The 15 Best Orbital Sanders Of 2024

Of the many essential tools you need to have on your own is an Orbital Sander. We will let you know about the best orbital sanders, to choose from a wide range.

These sanders can rebuild and build any furnishing, door, staircase; you name it by carving and constructing wood and wooden planks.

Before you plan to buy one orbital sander, you need to be aware of all the models and find the one best for you. And or the toolkit collectors, we have prepared a review to facilitate your choice from the list.

The review is a guide to know about the features each comes with, so you pick up the exactly right orbital sander.

Best Overall: 3M 20317 Pneumatic Orbital Sander

Best Overall: 3M 20317 Pneumatic Orbital Sander

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The 3M Pneumatic Orbital Sander comprises features appropriate for a professional sanding job.

The powerful motor covers a diameter of 5-inch and 3/16” rotation. With the present strong abrasion, with different 3M abrasive material and other attachments, it can strongly rub and be a tenacious sander for robust projects.

The sander, designed appropriately comforts the user. The wrist support and the rubber grip help easiness in holding. The steel alloy level allows easy control of the sander with a break-off mechanism to reduce the pressure.

The thumb-simple control speed dial is the control switch. The cover of the device is stable making it less vibrating, averting any kind of stress to your hand or machine.

The built-in muffler reduces the noise. Therefore, the appliance helps you carry out sanding without hurting your eardrums or causing noise pollution.

Key Features

  • Excellent durability
  • Speed dialing possible
  • Easy and quick replacement of disc


  • Brand: 3M
  • Model: 20317
  • Size of the product: 9.62”x6.88”x4.16”
  • Weight of the product: Around 2.2 lbs.

  • Speed control is variable
  • Suitable in industrial areas
  • Efficient for industrial work
  • No vacuum functioning

Best Value: Milwaukee M18 Orbital Sander

Best Value: Milwaukee M18 Orbital Sander

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The Milwaukee M18 Orbital Sander is quite a lightweight machine weighing only 4- pounds but bigger than a few other sanders mentioned in this review. It features a comprehensive hose adapter, a 9-volt powered battery, and a box made of plastic box for dust with a filter.

The vibration control mechanism is quite strong so your hands will not be painful while using. The device being of vertical design applies to projects of different sizes. The sanding pad is 5-inch long, fairly good for operating a sander.

It can remove the material used for sanding for finishing with no botheration to the machine. The switch control is variable and operable based on the size of the project.

The dust box and the hose do a wonderful job. The sander is also simple to use. If you have a project requiring sanding of various kinds of materials, you will be happy to have one of these Milwaukee M18 sanding machines.

Key Features

  • Simple to use
  • Robust sander
  • Package includes filter


  • Brand: Milwaukee Tools
  • Model: 2648-20
  • Size of the product: 6”x11”x7”
  • Weight of the product: Around 2.7 lbs.

  • Robust engine
  • Added accessories
  • Comfortable architecture
  • Not very durable

Best Pick: DEWALT DCW210B Orbital Sander

Best Pick: DEWALT DCW210B Orbital Sander

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The DEWALT DCW210B Orbital Sander is another all-powerful tool you may be on the search for. The brand carries both corded and cordless types. The performance of the sander is appreciable possible because of the addition because of a strong 20V battery.

Like the Makati brand, the Dewalt provides a three-year warranty, which is great and a matter of satisfaction.

The construction is sturdy enough that would make you depend on the sander for quite some time. The sanding pads are also changeable due to the 8-hole structure, so you rest assure it is of a robust physique.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Dust sealed power switch
  • Easy replacement of sanding pads


  • Brand: Dewalt
  • Model: DCW210B
  • Size of the product: 8.8”x5.7”x6.3”
  • Weight of the product: Around 2.56 lbs.

  • 20V battery
  • Warranty of 3 years
  • Changeable sanding pad
  • Little heavy

Best Cordless Model: Makita 5″ XOB01Z Orbital Sander

Best Cordless Model: Makita 5

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If you want a sander that is popular in the market, Makita 5″ XOB01Z Orbital Sander should come first on the list. This company is also famous for marketing many power tools. This brand would be a superb choice cordless model.

The build is of outstanding quality rare in many premium brands. The appliance comes with a 3-year warranty; therefore it has much more longevity.

Like the other Makita XOBO1Z sanders, this is one of the best considering it being cordless. The 18-Volt powered sander makes it an efficient sanding machine.

The battery generates adequate power to run a disc of 5-inch size. However, the brand does not come with a charger. Nor does it include a battery with the package.

Key Features

  • Strong build
  • High performance
  • Warranty period long


  • Brand: Makita
  • Model: XOB01Z
  • Size of the product: 5.16”x8.07”x6.89”
  • Weight of the product: Around 2.9 lbs.

  • Simple to use
  • Appropriate design
  • Quite powerful battery
  • No charger or battery included

Makita 5” BO5041 Orbital Sander

Makita 5” BO5041 Orbital Sander

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Do you have many DIY renovation projects? This is a perfect sander to restore cabinets, furniture, and installation of deck and carpentry work. The Makita 5” BO5041 Orbital Sander performs with excellence being power and speedy appliance.

The grip allows full control and other user-friendly looks. This sander works on a 3-amp powered motor and for longevity, there is a ball bearing sealed in the machine. The appliance also features different speed dials.

The OPM capacity is in the range of 4000-12000 allowing the change of speed to a wide range based on the requirements of any particular project.

Your hands will not be painful at all because the rubberized palm grip and the pistol render comfort. It becomes easy to swirl the sander around corners and hard-to-reach places. The button can be locked to assure security while sanding.

To enable the removal of the sandpaper, the hook-look mechanism is just perfect. This is one of the apparatus; you will love to work with.

Key Features

  • Speedy
  • Efficient
  • Has pad brake


  • Brand: Makita
  • Model: BO5041
  • Size of the product: 10.8”x4.8”x6”
  • Weight of the product: Around 2.1 lbs.

  • Lightweight
  • Starts softly
  • Stop mechanism
  • Dust collection of average efficiency

DEWALT DWE6423K Orbital Sander

DEWALT DWE6423K Orbital Sander

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The DEWALT DWE6423K Orbital Sander has been produced perfectly for the DEWALT manufacturer. The motor is robust, reduces fatigue and so is the price at an affordable range.

There is the perfect way of collecting specks of dust by the inbuilt mechanism of the machine. The surroundings, therefore, remain clean, reducing pollution of air.

Due to the power of the sander, the rugged surfaces of the wood are smoothened very fast. The rotation of the pads by the motor increases its efficiency. The height of the sander is short, facilitating a close reach to the work area.

The DEWALT brand is easy and comfortable to use for you as the design takes care of fatigue. To your surprise, the price will make you happy. Get one of these impressive devices.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Reduced vibration
  • Effortless operation
  • Critical areas rubberized


  • Brand: Dewalt
  • Model: DWE6423K
  • Size of the product: 10.38”x7.25”x6.2”
  • Weight of the product: Around 4 lbs.

  • Long-lasting
  • Effortless use
  • Damage prevention rubber
  • Difficult to clean its dustbag

CRAFTSMAN CMEW231 Orbital Sander

CRAFTSMAN CMEW231 Orbital Sander

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The CRAFTSMAN CMEW231 Orbital Sander is a powerful tool suitable for all kinds of customers. It serves the purpose of high-end industrial needs and users with low budgets. This is an appreciable device if you desire an energetic sander.

The power is generated by an electric motor of 3-amp. This is a significant advantage of this orbital sander. The OPM generated is 12000, vigorous, allowing the achievement of a wide range of sanding work.

The Craftsman is a pride of the manufacturer because of its build. The warranty lasts for 3 years, allowing the use of the sander for many years without any problem.

For convenience in cleaning, the vacuum hose enclosed with the device manages the dust. Therefore, the surrounding environment remains dust-free. No worries about a polluted environment.

Key Features

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Credibly built
  • Supported by a vacuum hose


  • Brand: CRAFTSMAN
  • Model: CMEW231
  • Size of the product: 10.13”x5.5”x5.75”
  • Weight of the product: Around 3.5 lbs.

  • Robust electric motor
  • Excellent orbital speed
  • Removes paint and varnish perfectly
  • Bit noisy

Bosch Corded ROS20VSC Variable Speed Orbital Sander

Bosch Corded ROS20VSC Variable Speed Orbital Sander

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A large number of reviewers rated the Bosch Corded ROS20VSC Variable Speed Orbital Sander as the overall best. The build-up was worked out with precision to attain maximum efficiency. The speed helps achieve the project work with smoothness in no time.

The motor has a capacity of 5-amp with an OPM from 7500 to 12000. That is a great speed for achieving sanding on rough surfaces. With this capacity, it accomplishes any project with no swirl marks.

A disadvantage is a slow start of the motor at the start. However, it is very simple to use, which makes it comfortable to use.

The dust canister has a twist-off system allowing easy detachment. It pairs with a micro-filtering system keeping the work area dust-free. Like the 5-inch disc, a pad hooking mechanism is also included. For large projects, an additional purchase of a disc may be required.

The size is very convenient for both the startups and the professional sander users. We recommend it as an excellent appliance, especially for those who want to work in a dust- free environment.

Key Features

  • Suitable design
  • Constantly receptive
  • Multiple speed control


  • Brand: Bosch
  • Model: ROS20VSC
  • Size of the product: 9”x5”x6”
  • Weight of the product: Around 3.5 pounds

  • Simple to use
  • Eliminates swirl marks
  • Dust elimination by Microfiltration system
  • The slowdown of the motor at the start

Makita 5″ BO5030K Orbital Sander

Makita 5

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A wonderful sander motor is powered by a 3-amp powered motor and generating 12,000 OPM is a favorite item of many. With its power, the Makita 5″ BO5030K Orbital Sander produces 1/8-inch orbits to enable a finely finished surface.

As with the other similar sanding devices, the rubberized grip is comfortable for the hand and efficient sanding. It seals the unit of the sander to prevent the entrance of dust that leads to contamination of the machine inside.

Therefore, there is an improvement in the machine’s durability. The dust accumulator bag also keeps the sander and the surrounding environment clean.

The attractive thing about the Makita brand is the opportunity of buying a case with the purchase. This perfectly fits the sander, so you do not have to look for the right one. It can maintain gradual control of speed from the beginning with the provision of a pad system.

The limitation of the device is a single speed. A word of caution! Watch out if it heats the gasket because of extensive use.

The heat may melt the gasket and need a replacement. We feel this review of the advantages and disadvantages will help buy the belt sander you can afford. Happy shopping!

Key Features

  • Affordable
  • Rubberized handle
  • Ball-bearing is oversized


  • Brand: Makita
  • Model: BO5030K
  • Size of the product: 15”x7”x10”
  • Weight of the product: Around 2.87 lbs.

  • No vibration
  • Casing included
  • Powerful dust collection
  • Pad hooks are weak

PORTERCABLE 382 Orbital Sander

PORTERCABLE 382 Orbital Sander

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With a low budget, the PORTER-CABLE 382 Orbital Sander is worth investigating. Despite the affordable price, it features many useful and powerful functions. Who does not want a good appliance at an affordable price for their DIY projects?

The sander unit consists of a power cord and a hose adapter making it convenient to plug and work from a distant connection. The design of the sander is superb. It is very difficult to set apart the power from the other more expensive products.

The speed of the motor remains fixed, so there is no option of adjusting to do several speeds and allow sanding at variable speed in the same project.

Nevertheless, the PORTER-CABLE 382 sander is an exceptional offer, price-wise, especially for startups. The weight of the sander is also low, so sanding can be painless even if the project is big. Therefore, if you are an amateur in sanding, look at this gadget with attention.

Key Features

  • High quality
  • Strong power cord
  • Good hose adapter


  • Model: 382
  • Size of the product: 8”x9”x7”
  • Weight of the product: Around 3.6 lbs.

  • Lightweight
  • Superb design
  • Reasonable price
  • Not enough powerful for massive sanding

Ryobi One+ P411 8 Cordless Battery Orbital Sander

Ryobi One+ P411 8 Cordless Battery Orbital Sander

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The Ryobi One+ P411 8 Cordless Battery Orbital Sander is a Plus line tool. Like the other such gadgets, the machine runs with one battery only. With a single 18-volt powered battery, sanding off an extensive project is possible.

The grip handle enables you to carry out work for long hours with the least fatigue. The hop-n-loop mechanism makes the machine very efficient.

The speed of the sander makes it a marvelous piece of equipment. The 10000 OPM makes wonderful delivery of any work at hand.

The speed is a significant advantage. It not assures perfection of work but also improves productivity. With this speed, polishing of many pieces becomes possible, not thinking from low-speed sanders. Therefore, having one of these helps sand a large job with little time spent.

The in-built dust bags help neat collection of dust from the workspaces. Therefore, the burden of having to clean the work area after the day would not be a stress. Health-wise, an efficient dust collection system gives peace of mind to the user and the people around.

Key Features

  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to move around
  • Sanding pads included in power tool


  • Brand: Ryobi
  • Model: P411
  • Size of the product: 7.6”x7.3”x7.4”
  • Weight of the product: Around 3 lbs.

  • Compatible
  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight construction
  • No batteries included

SKIL SR211601 Random 5” Orbital Sander

SKIL SR211601 Random 5” Orbital Sander

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The SKIL SR211601 Random 5” Orbital Sander comes with a 2.8-amp with the capability of rotating at a speed of 13000 revolutions per minute. That is a highly dynamic machine. The design is the most appropriate.

The soft rubberized handle allows easy grip and is less pain while working with hard surfaces. The simple operation of them off and on switch reduces filtration.

The device has a perfect dust disposal system. The x-flow collection component allows dust collection in a single space without any overflow or mess. The merged design allows easy maneuvering in cramped spaces.

Added with this, the portability of the sander helps movement with ease. The speed adjusting features are simple to use, making it ideal for widely varied woodworking enterprises.

Key Features

  • Powerful
  • Highly durable
  • Ergonomic Design


  • Brand: SKIL
  • Model: SR211601
  • Size of the product: 7.87”x4.8”x5.51”
  • Weight of the product: Around 3.44 lbs.

  • Excellent motor speed
  • Simple off and on the switch
  • Strong and forceful in dust control
  • Dust canister not appreciable

TACKLIFE PRS02A Variable Speed Orbital Sander

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The TACKLIFE PRS02A Variable Speed Orbital Sander is included in our listed items because of the reasonable price. It is designed perfectly for small and medium hands.

The convenience of using this device, being small is in handling sand tight spaces. However, perfection can be anticipated in areas of work where approachability is ideal.

The motor is capable and promises excellent sanding. The speed reduces the pressure you would otherwise have to apply, supporting your comfort.

Further, design makes it get rid of vibration, brought about by the rubber pads. Therefore, the health problem preventive caused by massive vibration is in place.

A disadvantage, claimed by users is the flimsy dust collector. This is susceptible to easy damage, requiring replacement often. We recommend you give a smart look before you bring home a product.

Key Features

  • Robust motor
  • Innovative design
  • Good dust collection


  • Brand: TACKLIFE
  • Model: PRS02A
  • Size of the product: 11”x6.3”x4.9”
  • Weight of the product: Around 4.78 lbs.

  • Innovative design
  • Great performance
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Flimsy dust collector

BLACK+DECKER BDERO100 Random Orbital Sander

BLACK+DECKER BDERO100 Random Orbital Sander

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The BLACK+DECKER BDERO100 Random Orbital Sander is an affordable machine preferred by many. However, with the 2-amp powered motor, the speed is not up to the expectation. It is slower than other sanders.

The device also features a hook-n-loop system of changing the disc. The dusting system as efficient as the other sanders and retains the machine and the environment from becoming dusty and polluted.

Moreover, an in-built dust bag holds the excess dust generated during polishing. The vacuum cleaner that sucks the dust efficiently is also built-in. Thus, the work area remains clean even after extensive sanding.

A big disadvantage is the absence of a variable speed controlling mechanism. Use the same full speed no matter what is comfortable for you.

Further, the sender does not have additional control. One thing to look out for! Using the sanding machine without the pad is likely to damage the disc. This random sander works well in tiny projects.

Key Features

  • This is very affordable
  • In-built dust collection
  • An added dust collection bag


  • Brand: Black & Decker
  • Model: BDERO100
  • Size of the product: 7”x5”x6”
  • Weight of the product: Around 3.16lbs.

  • Simple controls
  • Compact design
  • Easy to change disc
  • Absence of side handle
  • Differential speed control absent

TACKLIFE PRS01A Orbital Sander

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As the name suggests the TACKLIFE PRS01A Orbital Sander is an orbital sander that works by rotation. It is excellently designed with 6-speed variability, which raises to a speed of 13,000 revolutions per minute (rpm).To your dismay; it is a very speedy sander.

Although not the utmost solid sander, you will appreciate it for it being easy in handling. The smallness lets on an easy approach to corners and narrow spaces with ease. To allow stress-free and to reduce fatigue, the rubberized glove is a great advantage.

The roller and the ball are beneficial. The arms and ears are relieved as the vibration and the noise is minimal.

The manufacture of TACKLIFE PRS01A has added sandpaper to the package. However, there is no carrying case with the unit. The dust gathering system is a disadvantage as it is not up to standard as claimed by the manufacturer. On a test trial, the surrounding became dusty because of the spread of sawdust.

Again, the sander is not appropriate for sanding walls. The particles in the wall are too tiny for efficiently dragging inside the structure. The bag used for collection is also problematic to handle. Taking off and putting in the dust bag is painful for some. The small power cord does not allow movement to long distances. It is a good quality sander.

Key Features

  • Speedy
  • Compact
  • Lightweight


  • Brand: TACKLIFE
  • Model: PRS01A
  • Size of the product: 10.1”x6.6”x4.9”
  • Weight of the product: Around 3.4 lbs.

  • Sandpaper provided
  • Roller and ball construction
  • Multiple accessories included
  • Difficult to manage dust bag
  • Dust collection bag not appreciable

Best Orbital Sanders Buying Guide – How To Choose Like A Pro?

Of course, you want to buy an excellent tool that will do your sanding job in your wood-based projects.

As there is a demand from the users on sophisticated tools, the manufacturers are also becoming alert and giving newer models to the market.

Without the correct information, choosing a good one by just walking into the store may not be worth the money spent.

Be a professional, seasonal, or startup, you would like to work with the instrument. In our review, we have highlighted some key features below, to build your confidence in buying the foremost orbital sander.

  • Motor Power

    The foremost feature you need to consider in buying a tool is motor power. That is the engine, the strength of which tells you about the efficiency, performance, reliability, and durability of any equipment including the orbital sander.

    Good to know, the motor of the sander is very important as it regulates the speed and that relates to the achievement of the woodwork.

    Most of the motors work with 2-5 amps capacity motor. The higher the delivering power of the motor, the higher the orbits or rotation the pad makes every minute. This translates into the swift sanding pace of the sander.

  • Fixed Speed Versus Shifting Speed

    An important decision you will need to make is whether you want your orbital sander to have an immovable/fixed or shifting/variable speed control mechanism. Both types are popular, having pros and cons, but it is worthwhile to understand the technology to end up with the right choice.

    With experience, you will become conscious that the speed is vital as the sanding surface on which the machine will work differs, requiring variable speeds.

    The immovable or fixed type offers only one-speed, mostly OPM of 10,000-12,000. This OPM is ideal for ordinary sanding work.

    The sanders with variable speed are highly efficient with an OPM range of 4000 to 12000. The speed range allows not only regular sanding of the surface but also finishing and polishing.

    You should be happy with such a speedy sander, as it will allow you to work in projects requiring different orbital sander speeds.

  • Speed Range

    The range of speed is vital. Unlike the orbital sanders of fixed speed, the orbital groups of sanders also offer several speeds for ideal carving and finishing. However, keep in mind the material you are going to apply the sander for in a particular project.

    In coarse and rough surfaces, a high-speed range (10000-12000OPM) is a considerable advantage.

    The best speed for finishing is 6,000 to 10,000. The optimum speed for polishing on exterior soft surfaces is 4000-6000 OPM. Therefore, choosing a sander with the right speed range depends on the work you want to achieve.

  • Comfortable Grip

    When you have a sanding job, you need to hold the handle of the sander for a long time. Therefore, you need a comfortable and easy grip, or it might slip off your handle. A loose hold on the handle is also stressful, as you need to use your effort for a long time.

    An easy-grip depends on two factors that are the design and the size of the handle. To test your feeling, you need to hold the handle.

    The strength you exert to hold it in using will let you know if the particular handle size is the most appropriate for you.

    The manufacturer offers rubberized molded handle grips to comfort the hand. You will find a few orbital sanders with an additional handle in front to allow support to your other hand while working. While on a buying spree, consult the review and find out all the offers. Take the one that suits you best.

  • Vibration

    The mechanism on which a sander works is inevitable to generate a lot of vibration and noise. A lot of vibration for a long time will not only be uncomfortable to you but also hurt the tool.

    However, you can look for models with reduced vibration that will give relief to your hands from the shivering sensation in your hand. Usually to lessen vibration they attach a fluffy rubber mold to the grip.

  • Dust Collection

    Like other sanding machines, sanding with orbital sanders also generates a good amount of sawdust from wood. Therefore, an appropriate dust collection mechanism is inbuilt into the system. The system is more efficient.

    Instead of a dust collection bag, the sander has a canister that is removable for cleaning. Besides, excellent models contain an attachment to facilitate the use of vacuum cleaners, a very convenient way of getting rid of the waste sawdust.

    However, while buying check the addition of the size of the nozzle, which should fit in the shop-vacuum nozzle. An adapter can also be applied to hook on and use the shop-vac.

  • Cord Length

    A long extension wire is always convenient to have with an orbital sander. They exclude the need for extension cords to hook on to a remote electrical connection. A 12-foot cord is convenient; check out if the length is enough to suit your settings. However, it would not be right to sacrifice quality for an extension cord.

Types Of The Best Orbital Sanders Out There!

The models of orbital sander vary in several features. They may be different, the shape of the base, and the manner of how sandpapers attach to the machine.The bases are square, oblong, or triangular.

A Velcro or side fixture attaches the sandpaper to the sanding machine. The OPM ranges from 6000 – 26000 in orbital sanders.

The list shows the various kinds of orbital sanders available in the market.

Orbital sanders: are perfect for DIY enthusiasts. It is a low-priced one ranging from 6000 to 26000 with excellent finishing.

A rotary sander: is floor-mounted or held by a hand, head turn in a circular motion. It is safe to operate on all surfaces. It allows finishing on edges. It achieves mirror-like finishing.

Multi sanders: are up-gradation of all earlier models. They perform in a similar way to rotary; molds and sand corners with the help of an adapter. A very modern gadget, love by DIY explorers. Good for hard and uneven surfaces.

A mouse sander: is small. It clutches to the hand palm because of the small size. Quite a powerful tool, sands in unapproachable places. It includes accessories like self-adhesive sandpaper and other essentials.

The Best Selling Brands Of Orbital Sanders!


    One of the renowned names in computerized electronics is Black&Decker. They established the company in 1910, achieving name and fame for the quality of their products.

    It is the best electronic device producing concern. The company produces devices inside a home. The objective of the brand is to make each device perfect.

  2. BOSCH

    BOSCH is a privately owned company, established by famously known Robert Bosch. The company is famous for its finest products.

    The brand has grown on German technology, having distributors around the world. The sander machines of BOSCH are powerful and highly energy-efficient.


    DEWALT is an American company famous for specializing in the manufacture of many tools. There are hand and automatic tools wide a wide range of features and applications.

    Professionals go for DEWALT sanders because of their important features. The sanders have batteries with long life and speed controls. The company exports products to other countries.


    This is a leading Japanese company using the best technology to produce a whole range of quality electronics.

    The MAKITA brand is famous worldwide because of its wide range of electronic products. MAKITA manufactures for customers of all kinds. The orbital sanders come for DIY and big construction firms.

Tips On Maintenance Of An Orbital Sander!

To appreciate the usage of orbital sanders for a long time, and with efficiency, you must maintain. However, we recommend, you follow the tips laid down below.

  • Handle your orbital sander with care. While moving to the workplace, do not race it down or move backward and forward. Otherwise, the tool will have scratches and not operate with smoothness if it affects the sanding part.
  • While moving from coarser to smoother sanding, evade skipping gravel or grit of 1 grade. We advise this to achieve the required smoothness of the work done. As an example, you can escape 120 when shifting from 100 to 150-grit size but should not go up to 220- grit.
  • Keep the surface of the sander clean with a vacuum cleaner and brush. We advise if there is any grit, particles trapped inside the machine. Cleaning is essential between sanding every level of grit. The best practice is to wipe clean as you would to the home furniture.
  • Do not bring the tip of the sander close to the edge, and in narrow spaces. Hold the tool around the neck of the tool to avoid scratches. Go through rounded areas and corners with ease.
  • While sanding extensive areas, go for overlapping passes. Sand each area of grit entirely to achieve a flat, glazy surface.
  • After completion of orbital sanding, do some hand sanding so no swirling marks are remaining. Alternatively, you can use only the disc instead of using your hand.
  • If there are uniform grits, a high-quality disc is suggested. The low-cost disc cut deeply leaving noticeable scratches. The better the quality will last a long time and ultimately save money.
  • Use heavy gloves when handling the sander. Otherwise, you may scratch and itches. The anti-vibration hand gloves allow safe sanding with no painful hands.

FAQs About The Best Orbital Sanders!

Q: How Can We Use The Orbital Sander?
A: The diverse purpose of the orbital sander range from sanding, smoothening, and polishing to surfaces.

The swirling mechanism of the sander perfectly finishes wood, plastic, and metal surfaces. The sanding machines are lightweight and quite easy to operate.

Q: Can You Differentiate An Orbital And A Random Sander?
A: The differences between the two types of sander are in the working mechanism and functionality. The orbital sander smoothens rough surfaces by circular motion whereas random orbital sanders move backward and forward to smoothen. It is the movement technology of the sanding part, which makes the two different.

Q: Is An Orbital Sander Worth Having?
A: The square shape is an identifying feature of orbital sanders. This facilitates reaching corners and edges. It can cut the regular sandpaper to size instead of customized orbit discs.

The orbital type is less aggressive. Therefore, it is difficult to scratch off the tough material.

Q: Which Is Better, The Orbital Or The Palm Sander?
A: Orbital sanders perform better on large extended areas the palm sander performs best in smaller areas. Orbitals do the job faster covering a bigger area.

The Palm sanders perform better in smoothening. Both are good in the respective sanding, the size being greatly different.

Q: When Should An Orbital Sander Be Used?
A: An orbital sander smoothens and polishes a variety of surfaces. It works by circular movement and ends with a swirl-free finish. The swirl mechanism of the orbital sander removes the dust that builds up during sanding.

Q: Which Is Better, The Sheet Or Orbital Sander?
A: The sheet sander is used to give the last changes after work is done. Sheet sanders use sheets of sandpaper for abrasion whereas the orbital uses sanding discs.

Both use a circular motion to sand. The orbital sanders are more adaptable and functional which them a perfect tool for people who want a single sanding tool. The orbital is becoming more popular among DIY and professionals.

Q: Does An Orbital Sander Leave Swirl Marks?
A: Even with following all the process of sanding carefully, the random sander (orbit) leaves very faint marks after finishing.

We recommend that after going to 220-grit, finish by hand sanding with the use of a flat block. So, orbital sanders perform quite well with almost no sign of swirling.

Even if hand polishing is not possible for sizeable areas, the orbital sander leaves a good job behind.

Q: Why Is It That An Orbital Sander Departs With Swirl Marks?
A: Occasional swirl marks may remain after sanding if something attaches in between the wood and the sandpaper.

Alternatively, a small grit or large dust may also leave swirl marks. It is better to transport the sander at a slow pace as moving quickly may lead to visible swirl marks.

Always remember to take care of the sander in the complete process of sanding for a perfect finish of the wood.

Q: What Is A Better Tool, The Drum Or The Orbital Sander?
A: The orbital sander performs perfectly in smoothening a floor to give it a new finish with a topcoat. The typical rectangular surface allows the machine to move to corners and edges much better than the drum sanders.

Q: Is It Possible To Avail A Random Sander (Orbital) Or Refinishing Hardwood Floors?
A: For a DIY project, hardwood floor finishing works best by a random sander. Although it takes a lot more time to get rid of old paints, than it would be by drum sanders, they are likely to cause less damage to the wood floor.

Again, you need a little experience in using the random sander. Using the random orbital sander to refinish is the best option.

Q: What Is An Ideal Method Of Sanding Wood?
A: Never sand unfinished with fine sandpaper. To start, the medium paper is best for sanding. Then move to the finer grades. On the raw wood surface, sand with paper number 120 to 150-grit sandpaper towards the wood grain.

Proceed to finer grit paper number 220 for finer polishing. Therefore, sanding of rougher surfaces starts with lower grit numbers and advances to higher grades for finer sanding.

Q: What Is Known As Dustless Sanding Of Floor?
A: Wondering what exactly is the meaning of dustless sanding? The process is simply great. Sanding results in much less dust generation. During sanding, a lot of dust from the wood fills the air.

Because of a system of catching dust, around 99% collects in the dust container. With emptying of the dustbin/bags or containers, the environment remains dust-free.

Q: Is It Necessary To Wet The Wooden Surface Before Sanding?
A: Yes, water aids in smooth sanding. All the dust, dirt, and impurities eliminate from the surface because o wetting.

You do not wash with soaking water, just enough to create a dust-free wet surface or whatever holds to the sandpaper. The wet surface facilitates smooth sanding, allowing the job an easy one.

Q: Is It Necessary To Have A Variable Speed Orbital Sander For Me?
A: The variable velocity orbital sander as the name suggests has variable speed options. Why would you need it?

The wide adjustability of achieving several results and finishing is worth the cost. The speed range is a significant advantage in using the tool for all kinds of sanding.

Q: What Is The Cost Of A Single Orbital Sander?
A: The cost range is $29.92-$249.00. On average, an orbital sander costs $94.71. You can choose one from this range of prices. However, look out for the one that suits your purpose.


The best orbital sanders are available to face the competition of the market. Further the demand from users for quality and durable product; have placed manufacturers on the go in research and development of high delivery products.

However, with the review at hand, you will be confident in purchasing a topmost orbital sander.

In the group of orbital sanders, the winning item is 3M 20317 Pneumatic Orbital Sander. The next best one is Milwaukee M18 Orbital Sander. All the products have specific features built with a mind to satisfy and please the customers. Your choice would reckon on your need, the load you have, and the duration of your use.

The review has critically shown the pros and cons. Consider those when you are thinking of the output you want from your sander. Further, consider the gripping as very important as your comfort matters.

As for accessories, sandpaper disk with the product. Check all necessary items so your package is complete.

You may also need to know if the pads need replacement after some use. The orbital sanders have a warranty card, so do not forget to pick them for your satisfaction.

It is better to look into the pros and cons before you buy the tool. A sandpaper disk comes with the appliance but you need to know whether the disk pads are changeable. There should be a warranty with each tool, so make sure you get one with your tool.

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