The 7 Best Window Fans Of 2024

The best window fans are the most affordable & environmentally-friendly way to cool your home. Ceiling fan, pedestal fan, and tower fans, whatever you can call them, are some of the best cooling appliances you can have in your office or home.

The best window fan is environment friendly and less costly in terms of both price and the consumption of power.

The advantages of having a fan in each of your windows are worth realizing. The window fans drive out the warm, obnoxious, stuffy air and pull in the fresh, cool air from outside.

Due to the release of hot air out of the room, the air and environment become cool inside the house. This is a soothing option in the hot weather.

Purchasing, installing, and using the best window fan is way-less than an air conditioner. Therefore, an ideal window fan can keep you cool without having to think about the investment and maintenance.

However, before buying the best window fan, you should consider the window that would be suitable for efficiently cooling the air inside.

There are some other vital aspects you need to consider. In this review, we will give you a guideline to choose the best window fans popular in the market and that, which suits your budget. You will find the list very informative. Keep discovering.

Best Overall: Holmes 8″ Dual Blade One-Touch Window Fan

Best Overall: Holmes 8

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The Holmes 8″ Dual Blade One-Touch Window Fan is an exhaust fan window having two blades. With three speed-settings, the fan requires manual functioning.

This operational flexibility makes it adaptable to your cooling requirements and to the weather condition of a given day.

In double-hung and sliding windows, this exhaust fan perfectly fits in. For better security in mounting the exhaust fans in big windows, the model features an additional extender screen and panel.

These additions aid in placing the fan securely without the worries of collapsing due to sudden stormy weather.

The fan operates by exchanging air. Fresh air comes in and hot air goes out. The blades of the fan can on their own control themselves, with an ability to take in air or exhaust out by reversing.

The fan needs a connection to the AC outlet through a plug-in cord. In addition, a manually operated thermostat helps to maintain a comfortable flow of air. You can therefore adjust the thermostat according to your desire.

Key Features

  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Price quite affordable
  • The motor is resistant to water


  • Brand: Holmes
  • Model: HAWF2043-N
  • Speed settings: Two
  • Size of the product: 25.9”x13.5”x5.7”
  • Product weight: Around 7.9 pounds

  • Noise-free
  • Easy to operate
  • Solid construction
  • Low output
  • Thermostat difficult to use
  • LED light could be displeasing

Best Value: Air King 20″ 9166F Window Fan for Whole House

Best Value: Air King 20

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This model is quite an efficient fan and effectively cools both a small and larger area in your home. The components have lubricant applications, which make the machinery highly durable and long-lasting.

Therefore, the fan runs smoothly. Its casing is sturdy and shock-resistant due to the use of high-quality makeup material.

The most acceptable attribute of this best window fan is it perfectly fits into normal- sized windows. The extender covers a length of 27-35 inches. Therefore, it is suitable for both large and small office windows.

The Air-King 20″ 9166F Window Fan for Whole House does not come in the way of closing your window.

You will find that the setup kit and the casings are mountable on the forefront of a window. Without removing the fan, you can easily close the window if you need it.

The fan is equipped with a dual mechanism. There are 3-speed settings allowing perfect circulation of air inside and exhaustion to outside.

Many prefer this functionality, as you can cool your room the way you feel comfortable.

The equipment reviewers like the OSHA and ETL have certified this model as a durable, secure, and dependable one. Therefore, you can easily be confident that Air-King 9166F will give you the best service.

A purchase will also provide you a one-year warranty period. Therefore, don’t miss this one when you are searching for the window fans and making your choice.

Key Features

  • Energy efficient
  • Circulates cool air
  • Impact tolerant plastic case


  • Brand: Air King
  • Model: 9166F
  • Speed settings: Three
  • Size of the product: 26.75”x11.25”x26.25”
  • Product weight: Around 8.16 pounds

  • Air circulation good
  • Different speed options
  • Manufactured with durable plastic
  • Installation hard

Best Pick: Air King 16” 9155 White Window Fan

Best Pick: Air King 16” 9155 White Window Fan

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If you want a fan, which is long-lasting and sufficient flow of air, Air King 16” 9155 White Window Fan, undoubtedly, is the one you will appreciate.

The grill in the front is metallic. The hardy construction materials make the window fan tough saving you from the frequent cost of replacement and maintenance.

Your cooling options can be met by the 3-speed settings. Depending on the weather and the temperature of the air, you can easily switch to any of the three-speed options.

In all the speeds, including the highest, the window fan runs noiselessly with no botheration at all. It is one of the most comfortable window fans to have in your home.

The window fan allows installation and operation with ease. A convenient feature is a centrally located dial. This feature allows rearranging between the different modes and the speeds.

The absence of the extender is an inconvenience. For this reason, if the fan is already placed on the window, and if you need the window to be closed, you have to displace and remove the window fan. This may an extra hassle for some people.

Key Features

  • Sturdier
  • Installation easy
  • Can be set at 3 speeds


  • Brand: Air King
  • Model: 9155
  • Speed settings: Three
  • Size of the product: 26.5”x8.25”x22”
  • Product weight: Around 6.17 pounds

  • Lightweight
  • Installation easy
  • Reversible airflow
  • Motor not fully covered

Best Budget Buy: TITAN 12V Reversible Window fan Remote Controller

Best Budget Buy: TITAN 12V Reversible Window fan Remote Controller

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Due to the auxiliary features of the TITAN 12V Reversible Window fan Remote Controller is an expensive one on our list.

With 6 speed settings, the fan performs very well permitting you to choose the cooling condition you want. Its timer is automatic, a convenient feature to you have, on controlling the fan as you wish.

The fan is highly energy-efficient, a distinguishing characteristic of the TITAN 12V. The airflow efficiency is more than 80%, although the power consumption is low. This is good news for operating the fan in large rooms.

The model perfectly fits into windows of 380-550mm. As it is a versatile and movable model, you can carry it to places through rooftops of camp cars, RVs, trucks, or other homes.

This is such a convenience to have a window fan installed in a temporary location. The reversible airflow technique and the motors are strong enough to allow fresh air in and push out hot air.

Added with the other features, is the efficient RF controller allowing very easy and comfortable operation of the fan.

There is no distance limit of airflow as the controller allows reaching a distance of up to 3 meters. The fan is the least noisy; the level is about 32 dBA. In addition, a long cable of 6 meters helps connect from a distance plug point.

Key Features

  • Speed control 6 levels
  • Reversible system of airflow
  • Control Wireless and remote


  • Brand: TITAN
  • Model: TTC-SC21/V3
  • Speed settings: Six
  • Size of the product: 17.56”x8.74”x2.36”
  • Product weight: Around 2.49 pounds

  • Universally fit
  • Excellent performance
  • Replacement guarantee
  • Six levels of speed control
  • Nothing

Best For Small Spaces: Lasko 10.5”2137 Dual Window Fan

Best For Small Spaces: Lasko 10.5”2137 Dual Window Fan

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If you want a decent looking fan in your home, Lasko 10.5” 2137 Dual Window Fan, unbelievably, is perfect for you.

The window fan allows mounting horizontally or vertically as it includes expander panels that are easy to use.

It is quite technical, featured with a patented blue plug, the safety fuse for your security. This assures enjoying the breeze without worrying about an accident.

The adjustable feet of the fan is just a great convenience. It lets to fan stand stably on the floor of the table, facilitating setting it the way you need.

The movability allows you to move it from the kitchen or bathroom to the living area. Therefore, one fan can serve your cooling needs in a number of areas of the home. However, the fan works best in cooling spaces that are small in area.

The most disadvantageous aspect of this window fan is it is not very durable; therefore, constant use is not advisable.

It should work the best in a bathroom as exhausting the air in the bathroom is not continuous and runs only when your bathroom is in use. Just like the table fan, your exhaust fan may not last a long time.

Key Features

  • Long-lasting
  • Handy design
  • Amazing performance


  • Brand: Lasko
  • Model: 2137
  • Speed settings: Two
  • Size of the product: 21.7”x4.7”x10.5”
  • Product weight: Around 5.7 pounds

  • Fits in small spaces
  • Expander panels for convenience of mounting
  • Provided with legs serve the purpose of table fan
  • Constant use is not possible

SAILFLO 8” Exhaust Shutter Reversible Fan

SAILFLO 8” Exhaust Shutter Reversible Fan

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If you want a reversible fan with a two-way connection system, the SAILFLO 8” Exhaust Shutter Reversible Fan is a perfect one.

The mechanism helps in two ways that will amaze you. The manufacturer has wisely incorporated a mechanism to do away with smokes and fumes but can also clear off and remove choking masses of hot air. To your satisfaction, there is the entry of cool air and a well-ventilated fresh home environment.

The bearing or anti-friction device of the motor is of high-quality and tolerant to wear and tear. The motor has the capacity to operate continuously for 9000-hours at a CFM of 294.

The machine runs stably and quietly, that is there is no noise when the fan is on. The motor is equipped to protect against overheating and precautionary, functional temperature fuse.

As the model has an easily removable and dismantling feature, it is a great convenience in installing it in your kitchen, lobby, bedroom, living room, or office.

We must let you know that the operational mechanism of the exhaust fans is in 2 directions. The exhaust operates through three drawstrings. The prime drawstring- a mechanism that aids in tightening and closing allows the ventilator race and exhaust air out.

At another drawstring, a reversion of the fan occurs, and a 3rd drawstring, ventilator of the fan comes to a halt, resulting in a closure of the shutter.

The manufacturer has designed it this way to allow perfect ventilation of your home, as well as reducing the humidity of the air. You can be sure of breathing fresh air with the SAILFLO exhaust and enjoy a comfortable life.

Key Features

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Capacity to run for 9000 hrs
  • Featured with a shutter to prevent the entry of dust, insects as well as mosquitoes


  • Brand: SAILFLO
  • Model: LFW-20
  • Speed settings: Not mentioned
  • Size of the product: 13.98”x12.56”x5.24”
  • Product weight: Around 4.42 pounds

  • A larger basement is convenient for mounting
  • Operation of fan features a reverse mechanism
  • Comes with window blind or shutter for auto opening and closing
  • Slightly noisy

Holmes HAWF2021 Dual Blade White Window Fan

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The Holmes HAWF2021 Dual Blade White Window Fan is one of the most simple-looking effective fans that will create excitement for you to have one.

The fan features a sturdy extender panel perfect for windows that are big. It has particular suitability to fit into the slider window as well as the hung window.

The Holmes HAWF2021 is a dual blade but it cools the home environment quietly and noiselessly than most other fans.

However, the double blade window fan does not set to adjust each blade to operate independently the flow of air, the intake of air and exhaust of hot air has to be done manually by positioning the fan.

For your convenience, you can, of course, alter the airflow speed quite easily in both positions. The drawback and the need for manual operation are due to the absence of the remote control gadget.

Compared to the other sophisticated and advanced models, it uses energy up to 60% less. Therefore, if you‘re on the lookout for a simple fan with a twin fan for the home, this is a perfect one.

Further, before buying a product you should have some features in mind to look for and seriously consider. You are likely to find some of the special qualities in the model.

We expect this model will impress you because it will fulfill your needs according to your budget. Look and study all the features, think and consider which of these will suit your situation and give a good look. A review of the features, pros, and cons will help you for making a wise decision.

Actually, we don’t want you to buy a window with an additional feature, that you may not need and feel upset about it after you bring home and install it.

Key Features

  • Easy to operate
  • Affordable price
  • Two blades are 7-inch long


  • Brand: Holmes
  • Model: HAWF2021
  • Speed settings: Two
  • Size of the product: 22.5”x11.7”x4.9”
  • Product weight: Around 5.54 pounds

  • Lightweight
  • Manual airflow setting
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Expandable panels may be difficult to use for some

Do You Know What The Best Window Fans Are?

These fans manufactured and meant to place on open windows to allow hot air to go out and fresh air to move inside a building are window fans.

The fans usually cover the part of the window as big as the window is. The side panels are often sliding and adjustable.

The window fans available in the market nowadays offer two different designs. It comes just like one fan or two small fans adjacent to each other.

The window fans also come with variations of two to three speeds. This is convenient because you can adjust the flow of air in the room depending on the temperature.

A convenient feature is a system of it being able to be electrically switched to the exhaust system.

Are The Window Fans Best – Why?

In deciding to buy the best window fan, you need to see the benefits that come with it. They are absolutely painless to install, efficient in the consumption of electricity, and long-lasting. With the movement of the wings, it cools the environment.

  • Installation Is Hassle-Free

    Window fans have adjustable side panels that allow quick and easy installation. You will be enjoying the cool air in a few minutes after you bring it home. Even you can install this fan without any prior knowledge.

  • It Is Energy-Efficient

    The best window fans consume relatively less electricity, and so your electric bill will be quite low. Some come with star seals signifying energy efficiency. This is a significant saving.

  • Effective Circulatory System

    Window fans circulate air inside the room very effectively. The air circulation not only cools the room but also prevents the growth of molds.

    The circulating air prevents the accumulation of dampness, in addition to the removal of unwanted smells and odors from the room. Thus, there is a feeling of freshness inside the house.

Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Window Fans?

While going shopping for the best window fans, you should keep a number of things in mind. This is because; you would want to purchase one to meet your desire.

Therefore, we have thought of a few things that you should consider when you decide to buy one.

  • The Purpose Of The Window Fan

    The window fan does not change the existing temperature of the house or the room. Such a change of temperature can be expected from an air conditioner. The fan circulates air and cools the high temperature of the air.

    However, you will discover three basic differences between a regular fan and a window fan. The window fan circulates air better, cools down the temperature, and removes odors and stale air outside the room.

    Although most of the window fans have these particular features, some have realistic features as well. The one with the easy switch functions would be one that you will find comfortable to use.

    The window fan would allow adjustable switches for outward and inward movement of air. The best preference would be one that would not need dismantling in order to change the mode.

  • The Power

    A high power rating is related to an efficient cooling system but it also means high consumption of power and a high electric bill.

    With an easy calculation, it is possible to estimate the power you’ll need to attain a desired coolness at the same time not waste electricity.

    The unit of measuring a window fan‘s power is expressed as cubic-feet each minute or SCFM. The standard fans sold with SCFM grading indicate a certain speed or capacity of circulation over a given place.

    The method of finding out the measurement of a room in cubic feet, you need to find out the distance between the ceiling and the floor. Then measure the width and length of the floor, which will give you the square feet of the room.

    By multiplying the height by the square feet, you get the cubic-feet. Instead of going through all the measurements, a thermostat, which is adjustable, can aid you in automatically setting the required cooling.

    However, this unique feature guarantees the best energy savings because your fan is going to be toggled for switching off most often.

    The automation is convenient, as you don‘t need to readjust the speed from time to time.

  • The Ventilating Area

    The window fan’s selection of the speed depends on the area you want the airflow. A small entry-level type is perfect for a moderately sized apartment or for a small single room.

    This will cut down your budget to a comfortable level. Do keep these in mind before you buy the best window fan.

    If you happen to have a big house with large living, dining, and bedrooms, it is better, you may look for exclusive, sophisticated models. There are models that have higher speed adjustments and a spread of fresh air.

  • Context And Frequency Of Use

    Needless to say, if a fan is constantly used, it is wise to look for a model that is durable and strong. A window fan will give you peace of mind if it has a warranty period.

    You may, however, be using the fan less-frequently that is only while you feel a little hot, then you may choose a model that is made of non-strengthened plastic.

    The condition of use is where you want your fan installed. Is it for your home or for professional purposes?

    A noiseless model of window fan is best for your bedroom or home. You would of course, not like a noisy fan in a room where you work or rest.

  • The Certifications

    Your window fan should have a first-rated standard in terms of its electrical makeup. It is essential that the fans have an OSHA, UL, or ETL certification. Some window fans are also of a much higher standard.

    Furthermore, many of the models have other protective devices, as for example fuse plugs. It would be worth looking at these additional gadgets while buying window fans.

  • The Control Features

    Most of the models of the window fans offer three speeds, low, medium, and high. This does not mean it is good only power-wise, but it also gives precision. It is a great idea to look for such a mechanism.

    The window fans also come with remote control. The remote, however, may be useless, if the set you have chosen has a thermostat, which is auto-regulatory. Otherwise, the remote is handy for easy and remote adjustments.

    If your window fan doesn‘t have a remote or an auto-regulatory, you may have to waste time moving up and down to regulate the speed and timer.

  • Simple To Assemble And Maintain

    For ensuring the longevity of the window fan, it is essential to clean and maintain it well. To make cleaning easy you should know to assemble and disassemble the blades.

    Some units also come as a pre-assembled package. In that case, you will lose no time while setting it up. You already have a ready fan to install and operate.

  • The Dimension And Weight

    The fan of your choice must fit into your window you want, so you must have to check the dimensions.

    However, there are side extenders that facilitate adjustment to the window. It is better to check the dimensions to achieve the best fit for your desired window.

    There are other things to consider. If it is not possible to close the window behind the fan, then get a water-resistant model. This will allow the prevention of damage to the fan and the electrical parts in case of rain and storm. This will ensure the longevity of your fan.

    Additionally, if you prefer a window mobile fan, look for one with standing legs consolidated and attached handles.

  • The Design Matters

    If you think of it, what you really need is a lightweight fan. The convenience is that you can handle it and install it without any help.

    You also have a choice of a single or double blade fan. In case you want a model with a double blade, then consider one that will allow variable airflow simultaneously. Such airflow keeps the room ventilated and fresh all the time.

    Last, but not least a window fan should be stylish and match the beauty of your room. If it is odd, you may not like it for a long time. That may be a waste of your investment.

Different Types Of The Window Fans

Having knowledge of the type of window fan available is important. Different suppliers and manufacturers classify window fans in different ways.

We think the knowledge of actual types in the market is important in making the best choice. If you classify them according to their types, you can enjoy a decent amount of their efficiency and power.

  • The Single Unit Window Fan

    As the name suggests, a single device has 1 fan only. The diameter of the fan is about 24”, much bigger than you anticipate.

    They somehow look like a box fan but redesigned in order to fit the particular window. The CFM ratings of these fans are very high and can overwhelm them in the small rooms.

    In addition, due to the strong breeze it radiates, the entire house becomes cool.

    Make sure that your existing window can easily handle such fans. The size may be a factor. As some of them are heavy, you may need additional brackets to hold them and not fall from the window. However, at high settings, these single-unit fans are quite noisy.

  • The Double Window Fan

    Double fans obviously have two fans. The diameter ranges from 6” to 12” in size. These fans are excellent for rooms of medium size.

    The air movement is sufficient to cause a tunnel of breeze. Works best in apartments of medium size.

    The CFM rating is modest when the machine is almost noise-free. Due to their small size, these double fans allow easy installment to different types of windows whether siding, casement, or double-hung. To your knowledge, double fans are best for cooling.

  • The Triple Window Fan

    The triple window fan has obviously three fans in its component. The diameter of each of these is from 4” -7”.

    Because of the small size, the CFM rating is not as high. The triple fans are appropriate for dorm rooms and studio apartments. However, these fans do not create breeze tunnels.

Installation Of The Best Window Fan – Best Tips For You!

  • Unless you have learned for installing the best window fan, it might be a stunning experience. Nevertheless, it can be hassle-free if you watch video tutorials on the installation method available online, or go through the manual which is included with the fan.
  • You may notice that each model has a different installation procedure. Describing a single process of installation may not work the best. Let us give you a few steps, so you become aware before purchase one for your home.
  • The foremost thing is to take the dimensions of the window. So, go ahead, select one that is best fitting to your window size. Of course, you must also consider that the equipment suits your other requirements for easy and trouble-free operation.
  • Place the equipment on the inner side of the window.
  • Check the face of the window if it is in the right direction. Unless the fans are reversible, the blades must be towards the inside.
  • To secure it, it may be necessary to drill inside the wall. You can also place it securely with side extensions.
  • Please check by shaking to assure that the device is firmly in place.
  • If there is any problem, refer and read the installation instruction manual.

FAQs About The Best Window Fans!

Q: Do You Think Window Fans Actually Work?
A: Of course, window fans are very effective in cooling a home in the hot season and especially in the day time.

In some countries, it will cool the air on dry nights, but on chilly days. You actually would not need an air conditioner, as fans are enough to keep the environment of your fresh and comfortable. This is a big savior from investment and high electric bills.

Q: How Does The Best Window Fan Can Be More Effective?
A: Two window fans in 2 separate windows can be the most effective method of using it. In this case, one unit drives out hot, impure air and another unit draws in the fresh air inside. You can place the second unit on a side of the house where there are trees and shade.

Q: What Is The Electric Consumption Of Window Fans?
A: Unlike the air conditioners, window fans make use of much less electric energy. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the consumption is between 35W to 100W.

Q: Is It Possible To Install Window Fans Where There Is No Window?
A: Sorry, it is not possible to use the best window fan in a room where there is no window. Through windows, natural air moves inside a house, the fans reinforce and speed up the aeration process when adjusted to a window.

Q: Can You Tell Me The Perfect Way Of Using The Best Window Fans?
A: You can get the best benefit from a window fan if you use it at night. This will draw cool airflow inside the room and automatically drive out the hot air in the daytime. However, a perfect balance of the fan’s operation is necessary for pulling and pushing out air.

Q: Will Rainwater Affect The Window Fans?
A: The window fans, undoubtedly, are outstanding. It is resistant to splashes of rainwater, so it can stay in the window when it is raining.

However, it is advisable to remove it from your window during a heavy storm, as there is a possibility of affecting the electrical system.

Q: What Is An Exhaust In The Window Fans?
A: An exhaust is a suction device that forces out air from inside your room to outside. One blade of the fan pulls air in and the other drives polluted air outside at the same time.

Q: How Does A Double Window Fan Work?
A: The window fans are not box-mounted fans. The window fans can be a double or single fan. Not to mention, they perform amazingly either in blowing the cool fresh airflow in and blowing the warm airflow out of a home or room. There are some dual window fans that do both things simultaneously.


The best window fans we reviewed above are very efficient and of high quality. They are perfect for your home.

As they are of high-quality, you will surely get the maximum cooling effect. The blades are large and some are noiseless.

With the best window fan, you can sleep soundly. The window fans are easily mountable in any size of the window. The window fans can also withstand rainy weather.

However, if you are undecided on exactly which one to choose, we can advise you to consider this Holmes 8″ Dual Blade One-Touch Window Fan.

This is one of the top window fans in the market. Again, if you want something more affordable, then don’t hesitate and go for this Air King 20″ 9166F Window Fan for the Whole House.

In our review, we also have stated about 7 best window fans with a comprehensive guide to buying the best one. We believe a glance over the product lines will give you confidence in choosing the best one available in the marketplace.

Now, let us know what you have in your mind. For this, use the comment section. We’ll reach you soon.

So, have you selected the best window fan? If not then read the reviews again!

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