The 10 Best Electric Griddles of 2024

The best electric griddles of 2021 are the way to go if you love cooking certain food types. These cookwares are designed primarily to help you maximize the flavor of your steak, burgers, eggs, bacon, and waffles. They retain your food’s succulence and juiciness without compromising their quality. All you need is a working plug socket outdoors or in your kitchen and you are good to go.

They are designed to offer you an effortless cleanup, which makes them edgier than outdoor barbeques. Also, they allow you to use them in different locations, making them more practical outdoors than working with indoor grills, indoor stovetop, or toaster ovens.

Again you don’t have to use a lot of cooking oil when cooking with the best electric griddles. All these attributes make this kitchen appliance a top priority for you if you love outdoor adventure on a weekend.

So, what is an electric griddle in the first place? This is essentially a device with a flat cooking surface crafted from high-quality stainless steel, aluminum, or chrome steel. This surface is usually coated with Teflon or ceramic to make it easy to clean and non- sticky. Most significantly, the surface is flat, meaning that the food is likely to get cooked throughout consistently and evenly.

Whether you are cooking breakfast, preparing lunch, or dinner, these cooking appliances will give you a rare chance to replicate different kinds of cooking methods used in diners all over the world. Plus, they will let you cook your favorite meals in a healthy way, making them tasty and appetizing for every family member and guest alike.

With numerous electric griddles available on the market today, getting the best one for your needs can be a real hurdle. This is where we come in with our review of our top-ten electric griddles to help you narrow down your search to the right cookware. Read on to find out more about what you have been missing all along.

Best Overall: Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle

Best Overall: Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle

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If you are looking for an affordable yet durable best electric griddle, look no further than Presto 07061 22-inch Griddle. It features removable handles to facilitate easy cleaning as well as compact storage. This should tell you that this cookware appliance is designed for small spaces on countertops.

The extra-large cooking surfaces are another feature that gives this electric griddle an edge over other appliances. The surface allows you to prepare enough meals for your family, especially during breakfast. Aside from that, it is non-stick, meaning that it provides you with stick-free cooking for easy cleaning. The same surface is equipped with a slide-out drip tray to remove excess oil or grease when cooking meat and other fatty foods.

While cooking, this appliance allows you to gain full control of the cooking temperature. This is made possible with the help of a control master heat. This feature is added to automatically control and maintain the desired cooking temperatures. It also gives you the freedom to choose a particular cooking temperature for a specific type of food. Thus it makes this cookware appliance versatile and efficient.

With its heavy cast aluminum base, this griddle is virtually warp-proof. This means that it can hold large amounts of food without losing its tensile strength. When it comes to cleaning, you can just immerse the whole appliance into soapy water after removing heat control features. Again, you may detach the handles to store the base in a standard 18-inch kitchen cabinet. In general, Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle occupies a cooking area of about 231 square inches, which is practically enough to perform all your cooking tasks comfortably.

Key Features

  • Extra-large cooking surface to make enough food for everyone in your family.
  • Detachable handles for compact storage and easy cleaning.
  • Control master heat to automatically control and maintain the right cooking temperature.
  • Warp-proof heavy cast aluminum base.
  • Textured cooking surface to provide enhanced non-stick performance.


  • Brand: Presto
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Voltage:120 volts
  • Power:1500watts
  • Product Dimensions:11.5×26.25×2.5 inches
  • Product Weight:6.5 pounds

  • Premium nonstick surface
  • Master heat control
  • Removable handles
  • One year limited warranty
  • Easy to store
  • The slide-tilt feature is likely to slide out when you don’t expect

Best Value: Cuisinart GR-5B Electric-Griddler

Best Value: Cuisinart GR-5B Electric-Griddler

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With an LCD display in place, Cuisinart GR-5B Electric-Griddler allows you to control your cooking effortlessly. The display gives you access to several functions, timer, and temperature. All these features define the user-friendliness of this cookware appliance while preparing your favorite meals.

Additionally, the user-friendly digital controls help to adjust the temperature to meet your cooking needs. It further lets you set the temperature from 175 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit at the press of a button.

This cookware unit also boasts several features like a panini press, grill, contact grill, full grill, half grill, full griddle, and half griddle. On top of that, there is a stainless steel handlebar, control panel, and cover which give it an everlasting quality.

When it comes to washing this appliance, the reversible and removable dishwasher safe non-stick cooking plates make everything easy for you. All you will have to do is to remove the plates and immerse the unit in water to wash it clean. You may use the dishwasher-safe scraping tool to get rid of stubborn dirt for effective cleanup.

Key Features

  • LCD display to show function, timer, and temperature
  • Stainless steel handlebar, cover, and control panel
  • Dishwasher safe-scraping tool to make cleaning easy and fast
  • Reversible and removable dishwasher-safe non-stick cooking plates for convenient storage


  • Brand: Cuisinart
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Voltage:110 volts
  • Power: Not provided
  • Product Dimensions:8,75×16.0x13.75 inches
  • Product Weight:11.31 pounds

  • User-friendly digital controls
  • LCD user interface
  • Instruction manual and gourmet recipes
  • Adjustable temperature from 175 to 450 degrees
  • Sleek, compact, and contemporary design
  • Uneven heat distribution

Best Price: DASH DEG200GBAQ01 Everyday Quesadillas Breakfast Griddle

Best Price :DASH DEG200GBAQ01 Everyday Quesadillas Breakfast Griddle

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From its measurements, DASH DEG200GBA01 Everyday Quesadillas griddle is a perfect choice for your family meals, cooking a variety of dishes at once, or entertaining. It can cook pancakes, cookies, eggs, grilled cheese, and quesadillas among others. You can use it to prepare your breakfast, cook mouth-watering lunch and dinner for a small group of people. That is why it is an excellent choice for young individuals or grown-ups on the go.

Quick and easy, this appliance saves you from the agony of waiting a little longer to start cooking. You can just plug it in, set the heat probe to your correct temperature and everything else will fall in place for you.

This griddle makes a good choice of cookware for new home gifts or wedding functions thanks to its four trendy color options-white, red, aqua, and black. It is easy to clean and store after use. The whole unit includes the PFOA-free nonstick cooking surface, a drip tray, anti-slip feet, recipe database access, and recipe book to get you started immediately.

Key Features

  • Control probe to adjust the surface temperature to a maximum of 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Drip tray for easy to clean and precise cooking
  • Extra-large cooking surface to prepare your whole meal on a single griddle


  • Brand: DASH
  • Material: PFOA Free
  • Voltage: Not provided
  • Power:1500 watts
  • Product Dimensions:24.49×14.69×4.69 inches
  • Product Weight:7 pounds

  • No-mess drip tray
  • Easy to operate
  • A backed-up one-year warranty
  • Suitable for any meal-breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  • It requires more power

BLACK+DECKER Family-Sized Electric-Griddle-GD2051B-Best Family-Sized

BLACK+DECKER Family-Sized Electric-Griddle-GD2051B-Best Family-Sized

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Out of many griddles with extra-large capacity, BLACK+DECKER Family-Sized Electric Griddle seems to take the first slot. This cookware appliance can cook enough food for a whole family at once. This is attributed to its eight serving cooking areas that offer up to 200 square inches of the surface for all your favorite foods.

The non-stick cooking surface ensures that you prepare your food in a clean and healthy environment. It allows for fast cooking as well as fast clean up immediately after use.

The click and lock thermostat is a fascinating feature that makes this model unique and functional. It comprises a removable probe designed to feature an adjustable temperature/heat control knob for different cooking tasks. In the course of cooking, you can take advantage of the removable drip tray to drain excess fat and grease for easy disposal.

Key Features

  • Temperature ready light to show the working progress of the griddle
  • Click and lock thermostat complete with adjustable temperature
  • Extra-large capacity to provide up to eight serving cooking area


  • Material: Plastic
  • Voltage: Not provided
  • Power: Not provided
  • Product Dimensions:13.0×22.0x3.0 inches
  • Product Weight:4.96 pounds

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Built-in warming tray
  • A two-year limited warranty
  • Uneven heat distribution

Best Warranty: Presto 07047 Cool-Touch Electric Griddle

Best Warranty :Presto 07047 Cool-Touch Electric Griddle

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Built-in backstop ledge makes Presto 07047 Cool-Touch Electric Griddle easy to handle food. This feature combines with the premium non-stick surface to make your cooking effortless. The same premium non-stick surface makes it easy for you to clean this cookware appliance. Thus it saves you time and money in the process.

The low profile design in this griddle combines with the heavy cast aluminum base to make it double as a buffet server. In this case, you will have no need for additional buffet facilities when enjoying your time outdoors.

Its control master heat-control helps you to set the desired temperature while cooking. Also, this feature maintains a particular temperature, making it vital for preparing delicious meals. Plus, the control is automatic, meaning that you won’t have to strain yourself trying to adjust the temperature. Instead, you will have more time to pay attention to other cooking details.

The slide-out drip tray is another efficient feature that comes with Presto 07047 Cool- Touch Electric Griddle. It enables you to remove the heat controls before cleaning the whole unit in soapy water. The griddle is sturdy enough to withstand vigorous restaurant or cafe cooking. It is also flexible enough to fit your home cooking needs.

Key Features

  • Built-in backstop ledge for easy food handling.
  • Premium non-stick surface to provide stick-free cooking and hassle-free cleaning.
  • Slide-out drip tray for easy cleaning.
  • The heavy cast aluminum base and low profile design allow the griddle to act as a buffet server.
  • Control master heat control to maintain the right cooking temperature automatically.


  • Brand: Presto
  • Material: Non-stick
  • Voltage:120volts
  • Power:1300watts
  • Product Dimensions:20.0×12.9×3.6 inches
  • Product Weight:5.45 pounds

  • Provides stick-free cooking
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Slide-out drip tray
  • Simple cleanup
  • Can double as a buffet server
  • Does not distribute heat evenly
  • Does not hold up well against tiled floors

Best Easy to Use: BELLA 14606 Titanium Non-Stick Electric Griddle

Best  Easy to Use: BELLA 14606 Titanium Non-Stick Electric Griddle

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Whether you have a small kitchen or a larger cooking area, BELLA 14606 Titanium Non- Stick Electric Griddle will just be fine with your cooking. This classic and durable griddle is equipped with great features to make your work easier and safe.

It features a 1500w heating system to ensure that it gets enough heat for food preparation. The touch handles are also included for safe handling of the entire unit when cooking or even washing.

In addition, there is a base complete with a built-in ledge (with a backstop) to make pancake flipping easy and timeless. Most importantly, the removable probe consists of an easy-to-use dial to allow for precise heat/temperature control throughout your cooking.

Since it is durable and efficient, this griddle will save you time during food preparation. It comprises a unique ceramic copper titanium non-stick coating that is eight times more durable than other coating materials. Also, it cooks up to 30 % quicker than standard non-stick coatings. The titanium reinforcement is included to give it reliable and outstanding strength. Not to mention making it scratch resistance.

Bear in mind that this kitchen cookware is designed to cook healthy foods. This is the main reason it boasts a healthy eco-coating that contains no harmful chemicals such as cadmium and lead. The coating is also PFOA and PTFE free to offer superior food release that is both safe and healthy. Certainly, BELLA 14606 Titanium Non-Stick Electric Griddle is built to provide you with convenient kitchen solutions to make your hectic life simple and enjoyable.

Key Features

  • The cooking surface is large enough to make up to 6 pancakes or 10 eggs at once.
  • Slide-out drip tray for collecting fat, oil, or grease during cooking
  • Ceramic copper titanium coating to cook faster than the traditional types of coatings.
  • Eco-coating without harmful chemicals to cook healthy food


  • Brand: BELLA
  • Material: Copper
  • Voltage: Not provided
  • Power:1500
  • Product Dimensions:23.18×11.41×2.75 inches
  • Product Weight:3.88 pounds

  • Healthy non-stick coating
  • Durable and efficient
  • Fully immersible after removing the probe for easy cleaning
  • It distributes heat evenly
  • Made of ceramic copper titanium material that is PFOA, PTFE, cadmium, and lead- free.
  • Non-stick property is not durable

Best Budget Friendly: Dash DMS001AQ Mini-Maker Electrical Griddler

Best Budget Friendly: Dash DMS001AQ Mini-Maker Electrical Griddler

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The Dash DMS001AQ Mini-Maker Electrical Griddler is a versatile kitchen. You can use it to prepare just more than pancakes for breakfast. Due to its size, this cookware appliance is perfect for a small family. It can cook everything ranging from burgers to eggs all the way to cookies, pancakes, and grilled cheese, and many more. On top of that, it does not require multiple pots or pans when preparing a variety of meals for your family’s breakfast.

Since it is lightweight and compact, this electric griddle can be a great addition to your apartment, college dorm life, small kitchen, or camper/RV traveling. Besides, it is great for young individuals on-the-go.

It is also quick and easy. You just need to plug it at a source of power and wait shortly for the indicator light to go off. This way, you will know that it is ready for use.

The dual non-stick cooking surfaces come in handy to provide even cooking for consistent results throughout. As such, you don’t have to worry about some foods cooking faster than others at the same time.

Its small size serves as an addition if your kitchen is confined. This explains why it is sleek in design to occupy little space on your countertop.

The entire unit can serve as a perfect gift to your loved ones during the wedding anniversary. Also, it is backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty to give you confidence while using it to prepare your favorite meals for breakfast.

Key Features

  • Makes pancakes and other breakfast foods
  • Anti-slip feet to keep it stable in one place
  • Drip tray to drain off extra oil or grease while cooking
  • Non-stick heating surface for easy cleaning


  • Brand: DASH
  • Material: Non-stick
  • Voltage:110 Volts
  • Power:350 watts
  • Product Dimensions:5.0×6.0x2.8 inches
  • Product Weight:0.64 pounds

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Comes with a recipe book and recipe database access
  • A 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Doesn’t cook evenly

Best User Interface: Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite-Stainless

Best User Interface: Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite-Stainless

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The six impressive cooking functions on Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite make it superior to other products. The six options include the panini press, contact grill press, full grill, top melt, full griddle, and half grill/half griddle. Each option plays its own unique role when it comes to cooking different types of food.

It is equipped with an electronic LCD display to let you have full control of its dual temperature and a timer. These features allow you to cook one type of food on one plate and another different type of food on the second plate at the same time. That is why it boasts a generous 240-square inch of griddling surface.

The SearBlast feature combines with the reversible plates to lock flavor into your meal at 500 degrees Fahrenheit. With an adjustable top cover, you can perfectly customize your cooking at any given time.

Key Features

  • Adjustable top cover with six pre-sets to prevent melting and lock for storage
  • Electronic LCD display with blue LED indicator lights to show if the griddle is working
  • A 60-minute countdown timer to monitor the cooking time.


  • Brand: Cuisinart
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Voltage: Not provided
  • Power: Not provided
  • Product Dimensions:14.65×16.22×8.11 inches
  • Product Weight: 16.84 pounds

  • Six cooking options in one
  • Dual-zone temperature
  • Sear function to sear up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 minutes at a time.
  • No warranty information provided

Best Cooking Surface: Nonstick 12-Inch Electric Crepe Maker Electric Griddle

Best Cooking Surface: Nonstick 12-Inch Electric Crepe Maker Electric Griddle

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Preparing your breakfast will be made easier and quicker than before when you use Nonstick 12-Inch Electric Crepe Maker. It is made of top-quality, lightweight aluminum material that quickly distributes heat across the hot plate to cook your favorite meal in record time.

Equipped with LED indicator light and adjustable temperature control, this cookware appliance creates perfect and delicious meals for your family.

It includes a spreader/spatula to make your food preparation a lot easier. These simple tools help you in making flipping simple and creating even texture on your pancakes and other similar foods.

It also features an ultra-quiet mode of operation, making it perfect for indoor use. The 12-inch cooking surface is an added advantage when it comes to making breakfast all at once. The non-stick aluminum construction enables you to flip or remove your food from the plates easily and safely.

Key Features

  • LED indicator to show the desired temperature
  • Wide cooking surface to provide more room for cooking enough food.
  • Simple temperature adjustment for cooking different food types


  • Brand: NutriChef
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Voltage:120 volts
  • Power:1200 Watts
  • Product Dimensions:12.0×12.9×2.4 inches
  • Product Weight:2.4 pounds

  • Heavy-duty hot plate cooking appliance
  • Comes with a spreader/spatula
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Safe for any tabletop, kitchen top, or countertop
  • Inconsistent heating

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Griddle-Best Dual Cooking Surface

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Griddle-Best Dual Cooking Surface

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The 3-in-1 cooking functionality makes Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Griddle the ultimate choice of cookware appliance for your kitchen. This electric griddle allows you to experience restaurant-quality results with your entire family at home.

It works as a griddle, an indoor grill, or as a combination of grill and griddle. All these features come in a single package to help you switch from one type of cooking to the other without breaking your back.

Its non-stick removable and reversible cooking plates are designed to be snapped in or out of their position for easy cleaning and storage. Together, these plates form 180 square inches of space for cooking different foods at once.

There is also the center grease/oil channel and tray to remove excess fat in order to reduce mess while cooking. All the plates and grease trays are dishwasher safe, thus making cleaning up a simple task for you.

Key Features

  • Three ways to cook: griddle, grill, or griddle and grill combo.
  • Two removable, reversible and non-stick cooking plates for convenience.
  • Two cooking areas with independent heat adjustment.
  • 80 square inches surface for cooking enough food.


  • Brand: Hamilton Beach
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Voltage: Not provided
  • Power:1400 watts
  • Product Dimensions:12.51×23.0x6.71 inches
  • Product Weight: 9 pounds

  • PFOA-free cooking plates
  • Dual adjustable heat
  • Provides three-in-one cooking
  • Double cooking zones
  • Cooks up to eight servings for your family
  • Grease drip collection needs more improvement
  • Dials are cheaply attached

Best Electric Griddles Buying Guide

As stated earlier, a griddle is simply a cookware appliance made up of a large flat surface. Most griddles are crafted out of aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron. Their surfaces are normally heated using electricity, gas, coal, and wood. They are used for commercial and residential purposes to prepare mouth-watering food for the family and friends.

Typically, the current versions of griddles come with non-stick surfaces to make the cleaning easy and fast. Some use electricity directly or indirectly while others use flame for heating their respective surfaces.

Initially, griddles were used to prepare flatbreads such as tortillas, pancakes, crepes, and oatcakes. But modern-day types of griddles are helpful in making breakfast foods mostly.

Griddles are now famous and popular because they make cooking efficient and easier than before. They have larger areas compared to pans and pots and are more convenient than most cookware since you don’t have to make several utensils dirty or leave your kitchen in a mess after cooking.

Griddles in general come in two broad categories which are the traditional and modern griddles. With modern griddles, you can come across those designed primarily for residential uses and those made for commercial purposes.

Traditional griddles are made using clay, stone, aluminum, cast iron, and steel. They are designed for placing on a direct fire while cooking.

Residential griddles are crafted from wrought or cast iron, carbon steel, and aluminum. Most of them are rectangular in shape with non-stick coatings. They are portable and heated using electricity or gas as their source of energy.

Commercial griddles are usually larger, freestanding, and designed for restaurants or hotels. Their main components are the plate, source of heat, and temperature control accessories. They are made of aluminum or cast iron materials. Unlike other types, they come fully loaded with “splashes” or vertical metal shields for protection.

  • Electric Griddles

    Electrical griddles are the most common kitchen appliances thanks to the availability of electric power in most households. They are designed using a thinner plate material than what is found in most gas griddles. Also, they consist of a built-in heating element to make them more handy and time-saving.

    Another reason why they are a household name is that they have larger cooking surface areas than stovetop pans. They also distribute heat evenly across the surface, not to mention their full temperature control capability.

    Unlike other types of griddles, electric griddles are usually spacious, heat quickly and evenly, and are easy to handle. They are easy to clean and maintain.

    Most of them are equipped with dual control devices. This means you can set them to have one side heated and the other side not being in use. This feature is helpful, especially when cooking more than one type of food at the same time. The good thing with electric griddles is that they are light and you can move along with them so easily.

  • Types of Electric Griddles

    The best electric griddles come in different designs, sizes, styles, and prices. But there are only three major types of electric griddles on the market today. You can choose from three types depending on your needs and budget.

    The three types are as follows:

    Griddle:They comprise mainly the traditional models of electric griddles and have flat, smooth surfaces. These cookware appliances are larger than the regular kitchen pans. For that reason, they are made to give you an opportunity to prepare more than one food type at once.

    Apart from that, their heat distribution is even across the cooking surface. As such, they make your cooking easier and timeless. With these types of electric griddles, you can prepare items such as eggs, grilled sandwiches, pancakes, grilled cheese among others.

    Griddle and Grill Combo: As the name suggests, this version of electric griddle comes with a grill insert for more cooking options. You can use it to do your outdoor cooking right inside your kitchen.

    The grill enables you to cook hot dogs burgers and other food that needs grilling. Ridges on the grill inserts make your food acquire grill marks just like how they will look like when you use the traditional grill.

    Multi-purpose Griddles: From their names, you can tell that these griddles are designed to offer more than one function. Besides, you can use them as closed grills or panini presses. Multi-purpose griddles are equipped with interchangeable plates that allow them to provide great variation in preparing different cuisines.

    Benefits of Using an Electric Griddle

    Since the electric griddle is popular across many societies, you can trust that it is quite beneficial in many ways. Below are some of the benefits you can reap when using an electric griddle at home:

    Provides large surface area.

    The flat surface area allows easy tossing or turning of food during preparation.

    Distributes heat evenly.

    Easy to set on the countertop.

    Non-stick cooking surfaces promote a healthy way of cooking different food types.

    Some models can keep food warm for some time.

    Suitable for cooking breakfast for a large family.

    They are easy to clean up after use.

    Easy and appealing design

    General Features to Look for When Shopping for the Best Electric Griddle

    Many companies are committed to manufacturing electric griddles that are efficient and quick when cooking. They produce such cookware in various designs and styles that attract new users instantly.

    Major brands include Hamilton Beach, Presto, Oster, Back & Decker, and Broil King. You can choose any of the brands mentioned above after checking their individual features, Specificationss, and price. To help you make your choice quickly and wisely, we have compiled a list of key features of the best electric griddles below:

    The Size:Just like other products manufactured across the world, the electric griddles come in different sizes. Some are small, while others are large. The small ones are designed to serve between two and three people at once. On the other hand, the larger ones are suitable for serving a large family. In this case, you must choose your electric griddle depending on the number of people it is going to serve.

    Grill Inserts: Grill inserts are also part of the electric griddles. They come alongside the griddle and grill to make your cooking not only enjoyable but also efficient. They give some additional cooking options to choose from. These features have ridges that add grill marks to your food just like the traditional grill. Make sure your ideal electric griddle has these features if you want to add some style to your cooking.

    Surface Coatings: The best electric griddles play a significant role in the preparation of breakfast foods like eggs and pancakes. This is the main reason why most of them have non-stick surfaces to prevent food from sticking on them. Look out for this feature when choosing your electric griddle because some models come without non-stick surfaces.

    Heat Control devices: Electric griddles have heat control devices for low, medium, or high heat depending on what you are cooking. They help you regulate your griddle’s temperature when preparing different types of meals. Check the manuals for your best electric griddle to understand how these heat controls work.

    Dual Thermostats: Don’t forget to check for thermostats, especially the dual ones when shopping for an electric griddle. This feature plays a crucial role in regulating and maintaining the amount of heat when cooking. The dual thermostat does more than controlling the heat by allowing you to use one side of the griddle while the other side is not in use. Also, the double thermostat enables you to cook different foods at different temperatures at the same time. Therefore, they are quite handy when it comes to using electric griddles to prepare your meals.

    Warming Tray: Although they are not mandatory, warming trays are also handy when they are on your electric griddle. They will help you store the already prepared food while preparing the rest. At least the warming tray will ensure that you have hot/warm meals served after cooking.

    Drip Tray: Every electric griddle has a drip tray. This device is important in draining off excess fat or grease when you are cooking. Some models are equipped with channels located along the edge to collect the grease/oil, allowing it to flow into a drip tray. A few have holes that let the excess oil drain directly into the tray. Each one of these options is just fine for you provided that your electric griddle is able to dispose of extra grease/oil.

    Power Cord: Make sure to check if the griddle you want to buy has a power cord. This feature will connect it to the source of electric power to enable you to cook. Another thing is that the cord should be short to prevent it from dangling or make it unsafe in the cooking area. Confirm the voltage the cord can hold to know if it will serve you better. In most cases, the standard electric cord on many electric griddles can handle up to 120 volts.

    Tilt Capacity: This is also a great feature on any type of electric griddle. It lets the grease drain off as you cook foods such as beef and poultry without picking up your griddle. In other words, it acts as a safety feature on this type of cookware.

    The Price: Different brands and models of electric griddles come at different prices. Some are cheaper while others are super costly. Their respective price tags depending on the quality and the advanced features they have. Despite all that, you cannot fail to find the best electric griddle that falls within your budget.

    Best Electric Griddles Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q: How do I start using my brand new stainless steel griddle?
    A: The first thing to do after purchasing your griddle is to clean it with soapy water and wipe it dry before using it. Ensure that the grill grates are also clean and dry to minimize cases of flare-ups from the hot spots.

    Once everything is all set up and clean, your next step should be to light the grill and place the griddle on the same grill. Preheat the griddle to achieve your desired cooking temperature before you can start to cook.

    Start with lower settings prior to moving to high settings gradually. After about 8 minutes (depending on the type of griddle), you can spray cooking oil on the surface in preparation for grilling. Carefully, place the food across the surface of the grill to let it cook nicely.

    Q: How do I clean my griddle after use?
    A: After you have finished cooking, you should turn off the grill. Then scrape off food residue from the griddle’s cooking surface using a stainless steel scraper. Pour some water or cooking oil on the cooking surface to make the food residue a little bit lose for easy removal.

    Take out the high-temperature grill and remove all the dirt from the griddle surface. Finally, wipe the grease using paper towels after you are sure that the griddle is fully cooled. Store your griddle in a dry location for future use.

    Q: Can I use a stainless steel griddle on my kitchen stove?
    A: Not at all. The current versions of griddles are designed to work best on charcoal barbecue grills and outdoor gas only. It is not right to use your griddle indoors because it may cause injuries or even damage the interior of your house.

    Q: Is it right to use metal utensils on a stainless steel griddle?
    A: Yes. You can use some metal utensils on your stainless steel griddle. Such utensils cannot damage your griddle.

    Q: What can I cook using my griddle?
    A: You can cook almost anything ranging from beef to bacon and burgers to seafood all the way to sandwiches and many more. There is no limitation to cooking different foods using any type of griddle.

    Q: Can I use my griddle to prepare food on a high output camp stove?
    A: It is possible to use your griddle on any high output camp stove. However, you must ensure that the griddle is equipped with an additional heat deflector to enable you to cook safely and efficiently.

    Q: What could be causing bumps on my stainless steel griddle’s surface?
    A: A close look at the surface of your griddle may reveal several bumps forming an “X” pattern. These bumps come about as a result of welding attaching themselves on the underside of your griddle surface. Although they are not destructive, you can try to prevent their appearance by covering the surfaces while hand-welding.

    Q: What are the recommended heat settings for the best griddles?
    A: It is recommended to set your griddle in the low mode when warming or simmering food, and medium for cooking food such as sandwiches, eggs, and pancakes. Also, you can use medium settings to reduce gravies and stocks.

    The medium-high comes in when you are frying, searing meats, and stir-frying. Finally, you can set your griddle to high when boiling liquids only. Never heat any form of cookware when your griddle is set on high.

    Q: Is it right to use aerosol cooking sprays during the low-fat cooking process on my griddle cookware?
    A: No! Aerosol cooking sprays are not safe to use on your griddle cookware. This is because they contain several chemical propellants that are likely to build up in your cookware. These chemicals are usually very difficult to remove once they get into your griddle.

    Q: Is it healthy to cook your food on a griddle?
    A: The astounding answer is yes! Preparing your food on a griddle is safe because the cooking surface is usually non-stick. What you need is to keep it clean every time you are done with cooking.

    The Verdict

    This is the moment of truth as far as the best electric griddle review above is concerned. All products discussed are of great quality and affordable. But there are those that stand out from the rest. Having said that, our best overall griddle is Presto 07061 22-Inch Electric Griddle. This cookware appliance has great features that make it efficient, easy to use, and versatile. Its performance is also great despite being a little bit costly. Above all, it is lightweight and compact enough for easy storage.

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