. On the other hand, massage guns offer a cheaper massage alternative with numerous therapeutic benefits. They have multiple attachment heads for reaching different parts of your muscles for maximum pain relief.

Best Overall: REATHLETE DEEP4S Massage Gun


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If you are an athlete or bodybuilder, then you’ll know that your physical health plays a major role in your field performance. Therefore, you must take care of your body. But physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments can drain your pockets in a short time. Therefore, the best refuge lies in a massage gun.

This massage gun is silent but powerful giving you a perfect therapeutic session without annoying anyone near you. It is portable and is a perfect gift for any athlete. It is also quite effective for relieving sore and achy muscles. The device has four intensities and five interchangeable heads that enable you to work deep on your muscles. The four intensities are: soft massage, medium massage, intense massage and unleash extreme mode.

It is also light and ergonomic with an adjustable arm that enables it to reach your full body. With the device, you’ll enjoy powerful cordless sessions with its reliable battery that offers up to 6 hours’ uptime. In case of any issues, protect your device with a 1-year warranty that offers full device insurance. A clear LCD screen enables you to control the intensity and customize the settings to suit your needs.

Key Features

  • Quick Brushless motor
  • Long Battery Life
  • Ergonomic design
  • Powerful Percussion Massage


  • Comfortable silicone heads
  • Rotation arm makes it easy to reach the back
  • Long battery life
  • Powerful massager
  • It can be difficult to detach massage heads

Best Motivation: TimTam v1.5 Massage Gun

TimTam Power Massager v1.5 Deep Tissue Massage Gun

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If you are looking for a power massager that combines frequency, amplitude, and torque then its best you check this massage gun. It’s a perfect device that offers deep tissue massage to relieve pain and stress. Though a bit pricey, it’s the most effective massager in the market. Its therapeutic benefits include: increasing blood flow, breaking down of knots and releasing stored lactic acid that causes fatigue during exercises.

The device is extremely powerful and offers 2000 revolutions per minute. It also features a patent-pending threaded shaft that enhances its durability and performance. The 90-degree articulating head comes with a variety of attachments which gives you the versatility to choose the intensity of massage. The device is also portable as it comes with a 12V Lithium-ion battery that powers up the device for cordless use. There is also a carrying case, device charger and a round massage tip that offers deep insight on the use of the machine.

Key Features

  • Delivers up to 5000 strokes per min
  • Versatile
  • Superior performance
  • Durable


  • Brand: TIM TAM
  • It’s easy and intuitive to use
  • Perfect for deep tissue massage
  • It’s ideal for warming up before workout sessions
  • It’s helpful for muscular patients
  • It is relatively cheap
  • It makes much noise

Best Design: Theragun G3 Massage Gun

Theragun G3 Massage Gun

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Theragun G3 massager gun is an essential device for deep muscle treatment. It was made by a world’s best chiropractor and features an ergonomic multi-grip, modern and premium design complete with an ideal treatment technology. It’s the industry’s leader in percussive therapy. It’s made, design and features make it popular with physical therapists, trainers, and chiropractors with over 250 international sports teams using the device worldwide.

Whether you are at your desk and want to relieve tension or knots, then you’ll love the design, make and features of the device. With Theragun G3, you can quickly release knots, cramps, spasms and muscle tightness with ease. Also, the device is vital for warm-ups as it improves muscle coordination and range of motion in less than a minute. It’s the ideal pain reliever and features a combination of speed and amplitude for treating carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, and sciatica- all without the need for pills.

Better still, you’ll enjoy the versatility that comes with its 2 essential speeds: a standard speed and a lighter speed. The standard speed is 40 repercussions per second while the lighter speed is 20 percussions per second. The lighter speed is useful for more sensitive and sore areas while the standard speed is ideal when you require deep treatment.

Key Features

  • No-strain Ergonomic multi-grip
  • 2 essential speeds for varying massage treatments
  • Superior Design & Construction
  • Comes with device accessories


  • Brand: TheraGun
  • Product Dimension: 11.5 * 10.2 *5.2 inches
  • Product Weight: 2.7lbs
  • It offers high percussion
  • Different speed settings offer versatility on the intensity of the massage offered
  • It’s louder than most massage guns i.e. Hypervolt

Best Value: RecoveryVolt Massage Gun

RecoveryVolt Massage Gun

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The inception of this new RecoveryVolt massage gun has changed the dynamics of the massagers market. The device features a powerful percussion motor that offers the ultimate percussive effect. The motor combines cutting edge technology to offer unparalleled therapeutic relief to its users. 3 custom speed settings make the device versatile for multiple uses. Whether you want to warm up or relieve sore and injured muscles then you’ll love this device. Also, if you have large muscle groups, then you can quickly increase the speed to suit your needs.

Vent-cool technology gives you a quiet and noise-free massage. The machine has five attachment tips and 3 angle adjustments. It also features 5 interchangeable heads: a cone for deep tissue and trigger points, the fork for shoulder and hamstring muscles, smack ball for the entire body, large ball for large muscle groups and a flat head for bone and sensitive areas. These multiple attachments enable you to reach every part of your body with the device.

You’ll also enjoy convenience with the rechargeable Samsung battery that offers up to 5 hours on a full charge. The battery gives you the liberty to go cordless when using the device. Also, the three-color battery status gives you the status of the battery enabling you to check the battery status.

Key Features

  • 3 custom speed settings
  • Quiet and Sturdy
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Powerful percussion motor


  • Brand: RecoveryVolt
  • Has 3 different angles
  • Case included
  • Less noise even on the highest setting
  • 5 different attachments
  • It’s heavy and bulky

Best Lightweight: OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun

OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun

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Opove Massage Gun is the ideal device for hobbyists and fitness trainers. Its equipped with a Unique Quiet technology and a 24V Brushless high-torque motor that offers powerful percussions to your muscles enabling you to enjoy a smooth and comfortable massage.

The device supports up to 3200RPM and 3 Speed variations which gives your muscles a massage similar to that of a professional massager. What’s more, you can adjust the intensity of the massage with three levels that enable you to tweak speed and pressure to suit your needs.

On top of the device superior functionality is a reliable lithium rechargeable battery. The battery gives you up to 3 hours of massage per charge enabling you to go cordless when you need it. You will also enjoy extreme body protection as the device switches off automatically after every 10 seconds to protect your body from injury.

Its high-torque motor offers a 0.47b inch (12mm) stroke length. These accurate percussions are important especially in the recovery of muscles. The device is made with an anti-drop shell with breakthrough technology that offers protections for falls of up to 6ft (2m) high. The device comes in a beautiful carrying case that is ideal for international travel.

Key Features

  • MAX 3200 RPM and 3 speeds
  • Long Battery Life
  • Accurate Percussions
  • Included Carrying Case


  • Brand: Opove
  • Product Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Much cheaper compared to most massage guns
  • Its initial strength is low which you can increase gradually to higher powers
  • Powerful enough to reach into deep tissues
  • Lower battery life

Best Multipurpose: Vybe PRO Massage Gun

Vybe PRO Massage Gun

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The Vybe PRO massage gun is an effective tool that comes with an ergonomic design and superior features. The device is cheaper compared with similar designs in the market. It can produce 500 to 2400 strokes per minute. Also, there are 6-speed settings you can use to control the device.

Its massage arm rotates at 90° to allow you to access hard-to-reach areas of the body. It also comes with three interchangeable heads: large ball, standard ball, and cone. It’s easy to swap these balls and they offer you the option of reaching into deep tissues for the perfect muscle treatment. Its percussive nature also offers you an intensive treatment that gives you quicker muscle relief. The push-button trigger enables you to access continual treatment without depression your hand.

If you enjoy carrying your device to different places, then you’ll like the convenient carry case that houses the device components. There are also two rechargeable batteries and a battery charger that powers your device when you want to go cordless.

If you want hard pressure on your skin, then you can use the device’s hardball. But if you’re not accustomed to deep tissue massager, then you may want to stick with the other attachment heads.

Key Features

  • High-quality Features
  • Limitless Uses
  • Powerful Device


  • Brand: Vybe PRO
  • Product Weight: 2 lbs 5 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 9* 11* 3 inches
  • Has a ridiculously long battery life
  • Carrying case is very handy
  • Different heads that serve a variety of needs
  • Removal and insertion of heads is quite difficult and you’ll have to force them off

Best Quiet: Sonic Massage Gun

Sonic Massage Gun

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If you’re looking for the ultimate deep and powerful massager, then it’s best to try the Sonic massage gun. It features a powerful motor that delivers powerful strokes that penetrates your body sending in waves of relaxation and relief. It offers the ideal sonic boost that is important in pre-workout warm-ups and post-workout recovery routines.

The device triggers different points in your body to give you the best mobility and flexibility you need. What’s more, it’s super quiet, portable and ideal for athletes giving them the best percussion that is similar to that of professional massagers. You can use the device using a single hand due to its comfortable grip and it also features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gives between 3-6 hours per full charge.

It has 5 intensity levels and 5 massage heads that allow you to choose the ideal speed and pressure you desire. You can also change the massager’s head to reach different parts of the body and muscle groups.

The device is ready, set and features an easy-start guide that makes you running within a few minutes. There are no complicated manuals or heavy equipment for getting started with the tool.

The device comes with a 100% money-back lifetime warranty which proves the trust and confidence the manufacturers have in the product.

Key Features

  • Powerful Percussion
  • Super quiet and portable
  • Easy to use
  • 100% money-back lifetime warranty


  • Brand: Sonic
  • Product Weight: 4 pounds
  • It’s super quiet
  • There’s a button right by your index that makes it easier to switch speeds
  • Light with a comfortable grip
  • Longer battery life
  • The weak connection between the head and massage gun that wears out after some use

Best Easy to use: MADETEC Massage Gun

MADETEC Massage Gun

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MADETEC Massage Gun is a professional device that aids to release muscle soreness and stiffness. It has four interchangeable head attachments that promote circulation, improve range of motion and aids in recovery. It also features 30 adjustable speed levels that give you flexibility on your ideal choice of speed.

There is also an LED TOUCH SCREEN with a user interface for quickly adjusting the speed levels basing on your preferences and muscle group. It’s quiet with its brushless DC motor blending high power and low noise to its design.

The device has a myriad of benefits to your body including reducing and eliminating pain, restoring elasticity and length to muscles, increasing the range of motion and increase blood flow to your body. Its long battery life makes the device handy giving you 5-8 hours of use per single charge. The variability in battery life is due to the different vibration settings on the device.

The gun is also made of anti-drop nylon and glass fiber that protects the device in case it drops from high. Overall, the product has top-grade features and design that offers premium performance.

Key Features

  • LED Touch screen
  • Quiet& Multifunctional
  • Long battery life


  • Brand: MADETEC
  • Easy to use
  • Amazing tool for people with pain disorders
  • Has an LCD screen for adjusting the speed
  • Works well for deep tissue massage
  • It’s too powerful and can make your bones hurt

Best Budget: Antetek Massage Gun

Antetek Massage Gun

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Antetek massage gun has a high-quality motor and an ultra-strong heat dissipation that enables it to function for a long time without overheating. It features a high-precision mold that connects the body and machine head tightly to reduce the noise as the device operates.

With four replaceable massage heads and a portable case, the device enables your body to relax faster. More so, it has a high-quality lithium battery and an LED battery indicator. The battery powers the device allowing you to go cordless while the battery indicator helps you to check the battery capacity. You’ll also love its comfortable grip that minimizes external vibrations and a durable anti-slip silicone grip that makes the machine easier and comfortable to handle.

The device s powerful and offers up to 3200 RPM. Overall, it’s your ideal model for relieving muscle stiffness, increasing blood pressure and improving the health of your body’s tissues.

Key Features

  • Precision Design
  • 4 replaceable massage heads for massaging different body parts
  • Long working time with the high-quality lithium battery
  • Comfortable design for the best grip and usability


  • Brand: Antetek
  • Product Weight: 3.4 pounds
  • Super easy to use with indicator lights for battery
  • Easy to remove the battery
  • Features multi-speed ability
  • It’s quite heavy

Best for Versatility: VYBE Massage Gun

VYBE Massage Gun

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If you’re looking for a powerful but moderately noisy machine, then this device your perfect match. It comes with three massage tips: Large ball for large muscle groups, a cone for deep tissue and standard ball for small muscle groups.

The device is well built and has 6 different speeds and powerful percussion that offers up to 2400 strokes per minute. While most massage guns feel like they’re vibrating while working, the device has a real percussion. What’s more, it features an ergonomic handle, an articulating head and a power push button that is designed to reach several spots of your body.

It is also multifunctional and there are many ways you can use the device to leave your body with an amazing feel. It is perfect for inducing muscle recovery after intense workouts and removing pains and aches.

Key Features

  • Powerful
  • Limitless uses
  • Cordless with 3 massage heads
  • High-quality machine with 6 speeds and powerful percussion vibrations


  • Brand: VYBE
  • Product Weight: 2 lbs 5 ounces
  • Product Dimension: 7.5 * 7 * 2 inches
  • Keeps running without the need to hold the trigger
  • Perfectly priced
  • It’s quite noisy but you can go for the Pro version if you need a quieter device

Best Massage Gun Buying Guide & FAQ

What is a massage gun?

From its name, a massage gun is like a device that is useful in relieving muscle pain and improving blood flow.

Massage guns have proven over time to be the best devices for restoring and even improving muscular functionalities. These machines are ideal for anyone experiencing pain and especially those with muscular pains.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Massage Gun

  • Head attachments: Massage guns with multiple head attachments are best for use as they can target different muscle groups and apply pressure on hard-to-reach areas giving you ultimate comfort. Since you are going the massage gun multiple times, go for a device with multiple adjustable heads so that you’ll reach more joints with ease.
  • Battery Life: Most massage guns come with a lithium-ion battery. Before you buy a device, check its battery type and capacity. The battery life of a massage gun depends on the speed settings. When buying a massage gun, go for one with removable batteries as they give you the option of adding buying an additional backup battery.
  • Noise Level: Most massage guns are less quiet than they claim to be. So if you are sensitive to high noise levels, then a quieter massage gun will do. Also, some environments such as office, gym, and public places require lower noise levels hence if you’re using your device in these places, then go for a quieter device.
  • Speed: Most quality massage guns have different speed levels which are useful when you want to adjust the device the speed you need. But with regards to speed, some devices offer too many speed settings which render them less functional. On average, the best devices offer a high speed of about 1000RPM which is useful for muscle relaxation. You should also check the pulsation effect and the speed of your device rotation. The slower speed is less useful while extremely fast rotations could heat the device faster. But overall, go for a device with multiple speed settings for the ultimate comfort.

What are the Benefits of Using a Massage Gun?

Most people view massage guns as less powerful than a masseuse but that’s not true. Masseuse massages give you a rejuvenating experience but a massage gun can offer the same power too. Plus, you don’t have to pay $50-$150 every time for a massage session and the machine produces the same output every time without fatigue like human beings.

Benefits of massage guns include:

  • Higher speed and pressure than traditional massage
  • Money-saving
  • Time-saving
  • Offers a private experience
  • Useful for different muscle groups

Guide for using a massage gun

Always keep in mind that it’s easy to use a massage gun. To use the device, you only need to point it in the area you want to massage.

First, turn the device on to make the head pulsate. Then gradually float it along with the target muscles without exerting any undue pressure or force. The pulses in the device will do the work eliminating the need for extra force or pressure to achieve the desired effect. If you come across intense pain or soreness your muscles, then leave the device floating a little longer to enable its pulses to generate the required vibrations.

Why is Massage gun costly than Handheld Massagers?

Most quality handheld massagers’ prices fall below a hundred bucks. For massage guns, however, you’ll have to spend hundreds of bucks to get the ideal machine you require. The reasons being:

  • Massage guns offer very powerful pulsing effect hence require motors
  • Massage guns construction and attachments are of superior quality than those of handheld massagers
  • Massage guns are more robust and last longer than handheld massagers

But though most massage guns are expensive going for hundreds of dollars, you can still get a cheaper and decent massage gun that combines high performance and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should I use a massage gun?
A: The best time to use a massage gun is before and after a workout. In my case, I use it after my morning yoga and at times in the office after sitting for long hours.

Q: Are massage guns effective for prenatal massage?
A: No, these massage guns work off percussion.

Q: Should I consult my doctor before buying a massage gun?
A: Most of my friends and acquaintances never consulted their doctors before buying a massage gun, but if you have concerns then its best you do so. There is no need to risk using the device especially if you’re recovering from injuries.

Q: How many pounds of pressure does the device exert?
A: The device moves up/ down (vibrates), maybe half an inch)? But the pressure from the device depends on the intensity of the machine on your muscle. But overall, it is powerful.

Q: What is a stall force?
A: The stall force is the most important component of the device. That is, the higher the stall force, the more powerful the device.

Q: How did you rate the noise-free aspect of the devices?
A: At first, I bought one of these devices from Amazon. But later I found out that I could use my iPhone app to measure the noise level of the devices.

Q: Can I travel with my massage gun?
A: Yes, your device can be your best travel companion. But while you may be able to travel with your Theragun device and accessories in your luggage, the decision lies at the hands of a TSA officer. He may decide to or not to allow you to carry it. But you should also be wary of your fellow passengers. If you are carrying an old massager such as TheraGun G2pro or TimTam Power Massager V1.5, then it’s not to use it in public places as it produces too much noise that can inconvenience others.

Q: Does the device help with sciatica?
A: Many users have reported that massage guns are effective for treating sciatica but you should first consult your health care provider on whether to use the device.

Q: How can I use the device on my upper back without the help of someone?
It’s always hard to reach the middle and upper back during self-therapy. But you can use the articulating head to reach and move around your shoulders if you don’t have someone to help you.
Using a massage gun is important especially if you have tension in your back and neck. The device works and is a lifesaver for people who have back problems. If you are a regular sportsperson or you work out regularly, then you should use the massage gun to relieve muscle pains, fatigue and promote blood flow in your body. Also, if you work in your office throughout the day, then a massage gun will help you relieve your back pain. Check our article for the best massage guns, buy one and enjoy quality massage sessions at your convenience.

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