The 10 Best Electric Fireplaces of 2024

Over the years, technology has come a long way. As a result, there is no need to waste gas or burn countless logs of wood before getting the desired warmth to keep the house cool. The best electric fireplaces can mimic the burning and charm of logs of wood while giving needed heat and adding aesthetic to living space.

People can have a real fireplace that will produce 3D Flame even without heat, thereby spicing up the beauty of the living space. Everyone that has an empty fireplace, and would love to use the area without spending too much can invest in any of our best electric fireplaces.

We have selected top quality product based on research, effectiveness, user experience, and customer feedback. Our choices are within a reasonable price range, which will not burn a hole in your pocket. We have a fantastic electric fireplace that can keep you warm and cozy all through winter without the stress of packing scraps of wood and the mess of ashes.

Besides, our selected products come in classic, modern, and elegant designs. The idea is not only to heat your space but make your home look classy and comfy.

Therefore, sit back; relax as we take you through our selection of the best electric fireplaces of 2021

Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove

Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove

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For everyone that wants a top-quality electric fireplace, we recommend Duraflame 3D. With the ability to supply over 5000 BTUs, it can heat as much as 1000 square feet, which brings considerable money-saving capacity. Users will love the 3D flame effect, which burns on, and around the log with five distinct color and speed settings.

The natural air humidity is maintained thanks to the infrared quartz heat, which does not dry out the room. This is an excellent addition to any space as it even perfect for small spaces. It is safe for use around kids and pets. Also, the impressive safety Key Features it possesses make it safe for use.

The device’s digital thermostat can be adjusted, which allows you to set it to the desired temperature. This device comes in a robust metal body alongside a glass door.

Key Features

  • ,200 BTU capacity
  • The 3D flame effect produces a realistic flame
  • Remote control
  • Cool to touch


  • Brand: Duraflame
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Product Dimension: 13.07 x 24 x 23.4 inches
  • Product Weight: 28.6 kg

  • Comes with remote control
  • Overheat protection
  • Adjustable digital thermostat
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Overheat protection
  • No information on the warranty

R.W.FLAME 30 inch Recessed and Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

R.W.FLAME 30 inch Recessed and Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

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In need of the best quality of Electricity to keep your room temperature at the optimum level, R.W. Flame is a terrific choice. It is an improvement from the previous version meant to give you a better experience. This is a redesigned device with a remote control and touch screen plus many top-quality Key Features you will love.

Users get to precisely control and decide the operation (brightness, flame speed, flame level, etc.) of the electric heater. Users are assured of remarkable energy-saving capacity to adjust the device for warmth and specifically for this feature.

The safety feature is useful as the product is ETL certified, which means users will not worry about overheating. This device can help maintain natural humidity without expelling too much moisture from the air.

Key Features

  • Heating modes of 750W and 1500W
  • Touch Screen and remote control
  • ETL certified


  • Product Weight: 32.4 pounds
  • Product Dimension: 30 x 3.85 x 18.11 inches
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Brand: R.W. Flame

  • User-friendly design
  • Energy-saving capacity
  • One year warranty
  • Quiet operation
  • Installation is a breeze.
  • Possibility of a humming sound

Duraflame DFI021ARU Electric Log Set Heater

Duraflame DFI021ARU Electric Log Set Heater

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With a seating capacity of 4,600 BTU, this Duraflame heater can effectively handle 400 sq. ft, to bring about money-saving capacity and give you the desired atmosphere. All you have to do is put the log into your built fireplace and watch the flames do their magic.

This electric log heater can work with or without heat, and it will surely add color to your living space. Since Electricity powers it, it requires no vent or hookups for excellent operation. The device is protected against overheating as the device will shut off automatically when the heat gets beyond the acceptable range.

The device Features an adjustable thermostat, which puts the room temperature entirely in your control.

Key Features

  • 5200 BTU heater
  • Flame effect possible with or without heat
  • Year-round ambiance


  • Product Weight: 13.86 pounds
  • Product Dimension: 20.5 x 8.66 x 12 inches
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Brand: Duraflame

  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Remote control
  • Overheat protection
  • Flame heats well
  • Possibility of a humming sound

TURBO Suburbs TS20 Electric Fireplace Infrared Heater

TURBO Suburbs TS20 Electric Fireplace Infrared Heater

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The SUBURB T520 is an electric fireplace heater that will keep you warm and comfortable all year round. It has the capacity to warm a room with dimensions up to 1000 sq. ft. Users will love the realistic dancing flames beside the burning log effect, which will furnish you with a warm ambiance.

This device stands out with the high heating capacity. It is also easy to control and will make your home habitable throughout the winter. This device releases more than 4,500 BTU of heat, enough to power your room.

It Key Features a flame control capacity that makes available a charming fireside environment without dealing with the hassle of a real fire. You can also have the Flame without the heat as it helps bring about the mood when you don’t need the heat.

Key Features

  • Noise level of fewer than 38 decibels
  • Cost-effective, safe and trustworthy
  • Safe to touch with overheat protection
  • CSA certified


  • Product Weight: 15.5 pounds
  • Product Dimension: 17 x 10 x 20 inches
  • Voltage: 110-120V
  • Brand: Turbo

  • Easy to use
  • Safe and cost-effective
  • Installation is fast and easy.
  • Pretty comfortable to use
  • Presence of overheat protection
  • Competitive price
  • No information on the warranty

PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace

PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace

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PuraFlame stands out as one of the best electric fireplaces that users can get to beautiful and add spice to their space. Users will love the fantastic and realistic design like the lively Flame, gas fireplace, etc.

Users can enjoy the Flame even without heat, which makes it worth a try. It will make your life comfortable throughout the uncomfortable winter season. The product has three flame settings with a series of brightness and intensity.

The device boasts of energy-saving capacity that will not have an excessive impact on your energy bills. There is an adjustable thermostat that puts you in complete control of the temperature. Amazingly, the device can serve a 400 square meter room.

Key Features

  • Three flame setting
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Powers 400 sq ft of space


  • Product Weight: 30.42 pounds
  • Product Dimension: 24.8 x 8.78 x 21.46 inches
  • Voltage: 120 Volt
  • Brand: PuraFlame

  • Installation is pretty straightforward.
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Comes with remote control
  • One year warranty
  • Cannot serve as the primary heat source

Beauty Electric Fireplace Stove

Beauty Electric Fireplace Stove,

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This Beauty Electric Fireplace stove is indeed a real beauty to add color, heat, and warmth to any room in a house. This is the perfect addition for everyone that needs a portable electric heater for various rooms. It is safe, effective and can be used around kids and pets. The presence of infrared heat makes it capable of keeping the natural moisture of the house.

This electric fireplace comes in a classic, durable, and retro design. It is made of strong and unique materials that are not bulky, making it portable. The manufacturer utilized the latest technology to give real and classic flames without sacrificing safety. It is a perfect addition for the bedroom, study, or hallway.

Users can enjoy two heating modes of 1500W and 1000W, which helps it take care of various environmental needs. It also Key Features overheating protection that cuts off the power supply when the heat is excessive. Users get as much as 5100 BTU to power and keep the room cool.

This device utilizes the latest infrared heating technology to deliver safe heating for users. The product comes with a vent located beneath to keep the noise level down. The classic design of the stove will complement your room’s interior decoration.

Key Features

  • Double heating mode
  • Automatic overheat power off
  • 1000 BTU heating capacity
  • Latest infrared technology
  • Can handle 400 sq. ft. room capacity


  • Product Weight: 15 pounds
  • Product Dimension: 24.25 x 18.5 x 14.5 inches
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Brand: Xbeauty

  • A portable device
  • Light in weight
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • The thermostat allows you to control the temperature
  • The presence of a vent reduces noise
  • Some customers wish for a bigger one

VIVOHOME 110V Electric Fireplace

VIVOHOME 110V Electric Fireplace

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Vivihome is the best electric fireplace to produce a warm 3D effect alongside a vivid ambiance for your indoor space. It is the best investment you can make in preparation for the cold winter months. It is easy to use as it Key Features a timer setting and remote control, making it easy to adjust the settings.

The flames are vivid and bright and can display in various colors like orange or red to give your room the required glow. It is an accessory you can use every season as one can control the Flame and temperature independently. The device also Key Features an adjustable heater that controls the humidity of the ambient air and the temperature of the room.

Users will love the simple, elegant, and classic design as it will com the theme of your space. It is a necessary accessory that will help the entire family have a good time together. There is also an overheat protection that keeps the device off when the temperature goes above a certain level. With this, you can sleep with peace of mind at night.

Key Features

  • Vivid flame effect
  • Low/high heat setting
  • Overheat protection
  • Five heat flame brightness


  • Product Weight: 13.8 pounds
  • Product Dimension: 22.2 x 13.8 x 10.8 inches
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Brand: Vivihome

  • Presence of remote control
  • The device does not smoke or dry the hair.
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Overheat protection
  • Energy saving
  • Digital display can be improved.

Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplaces

Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplaces

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Touchstone did a great job in the production of this classic and elegant electric fireplace. It comes with some faux crystal and log set, which gives users the ability to chose the main appeal they desire. It is perfect for any room in the house as it saves money for gas and firewood. Besides that, it adds to the aesthetics of the home.

With two heat settings, you can get a perfect atmosphere no matter the weather condition. Users get five flame brightness choices like a dull ember glow that allows you to get the desired brightness and brilliance. It comes with a remote control that you can use to adjust the setting of the device. It is safe for indoor use and can fit a small room without taking excessive space.

There is a LED bulb in the device that gives a calming ambiance. It is free from mercury; hence users do not have to worry about their safety. It is useful in freezing weather conditions as it can keep you warm. Likewise, you can set it on a low level to give ample warmth in slightly chilly conditions. It mimics a traditional fireplace even though users will not have to deal with ash from wood combustion.

Key Features

  • Vivid Flame with three colors
  • Various operating modes
  • Supplemental heat
  • heating coverage of 400 ft.
  • Faux fire log with glass crystals


  • Product Weight: 24.1 pounds
  • Product Dimension: 4.9 x 28 x 16.5 inches
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Brand: Touchstone

  • Simple to install
  • Users will love the combination of blue and orange Flame.
  • Realistic and convincing log piece
  • Powerful heater
  • The lowest and highest setting has a little difference.

PuraFlame Alice 40 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace

PuraFlame Alice 40 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace,

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PuraFlame Alice is a fantastic choice for everyone that wants an electric fireplace that will add a modern touch and elegant look to their living room. This fireplace Key Features delicate crystals and logs.

Installation is easy; you don’t need to hang it on the wall instead you will install it inside the wall. It works with a 110 Volts outlet, and users just need to plug and enjoy.

The device produces a realistic flame effect thanks to the Ultra High Intensity, which gives a bright and vivid flame effect. Users get four distinct flame effects to take care of their needs. You can enjoy the ambiance all through the year as the device can operate without the heat. There are two heater settings that give out reasonable heat to keep you warm and cozy. Also, it has a thermostat that helps control the temperature.

Key Features

  • Countdown timer
  • Touch screen button
  • Vent-free ventilation
  • Wall mount or freestanding installation


  • Product Weight: 41.23 pounds
  • Product Dimension: 44.88 x 10.63 x 10.24 inches
  • Voltage:
  • Brand: Puraflame

  • Installation is easy
  • Comes with adjustable thermostat
  • The device adds color to your space.
  • Price is good
  • Flame appears almost real.
  • No information on the warranty

Classic Flame 23II042FGL 23″ 3D Infrared

Classic Flame 23II042FGL 23

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Classic Flame produces real flames that feel and looks like a real fireplace with logs of wood. If you have any unused fireplace, this electric fireplace is a perfect choice and addition to bringing it to life. It is the ideal addition to spice up any part of your room like the bedroom, living room, and dining room.

With the Patent pending 3D flame effect, you can get a layered flame, which gives a realistic experience. You can add life and customize the look of the fire to complement the room, the weather, and your mood. You will get a five-speed setting, which gives you various flames that can help you have a perfect fire display.

The control panel included allows users to control the setting easily. It produces 5,200 BTU of heat, which can power a 1000 square feet room. The infrared technology gives out heat that warms you just like stepping into the sunlight. This gentle heat preserves natural humidity without drying out the air. With this, everyone gets fresh skin with adequate humidity.

Key Features

  • Infrared heat
  • D flame effect technology
  • 200 BTU heater
  • Fire prevention technology


  • Product Weight: 17.95 pounds
  • Product Dimension: 23.6 x 8.5 x 20 inches
  • Voltage:
  • Brand: Classic Flame

  • One year warranty
  • Maintains the natural humidity of your home
  • Can heat up to 1000 square feet
  • Infrared heat brings down static technology
  • Impressive safety feature
  • Possibility of a humming sound though not a deal-breaker

Product Buying Guide and FAQ Section

After exploring the best electric fireplace, we will examine various factors that can guide the choice of a user.

What is an Electric Fireplace?

Electric fireplace heaters are a terrific addition to your room for various reasons. Here are the reasons you need to consider using an electric fireplace:

  • They serve as a terrific source of heat that you can easily control compared to wide or naked real flames.
  • Places, where a traditional fireplace is not allowed, can use the electric fireplace to achieve a cozy ambiance.
  • Their operation can be with or without heat. With this, users can enjoy the enchanting glow of the fire even without the heat.
  • This device uses a modern and advanced technology that brings life to the Flame.
  • Maintenance and use are pretty easy compared to traditional fireplaces where you need to clean up after the wood and ashes.
  • Since it is an electronic device, the location of an outlet is the primary factor that determines where you can put it.
  • You are not limited to the bedroom or living room alone. There are varieties of shapes and styles that can fit into any space in your home.

What are the benefits of an Electric Fireplace?

If you have not yet decided whether to buy an electric fireplace or not for your space; here are six unique benefits all tied to the use of the fireplace, which will fuel your need for it.


All you need to get is an outlet to plug the device and the space to accommodate them. There is no need for chimneys or vents like the traditional type.


There are top quality electric fireplaces that are pretty efficient in terms of energy. This means that they will not shoot up your energy bills, no matter the frequency of use.

They can be an excellent channel to save money if you use them as a supplemental heat source.


One of the issues with traditional fireplaces is that a lot of their heat escapes via the chimney. Also, one needs to sit close to the fireplace to enjoy the warmth. These electric heaters are not like these in that they warm the room evenly.


With an electric fireplace heater, the burden of hauling and chopping wood is out of the question. There is no ash or soot to clean, but you need to change the light bulb after some years. This makes using and maintenance of the device easy.


The use of this fireplace does not come with the risk associated with using real fire. Many of the best electric fireplaces have impressive safety Key Features that prevent any danger from fire.


There is a wide variety of choices available when it comes to buying an electric fireplace. The electric fireplace comes in different sizes and models with peculiar Key Features like shape, functions, and dimensions.

This makes it essential to consider factors that can help guide you in choosing a top- quality electric fireplace.


The heat that comes from an electric fireplace is directly related to the size. The size also influences the cost and the position it can stay at home. A big fireplace will occupy much space, which will occupy more space compared to a small one.

This makes it essential to have the measurement of the exact space you intend to install the device. With this, you can buy a fireplace that will fit your needs. Also, there are portable models that can be moved from one place to another if you desire to move them from one room to another.


One of the factors that guide the design of a fireplace is where it will be located.

For instance, some are made specifically to fit into a corner or a wall. Also, there are others designed to fit into standard places designed for traditional fireplaces.

With this, you should consider the exact location before making a choice.

People who want an electric fireplace that will be permanently fixed in the living room should use the mantle because it gives beauty to items like photos and placards.

If you need a fireplace for the dining room, we recommend using a sleek model due to the little space it takes up.

People who prefer a multipurpose fire heater (used both as a heater and for the aesthetic purpose) should go for a T.V. stand fireplace.


The electric fireplace comes in different sizes and models, which also affects the price. The price is often a factor of what you want even though you can get devices as low as 100 USD or more than 1000 USD, depending on the Specificationss.

You should expect a high cost for a classy wall mount mantle or in-built electric fireplace.

Varieties of things that determine the cost are type, shape, size, Key Features, and unique accessories that come with the unit.

Do you want a high-end piece that will be permanently fixed to your room, aesthetically pleasing, and durable? Then, you should be ready to let go of quite a lot, which will be worth it in the end.

However, for people who desire a simple and functional piece, many are available at a reasonable price and will indeed serve you.


Aesthetic is the ability of the unit to add color and beauty to your indoor space. The central idea why many people go for an electric fireplace is the warmth it provides to the room during the cold, unfriendly winter months. However, this does not mean that everything a fireplace should do ends at offering warmth to the user. It will be depressing for one to wake up and see a boring looking electric fireplace.

As a result, do not choose only functionality over style when shopping for a fired heater. These two Key Features, however, must complement each other.

You will be better going with a product that pleases the eyes and produces vivid flames with a great glow.

In your choice of a media console fireplace, mantle, or wall mount, make sure that the design complements your home decoration. It will add a level of beauty to your space.


Q: Will an electric Fireplace heat up my room?
A: An electric fireplace heater distributes heat evenly into the room. The device does not lose heart, which removes the need for a vent or chimney. However, these devices cannot be the primary heating source of a home but are essential in heating small rooms effectively compared to a traditional fireplace.

Q: Will an Electric Fireplace Consume A lot of Electricity?
A: Most electric fireplaces use an average of 1,500 watts of Electricity. Also, if the setting is such that the heater powers on and off, this translates to a 50% use setting. This translates to 9 cents an hour. This cost, however, doubles if you want to use the heater at maximum level.

Q: What are the square feet an electric fireplace can heat?
A: The average square feet that an electric fireplace will heat is 400

Q: Is there a need for venting for Electric Fireplaces?
A: No.

There is no emission with electric fireplaces, which removes the need for a vent using a chimney the same way wood and gas fireplaces do.

Q: Can an Electric Fireplace be used with a regular outlet?

Generally, most standard electric fireplaces can work with a standard 120 volt. With this, it requires a unique or dedicated circuit.

Q: Can you leave an electric fireplace working Overnight?
A: Yes, there is no problem in leaving the device working overnight. However, we recommend that you turn it off when it is not working. While an electric fireplace produces neither carbon monoxide nor soot, you should turn the device off when leaving the room for a long time.

Q: Can You put a T.V. right Above an Electric Fireplace?
A: It is okay to place most electric fireplace above a T.V. with no adverse effect on the T.V. This is because most electric fireplace gives out heat in the front or bottom of the unit. This does not affect the T.V. negatively or any other device above the fireplace

Q: Does Electric Fireplaces last long?
A: A typical electric fireplace can last as much as 20 years. The light bulb, however, will require replacement every two years. Also, Electric fireplaces last longer compared to wood and gas. The warranty will give you a good idea of how long the device will last.

Q: Can one place an electric fireplace on a carpet?
A: Yes, an electric fireplace can sit on a carpet or a rug. As long as the surface is stable, an electric fireplace can sit on it without any issue

Q: Do you need to place an electric fireplace against a wall directly?
A: Yes, one can directly place an electric fireplace against a wall without issue.

Q: Will there be any noise from the use of an electric fireplace?
A: Ideally, an electric fireplace does not make noise. It is, however, possible to hear the noise of the crackling of the fire. With time as you use the device, it is common to hear some noise due to wear and tear.


One needs to consider many essential things before making a selection of the electric fireplace. With this article, we are confident that users have everything they need to select the best electric fireplace.

Our top recommendation for the best electric fireplace Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove. It has a 5,200 BTU capacity and many other top Key Features that make it practical for users.

We recommend Beauty Electric Fireplace Stove, for people that need an electric fireplace that can be moved from one room to the other

On a final note, we have a comprehensive buying guide that can help users choose the best electric fireplace. There is also an FAQ section that answers various common questions users might have.

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