The 9 Best Adult Tricycles Of 2024

A lot of people, especially seniors, are considering the best adult tricycles for their use. It is a modification of the standard bicycle as it comes with three wheels and provides better stability when in use compared to a bicycle.

Every adult who loves a comfortable way to move around without straining their joints and muscle will find it easy using the adult tricycle. It is easier on the body as stability is a guarantee with little tendency to fall.

Everyone in the market for the best adult tricycle might be overwhelmed by the series of tricycles available. As a result, it might not be easy selecting the best and most suitable adult tricycle as one might be confused about the choices available.

This is where our review of the best adult tricycles for 2021 comes in. After hours of in-depth research and perusing customer feedback, we could come up with the ten best adult tricycles. As a result, users can trust our suggestions since hours of research were dedicated to selecting the tricycles recommended in this review.

We have provided a detailed review that has everything users need to make the best choice. There is the analysis of the product alongside the pros and cons with other specifications. All essential details have been provided, so users have everything to make a befitting choice of the best adult tricycle.

Sit back, relax as we take you through a review of the top adult tricycles:

Best Overall: Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike

Best Overall: Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike

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Schwinn has proven to be a household name when it comes to producing the best bicycles and tricycles. They produce great trikes that give riders the confidence to ride with ease. Schwinn Meridian adult trike is one of their best outputs with many premium features.

The trike features a low stand aluminum frame and step-through access. As a result, riders can enjoy a relaxing and upright position for a comfortable ride. It features full fenders, which help keep riders dry and comfortable while on a journey.

Users will love the big rear folding basket that can accommodate huge groceries or other stuff. We recommend this bike for people with a height ranging from 5’4” to 6’2”. Using and maintenance of this adult tricycle is easy, thanks to the single-speed drivetrain.

The braking system (a single-speed drivetrain system) is responsive and delivers smooth stopping. The handlebar is wide, upright, and delivers a stable and balanced approach. There is a lifetime warranty for users.

Key Features

  • Linear pull brake system
  • 6-inch wheel
  • Alloy rims
  • Rear folding basket


  • Brand: Schwinn
  • Frame material: Aluminum
  • Wheel size: 24 inches
  • Weight: 70 pounds

  • Solid trike
  • Excellent support system
  • Responsive brake
  • Users get a lifetime warranty.
  • Maintenance is easy and straightforward.
  • Strong aluminum materials
  • The seat can be improved.

Best Value: Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Men & Women

Best Value: Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Men & Women

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Every adult that desires a responsive and stable tricycle will love the Mobo Triton adult trike. It is designed for men and women and can serve as an excellent means to exercise. It is an adult tricycle intended for adults who want to get low-impact exercise with reduced stress and impact on their back and knee.

The reclined seat provides a cushioned support that makes every moment on the tricycle comfortable. The ride on this trike is stable, smooth, and comes with a low center of gravity which does not require support. It features a dual joystick steering which makes it easy to maneuver the steering.

Both large and small riders will find it easy to use this tricycle. It can support a rider’s weight as much as 250 pounds. The trike features a Hi-tensile frame design which makes it strong enough to stand the test of time.

Key Features

  • Adjustable frame
  • Innovative steering
  • Dual joystick design
  • Hi-tensile steel frame


  • Brand: Mobo Cruiser
  • Weight: 44 pounds
  • Brake style: Rim
  • Wheel size: 26 inches
  • Dimensions: 28″W x 29″H x 48″L
  • Frame material: Steel

  • Easy and fun to ride
  • Low center of gravity
  • Intuitive steering
  • Chainless design with low maintenance
  • High durability
  • Good for exercise
  • Absence of wheel alignment

Best Pick: Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike, Three Wheel Cruiser Bike, Multiple Speeds,

Best Pick: Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike, Three Wheel Cruiser Bike, Multiple 


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Schwinn Meridian has pride itself as one of the top producers of bicycles and tricycles. As a result, it is not surprising that we are having another Schwinn on our list. This is a top-quality bike recommended for adults as it fits riders between 5’4″ to 6’2″ in height.

This tricycle is the definition of comfort and stability as it avails riders the opportunity to move around with ease and comfort. Riding the trike around is not hard, neither does it require enormous strength from users. It features a single-speed drivetrain system that is easy to use.

The bike is low, which makes accessibility easy for users to get into. The bike is made of a stable aluminum frame that provides a balanced ride no matter the terrain.

Key Features

  • 6 inches wheel
  • Linear pull brakes
  • Single-speed drivetrain
  • Aluminum frame


  • Brand: Schwinn Meridian
  • Wheel size: 26 inches
  • Brake type: linear pull
  • Material: Aluminum

  • Use and maintenance is easy
  • Easy access thanks to the step-through aluminum frame
  • Users get a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Excellent support
  • The bike is a bit heavy.

Most Safe Tricycle: VANELL 1-Speed Tricycle Bike

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Everyone that needs a good and responsive bike for daily use and commuting should consider Varnell. It is a durable and high-quality bike with lots of premium features that make it stand out for users. It has a large load capacity and is pretty stable, and will serve long-term use.

The bike features a soft saddle that allows users to enjoy long trips without stress. The three-wheel design makes it safe, comfortable, and applicable for adolescents and young adults, and suitable for varying road conditions.

Storage is more comfortable as the bike is made of a folding frame and a carbon steel frame with a load capacity of 130 kg. The height can be adjusted, and the handlebar was made from premium rubber that makes the grip comfortable during riding.

The bike also features a front and rear brake system for extra security and double protection, as the front V brakes stop the trike immediately. The padded seat makes the trike pretty comfortable, while the big wheels make it practical.

Key Features

  • Carbon steel frame
  • 3-wheel frame
  • Front and rear hand brake
  • 0-inch wheel


  • Material: carbon steel
  • Brand: Vanel
  • Load capacity: 130 kg
  • Gross weight: 25.1 kg

  • Safe and stable
  • Suitable for various road conditions
  • Easy to use
  • Strong materials
  • Huge rear basket
  • Elegant and practical fender
  • Trike does not perform well on curves

Best Tricycle with Large Capacity Basket: Huffy Arlington 26″ Adult Trike, Large, Blue

Best Tricycle with Large Capacity Basket: Huffy Arlington 26

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Huffy Arlington is a new release, a single-speed adult tricycle with utmost comfort and stability for users. It features an excellent balance and control system, which makes it particularly suited for adults. The trike features a terrific design with a hi-ten steel frame supporting its strength and making the user enjoy the ride.

There is a large capacity basket that can accommodate plenty of groceries, picnic supplies, etc. The tires are robust and heavy-duty, suitable for various terrains to give a comfortable ride. It features a rear coastal brake system that is easy to use and makes it safe for riders. This, in combination with the front hand brake system, gives the desired stopping action.

The comfort is top-notch as there are premium spring saddle systems designed into the trike. It is easy for riders to adjust the trike to fit their height. The tricycle can support a maximum weight of 250 pounds and is recommended for people aged 13 and above.

Key Features

  • Single-speed trike
  • Hi-ten steel
  • Front hand brake
  • Rear coaster brake
  • Chainguard
  • Dual-density padded seat


  • Brand: Huffy Arlington
  • Frame material: steel and lightweight aluminum
  • Dimensions: 40.94 x 17.13 x 27.95 inches;
  • Weight: 71 Pounds

  • Pretty comfortable and easy to ride
  • High-quality design
  • Large capacity basket
  • The bike’s size can be customized.
  • Impressive braking system
  • The trike is susceptible to scratch.

Best Practical Tricycle: Barbella Adult Tricycles, 7 Speed Adult Trikes 24/26 inch 3 Wheel Bikes

Best Practical Tricycle: Barbella Adult Tricycles, 7 Speed Adult Trikes 24/26 inch 3 

Wheel Bikes

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Also on our list of the best adult tricycle is Barbella adult trikes. This is a top- quality bike made of high-quality iron that will support the rider’s weight (up to 350 pounds) and stand the test of time. It is a pretty practical trike with extra comfort and stability for riders while riding.

This adult tricycle comes with a big rear basket, making it ideal for grocery shopping and running errands. There are three big wheels and stylish full wrap, essential to ensure the trike is clean and dry. Every ride on this tricycle will be smooth, thanks to the lightweight and light alloy rims.

Users get all the essential instructions they need to assemble the tricycle. The manufacturer will be pleased to forward installation videos should there be any issue. Users will love this trike as it is applicable in every area of their life – recreation, exercise, office, shopping, etc.

Key Features

  • 7-speed system
  • Front V brake
  • High carbon steel fork
  • Detachable rear basket
  • Three-wheel design


  • Brand: Barbella
  • Maximum load weight: 350 pounds
  • Weight: 64 pounds

  • Strong construction
  • Large capacity basket
  • Assembly is easy
  • Galvanized iron spoke
  • Lightweight alloy rims
  • Great for seniors
  • Good customer service
  • No information on warranty

Best for Elders: Slsy Adult Tricycles Single Speed,

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Sissy adult tricycle is one of the best choices on our list. It is a versatile tricycle that comes with many accessories users need to enjoy and have a good time using. The design is sturdy, and it was made with high-quality and robust material that will stand the test of time.

Installation is easy as there is a detailed video that directs users on how to assemble it. With a rigid construction, this trike can support up to 350 pounds. Users can trust the reliable and robust frame that significantly reduces any chance of the chassis breaking or bending.

The large basket allows users to load groceries and other supplies comfortably. The trike is the ideal component for exercise, shopping, picnic, etc. The tricycle is suitable for men, women, and seniors.

Key Features

  • Large size basket
  • Steel construction
  • Full wrap fenders
  • Strong steel construction


  • Brand: Sisy
  • Maximum load: 350 pounds
  • Material: Steel

  • Strong chassis, resistant to bend
  • Detailed instruction makes assembly easy.
  • One year warranty
  • Price is not cheap

Best Tricycle for Rehabilitation: MOPHOTO Adult Tricycles Three Wheel Cruiser Bike

Best Tricycle for Rehabilitation:

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People, especially the elderly and seniors who love going on the trip to the grocery store or who need a form of exercise to help with rehabilitation, will find this Mophoto adult tricycle helpful. It is one of the best adult tricycles as it comes with many great features that make it ideal and comfortable for use.

The trike is also suitable for kids who are about to start learning how to ride without falling down too much. Elders who love moving around will find it incredibly helpful as it even provides a terrific way to exercise and keep their muscles engaged.

Your comfort and stability are guaranteed on this 3-wheeler as the material is strong and can accommodate riders of various heights. There is a handlebar that can be adjusted based on your preference. There is a backup seat that promotes safety and stability while riding.

Key Features

  • Large rear brake
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Disc brake with dual suspension


  • Brand: Mophoto
  • Maximum load capacity: 350 pounds
  • Wheel size: 26 inches

  • Comfortable
  • Extremely safe
  • 12 months warranty
  • Perfect for elders
  • Wide basket
  • Assembly was a challenge

Best Entry Level 3-wheel Trike: ABORON Adults Tricycle 24/26 inch 7 Speed Cruiser Trike

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Finally on our list of the best adult tricycle is the Aboron adult tricycle. It is the ideal choice for elders that need a comfortable trike for simple day-to-day commuting. The bike is the perfect component to take care of your grocery needs alongside exercise and recreational plans.

It features a large fender that protects the tricycle from dirt and water, keeping it as new and fresh as possible. The seat is soft and comfortable, reducing every form of discomfort and fatigue while riding. A dual brake system ensures that the bike is responsive when you need it to stop.

With the seven-speed rear system, changing the speed is easy, even while in motion. The frame, chassis, and fork are vital as it features sturdy carbon steel construction. The trike is exceptionally safe for users and pretty easy to ride.

The seat’s height can be adjusted based on the rider’s size and needs. Users are guaranteed a pretty comfortable ride thanks to the soft saddle system. The basket is big and can accommodate several things.

Key Features

  • Soft seat
  • Carbon steel construction
  • Massive fenders
  • Adjustable heights
  • Dual braking system


  • Brand: Aboron
  • Wheel size: 26 inches
  • Item weight: 28 kg
  • Material: Carbon Steel construction

  • Optimum safety is guaranteed.
  • Strong chassis, frame, and fork
  • High durability
  • Maximum comfort guaranteed
  • Adjustable seat and height
  • Not suitable for plus size adult

Best Adult Tricycles Review: Buying Guide

Adult tricycle is the best choice for seniors and adults that need additional support when cycling. Unlike bicycles, tricycles come with three wheels and provide extra support, stability, safety, and comfort while in use. These benefits, however, are only available if one buys the best adult tricycles.

Advantages of Having a three-Wheel

The major way that a tricycle stands out from a bicycle is the number of wheels, which explains why it is called a tricycle. This is responsible for other important difference like stability as the chances of falling on a tricycle is non-existent even though there is a high tendency to fall on a bicycle.

Riding a bicycle is not a good idea for elders or people recovering from a hip or knee injury. With a tricycle, you can move around and exercise your muscle without worrying about fall.

Stability is not the only benefit that comes from a three-wheeler. There are other benefits one will get: the ability to move slowly and at a comfortable pace. This is not possible with a bicycle as one need to maintain a decent speed to keep the bicycle in the upright position. You do not have to worry about this on a trike as the design makes it possible to maintain the position even if it is stationary.

The manufacturers are aware of this; thus, the adult tricycles have gears that come with a lower speed limit. As a result, riders will not have to overexert their legs, hips, and knees to apply the pedal’s necessary force. With this, the strain on the body reduces.

With these two advantages – reduced speed and stability, riders do not have to be hunched over the back to the cycle. A tricycle enjoys a laid-back design that allows users to sit in a comfortable position while they cycle.

Importance of Fitness

Without a doubt, staying fit is important for optimum quality of life and overall health. Many people dread the issue of recovery, especially after suffering from a hip or knee injury, and they need to recover from surgery. They dread the fact that getting around on their knee might pose a problem for them.

Another way an adult trike helps is that it helps stay active and help with overall recovery. It keeps users active, protects the joint, and enhances mobility as you can move around without restriction and fear of falling.

Adult tricycles come in various types, and there are many features one needs to check before making a choice. This part of the review will shed light on essential factors to consider before choosing the best tricycles.


An adult needs to be comfortable when using a tricycle which makes it can affect several other things. The comfort level of the tricycle is a factor of various features. For an instant, the seat should be well-padded, which prevents discomfort if you have to cycle for a long time.

Also, the inclination of the back should be comfortable to ensure that users do not strain their back when cycling. Besides, we recommend a tricycle with an adjustable seat because you get to adjust the seat in various positions. One also should be able to access the pedals easily while cycling.


The budget you specified for the purchase of a tricycle serves as a guide on what you will spend on the product. It also determines the type of product you will likely buy. With a budget, you can avoid impulse buying and put yourself on the path for what you indeed want.

However, the most critical factor in buying a tricycle should be the features you want in it, not the price. With an idea of the features, you can set a budget. As expected, the more sophisticated and classy the parts are, the more expensive the tricycle will be. As a result, make sure to balance price and features by making sure you do not go above your budget, and your tricycle of choice has all essentials that you need.


One needs to prioritize a tricycle with strong and high-quality material. This is essential to the strength and durability of the tricycle. With a well-built material, you will use the tricycle for a pretty long time. As a result, your needs to consider corrosion-resistant material. With such, the tricycle will not lose its integrity in the rain.

Also, you need to ensure that the tricycle is made with BPA-free material. This is essential to the safety of the user and the environment. You also do not want a weighty material that might be too hard to control and carry about.


In selecting a tricycle, the size should be around the same range as the rider. This is important to prevent discomfort for users when cycling. If the tricycle is too small for the user, the rider might be forced to bend over when riding, which causes back strain.

Also, there could be body pain and joint issues if one uses an uncomfortable tricycle for a long time. On the other hand, a tricycle with a large size could make it hard for riders to get to the pedal. As a result, it will cause fatigue if used for an extended period.

With this, make sure your tricycle matches your body size to give you an ideal body positioning.

Functionalities of the Parts

All the parts of the tricycles should be functional in top condition for the user to enjoy it. This, many times, is a factor of the assembly of the tricycle. The parts should be assembled well for the tricycle to function in maximum capacity.

The breaks should be functional and responsive to prevent accidents. You need to get a good and optimum riding position with the handlebar. Every essential part of the device needs to be responsive so that the user can apply them fast.


Tricycles come in various designs, which depend on the producer and the features. Also, when it comes to buying a tricycle, it usually depends on the user’s personal preference. As a result, make sure you know the preference and features you want in a tricycle before choosing.

The design should appeal to you and suit your needs to prevent any bad feelings or regrets afterward. Tricycles with the sleek design are classy and attractive, which will make users love riding them. If space is an issue for storage, users need to consider a design that is not too big or bulky.


One of the top things to bear in mind before buying a tricycle is the environment where you intend to use it. Tricycles come in various sizes with distinct constrictions suitable for multiple terrains. People that have rough roads are better off going for a tricycle that has wide tires. Such tires are resistant to puncture, which makes them the perfect fit for rough terrain.

If your terrain is rough, the tricycle needs to be rigid to withstand the loads and impacts. This can lead to easy and early damage if the construction is not reliable.


Another factor one needs to consider in the choice of a tricycle is how easy it is to carry it from one place to another. There are times one might need to use the tricycle in different settings, which might necessitate moving the trike.

There are many factors that affect the portability of the tricycle, like weight: size, and materials. If the tricycle is too big, transporting it from one place to another might prove difficult. Getting it into the trunk of your car might not be easy as well.

In the same way, a heavy tricycle might be quite challenging to carry. As a result, you should aim for high quality and robust tricycle with durable parts that are lightweight for easy portability.

Storage Facilities

The available storage area is a factor that you need to consider before deciding on the best adult tricycle to buy. This is important as the storage space directly impacts the size of the tricycle you can buy.

As expected, people with limited storage areas should consider getting a small tricycle. On the other hand, if you are not restricted by storage space, you have the liberty to purchase a trike of any size.

Other factors to consider in Shopping for an adult tricycle:

  • Frame: the metal should be strong and durable, like carbon steel which will enable it to carry your weight without failure

  • Wheels: make sure that the wheels are well suited for your weight and the terrain you will be using the tricycle.

  • Shocks: people that will often be riding over uneven and rough terrain need this feature. It will help cushion the effect of the road and make the ride smooth.

  • Gears: gears are not necessary for people that will ride on smooth and flat terrain. You, however, cannot tackle hills with a tricycle that does not have gears, especially if there are loads.

  • Brakes: these are essential, and one should prioritize them. There are trikes with double brakes in which there will be a brake on the pedal and the handlebar. This is important to your safety.

  • Ergonomic: This has to do with the contact the user will have with the tricycles. Are the seats comfortable? Is it easy getting into the trike? Will you be comfortable pedaling? Does the handlebar suit you? These are vital questions one should marry.

  • Assembly: you might need to have some assembly, no matter how little, like installing the wheels and the basket. This needs to be sweat-less, and a painless experience.

Importance of Tricycles for Adults

One of the essential things for adults and seniors is to stay fit and be active. It is important for health and can help keep many diseases off. When you consider seniors’ reduced activities and strength, they hardly get the required exercise to keep fit.

Running is not recommended as it takes its toll on the knees, hips, and other joints in the body. Also, a bicycle is not a good idea when you consider stability issues and the risk of falling.

Using a tricycle is a terrific exercise for seniors as it is easy, simple, and not overly demanding on the body. Since it comes with three wheels, users do not have to worry about stability; hence there is a little to no chance of falling. Tricycles are comfortable, and the riding position is pretty easy on the back.

Also, a tricycle has a pretty forgiving gear setup compared to a bicycle as one can pedal softly and move at a favorable and convenient speed reducing the strain on the hips and knees.

Another terrific advantage of the best trike for an adult is that they are incredibly useful. Owning it does not mean that one should dedicate a particular time to exercise. Every time you ride, you are exercise which makes it easier to incorporate it into the daily lifestyle. While riding outside to the mall, grocery store, or a friend’s place might take time, the process exercises the muscle, making you go outside, get sunlight and be active.

Best Adult Tricycle FAQ

This section sheds light on questions users might have in mind with the use of the best adult tricycle:

Q: What is an adult tricycle?
A: An adult tricycle is a bicycle with three wheels designed for people over twelve years and above. It comes with a series of features present in a bicycle as well, alongside some unique features like the construction of tires and foldable rear baskets. Etc.

They serve as a means of transport and recreational purposes as well.

Q: Is there any assembly needed for a tricycle?
A: Many times, this is a factor of the manufacturer because some models come preassembled and will be suited for use immediately after unpacking. On the contrary, some models come with separate parts that users need to assemble before use.

Again, the ease of assembly depends on the manufacturer, although one should assemble them easily without needing external help.

Q: Are tricycles easy to ride?
A: One of the ways tricycles stand out, from a bicycle, is the comfort and ease with which users can ride them. The stability is high, and they maintain a constant upright position, unlike a bicycle where the rider needs to be in motion to maintain stability.

Q: Do tricycles require elaborate maintenance?
A: There are no special maintenance routines required for use with a tricycle. However, one needs constant adjustment and routine application of lubrication. Many times, there are instructions available from the manufacturer that one can use as a guide

Q: Is it good to store a tricycle outside?
A: we will recommend using a shed for your tricycle, although this is not practical for everyone. However, if you will be storing it outside, make sure you cover it with weatherproof nylon or any available cover. It will reduce the impact of the elements on your tricycle and keep it in good condition.


This is a detailed review of the best adult tricycles available for users in 2021. We have explored everything users need to make a better and appropriate choice that will suit their needs.

Users that are not decided on the best tricycle can go with Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike. The material is strong, and the bike has proven to stand the test of time with many top-quality features. It is comfortable and will not lead to strain on a long journey.

A detailed buying guide that explores every essential user needs to consider before buying the best tricycle. It also contains a question that answers some of the user’s concerns about using an adult tricycle.

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