The 10 Best Laser Levels Of 2024

If you are a construction worker, mason or bricklayer, you should not trust your eye for precision. If you do, you should be prepared for all types of errors and perpetual failure to every construction project you undertake. And this will undermine your credibility in the future let alone jeopardizing your career.

So, how do you solve this age-old problem? The answer lies in the best laser level money can buy. Unlike the human eye, these instruments have been designed to display lines vertically, horizontally or intersecting each other across the room. This way, you are able to find the right layout with the highest precision ever.

Laser levels are versatile tools that will enable you to perform numerous tasks and applications within a short time. Learn more about the best 10 laser levels of 2020 in the following review.

Topcon RLH5A Horizontal Self Leveling Laser Level

Topcon RLH5A Horizontal Self Leveling Laser Level

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This reasonably priced device is a slightly bare-bones friend to other options I have researched today. Topcon RLH5A Horizontal Self Leveling Laser Level is exactly what you need to get your job done.

This device offers the best performance. It has several excellent features which you’ll hardly get from other devices.

Though not as thrilling as the last 3 picks on this list, it features a durable exterior and an effective self-leveling function.

Unfortunately, there are a few concerns that keep this towards the middle of this list. For instance, the shortage of accessories dramatically decreases the worth of this device.

Not to mention, its beam quality is just awesome. This will work properly in a steady indoor environment, but it struggles outside substantially.

Key Features

  • Automatic self-level
  • Offers you the accurate results
  • Durable & IP66 weather-resistant
  • Confirmed to offer the best working range


  • Brand: Topcon
  • Model – RLH5A
  • Dimensions – 15.5″x10.5″x17.2″
  • Weight – Approximately 12.9 pounds
  • Quite simple to use
  • Great for longer-range operations
  • This tool is usable with laser sensor
  • Bulky and inconvenient for a typical user

DEWALT DW088LG Laser Level

DEWALT DW088LG Laser Level

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DeWalt is a popular brand in the wonderful world of devices which for many purchasers this supplier is their most trusted one in the process of buying.

If you want something which is hyper-accurate for a building job, then DEWALT DW088LG Laser Level will be the device to take into account. The laser green beam is extremely defined to ensure that it is easy to view this clearly in many different lighting circumstances.

Additionally, it levels itself as well as includes magnet attachment ability to ensure that you are able to mount it effortlessly to the metal surfaces.

Everything sounds superb, right? Therefore why check out the other devices on this list? Well, due to the cost, this option may not be best for every user.

DeWalt has popularity for making high-quality products, but also they have popularity for being incredibly costly.

Key Features

  • Offers 100 ft indoor visibility
  • Has a pulse mode to use with detector
  • Includes 12-Volt rechargeable battery
  • Comes with over-molded case for this tool


  • Brand: DEWALT
  • Model: DW088LG
  • Dimensions: 18.1″x12.9″x6.2″
  • Weight: Approximately 3.6 pounds
  • Water and debris resistant
  • Around 100 ft leveling capacity
  • Includes a long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • The magnets are not strong
  • The brackets are non-removable

Bosch Professional GTL3 Square and Tile Laser Level

Bosch Professional GTL3 Square and Tile Laser Level

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Bosch Professional GTL3 Square and Tile Laser Level is an essential tool for experts tasked with the laying floors. This can assist you to boost your productivity as well as improve the results to a great extent.

This device projects 90° lines to sides and 45° lines to allow you to check the middle of the floor. It also allows you to conduct your task with more accuracy while saving your time and effort.

This GTL3 offers a magnet base that adheres to the positioning plate which comes with the device. It helps to keep the device in position and offers a safe attachment.

On the other hand, this product includes a smooth pouch to assist you to carry the device. Plenty of customers remarkably rate the 90 and 45° laser function of Bosch.

However, beginners believe that the device is very difficult to set up on walls as well as projects a poor laser in comparison with its rivals in the same price tag.

Key Features

  • Projects 90° lines
  • Dust and waterproof
  • Bright, high visible laser lines


  • Brand: Bosch
  • Model – GTL3
  • Dimensions – 13.1″x6.6″x6.1″
  • Weight – Approximately 1.1 pounds
  • Light and compact
  • It is very simple to use
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Offers greater accuracy
  • The “time out” is short

Huepar 902CG 360-Degree Self-Leveling Laser Level

Huepar 902CG 360-Degree Self-Leveling Laser Level

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Huepar 902CG 360-Degree Self-Leveling Laser Level is the best one out there on the marketplace. It is twice brighter compared to red lasers making use of the same source of power.

The 360 bright laser lines let the users project a “laser-line” across the area with precision to establish level quickly, enabling the users to perform in various parts of the room simultaneously.

Kits and warranty include- buyer can enjoy 1-year warranty but as much as Two years longer warranty when you turn out to be a royal buyer through the registration of the product.

Durable and pulse mode- while “pulse-mode” is switched on, this laser device can be utilized with laser detector intended for doing work in brighter conditions or at higher working distances.

The multifunctional mode- its single-button operation tends to make it simple to project the lines independently or together. Just, press the top key for 2 secs to start the manual mode, allowing you to project the lines in different angles or positions.

Key Features

  • Self-leveling
  • Vertical and horizontal bean
  • Dustproof, waterproof and shockproof


  • Brand: Huepar
  • Model – 902CG
  • Dimensions – 5.9″x6.7″x2.9″
  • Weight – Approximately 1.95 pounds
  • Long-lasting
  • 360° vertical
  • Green laser device
  • Multifunctional mode
  • Kits and warranty include
  • This is pricier than other similar devices on the marketplace

Huepar 621CG Self-Leveling Laser Level

Huepar 621CG Self-Leveling Laser Level

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Huepar 621CG Self-Leveling Laser Level is from a Chinese brand. Additionally, it is available in green and black colors.

This device is manufactured from rubber insertions and ABS plastic. On top of that, the top window has been covered with the metal window which offers protection from water, dust, and harm when it is dropped onto the floor.

It is safer to claim that this device will be an effective gadget for both amateurs and professionals.

This device is multi-purpose, therefore users do not need to purchase a variety of similar gadgets, instead, simply install the required level once as well as work with the assurance that all the marks tend to be precise.

However, sometimes it happens that the marks are wrong and you must do away with them instantly so they do not cause any stress to you.

Key Features

  • Has superb visibility
  • Has 360° laser line
  • It can easily self-level within 4°
  • It blinks when it’s out of the position


  • Brand: Huepar
  • Model – 621CG
  • Dimensions – 4.8″x2.7″x4.2″
  • Weight – Approximately 2.89 pounds
  • It’s full of awesome features
  • More inexpensive than other models
  • It can be easily set for projecting uneven lines
  • It’s not perfect outdoors
  • You have to change the batteries frequently

TACKLIFE PRO S3100 Laser Level

TACKLIFE PRO S3100 Laser Level

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This TACKLIFE PRO S3100 Laser Level has won the spot in our top value pick as it has amazing accuracy is quite easy to run, comes with plenty of excellent extras, and offers a reasonably low price.

It is equipped with a big “laser-receiver” window for precise and stable measurements. It is particularly true if you compare this to some other laser tools.

It is the type of tool which can exceed and meet any of the regular measuring requirements.

This can be clearly and easily read with large numbers as well as a highly noticeable display screen. This supports the low-light vision and also works in almost all conditions.

Furthermore, it has an integrated electric angular sensor. Its calibration function allows you to get more precise measurements too.

On the whole, it is an incredibly helpful laser with perfect accuracy at an affordable price. However, there are some downsides.

Key Features

  • Has an LCD display
  • Large laser receiver
  • Multiple modes for measurement
  • Integrated electric angular sensor


  • Brand: TACKLIFE
  • Model – S3100
  • Dimensions – 4.7″x2.1″x1″
  • Weight – Approximately 7.4 ounces
  • Extensive application
  • Durable with water and dustproof casing
  • It supports superior visibility with the large backlit screen
  • It does not seem to maintain data properly

Inspiritech TR5LR1 Self-Leveling Red Beam Laser Level

CloudMassage Foot Massager

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Another noteworthy product in this list of 10 top laser levels is Inspiritech TR5LR1 Self-Leveling Red Beam Laser Level that comes with rechargeable lithium battery packs and red beam.

The proper visibility of the red beam is 6X enhanced than typical brightness, which makes it the best when it comes to the performance of laser light.

The unique self-leveling concept of the Inspiritech laser level, unquestionably, is quite different in comparison to others as it includes gravity pendulum.

At the same time, the device features external support intended for a light and sound alarm system which goes off automatically on recognition of any kind of misalignment.

This Inspiritech laser level contains three battery packs with one lithium-ion rechargeable battery which is challenging to get in other laser levels available for sale.

On the whole, a very reasonably priced laser level which is guaranteed to satisfy you with the functionalities and uncomplicated operation.

Key Features

  • Gives you the tilt lines
  • This device provides 6 lines
  • It offers you a feature for self-leveling


  • Brand: Inspiritech
  • Model – TR5LR1
  • Dimensions – 4.3″x4.1″x7.7″
  • Weight – Approximately 4 pounds
  • Includes an alarm
  • Includes a tilt feature
  • High accuracy is guaranteed
  • Easy to function and operate
  • The battery drains quickly

Huepar BOX1G Laser Level

Huepar BOX1G Laser Level

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Huepar BOX1G Laser Level is a professional laser level that features 360° horizontal line with 2 plum dots.

This device guarantees overall coverage in major construction sites. Moreover, the exclusive plump spots usually are built to provide additional advantages of squaring, points transfer and alignment applications.

On top of that, Huepar has become a universal tool which executes different tasks such as squaring, plumbing and leveling.

This provides 5 easily selectable modes: plumb points, all beams, horizontal and vertical, horizontal and vertical mode. This power-saving product will prolong the overall performance of the laser level.

Having a durable outlook, this particular Huepar product is made particularly for harsh conditions and outdoor usage.

This model makes use of the German-built Osram laser (green) that is undoubtedly the top laser device in the market.

The button allows users to swap effortlessly between different kinds of projections.

Key Features

  • Green-line
  • Cross-line
  • Self-Leveling
  • Has a pulse mode
  • Has a manual mode


  • Brand: Huepar
  • Model – BOX1G
  • Dimensions – 3.7″x2.3″x3.4″
  • Weight – Approximately 1.3 pounds
  • It is self-leveling
  • Out of the level notice
  • Intelligent pendulum lock
  • It is dustproof & waterproof
  • Superior outside rubber protection
  • It does not function well outdoors

Firecore F112R Vertical/Horizontal Self-Leveling Laser Level

Firecore F112R Vertical/Horizontal Self-Leveling Laser Level

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This Firecore F112R Vertical/Horizontal Self-Leveling Laser Level lets you select from its 3 laser modes, such as cross-line, vertical or horizontal laser mode. It gives you the options based on how you are installing the tiles.

This makes use of red lasers intended for leveling that makes it a lot more useful as the indoor laser.

This level laser also can run on the self-leveling setting where it adjusts manual mode or at ±4 automatically where it is easy to focus your laser at every angle.

These modes are pretty helpful, for example, manual mode assists during the setup of guardrails that needs the laser being at an angle.

This device includes a magnetic installation base that makes it easy to mount on any metal structures for considerably more plasticity while working.

This features an IP54 accreditation meaning it is resistant to dust and water which makes it appropriate for use even in harsh conditions.

Key Features

  • Comes with 2AA batteries
  • Fully functional vertical and horizontal laser line
  • Has a magnetic bracket meant for simple mounting on the metallic surfaces


  • Brand: Firecore
  • Model – F112R
  • Dimensions – 3.1″x2.4″x3.5″
  • Weight – Approximately 10.6 ounces
  • Specialized accuracy
  • The housing is over-molded
  • Offers several operational uses
  • It includes a one-button handy operation
  • You can’t use this on a regular basis

Tavool Line Laser Level

Tavool Line Laser Level

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Enhanced safety, affordable cost, and user-friendly design let this unit be listed in this review of top laser levels.

Tavool Line Laser Level offers several options found in more costly versions and has simple controls for correct and fast operations.

This laser level features a trustworthy sensor system that automatically puts beam on plumb/level.

The unit projects a vertical and horizontal line separately or simultaneously. Mode turning and switching the level off/on is executed by a single pressing of the button that is a convenient feature for the people fresh to this sort of a device.

This laser level device is built with pendulum lock allowing using this on the slope and for angled application.

The tool includes a solid design and is safe from different sorts of hazards. Additionally, it is damage-resistant and does not need debugging when being shaken or even having dropped on the floor.

Key Features

  • Lines are visible highly
  • This tool is simple to run
  • The feature of self-leveling is available


  • Brand: Tavool
  • Dimensions – 3.5″x2.2″x 3.1″
  • Weight – Approximately 11.2 ounces
  • ü Simplicity of use
  • ü Remarkably stable
  • ü Has switching modes
  • ü Outstanding level of accuracy
  • Its red laser might be hazardous to eyesight

Buying Guide for Laser Levels

  • IP Ratings:: It is about the sealing quality and effectiveness in terms of preventing the invasion of other undesired substances, such as dirt and moisture. You must check it while shopping for an excellent laser level tool to guarantee its sturdiness and longevity.
  • Horizontal Or Dual Beam: The horizontal laser level is effective for the floor leveling as well as this indicates that their uses are restricted. Dual-beam is more flexible and expensive when it comes to the uses.
  • Automatic Or Manual Leveling Options: The self-leveling devices can save you time and offer you with accurate results, whereas manual ones tend to be simple to maintain.
  • Range Of Visibility: It is the term for a distance in which the light beams projected by the tool can easily be seen. However, the extended this range of visibility, the superior your self-leveling laser level.
  • Accuracy: Not to mention, all the accurate and handy laser levels will figure out the perfect leveling of the working surface simply by a one-inch fraction.
  • Your Budget: Do not buy the lowest priced model seeking to cut costs because you are most probably to be sorry for this choice. It is recommended to invest a little more to grab quality and durable tool which can work perfectly for a long time.
  • Supposed Uses: Possibly, it is the most significant consideration while buying this common construction tool. Carefully consider the important things which you desire to perform with this and make the choice accordingly.
  • Types Of Battery: Trying to find a unique laser level having a prolonged battery lifespan is a great idea, thus focus on the lithium-ion battery packs as they can last longer.
  • Warranty: Check out the warranty information just before coming up with a final decision when trying to find a tool that will be utilized on a day-to-day basis.
  • Type And Quality Of The Case Materials: Not to mention, this point is vital to users who usually work in dusty or dirty areas. Take into account that the top laser levels have durable and moisture-resistant components which make them ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.

Who Are The Laser Levels Used For?

Laser levels, without any doubt, are utilized at various places as well as by different individuals belonging to various professions.

This tool has a variety of uses and is put to use to execute several different tasks. Right now, I am going to explore a number of the uses of laser levels.

  1. Deck Builders:

    The laser level is used by the deck builders. Deck builders don’t need to delegate many workers for the project of making a deck when they possess a handy laser level.

    Deck builders will be able to build a deck leveled floor more proficiently, and a lot sooner, with the use of this tool.

  2. Landscapers

    Landscapers conduct loads of work associated with terracing of the walls. Laser levels are regarded as the most important device for them, as these tools help them get the perfect alignment.

  3. Farmers

    The farmers also use the best laser levels. Farmers use it for accurate leveling of the drainage systems.

  4. Contractors

    The contractors come across plenty of leveling and alignment work on the site. They focus on the large areas as well as if they don’t use the laser level, they will result in wasting lots of time attempting to get precise measurements.

  5. Builders

    Builders find the laser levels helpful when they’re making a frame using metal or wood studs. This device assists them to build a frame that has accurate measurements and is straight too.

Safety Tips While Using Laser Level!

You will find many different types of lasers as well as it is important to remember that some may potentially trigger some damage, particularly to your eyes.

The majority of lasers which you will discover run Class IIIA. However, this remarkably produces partial loss of sight and other types of damage of the eye.

That is the reason why it is always vital not to allow your laser to have direct exposure to your eye. Whenever running a laser make sure to abide by these safety tips.

  1. Always go through the directions cautiously before running your laser level.
  2. Do not look into the laser beam directly. When beam is noticeable, do not look at beam for over a couple of seconds as well as a glance at the area where the laser hits, just when required.
  3. Do not tamper with laser mechanism or housing. You must not attempt to fix a laser by yourself, and always leave the labels and stickers intact.
  4. Finally, if you are ever uncertain about the way to run the laser, seek advice from the manual or get in touch with an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How To Use The Laser Levels Outdoors?
A: You can make use of particular glasses when you’re working outside as well as you can mount this on the tripod for simplicity of use. Are you aware that working outdoors can be quite safe and hassle-free if you have a laser level?

Q: What Are The Best Tips To Use Laser Level?
A: You must ensure that your laser level tool is on the tripod or flat surface and wait for this to “self-level” in case it includes this feature.

Additionally, the guide shows you different tips on using the laser level device on setting up the grades, hanging photo frames, uses in the surveying task and a number of other pointers.

Q: What Are The Big Pros Of Using Laser Level?
A: This gives versatility so that it is easy to work on little to medium places and can easily work for hanging photos on the wall, tiling, installing shelves, cabinets, doors, windows, and others.

In most cases, they are very user-friendly with just one light beam as well as are suitable to nearly every project because of the laser power.

Q: What Can Be The Best Uses Of Laser Levels?
A: They are assigned to level the flooring projects greater and also are used to align and plumb the walls and even are perfect for uncomplicated installation for the drop ceiling making use of amount for attaching the laser onto.

However, a laser level will be a great device for installing the chair rails and doors as well as window height and this can be mounted on tripods for helping install shelves and cabinets. Most land heights can be easily checked with laser levels.

Furthermore, the laser level is also generally utilized for masonry and surveying.

At the same time, it can be utilized for drainage and deck fencing, building, contour farming, and post building.

Are you aware that dot or plumb lasers just make a “dot-reference” on the wall while the line lasers are very common ones that include a cross-type of laser and usually used indoors?


This can be somewhat confusing attempting to discover an excellent laser level because there is an array of best laser levels available on the marketplace. You should relax and then make a decision based on your needs and budget.

Purchasing the best laser level can help you offer a try to those little pending tasks around the house, without phoning a technician. This is how you can easily save your money and time.

Try to find a good laser level that meets your needs best and as soon as you find this; do not forget to read the reviews of the laser level.

The truth is, it’s not probable that an ideal or single laser level may be satisfying everyone’s needs and purposes. Reading through the reviews of the customer is the simplest way to discover how the device would function in the real world.

Therefore, which product is the best one to suit your needs?

If you’re trying to find an industrial-grade laser level that you can use both outdoors and indoors, then the Huepar 902CG 360-Degree Self-Leveling Laser Level is unquestionably a great option . This product is the winner of this round-up review and the Best Laser Level of 2020.

On the flip side, if you want a straightforward but inexpensive tool that will perform the job flawlessly for your indoor DIY tasks, then it will be challenging to discover an affordable and better option than TACKLIFE PRO S3100 Laser Level.

Hope you enjoyed this post. It’s time to share this post on social media with your friends.

Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment box below. Have a great time.

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