The 10 Best Bathtubs of 2021 -2022

The bathtub may seem like a simple household fixture, but not putting thought into the buying process could cost you dearly. Ultimately, it becomes a key vessel not just for washing but for relaxing as well. The availability of so many different models and styles means you can certainly find one to suit your family’s needs. At the same time, it leaves you all keyed up when you have to compare the available options to buy one of the best bathtubs of 2021.

When looking for a bathtub, be sure to consider your unique circumstances and specific needs first. The available space in your bathroom matters as well. Some fixtures will serve more like a centerpiece, but they would take up a lot of space. To save more space, you will be better off buying a corner tub. Whether you like to recline or sit up while bathing is an important consideration too. Above all, you will have to pay attention to how your selected bathtub is constructed because it affects its durability and has an impact on what you eventually need to install it properly.

So, if you are ready to make the investment and buy one of the best bathtubs available in the market, here are some options to help you get started.

Best Overall: American Standard Cambridge Bathtub

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You can’t go wrong with this masterpiece because it looks attractive, is extremely comfortable, and suitable for small spaces as well. Buyers love it for its all-around functionality. It sits nicely against three walls of your bathroom’s alcove and comes with an integral apron as well. For ease of use, the apron faces the rest of the bathroom and comes as one piece, eliminating the need to bolt it on the bathtub. It cuts the installation time and simplifies the procedure as well.

You won’t face issues in terms of durability because it’s made using an American standard-patented material called, Americast. It features a steel base covered entirely with a layer of porcelain enamel. Because of this material, the bathtub feels quite lightweight, especially compared to cast iron. The use of porcelain enamel also means the bathtub won’t get scratches easily. While it can withstand serious abuse, you can easily fix minor issues using a simple patch kit.

Another good thing about the bathtub is its glossy finish, which is the reason why you will face no trouble cleaning it whenever you like. No need to use any abrasive cleaners either, as warm soapy water will do the trick and help maintain the luster for a long time. Similarly, you won’t find any glitch in its design and style, which directly improves the comfort factor. With an overall interior length of 54 inches, you get plenty of room to relax and stretch out. But, keep in mind that though the size looks quite reasonable, it may not work well for someone over 6-feet tall.

Key Features

  • It is comfortable and doesn’t take a lot of space
  • It’s made using durable material
  • It is easy to install


  • Brand: American Standard
  • Material: Americast
  • Size: 77x24x46 inches

  • Comfortable to relax and stretch out
  • Extremely sturdy construction
  • Versatile design to suit most bathrooms
  • A bit heavy to transport

Best Value: Woodbridge Freestanding Soaking Bathtub

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This 67-inch bathtub may not look the largest you can find in the market, but it still provides ample space and an incredible bathing experience, thanks to its numerous features. Made using high-quality acrylic, this bathtub is lightweight, even though it has a capacity of 60 gallons. This whirlpool-style bathtub’s oval shape makes it suitable for taller individuals as well.

For comfortable baths, it comes equipped with 6 adjustable body massage jets coupled with 10 whirlpool bubble bath jets as well. Expect an amazing mix of water and air for a powerful yet extremely comfortable hydro massage. The draining jets are of impressive quality, as they’re made of stainless steel. Its double-walled design not only makes it durable but also helps maintain water temperature for longer.

Many people think that acrylic bathtubs are not as sturdy as cast iron or even Americast, but that is not true. The bathtub serves you well for years if you install it correctly in the first place. It feels rock-solid when you silicone it to the floor in the right way. However, the only downside is that with a freestanding bathtub like this, you’ll often have to invest a separate filling faucet.

Key Features

  • It comes with rounded edges and soft curves for comfortable baths
  • It’s capable of holding up to 60 gallons of water
  • It has a double-walled design for better insulation


  • Material: Acrylic
  • Brand: Woodbridge
  • Size: 67x32x23 inches

  • A modern design with rounded edges
  • Double-walled acrylic design to retain water temperature
  • Large enough to accommodate most people
  • An additional filling faucet is needed

Best Pick: Woodbridge 59-Inch Freestanding Soaking Tub – The Best Soaking

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Originally designed for smaller European homes, these tubs look quite unique and work great for most bathrooms. You are going to love it if you do not want anything flashy and want something elegant to install in your space.

It won’t take a lot of precious real estate in your bathroom but still provides ample space for you to relax. A supportive slope is surely going to add to the comfort level as well. The overall length is about 59 inches, so most people will find it enough to stretch out while bathing. As the width of the tub is quite similar to other standard tubs, so you can opt for this one if you’re looking for a replacement tub.

You won’t find anything to complain about its construction and durability, as it’s made using high-quality sanitary acrylic combined with reinforced fiberglass. The presence of stainless steel brackets at the bottom improves its weight-bearing capacity up to 1000lbs. Buyers have also talked highly of its double-walled design that adds to its overall sturdiness. Those walls also help improve the insulation factor, keeping your baths hot for long.

Thanks to its high gloss white Lucite acrylic and ENDURACLEAN surface, cleaning and maintaining this tub won’t be an issue. Because of these features and its promising feedback, it definitely deserves your attention. However, you need to bear in mind that the size is still economical and may not work great for taller persons.

Key Features

  • It comes with a slanted back for comfort
  • It uses sanitary acrylic for durable construction
  • It is quite affordable


  • Material: Acrylic
  • Brand: WoodBridge
  • Size: 60×31.75×23 inches

  • Unique design for added comfort
  • Ample space to stretch out while bathing
  • Good insulation for baths to stay hot
  • Quite affordable
  • Installation can be a bit tricky

American Standard Cambridge Apron-Front Bathtub

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This porcelain bathtub with its left-hand drain and Americast construction is sure to impress anyone looking for a soaking bathtub. It is 32 inches wide and more than 60 inches long, so you are going to feel quite comfortable even if you are a taller individual. The soaking depth of14-inch is quite standard, but still good enough to keep you submerged while taking a bath.

Thanks to its double walls and Americast construction, it boasts amazing heat retention qualities. So, expect your bath water to stay warmer for longer. The design looks quite interesting and effective in many ways. It is safe with its Sansure slip-resistant textured floor surface, which is also quite easy to clean and maintain.

It features an integral apron front along with an integral tile flange that makes you even more attractive and efficient. The tub is quite sturdy with its formed steel center layer. It also means it is going to feel a bit heavy, but two people can still handle it well. The installation becomes a tad easier with its leveling grid and padded carrying bars.

Key Features

  • It has a soothing 14-inch soaking depth
  • It features Stansure slip-resistant surface for safety
  • It uses non-porous glossy porcelain for easy maintenance


  • Color: Arctic White
  • Brand: American Standard
  • Size: 60x32x17.5 inches

  • Good size for comfortable bathing
  • Efficient heat retention qualities with Americast
  • Formed steel center for added stability
  • A bit heavy to handle and install

Woodbridge Acrylic Freestanding Soaking Tub

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Though this contemporary soaking tub may look a bit on the smaller side with its 54-inch length, it still performs quite well in keeping most people comfortable while bathing. With its acrylic finish, white color, and brushed nickel overflow and drain, it looks pretty well-made and attractive. If you want to pull out all the stops and want only the best for your bathroom, look no further than this freestanding tub from American Standard

Thanks to its acrylic and reinforced fiberglass construction, it not only looks good with solid color throughout, but it stays sturdy for years. Because of the material used in its construction, it won’t automatically attract scratches. It also resists cracks and is a much better option as compared to porcelain-enameled tubs. The absence of surface layers means your tub won’t chip away in any way.

You will like this model if you are looking for a freestanding soaking tub, as it offers a calmer bathing experience. Its gently sloping design means you won’t face trouble lounging at any end of the bathtub. With its Enduraclean surface, cleaning and maintenance won’t be a challenge either. Overall, it’s a high-end tub with numerous bells and whistles and an ability to stand the test of time. Go for it by all means if you are willing to spend that much money!

Key Features

  • It comes with a cool design suitable for lounging
  • It’s made of solid acrylic and fiberglass and is quite sturdy
  • It looks great and compliments any bathroom setting


  • Color: White
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Size: 54x29x29 inches

  • Great design for trouble-free lounging
  • Easy to clean, scratch-resistant surface
  • Stainless steel brackets for added weight-bearing capacity
  • Relatively expensive

Empava Acrylic Freestanding Walk-in Tub

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For those looking for an unbeatable freestanding walk-in model, going for this tub is the best bet. Known for its extra deep bathing pool and amazingly ergonomic design, it has a variety of features to leave you satisfied. The size of this tub will grab your attention at once, as it offers a lot more legroom as compared to other standard drop-in type tubs.

The overall length of this bathtub is not hue at 52.5 inches, but it will accommodate most people with no issues at all. Its extra-wide door is its added benefit. As it is 20% wider than regular walk-in tubs, you will feel a lot more confident and comfortable using it.

Another good thing is that all its accessories, including let side drain, faucet, overflow, showerhead, and knobs come pre-drilled and pre-installed. So, you won’t have to go through a serious hassle to install it. In terms of construction quality, it won’t disappoint you with its fiberglass, which gives you strength but doesn’t add much in terms of weight.

Overall, it’s a modern, streamlined bathtub that offers great value for money. But, keep in mind that some people may not like the use of acrylic and fiberglass, as they tend to find it more flimsy. Just keep in mind that proper installation would eliminate this issue.

Key Features

  • It features a built-in handrail for stability
  • It has a water capacity of 94 gallons
  • It’s durable and retains heat for long


  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Color: White
  • Size: 52.5×26.5×40 inches

  • Acrylic and fiberglass construction for durability
  • Attractive appearance with a smooth, glossy finish
  • Handrail and additional grab bars for stability
  • It May was not suitable for children

WoodbridgeBath Acrylic 67-inch Bathtub

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This spaciously designed bathtub comes with all the bells and whistles and surely delivers a solid punch in terms of performance. A perfect choice for adults, it works great for anyone looking for ample legroom for comfortable bathing. It’s 72-inches long and 48 inches wide, so providing enough room for two.

In terms of design and style, most people will never find anything to complain about, as it nails it perfectly with its ultra-smooth acrylic construction.

The use of acrylic means that the bathtub is on the lighter side and requires less maintenance over time.

Some people are a bit skeptical about acrylic bathtubs because it seems a bit flimsy, but this one comes with adjustable foot-pegs to provide you with more control.

The construction looks quite sturdy; in fact, the manufacturer says that it serves you well for more than 30 years with proper maintenance. The stainless steel brackets at the bottom work great to enhance stability. So, overall, it’s a good choice, but you may have to think twice if you’re buying for a taller adult.

Key Features

  • It’s large enough to help you stretch out when bathing
  • It is quite wide to accommodate two people
  • It uses acrylic in construction and looks stylish


  • Material: Acrylic
  • Size: 72x48x35 inches
  • Brand: WoodbridgeBath

  • Quite wide for comfortable bathing
  • Acrylic construction for less weight and better insulation
  • Anti-leak design drain and stainless steel brushed nickel overflow
  • It May does not work for taller adults

ANZZI Left-Drain Walk-in BathTub

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You are going to love this walk-in bathtub with all of its amazing features. At 40 inches, the tub is quite wide allowing you to feel more comfortable when using. The overall length is about 53 inches, which is just perfect for moth bathrooms.

This freestanding bathtub is made of acrylic. The use of acrylic not only cuts down on weight but also makes it a lot more insulated. It can retain heat for longer. Also, the use of this material means you get a bathtub with a glossy smooth finish and perfectly sloping contours for a minimalist style.

The tub comes ready to use, so you can have it installed and use without an issue. It also looks safer as compared to many other options in the market, thanks to its low-entry threshold and a grab bar. Couple these features with its slip-resistant textured flooring as well as ADA-compliant seat and you have a highly secure tub for your family.

What’s more, it serves amazingly well for a therapeutic whirlpool massage. Its ACU-Steam air jets will also add to the overall comfort level. Overall, this Rhino Allow certified bathtub works quite well, but the only issue many people have highlighted is about the filler being very slow.

Key Features

  • It features ACU-Stream Air Jets for massage therapy
  • It has a water capacity of about 94 gallons
  • It comes equipped with a handheld showerhead and fills faucet


  • Material: Acrylic
  • Size: 52.5×26.5×40 inches
  • Brand: ANZZI

  • Secure with its grab bars and slip-resistant floor
  • 12 adjustable hydro-therapeutic massage jets
  • Marine-grade acrylic and fiberglass construction for durability
  • The filler is a bit on the slower side

American Standard Deep Soaking Tub

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So many options are available for those looking for a freestanding acrylic tub, but this soaking tub with its reversible drain looks quite impressive in any bathroom setting. Buy it and you’ll end up creating a 5-star spa experience in your bathroom. It catches your attention with its classic shape offering wide lumbar support. Its molded armrests will offer added stability while enjoying your baths.

Durability looks impressive because it uses a hardened acrylic material reinforced with fiberglass. Its conservative dimensions mean it works great for smaller bathrooms. The overall length is 60 inches, so most people can find ample space to relax and bathe. Its wide-sump design with an angled backrest also works together to make lounging easier. The anti-slip surface adds to its overall safety.

This bathtub with all its glory continues to serve you well if you pay attention to proper maintenance, which shouldn’t be difficult considering its patented surface. It resists scratches quite effectively. So, overall, it’s impressive in many ways, but just remember that it might look a bit too small in large open spaces.

Key Features

  • It features a classic design to compliment your bathroom
  • It comes with a high gloss finish for a luxurious look
  • It features anti-slip for safety


  • Brand: American Standard
  • Size: 60×36 inches
  • Material: Acrylic

  • Great design for a luxurious spa experience
  • Deep soaking tub with reversible drain
  • Extremely resistant to scratches
  • A bit small for wide-open spaces

Ferdy Shangri-La Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

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This bathtub works great for those looking for a classic design to complement their existing bathroom setting. Its oval shape gives it that coveted classic look, but it still looks modern with clean lines and high quality, smooth glossy surface. Its design helps create the perfect slope for improved lumbar support during your baths. The cast resin material also plays a role in creating dynamic curvatures. The resin material is also quite lightweight and extremely easy to clean and maintain.

With its overall length of 67 inches, you find it quite suitable for moth bathrooms. It keeps an average adult feel quite comfortable while having an immersive soak. The use of acrylic with fiberglass means the tub will withstand the abuse it gets over the years.

Overall, the tub looks great with its high gloss finish, included accessories, and solid construction, but some buyers are of the view that the installation instructions could have been easier.

Key Features

  • It features a classic oval shape design for comfort
  • It is not very heavy at 93 pounds
  • Its acrylic construction and high gloss finish makes it last long


  • Material: Acrylic
  • Size: 66x32x23 inches
  • Brand: FerdY

  • Clean, elegant, classic design
  • Nice design with sloped lumbar support
  • Reinforced fiberglass and acrylic for long-lasting performance
  • Installation could be a bit tricky

What Should You Consider about Types When Buying the Best Bathtubs?

As different materials are used in construction, it can be a bit tricky to buy the best bathtub for your needs. There are bathtubs made of porcelain, acrylic, cast iron, stone, copper, and even wood. Some even use special materials, such as AmeriCast. But, even when you know the best material for your bathtub, you can’t afford to make a mistake when selecting the right type. For instance:

  • Alcove: Installed against the three walls, it’s the fourth side is usually exposed. It is suitable for smaller bathrooms and is quite affordable. You can opt for it when you need something for general bathing and showering.
  • Drop-In: Installed by dropping into a pre-existing structure, this bathtub looks quite decorative. One side of this type of bathtub may be exposed. It’s possible to install it in a structure inside an alcove. They’re very easy to clean and maintain and are available in many sizes and shapes.
  • Corner: Suitable for corner installation, these tubs are extremely space-efficient and make no compromise over comfort. These tubs can be freestanding or drop-in. They may look a bit dated but they do the basics perfectly.
  • Freestanding: Because of their large size, they become the focal point of your bathroom. They’re not space-efficient and are often quite heavy as well. Still, they look elegant and offer a bit of flexibility in terms of installation. They can even stand on the floor, usually on a low pedestal, but tubs with claw feet are also popular.
  • Soaking: For a truly “immersive” bathing experience, these bathtubs work perfectly because of their larger size. They’re deep and allow you to submerge completely for a relaxing bathing experience.
  • Other than these, you can find many other bathtubs with different bells and whistles, such as walk-in tubs, which come with sealing doors for the elderly; the whirlpool tubs, which feature water jets for a therapeutic experience; the air tub, which shoots air bubbles; and a combination of air tub/whirlpool. Consider your budget constraints and unique needs to pick the best bathtub for your bathroom.

What are the benefits of acrylic bathtubs?

Acrylic is a type of plastic, but it doesn’t mean it’s cheap or fragile. It can be very durable, but the real benefit is that it has a glossy sheen. But, you can opt for a matte look, if that’s what you prefer. While acrylic tubs are not scratch-resistant, the upside is that you can restore their shine quite easily.

What is the best bathtub for families with children?

You need a bathtub that is virtually indestructible when you have kids at home. Going for the one made of cast iron will work well in this case. So many times, manufacturers use a cast iron frame and coat it in enamel for smoothness and style. They’re usually very durable, but keep in mind that they can be heavy and require proper installation as well. Also, opt for shallower tubs because they’re not very tricky to climb into.

What is the best bathtub to avoid staining?

To avoid dealing with staining, you can opt for a bathtub that comes with a cultured solid surface. Quite similar to quartz, the material is very resistant to staining.

Should you prefer one style over another when buying bathtubs?

Yes, it comes down to your taste and what you’re going to use your bathtub for. You’ll probably need a cast iron, freestanding bathtub if you’re looking for something that can handle the rigors of family life. You’ll be better off going with a whirlpool tub if your idea is to set up a home spa or you’re looking for a bathtub for therapeutic benefits.

Why is it important to consider where you live before buying a bathtub?

It can have an impact on the type of bathtub suitable for you. For instance, you may love freestanding tubs, but you just can’t have them when you have very limited space in your bathroom. Durability may be a concern for you, but the most durable bathtubs are often the heaviest too, and you’ll face trouble if you live in a high-rise building. Not only do you need to consider the labor cost, but you also need to ensure that your floor can handle the weight properly. Acrylic becomes a better option if you live on the second floor. If you’re on the first floor, though, cultured solid-surface or cast iron frames may work well for you.


The fact of the matter is that investing in the best bathtub is an important decision because it helps you relax and offers many health benefits as well. The problem is that you can find a dizzying array of bathtub shapes, dimensions, and materials. You’ll be spending a lot of money, especially if you’re going to rip out your existing tub and replace it with a new one. Therefore, you should take your time, educate yourself a bit about different materials, and consider the available space in your bathroom before taking the plunge. The time you invest in planning will help ensure that you end up buying the best bathtub for your family needs. Be sure to check out the bathtub reviews to get a better idea about all the pros and cons of different models and select what fits the bill perfectly.

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