The 10 Best Flameless Candles of 2024

Candles add ambiance to your living room, bedroom, or dining room environment. They transform the scene around you from the usual setup to something more unique and appealing to your eyes. But there is always the concern about the fire. This is the reason why the best flameless candles are there to give you peace of mind as you enjoy the ambiance. So, what exactly is a flameless candle?

A flameless candle is simply an electric candle. Unlike the ordinary candle you are used to, this one has a flame-shaped light-emitting diode (LED) inside. Some models are even able to stimulate the real candles by twinkling or flickering. A good number of them are designed to release a scent that serves as an air freshener in your room. A few are capable of releasing insect repellent to keep you safe in the summer months.

Flameless candles are powered differently depending on the model and brand. Some are battery-powered while others are solar-powered. Most of them use the wall current to emit the light.

Some models of the best flameless candles are programmed to automatically change colors. Such candles come with a remote control to help you operate them at a distance. You can find most of them in the form of votive candles, tea lights, pillar candles, and many more. But how do you go about choosing the best flameless candles for your needs? Read through the review below to find the right answers to this question.

Best Overall: Vivii Flameless Candles Battery-powered Unscented Tealights

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If you are looking for the best flameless candles that can give you realistic illumination, look no further than Vivid Flameless Candles Battery-powered Unscented Tealights. They come in a pack of 36 beautiful LED bulbs to make your celebrations and other special occasions extra special.

Each bulb is equipped with a replaceable button cell to enable it to illuminate for up to 100 hours. This feature makes these flameless candles ideal for keeping them on throughout the night.

Also, you can place them anywhere given that they are safe and a fantastic choice for any household with children and pets. Besides, they provide a more realistic flickering effect to entice everyone even from a distance. They fit perfectly into any luminary bags, light holders, and votives, making them convenient for every occasion.

Key Features

  • A package of 35 candles to give you enough light
  • Standard sized tealight candles to fit into most tea light holders, luminary bags, and votives
  • Powered by CR2032 replaceable button cells to provide realistic illumination


  • Brand: Vivii
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Ivory
  • Power Source: Battery-powered
  • Light Source: LED
  • Product Size:10.59×10.39×2.2 inches
  • Product Weight:1.01 pounds

  • Energy-efficient LED lights
  • Long-lasting technology
  • Suitable for every occasion
  • Durability issues

Best Value: Flameless Votive Candles-Battery-Operated

Best Value: Flameless Votive Candles-Battery-Operated

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Create an unforgettable ambiance for your guests using Flameless Votive Candles from SHYMERY.

With up to 24 pieces in one pack, these LED tealight candles will not disappoint you. They are made from durable plastic material to resemble real candles. That is why each piece is designed to provide you with a realistic flicker and a white flame that sits just a few inches inside a wax candle.

Even though this set of flameless candles does not come with remote control, it is easy to operate. You just need to reach out to the on/off switch to turn on or turn off each candle to enjoy its beautiful light. These electric fake tea bulbs come with CR2032 batteries that assure you of more than 100 hours of light time.

Now that these LED lights look warm and romantic, you can use them to decorate your place. Their flickering lights will add beauty and uniqueness to your surrounding, giving you an impression of a realistic set of candles in action. With these 24 flameless candles, you will decorate your table, place them in a restaurant, use them in a garden wedding, or arrange them nicely for festival decorations.

Key Features

  • Up to 24 flameless votive candles in one pack to provide more light
  • On/off switch for easy control and operation of each light
  • Each votive measures 1.48×1.6 inches to give it a perfect fit for different votive holders


  • Brand: SHYMERY
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color:24 pieces flameless votive candles
  • Power Source: Battery-powered
  • Light Source: LED
  • Product Size:9.61ax6.1×1.97 inches
  • Product Weight:0.49 ounces

  • Non-toxic
  • Realistic flickering
  • Safe for kids, pets, and seniors
  • Cool and romantic LED lights
  • Simple and compact
  • Cheaply made
  • No remote control

Best Pick: Homemory Realistic Flickering Flameless Candle

Best Pick: Homemory Realistic Flickering Flameless Candle

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With its cool and romantic appearance, Homemory Realistic Flickering Flameless Candle transforms your living space beyond your expectation. This brand of flameless candles is ideal for all kinds of decorations ranging from weddings to parties all the way to special anniversaries and parties.

You can also use them in your bedroom and living room to create an unforgettable ambiance for your family. Also, you can place them on votive holders or glass to serve as night lights and mood lights.

These electronic lights are powered by batteries which can last for more than 100 hours. The batteries are replaced once they are depleted. All you have to do is to open the tab at the bottom of each candle to remove used up batteries and replace them with new ones.

If your concern is safety, these candles are just right for you. They are safe for your kids, pets, and even seniors.

You can use them without worrying about the flame causing fire, burning risks, or hazards associated with real candles. Most importantly, each LED tea light is thoroughly tested to make sure that it is safe in all situations you can think of. That’s why they have passed the CE certification for safety to give you confidence when using them.

Key Features

  • The flickering LED bulbs are suitable for decorations
  • On/off switch for hassle-free operation
  • More than 100 hours of battery life
  • Warm white light color to create a more natural ambiance


  • Brand: Homemory
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Warm white 12
  • Power Source: Battery-powered
  • Light Source: LED bulbs
  • Product Size:1.3×1.3×1.4 inches
  • Product Weight:5.3 ounces

  • Different timer modes
  • Suitable for a special occasion
  • Natural warm light
  • Excellent LED tea light
  • Beautiful candles that provide a sense of authenticity
  • The LEDs are a little bit bluish
  • The flicker rate is too high for some users

Best with Remote: Comenzar Flickering Candles with Remote Timer

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The powerful remote control provides easy and convenient operation for Comenzar Flickering Candles. This set of three candles is designed with safety first in mind. For that reason, you can use it without any safety concerns such as causing fire, worrying about the flame, or burning risks.

It is absolutely safe for your family, young children, and pets at home. Above all, it provides you with a perfect ambiance in the evening while relaxing.

The remote control comes in handy to give you full control of these three flameless candles without straining your back. At least you can control all candles even though they come in different sizes.

They range from 4 inches to 6 inches in height to create an amazing set up of flickering lights around you. The timer comes in to help you set each candle to automatically turn on or off at specific times within 24 hours. Amazingly, each LED light provides a whopping 50,000-hour bulb life using only three AAA advanced batteries.

With those long hours, you can use them to decorate birthday parties, Christmas, bars, hotels, weddings, and other special occasions. This is because each bulb comes with flame simulation technology that makes them blink and flicker convincingly and beautifully to impress your guests and family members.

Key Features

  • One remote control to provide easy and convenient operation for all three flameless candles.
  • The timer allows for different time settings within a 24-hour cycle
  • The flickering effect mimic real candles in action
  • LED
  • bulbs to create a realistic ambiance


  • Brand: Comenzar
  • Material: Wax
  • Color: Birch
  • Power Source: Battery-powered
  • Light Source: LED
  • Product Size:11.0X4.3X7.0 inches
  • Product Weight:12.8 ounces

  • A set of three different sizes
  • Energy-saving powerful LED bulbs
  • Provide perfect decoration
  • Easy and convenient operation
  • Smart control-candle flameless
  • Some users are concerned about the battery life.

Best Budget: Antizer Flameless Drip-Less Realistic Candles

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The realistic dancing light-emitting diodes (LED) flames make Antizer Flameless Drip-Less Realistic Candles a perfect choice for your home. The lights allow you to add some romantic or festive glow to your rooms, creating an amazing ambiance for everything around. Also, these lights are safe even in the presence of your pets and small children.

The flickering flame technology is included to create and enhance the illusion of real flames observed in real candles. The technology works for each LED light by allowing them to deliver up to 50,000 hours of light.

Each bulb is powered by two high-grade AA batteries that provide more than 400 hours of uninterrupted ambiance. Also, the same bulbs are operated by a ten-key remote control which helps set the brightness, control both moving and non-moving flame features, and set the timer in action. With the timer, you can easily schedule the candles in 2, 4, 6, or 8-hour increments, covering 24 hours.

Key Features

  • Realistic dancing LED flames to add a romantic glow to your room
  • Flickering flame technology to create an illusion of real candle flames
  • Remote control with a range of 16.4 feet for easy display of candles in confined places
  • A timer to set or schedule the time your candles turn on or off.
  • Burgundy color to blend in your home decor


  • Brand: Antizer
  • Material: Wax
  • Color: Burgundy
  • Power Source: Battery-powered
  • Light Source: LED
  • Product Size:7.7×4.4×11.3 inches
  • Product Weight:1.94 pounds

  • Sets a convenient and realistic mood lighting for your living space
  • Creates ambiance you can trust
  • Comes with flickering flame technology
  • A ten-key remote control
  • Smokeless and drip-less
  • Batteries are sold separately

Best Flame Technology: YIWER Flameless-Candles-Realistic-LED

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At a distance, YIWER Flameless Candles look like a real candle. That is when it is already lit. This is made possible with the help of flickering flame technology that creates an illusion of real flames.

The flames are usually controlled by a highly-sensitive and efficient remote control that features a timer among other functions. The timer plays a crucial role in scheduling the right time for the bulbs to turn on or off automatically. Also, this feature allows you to choose among 2, 4,6, or 8 hours timers depending on your preference.

At the same time, you can set the flameless candle to give you static flickering light or different brightness levels to create your most desired ambiance. You can place them in your lounges, bedrooms, dens, and even bathrooms because they are safe with no hassle and no mess.

Key Features

  • Timer function to schedule the lighting time
  • Remote control for convenience
  • Flickering flame technology to create an illusion of real flames


  • Brand: YIWER
  • Material: Wax
  • Color: Ivory white
  • Power Source: Battery-powered
  • Light Source: LED
  • Product Size:3.15×3,15×5.91 inches
  • Product Weight:2.07 pounds

  • Easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy and convenient operation
  • A little bit noisy
  • Not waterproof

Best Authentic Style: OSHINE Flameless Candles

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Authentic style flickering light is what makes every flameless candle unique and attractive to look at. This is the same case with OSHINE Flameless Candles that come in a set of three different sizes.

The sizes include 4 inch high candles, 5 inches high candles, and 6 inches high candles each with 3.15 inches diameter. They are made of real paraffin wax to illuminate ivory light from powerful yet energy-saving LED bulbs.

Easy to use, these magnificent sets of flameless candles are operated using a ten-button remote control device. Additionally, the timer function on the remote control gives you the freedom to set 2/4/6/8 hours to suit your needs.

The timer also enhances the automatic on or off functionality at your convenience. This is the main reason most flameless candles with LED bulbs are considered safe, reliable, and durable by many people.

They eliminate safety hazards in your life in comparison to the traditional ignition candles. These lights are a great compliment to your living space, living room, balcony, study room, kitchen, showcase, and even candlelight dinner. They can also serve as a wonderful addition to your Christmas decoration, New Year celebration, holidays, and prayer day

Key Features

  • Three different sizes of LED flameless candles
  • Authentic style flickering light to offer realistic dancing flame
  • Automatic on and off timer


  • Brand: OSHINE
  • Material: Wax
  • Color: Ivory
  • Power Source: Battery-powered
  • Light Source: LED
  • Product Size:11.18×7.28×4.21 inches
  • Product Weight:1.98pounds

  • Versatile and safe
  • No ignition is required
  • On and off circles
  • Can melt if exposed to high temperatures
  • The two AA batteries are sold separately

Best Elegant Burgundy Color: Vinkor Burgundy Real Pillar Wax Flameless Candles

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If you are looking for the perfect decorating flameless candles, Vinkor’s Burgundy Real Pillar Wax Flameless Candles have you covered. They come in a set of five flameless candles of varying sizes. Their sizes range from 4 inches to 8 inches. Each one of them is coated with real wax on the outside to give you a realistic impression of candles.

You can easily operate each candle using a powerful remote control that covers a range of 16.6 feet. Alternatively, you can control the light on these flickering candles with the help of an on/off switch.

Powered by two AA batteries, these candles can last up to 150 hours. This is long enough to serve you better. Plus, their LED bulbs can provide light for up to 50,000 hours, meaning that they are built to save you money while preserving the energy for future use.

Since your safety and that of your family members matters a lot, you need these amazing flameless candles to enjoy an everlasting ambiance with peace of mind. In other words, this set of flameless candles will take away your worries about smoke, fire hazards, stained table cloth, or messy dripping wax around your house.

In general, the Victor’s Burgundy Real Pillar Wax Flameless Candles are built to add some decoration to your dinner table, bedside table, parties, Christmas decoration, special night events, romantic dinners, and many more.

Key Features

  • Powered by two AA batteries (for each candle) to last up to 50,000 hours
  • The remote control offers hassle-free operation for all five candles
  • LED lights to save energy
  • The elegant burgundy color that matches your interior decor


  • Brand: Vinkor
  • Material: Wax coating
  • Color: Burgundy
  • Power Source: Battery-powered
  • Light Source Type: LED
  • Product Size:16.26×8.94×3.07 inches
  • Product Weight:2.16 pounds

  • Easy to use
  • Longer battery life
  • Remote control
  • Energy-saving powerful LEDs
  • Brightness out needs improvement

Best Static Flickering: Enpornk Flameless-Candles-Battery-Operated

Best Static Flickering: Enpornk Flameless-Candles-Battery-Operated

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With just one remote control in your hand, you can control every candle that makes up Enpork Flameless Candles. This set boasts different candle sizes which add up to nine. The ten-key remote timer is also part of the features that facilitate the easy and convenient operation of all candles in this set.

The same timer allows you to choose among the 2/4/6/8 hours timers depending on your needs. Also, this feature lets you select the right static flickering light options including different brightness levels.

The LED lights are battery-powered, which is why you can safely use them in your home with no worry about fires, hazards, or creating a mess all over. No wonder they are smokeless and dripless candles that are entirely safe to use around your kids, pets, and seniors. You can strategically place them on bookshelves, in your bedrooms or position them at a safe focal point in holiday wreaths.

Key Features

  • Smart control using one remote control
  • A set of nine candles with varying heights
  • Static flickering light options and 2/4/6/8 timers


  • Brand: Enpornk
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Ivory
  • Power Source: Battery-powered
  • Light Source: LED
  • Product Size:12.33×8.71×5.56 inches
  • Product Weight:3.39 pounds

  • Offers a lasting realistic flickering effect
  • Smart flameless candles
  • Smokeless and dripless flameless candles
  • Can melt when exposed to direct sunlight or source of heat

Best Flame Simulation Technology: Vinkor Flameless Candles-Battery Operated

Best Flame Simulation Technology: Vinkor Flameless Candles-Battery Operated

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Energy-saving powerful LED bulbs make Vinkor Flameless candles ideal for all occasions. This product comes in a value pack of up to nine pillar flameless candles with different sizes. The sizes range from 5 inches to 6 inches and 7 inches to 8 inches all the way to 9 inches.

Each candle has a diameter of 2.2 inches. You can control them remotely using the ten-key remote that provides you with hands-free on and off functionality for convenience. At a press of a button, you can choose the most appropriate timer hours to automatically turn on or off each candle. Aside from the remote, every LED light is battery operated using two powerful AA batteries.

Since your safety and that one of your loved ones comes first, you should not worry about this type of flameless candles. It is smokeless, dripless, and has no risks of starting accidental fires. These attributes are enough to tell you that you can use this set of candles for perfect decorating of birthday parties, Christmas celebrations, bars, weddings, hotels, and other special occasions.

Key Features

  • Flame simulation technology to create the dancing flame effect
  • Set of nine flames candles in different sizes
  • Remote control for handsfree on and off functionality experience


  • Brand: Vinkor
  • Material: Wax
  • Color: Ivory
  • Power Source: Battery-powered
  • Light Source: LED
  • Product Size:12.24×8.78×5.79 inches
  • Product Weight:0.01 ounces

  • Scent-free ambiance
  • Provide perfect decorating
  • Creates the most realistic candle experience
  • Cheaply made

Best Flameless Candles Buying Guide

It is true that there is something compelling about the ordinary burning candles. This is to say that they look appealing while glowing, have some fragrance and their aroma is something to behold.

But flameless candles are a little bit ahead thanks to their ability to emit light without flames. They are indeed a safer alternative, especially if you are concerned about leaving candles burning unattended.

Another reason why they are popular is that they will still stand out no matter how long you keep them on. The current options are all aesthetically-pleasing with their desirable features that make them convenient and practical in all situations.

With numerous flameless candles available on the market today, finding the right model for your needs can be confusing. This is usually the case if you are not sure about the features and essential considerations to look out for when purchasing these commodities.

But that should not worry you anymore now that we are here to guide you when looking for the best flameless candles money can buy. Here are the factors you need at your fingertips when choosing different models of this type of candles:

  • Design

    The design of the flameless candles you want is the first thing to consider when you walk into a store to buy these items. This seems to be the most significant feature to think about. Bear in mind that many designs are there to suit different purposes.

    For instance, some candles are meant for candlelight dinners while others are designed for parties and decoration. Regardless, they all boost up the overall appearance of a place, giving it a more appealing look than using ordinary lights.

  • Size and Type

    The best flameless candles are available in many different shapes and sizes. You may come across the square or round tea lights, tapers, votives, and pillars. All these are major types of flameless candles you should expect to find in your local store.

    Each type is designed for specific occasions. For instance, you can find large-sized packages of votive candles and tea lights to use on events such as birthday parties or weddings, and many more.

    These candles also come in unique decorative shapes that resemble lotus flowers, pine cones, and hearts. The availability of such decorative shapes is to enable you to choose the right flameless candles for specific functions at home or the workplace.

  • Wax versus Non-Wax Finish

    Even though they are flameless candles, some of these products have wax. They are usually dipped in the wax during manufacturing to create that amazing realistic matte finish. Such candles are a great choice to use indoors.

    On the other hand, you may opt for non-wax flameless candles. These models are not dipped in wax to give them a realistic appearance of candles. Instead, they have shiner colors all over their exterior. The shiny exterior appeals to your eyes and your surroundings in general. Therefore, you can choose between the waxed and non-waxed depending on where you are going to use them.

  • Flame Style

    The flame style is also a factor to consider when choosing the best flameless candles for your own use. In this case, you can settle for a moving flame or go for a non-moving flame style for certain types of flameless candles.

    To make you understand better, the moving flame style is characterized by its ability to form what looks like a dancing action. This type of movement gives you an impression of a real wax candle’s wick in action. As a matter of fact, the movement looks as realistic as what you will see in real candles.

    Alternatively, you can find the stimulated flickering in some flameless candles to be more enjoyable and attractive. Such candles have a fixed light-emitting diode (LED) bulb designed to vary in brightness in order to mimic a real candle’s flame.

    Either way, you will find this feature more fascinating and reliable than what you will experience in real candles. Both moving and non-moving flames are available in every style of candle including tapers and tea lights. Whether you decide to take a moving flame or a non-moving flame, it is a matter of preference.

  • Top and Edge Styles

    Flameless candles give you the freedom to choose between their two top styles. You can select the flat tops where the flame is fully visible or take the sunken tops. With the sunken tops, their wicks are a little bit recessed into the candle just below the top side.

    Both types come with an edge treatment. Uneven edge treatment stimulates melting wax. But the clean edge treatment mimics the true appearance of a new candle. Also, choosing any of these styles lies upon your preference and taste in different types of flameless candles.

  • Special Features

    When it comes to special features, you must look out for the timer, colors, and scent. Some flameless candles have timers that you can program using a remote control or simply turning on by a switch. The timers are usually located under the candle. They keep candles glowing for a duration of four or eight hours. However, their individual timer hours may vary according to their manufacturers.

    Flameless candles are available in a variety of colors besides white or ivory. Some have colored finishes while others have color-changing bulbs to choose from. You can use a remote to select your most preferred hue when the candles are glowing.

    Originally, flameless candles had no scent. Luckily for you, the modern versions are available in different scents. Quite a number of them come with scent-infused wax finishes. Other styles include fragrance pods designed specifically to slip inside the flameless candles’ bottom.

  • Construction Material

    When it comes to flameless candles, the materials used in their construction matter the most. These materials will determine whether you can use these candles indoors or outdoors. Those with wax bodies may look more realistic than the plastic ones, but you cannot use them outdoors most of the time. This makes plastic flameless candles to be the ideal choice for use both indoors and outdoors.

  • Brightness

    The main reason why you want to buy a flameless candle is because of its lights. In this case, you will have to choose between the more intense white light and the soft amber glow. If not, you can just buy those candles that allow you to adjust their brightness.

  • Number of Candles

    It is important to confirm the number of flameless candles in a given set before buying them. This is because having many flameless candles is a great way to light up your surroundings. That is the reason many flameless candles are in packs of three, five, nine, or 12 candles. It is advisable to choose the pack with a high number of candles to get the best value for your money while using them.

  • Candle Size

    In addition to having multiple candles, you can also decide to settle for different sized flameless candles. Some of these candles are short while others are quite tall. This means you can decide on what size to take home with you depending on your preference and the cost of each candle pack.

    The good news is that you can easily determine the size of the candles you want to buy because they are given in inches. Most of them are 4 inches, 6 inches, or 9 inches and more. These sizes are included to give you great ambiance lighting for a very long time.

  • Warranty

    Even though flameless candles may seem of little value compared to other household items, they are also meaningful in making your living space lively and well-lit. On that note, you should ensure that they are reliable and designed to serve you for a given period of time.

    As such, check their warranty period to have confidence in them. Most of them come with a 1-year warranty which is enough to give you peace of mind. Such models are meant to provide you with light for an extended period without malfunctioning or getting damaged.

  • Battery Power

    Keep in mind that most of the best flameless candles are battery-powered. This is an essential consideration to make if you want to light up your home for a long time. So you should choose the one with a powerful battery.

    Going for a cheap set of flameless candles may ruin your romantic dinner or bring your party to a stand-still. To avoid such cases, you should purchase flameless candles with longer battery life.

  • The Price

    The price should be the most critical consideration when shopping for the best flameless candles. This is because it determines your affordability as well as influencing your budget and spending power.

    Basic flameless candles are a little bit cheaper than those with extra features. The ivory or white-colored ones can go for at least $20 on average. Wax-coated, sets with remotes and color-changing candles can cost you from $20 to $25 a set.

    The most costly flameless candles range from $25 to $40 or more. Such items include a few additional candles, Bluetooth speakers, and fragrance pods. That said, choose a set of flameless candles that meets your needs and preference. Most importantly, buy those that fall within your budget.

Best Flameless Candles Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do my flameless candles’ wicks move?
A: The movement of a wick on a flameless candle is actually a realistic effect caused by a battery-powered device. The device shines one or two small LED bulbs on a moving, wafer-thin plastic version of a flame. This plastic rendition causes the flame or wick to move since it is carefully positioned on a tiny, thin wire.

The wire is connected to a small circuit board that makes a slight movement. During the entire movement of the circuit board, the LED bulbs (aimed at the wick) provide an impression of a dancing flame. This is how a flameless candle mimics the real candle when emitting light.

Q: Can my flameless candle get hot and catch on fire?
A: The answer is no. Flameless candles use LED bulbs to provide light. They cannot cause fire just on their own. Besides, they don’t get too hot to start a fire. They only become warm as they give light.

Q: How do I clean my flameless candle?
A: Dust or dirt is likely to settle into hidden places such as the faux-wick are of your flameless candle. To get rid of it, you must use a blow dryer to get our every bit of dirt. However, you should not immerse your flameless candles in water to wash them. Instead, use a damp microfiber piece of cloth to clean the outside. Alternatively, you can gently dab the whole candle’s exterior using a melamine sponge to get rid of all stains.

Q: What features make the flameless candles provide the same ambiance as those of real candles?
A: Most flameless candles are equipped with features such as wax coats and flickering flames. These two features give you an impression of a real candle, especially when making great Christmas decor, setting up a dinner table or baths.

Q: Why should I go for flameless candles and not the real candles?
A: Best flameless candles are a great choice if you have small children or pets at home. They are safe in addition to providing a similar ambiance. Another reason is that you can use them indoors and outdoors despite the prevailing weather conditions.

Q: What distance should the remote control work on my flameless candles?
A: The effectiveness of your remote control will depend on the type of candle. For instance, the pillar candles can detect the remote control up to a distance of up to15 feet away. Other types such as the votive, taper, and tea light candles will easily detect the remote control up to 10 feet away.

Q: How many flameless candles will my remote control operate?
A: A single remote control is capable of operating a variant of moving flame candles. This is possible if you place all your candles in group settings for the remote to turn them on at once. But if you separate them, you can just point at individual candles to turn it on.

Q: How long does a set of batteries for my flameless candles last?
A: The run time depends largely on the size of a battery used in a flameless candle.

Q: Can I change the LED bulbs out of the flameless candles?
A: Not at all. The LED bulbs are permanently built into their respective flameless candles. The good news is that each LED light is designed to last approximately 100,000 hours. This is long enough for all your lighting needs.

Q: How do I set the 5-hour timer function on my pillar or taper flameless candles?
A: Start by turning the flameless candle to a timer position to correspond with the desired time. This is the time you want your candle to be turned on automatically every day.

For example, if you wish your flameless candle to start its five-hour cycle every evening at 6 pm, you should turn the timer to a 6 pm position. When it comes to resetting to the on time, you can turn your candle off before turning it to the timer position to correspond with your new desired time.

To set the timer on your taper candle, you need to push the button located at the bottom of the flameless candle. Once you turn the button, the candle should go on immediately. Proceed to hold the same button for a while until the candle blinks. At this moment, your time is already set and is on for 5 hours before turning off for 19 hours every day.

The Verdict

This is the moment of truth about the best flameless candles we have reviewed above. Most of these products are designed to mimic the traditional candles in many ways but the difference comes in the type of flame used.

In this case, the flameless candles use LED bulbs as their sources of light. They are battery-powered, durable, and versatile, making them suitable for special occasions both indoors and outdoors. This brings us to our best overall flameless candles, which is Vivii Flameless Candle Battery-Powered Unscented Tealights because it comes with excellent features.

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