The 15 Best Motorcycle Helmets of 2024

It is clear that wearing the best motorcycle helmet is the perfect way to guard you against the face and head injuries due to motorcycle accidents. Based on research, 33% of motorcycle deaths might be avoided if the rider were wearing a top-quality helmet.

All of us know the significance of helmets; still, sometimes we ignore them. The cause may be because we come to feel uncomfortable when wearing this.

To guarantee a secure riding experience, Motorbike helmets are necessary. They guard you against head injuries and some other severe accidents.

An enormous variety of such helmets can be found in the marketplace. Let’s select the top motorcycle helmet. In this post, you will find a buying guide to help you choose the right one easily.

Picking the best helmet may be a challenging task because there are several options to pick from. But do not stress as we are here to help the procedure of discovering the ideal one easy through our in-depth research.

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Best Overall: Daytona DOT Approved Half Face Motorcycle Helmet

Daytona DOT Approved Half Face Motorcycle Helmet

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The Daytona DOT Approved Half Face Motorcycle Helmet is definitely the best option for the riders who love to use a half helmet.

This is designed in a black flat surface which looks superb when you wear. Its shell is manufactured from polycarbonate. It is extremely comfortable and lightweight to use. At the same time, it has impact-absorbing comfort liner.

It may be fairly thicker compared to the some, yet it is great for protection. There’s no need to add liner along with it. For ensuring comfort, it comes with adjustable chin sharp, and this helmet is great to see through when you use goggles.

This helmet has DOT certificate to ensure that it can fulfill the regulations. Since it has the DOT certification, you are guaranteed to have a safe & secure helmet. However, this helmet weighs in at 1.8 pounds.

There is no doubt that it is pretty lightweight. This will save the neck exhaustion from heavy helmet. You will find many different sizes available, and you can easily choose the ideal size for use.

Key Features

  • Flat black color
  • Liner is impact absorbent
  • The chin strap is adjustable


  • Brand: Daytona
  • Visor: Yes
  • Type: Half Face
  • Product size: 12.01″x10″x7.99″
  • Product weight: Approximately 1.8 pounds

  • Priced properly
  • Has a chin strap
  • Well constructed
  • Pretty comfortable
  • It comes with storage bag
  • It is somewhat heavier and bigger

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Best Value: YEMA YM-925 Unisex DOT Approved Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

YEMA YM-925 Unisex DOT Approved Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

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This YEMA YM-925 Unisex DOT Approved Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is manufactured from ABS shell which has lightweight properties as well as exerts less pressure on the neck and head muscles of a rider. Additionally, it is a strong and durable material which can endure high impacts without shattering.

At the same time, it is available in many different sizes which range from small to large. The choices for color are limited because it is available in black and white colors only.

Helmet design, on the other hand, is aerodynamic which implies that it decreases wind resistance while riding at higher speed and helps to control traffic and air noise significantly.

This has an extremely strong and versatile chin strap that is strengthened and made out of multi-density materials to offer extra safety.

YEMA YM-925 Unisex DOT Approved Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet has a well-built ventilation system along with specialized vents.

Key Features

  • Has ABS shell
  • It is DOT certified
  • Ideal ventilation system


  • Brand: YEMA
  • Visor: Yes
  • Type: Full Face
  • Product size: 14.2″x10.6″x10.6″
  • Product weight: Approximately 3.7 pounds

  • Twin tinted visor
  • Twin-density adjustable chin strap
  • Has a well-built ventilation system
  • The inner padding is hard

Best Pick: AHR Flip up Full Face Modular Blue Motorcycle Helmet

AHR Flip up Full Face Modular Blue Motorcycle Helmet

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AHR Flip up Full Face Modular Blue Motorcycle Helmet is on this list because of its amazing features and sturdiness. This helmet is preferred by most of the riders as it allows a first-class ABS shell.

This modular helmet features a modular flip-up design for exposing your face in the “open-face” mode.

When it comes to eye protection, this helmet has dual visors design having an inner dark visor and clear front visor to use according to the environment. Its front visor features high and tough elastic for excellent impact resistance.

This modular helmet has a washable and removable inner liner as well as cheek pads for keeping it clean. Also, it keeps the odor and dust away.

There are a great number of features available with this AHR Flip up Full Face Modular Blue Motorcycle Helmet. Such features will ensure you a safe motorcycle ride.

To hold this helmet in position, the product features a strengthened chin strap together with a fast-release buckle for wearing and removing conveniently. This modular motorbike helmet is DOT approved too.

Key Features

  • Includes ABS shell
  • The internal dark visor is adjustable
  • The cheek pads and liner are removable


  • Brand: AHR
  • Visor: Yes
  • Type: Full Face
  • Product size: 14.02″x10.87″x10.63″
  • Product weight: Approximately 3.5 pounds

  • It is affordable
  • Approved by DOT
  • Includes washable liner and air vents
  • The sizing is not accurate

YEMA YM-926 DOT Approved Bluetooth Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

YEMA YM-926 DOT Approved Bluetooth Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

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Not to mention, optically challenged bikers will say that discovering a motorcycle helmet that fits snugly but allows you to wear spectacles is a challenging task.

YEMA YM-926 DOT Approved Bluetooth Full Face Motorcycle Helmet lets you have a satisfying ride because you can easily personalize whatever you like.

It is because this helmet has additional space for the Bluetooth devices or even your glasses just for superior vision.

It’s antibacterial lining, on the other hand, is easily detachable and can be cleaned without getting broken.

This helmet is manufactured from long-lasting ABS material that doesn’t break easily. Its 2 ring buckles and chin strap are additionally made of first-class material making this helmet durable.

There are a great number of riders who suggest YEMA YM-926 DOT Approved Bluetooth Full Face Motorcycle Helmet for an awesome ride.

To put it briefly, the helmet has exceeded our expectations, It performs much better compared to other helmets out there. You won’t make a mistake if you choose this amazing motorcycle helmet.

Key Features

  • It is lightweight
  • Includes sun visor strategy
  • The chin strap is reinforced


  • Brand: Yema
  • Visor: Yes
  • Type: Full Face
  • Product size: 14.2″x10.6″x10.6″
  • Product weight: Approximately 3.74 pounds

  • A dual & unique visor system
  • The cheek pads are removable
  • The chin strap is reinforced with fast-release buckle
  • The switches are hard to find at first

ILM Full Face Bluetooth Integrated Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet

ILM Full Face Bluetooth Integrated Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet

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This ILM Full Face Bluetooth Integrated Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet contains two integrated speakers with stereo full sound. This features a “one-touch” command for calling, replying, and rejecting the calls.

This provides 8 hours talk time as well as 110 hours battery standby. The incoming calls will over-ride the GPS audio, music, and intercom.

The Bluetooth and intercom unit performs well. On the whole, it is user-friendly. The speakers, on the other hand, are pretty clear and sound is great even at the high speeds.

Bluetooth control, believe it or not, is effortless to use even if you have gloves on. The battery life will make you amazed.

Furthermore, it features FM radio that is handy if you do not have enough time to set your gadget with its Bluetooth unit.

But, the bass of the speakers is not very loud. The charging ports for Bluetooth battery can break. At the same time, this helmet is somewhat heavy, and this can fog up while it is hot and you are sitting at the light.

Key Features

  • Trustworthy ventilation
  • One-touch effortless control
  • Approved by DOT and ECE standards


  • Brand: ILM
  • Visor: Yes
  • Type: Full Face
  • Product size: 13.8″x10.2″x9.8″
  • Product weight: Approximately 4.4 pounds

  • Low price
  • Perfect for daily use
  • Can be utilized as a flip-up and full-face
  • Durable design with the basic certifications
  • This can be an excellent option if you need for extreme riding
  • The safety feature is somewhat skeptical

Daytona Skull Cap Half Face Motorcycle Helmet

Daytona Skull Cap Half Face Motorcycle Helmet

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If you love the comfort and ease of amazing ventilation and lightweight design, then Daytona Skull Cap Half Face Motorcycle Helmet is the ideal choice to suit your needs.

As it is a DOT authorized helmet, it offers impressive safety for which it has been getting huge compliments from the motorcyclists. This safety gear is available in multiple colors and sizes, thus you choose whichever fits your needs best.

The design of this Daytona Skull Cap Half Face Motorcycle Helmet makes it easy to fit your head properly inside of this gear.

It will fit flawlessly on the head when you find a way to choose the proper size.

It is pretty snug to wear due to internal paddings. Throughout hot days, the head will stay comfy and cool because of its moisture-absorbing fabric.

It is easy to adjust its chin strap so that you can prevent this from pinching the chin or even pulling the hair.

On the other hand, straps are sturdy, thus they will hang on firmly even during the high-speed ridings, and the fast release will work amazingly.

Though Daytona Skull Cap Half Face Motorcycle Helmet can’t offer the same safety as the full helmet, it is as great as the half helmets.

Key Features

  • Comfortable
  • It looks awesome
  • Outstanding fast release strap
  • Wonderful wicking properties


  • Brand: Daytona
  • Visor: Yes
  • Type: Half Face
  • Product size: 12″x9.5″x6.8″
  • Product weight: Approximately 1.75 pounds

  • Very inexpensive
  • Comes with top-class features
  • It has been proven to be safe & durable
  • It is extremely lightweight and compact
  • None

WindJammer PL82 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

WindJammer PL82 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

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The WindJammer PL82 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet sold all over the world & built with an extremely silicon sticky band that works genuinely.

This motorcycle helmet offers you optimum safety. It comes with a variety of features as well. Also, it offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Significantly reducing commotion weakness and wind thunder, it has 2-way vented to decrease visor moistening. It is absolutely essential for all levels of motorcycling.

Its smooth band doesn’t check or even remove any accumulation on heat protector as well as is good for the full face head protectors.

This gives an advanced concept of driving consolation and created from non-absorbing microcellular water-resistant neoprene with super plush soft toweling inner lining for extra comfort.

It reduces wind drafts and commotion. It is 2-way vented, thus fits in a few seconds.

No tape or cement required. It is created from four-way extend extremely delicate water-resistant neoprene. This WindJammer PL82 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is guaranteed to blow your mind.

The Windjammer also is defined to reduce wind drafts, clamor, and provides a comfortable fit around your lower facial areas and neck. It is available in black color.

Key Features

  • It is fairly cheap
  • Decreased wind noise
  • Manufactured from high-quality materials


  • Brand: Prolineonline
  • Visor: No
  • Type: PL82
  • Product size: 10.71″x6.93″x1.65″
  • Product weight: Approximately 2.82 ounces

  • Simple to install
  • Decreases the wind noise
  • This ensures 100% guarantee
  • It can be very hot in summer

Bell Qualifier Black Full-Face Large Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Qualifier Black Full-Face Large Motorcycle Helmet

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Bell is one of the top helmet producers that is reputed for providing more than 12 months warranty on the products. Because of this, I think that they make professional headgears.

Bell Qualifier Black Full-Face Large Motorcycle Helmet features a professional wind collar which reduces noise that’s caused by the wind and even other riders while traveling. It makes it quiet, thus pretty comfortable.

Its shield is high quality and unique. It is manufactured with material that guards you against fog and ultraviolet rays. Also, it doesn’t scratch easily in comparison to shields created from cheap fabric.

Just like other motorcycle riders, you would need a gear that has easy-to-wash pads.

Furthermore, this Bell Qualifier Black Full-Face Large Motorcycle Helmet does not dissatisfy as the internal materials can easily be taken off and washed.

Though the helmet includes a pretty clear shield on the purchase, you would possibly get a colored one too for your exciting adventures.

Key Features

  • The inner padding is detachable and washable
  • Has a cushioned wind collar for reducing noise
  • ABS and Polycarbonate for compact Shell Construction


  • Brand: Bell
  • Visor: Yes
  • Type: Full Face
  • Product size: 15.28″x11.34″x11.42″
  • Product weight: Approximately 2.1 pounds

  • It is inexpensive
  • It is lightweight
  • Has an aerodynamic design
  • Includes anti-scratch, anti-fog visor
  • It is noisier than its competitors

1Storm HB89 Full Face Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet

1Storm HB89 Full Face Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet

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This is the most fulfilling helmet available on the marketplace which has been able to hit the best harmony between quality and price.

1Storm HB89 Full Face Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet is a simple but awesome looking helmet. With an excellent design, you can count on it to guard your head against brutal impacts.

Not forgetting, the modular element of this gear works perfectly, letting you use this as open-face or full-face helmet whenever you want.

This features internal padding for additional comfort. They’re detachable, thus cleaning them is quite easy.

This helmet comes with several easy-to-adjust vent switches for controlling the airflow. Therefore, you will not sweat inside as well as find it effortless to breathe.

On top of that, it is approved by DOT, so it is guaranteed to fulfill the safety requirements. The flip-down shades work pretty impressively because they avert the rays of the sun effectively from impeding the vision in the daytime.

Also, this helmet is pretty effective at decreasing the whistling noise of wind during the speedy rides. Forget about annoying noise! For full-face motorcycle helmet, it is pretty lightweight, so it hardly places any extra weight on the head. This is the best motorcycle helmet [d5] out there.

Key Features

  • Decreases wind noise
  • It is very snug to wear
  • Simple to deal with the airflow


  • Brand: 1Storm
  • Visor: Yes
  • Type: Full Face
  • Product size: 15″x11.3″x10.9″
  • Product weight: Approximately 4 pounds

  • Inexpensive
  • Double lens design
  • Comes with lovely glossy finish
  • The paddings are detachable and washable
  • Its ventilation is a bit questionable

ILM 902 Dual Visor Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

ILM 902 Dual Visor Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

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This ILM 902 Dual Visor Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is praised highly for several outstanding features that you can find only in the higher-priced products.

This offers enhanced safety and tension-free rides because it is built ingeniously to guard you against all types of accidents!

Regarded as the top modular helmet out there, you can turn this into open-face helmet instantly if you want to enjoy the airflow. This provides extra comfort too.

Being designed with ABS material, it is a powerful helmet, able to withstand a tremendous amount of force so it will not crack or break easily.

This comes with dual smart visors. Furthermore, you would find this to be very comfortable to use as cheek pads tend to be pretty lightweight and soft. They can easily be removed thus you can clean them whenever you desire.

On top of that, the lightweight and sleek design of this helmet decrease the level of noise significantly, letting you focus on the route without any discomfort. Considering how many features it provides, it is almost unsurpassed for the cost.

Key Features

  • It has dual visor
  • Available in different colors
  • It is a DOT-approved modular helmet


  • Brand: ILM
  • Visor: Yes
  • Type: Full Face
  • Product size: 15.7″x11.2″x11.5″
  • Product weight: Approximately 4.5 pounds

  • Pretty lightweight
  • Reduced level of noise
  • The cheek pads are washable
  • Anti-scratch and Anti-fog visor
  • It has lock issue

AHR Half Face DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmet

AHR Half Face DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmet

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AHR Half Face DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmet is the most affordable motorcycle helmet which I have found after researching on the web for a long time.

This helmet can cover half of your face only. Because of this, it is pretty lightweight and it will not trouble you while you ride. It weighs in at 1 pound only, thus making this the least heavy protective gear out there.

AHR features a chinstrap to fasten the gear across your head. It is necessary as it stops the device from swinging that would be unsafe and uncomfortable.

This is manufactured from higher-density material which makes it snug for almost any weather. Its visor on cap also can be taken out based on your interest.

A very important thing regarding this helmet is it fulfills the DOT regulations. Therefore, this helmet is safe. This meets all safety standards which the DOT has fixed for such products.

Key Features

  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight gear
  • Made of high-density internal material


  • Brand: AHR
  • Visor: Yes
  • Type: Half Face
  • Product size: 11.8″x8.8″x6.7″
  • Product weight: Approximately 1 pound

  • Affordable
  • It is comfortable
  • Its design is lightweight
  • The chinstrap is highly adjustable
  • The neck safety is minimal

O’Neal SIERRA II Off-Road Unisex-Adult Motorcycle Helmet

O'Neal SIERRA II Off-Road Unisex-Adult Motorcycle Helmet

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If you’re among those adventure nerds who just need adventure while riding a motorcycle but with safety, here comes this O’Neal SIERRA II Off-Road Unisex-Adult Motorcycle Helmet.

Without any doubt, this is the best option for sport rides, adventure rides, off-road driving, and so on. Helpful use of the ABS guarantees the sturdy construction of this helmet with an enhanced moisture-absorbing mechanism which makes wearing this helmet pretty comfortable on sunny days.

Certainly, the channeled liner inside this helmet is quickly detachable and washable that increases the hygienic zone of this headgear.

This is designed with several vents for supreme ventilation. Combined with the built-in face shield, also you get UV guarded shield that can be replaced easily with the built-in one.

Its dual D safety locking mechanism guards this headgear in position, which makes wearing this quite simple.

Key Features

  • Has a sporty look
  • Integrated face shield
  • For added comfort, it has cushioned chin strap


  • Brand: O’Neal
  • Visor: Yes
  • Type: Full Face
  • Product size: 15.75″x12.6″x10.63″
  • Product weight: Approximately 3.65 pounds

  • Pretty lightweight
  • It has a matte finish
  • Quite comfortable to wear
  • The inner lining is washable
  • Meets ECE and DOT safety standards
  • A number of color options are unavailable

Vega 7800-054 Warrior Half Face Motorcycle Helmet

Vega 7800-054 Warrior Half Face Motorcycle Helmet

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While plenty of helmets provide either comfort or safety, many of them don’t offer both at the same time.

That’s where Vega 7800-054 Warrior Half Face Motorcycle Helmet plays a major part. Along with comfort and safety, it has much more to provide, which makes this the ideal guard for many.

It is the best helmet for women and men. Even at such small weight, this includes both elegance and durability. For example, it features a stylish look.

Too much dust or sunlight when riding on a motorbike can be uncomfortable. Therefore, to guard you against these hurdles, it includes a smart sun drop-down shield.

With the easy-to-adjust-size dial system, this will fit perfectly on the head. However, for extra protection, it contains a higher-density top EPS liner.

Furthermore, this helmet has a number of sizes. Also, its coating may quickly come off. Thus, it must be carefully handled.

Key Features

  • It is light in weight
  • Can be used in different leisure activities
  • The EPS liner will absorb the impacts fully


  • Brand: Vega
  • Visor: Yes
  • Type: Half Face
  • Product size: 12″x9″x7″
  • Product weight: Approximately 2.2 pounds

  • Easy to adjust
  • Robust & Safe
  • Has a drop-down shield
  • Several colors and sizes to pick from
  • Its shape has got some complaints from the users

LS2 Strobe Gunmetal Modular Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 Strobe Gunmetal Modular Motorcycle Helmet

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LS2 Strobe Gunmetal Modular Motorcycle Helmet includes lots of amazing features that you’ll like most. But to get this, you must pay double. Its latch system works efficiently and ensures extreme security.

This features a button that is very easy to use although having winter gloves. Its chin bars are also easy to adjust. As a result, it stays in place while someone opens this.

The strobe uses a smart cable technology as well as an impressive slide for using sun safety efficiently. This helmet’s face shield is optically correct and scratch proof.

The fabric liner will wick moisture and even is detachable and washable.

It is a motorbike helmet for extreme riders. You can also use this if you ride on the highway and going to work.

For ensuring security and comfort, there is 3D “laser-cut” foam in its cheek pads. This has a fast remove strap that makes this effortless to get on and off.

This LS2 Strobe Gunmetal Modular Motorcycle Helmet is so pleasant that you’ll fail to grasp you have this on.

Key Features

  • Fog killer sunshield
  • Latch system is pretty smooth
  • It is made of durable materials


  • Brand: LS2
  • Visor: Yes
  • Type: Full Face
  • Product size: 15″x12″x12″
  • Product weight: Approximately 4 pounds

  • Breathable
  • Smooth and stylish
  • The noise level is low
  • It is comfortable to use
  • The chin curtain may come off easily

HJC IS-MAX II Modular 980-614 Motorcycle Helmet

HJC IS-MAX II Modular 980-614 Motorcycle Helmet

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Last but not least, HJC IS-MAX II Modular 980-614 Motorcycle Helmet is the quietest helmet out there in the market. It is considerably cheaper than other models.

This motorcycle helmet is amazingly the best one that you can discover on the marketplace for your budget.

First, I have to say it is pretty silent in comparison to the Bell Qualifier Helmet mentioned above. I believe that the weight and thickness of this helmet certainly plays a major role.

Also, I believe that its design is very eye-catching and its weight is effortless to adjust with time. This motorcycle helmet was slightly heavier compared to most of the others.

Its sun shield locks tightly into position and when you enter into a dimly-lit atmosphere, just one button press will retract the shield immediately. I found this feature really to be awesome.

Key Features

  • Has an appealing design
  • Sun visor is of high quality
  • A large number of incredible features


  • Brand: HJC
  • Visor: Yes
  • Type: Full Face
  • Product size: Not Mentioned
  • Product weight: Approximately 5.35 pounds

  • Fairly quiet
  • Offers sufficient airflow
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Sturdy construction and material
  • None

How To Select The Top Motorcycle Helmet?

Selecting the best motorcycle helmet may seem too complicated if you do not know considerably about helmets. On the other hand, with the appropriate guidance, anybody can select the most effective option. The key is to understand the perfect things to take into account.

Increase Level Of Comfort

If you already have a helmet, you’re safe enough. This will ensure that you’re fully guarded. Wearing a helmet can make you feel relaxed.

It can make your riding experience an excellent one, and you’ll get a comfortable feel for a very long time.

Enhanced Responsibility

You’re going through the road with no helmet. Somebody is going along the way wearing a motorcycle helmet. It makes sense that he’s safer than you.

Anybody sporting a helmet means that you should wear a motorcycle helmet like her or him.

Less Road Accidents

Needless to say, if you wear a helmet, then there is significantly less possibility to meet an accident. A helmet can save you from certain injuries.

It is the result of a study that individuals who wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle meet fewer injuries than people who don’t use it.

Decrease Head Injuries:

We can’t do anything at all without the brain. Therefore it is a vital part of the body. We must be cautious about it.

Furthermore, it is definitely the most delicate part of our body. A slight injury can harm this. We have to guard this portion of our body by sporting a helmet.

Comfort And Ease:

The best motorcycle helmets do not just protect the head; they also provide comfort and ease. This should fit flawlessly.

You will use them for too long, thus uncomfortable helmets might soon turn out to be a nuisance. On top of that, they may end up offering you neck pains and headaches.


You want the helmet to offer you the top protection from injuries. They can additionally help in maintaining you secure from snow, rain, and pollution. As a result, you must ensure that the motorcycle helmet is built with professional materials that are made to keep the head protected in any scenario.


Last but not least, price is definitely a vital factor to think about. Less expensive ones are typically very basic whereas expensive ones provide multitudes of advanced options.

If you do not worry about the price and choose to get the best technology and quality in the helmet, then choose the pricy choices.

Types Of The Motorcycle Helmets!

You wouldn’t be capable of buying the best motorcycle helmets except if you understand the product‘s various types.

In choosing one, you don’t focus on the brand or price alone. The type of the helmet depending on your choices matters also. Here’s a short instructional video for you!

Hybrid Helmet

As its name suggests, this is a blend of two sorts of the helmet – motocross and touring helmets. That features a big opening which includes a seal utilizing a visor. Besides that, this helmet includes a shade-offering front lip.

Touring Helmet

Touring helmet has a loose fit when compared with lids of the sports helmet. This is built for extensive comfort that is exactly what you require in touring. Also, enhanced visibility is offered by using its large visor area.

Modular Helmets

Modular helmets permit folding or even removing of the featured parts when desired by the rider. It includes an “open-face” structure meant for stops and low speeds.

Half Face Helmets

This sort of helmet also is known as beanies or shorties. This is not regarded as a safety product by most as it might not even ensure protection from the crash. The helmet simply covers your head similar to a hat.

Full Face Turbo Helmets

This is viewed as the best motorcycle helmet as it has been made for the protection of your overall head.

Besides your skull, also it provides support on your jaw and face. At the same time, this is one of the best motor helmets out there which people choose as it has the perfect benefit of providing improved visibility while riding.

Three-Quarter Or Open Face Helmets

This helmet is considered quite comfortable compared to full-face or closed helmets. Yet, it must be mentioned that it reveals your face and jaw to possible injuries.

Motorcycle Racing Helmets

Not to mention, this type of helmet must be used by every racer to perform their riding tactics safely and properly.

This is made to eliminate pain and give you comfort and ease. A racing helmet is typically aerodynamic, strong, lightweight, and comfortable.

Maintenance Tips For The Best Motorcycle Helmet!

Dos of the Motorcycle Helmet Maintenance:

  • Use a cloth dampened with tepid water to wash things such as loosen debris and bug guts before you clean it away
  • Use mild soap always while you clean helmet liners like baby shampoo or laundry detergent
  • Use hardly any pressure while cleaning visors or gloss shells off. Otherwise, you might result in scratches on its exterior
  • Make sure to use the microfiber towels which will not leave scratches on your helmet after cleaning this
  • Cotton swabs, on the other hand, are a great choice to wash vents and joints
  • You can also use car polish for cleaning the gloss shell of the helmet
  • Now let your helmet and liner air dry. Also, you may use a fan to accelerate the process of drying if needed
  • Apply a layer of car wax to stop water spots and grime from gathering
  • You can use a liner, for example, a skull cap or bandana below your helmet while you get ready for the road to decrease the levels of sweat or body oils permeating the helmet liner
  • Make sure to lubricate the helmet regularly

Don’ts of the Motorcycle Helmet Maintenance:

  • Do not use a petroleum distillate or solvent-based item to clean the helmet
  • Do not scrub the shell or visor on the helmet, like while you are attempting to keep the insect guts away
  • Do not use cleaner with the ammonia-based elements or any glass solution on visor because this can damage the lenses’ polycarbonate
  • Do not use dish soap at all or some other harsh soap on your helmet or liner
  • Do not use a soap that contains fabric softener for cleaning your helmet liner because it will inhibit the moisture-wicking elements of the liner
  • Do not use the dryer sheets in an attempt to blow up the scent of the helmet because these contain harmful chemicals that will not just harm your helmet but also trigger an allergic reaction
  • The liner must never be put in a dryer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Are Motorbike Helmets So Costly?
A: The smaller sized helmet can be heavier compared to a similar costly helmet. Lightweight – besides the shell, costly helmets often work toward the lighter weights, for reducing neck fatigue.

The expensive helmets are crafted from carbon fiber that is both very strong and super light. That’s why motorcycle helmets are somewhat expensive.

Q: Can Dropping A Motorbike Helmet Damage It?
A: The “Do not drop the helmet” warning which comes with your helmet is quite terrifying, but from seat to ground is pretty a short drop. Undoubtedly, your helmet will be fine – particularly if this drops from a short distance.

Q: Do Motorbike Helmets Expire?
A: The riders will usually replace their motorcycle helmets every 3 to 5 years, while a few manufacturers will suggest that you may replace the helmet roughly 7 years after the production date.

However, you can see the manufacturing date on the sticker below a part of the liner.

Q: Do Motorbike Helmets Save Lives?
A: Deaths from motorcycle crashes are costly, still avoidable. The only best way to save money and save lives is a helmet law.

Not to mention, helmets saved approximately 1869 lives back in 2016. However, if all the motorcyclists might have used helmets back in 2016, then 802 more lives might have been easily saved.

Q: What Is The Lifespan Of A Motorbike Helmet?
A: The general lifespan of a motorbike helmet is around 3 to 5 years.

Q: Are Inexpensive Helmets Safe?
A: Typically, an inexpensive helmet varies in quality than a costly one. High-class inner linings may make pricey helmets snugger, but that does not necessarily mean that they are safer.

Additionally, cheap helmets that have passed the safety test are safer to use like a costly helmet.

Q: When Should You Change Your Motorbike Helmet?
A: The common rule is actually to replace the motorbike helmet every 5 years, but imagine if you unintentionally drop this, sweat very much or wear this every day? However, the biggest misconception is if the helmet drops off the bike when it is parked, then you should replace your helmet. That is not true at all.

Q: What Is The Possibility Of Surviving A Motorbike Crash?
A: A recent study has found that bikers have around a 37% better possibility of surviving motorcycle accidents if they’re wearing a helmet approved by DOT.

Q: What Happens When You Drop Your Motorcycle Helmet?
A: The company refuses any responsibility if it has been ever dropped once as the impact creates little hairline splits in plastic, thus the helmet will not ever be as great as this was before it’s been dropped. Undoubtedly, your helmet will be fine – particularly if it’s been fallen from a short distance.

Q: What To Do With An Old Helmet?
A: Possibly the easiest way to dump an old motorbike helmet is actually to get a department that for emergency services that might be considering using intact helmets just for training.

However, they can make use of them to instruct first responders on how to take out a helmet safely from a crash victim who might be injured.

Q: Is It Possible To Wear A Motorcycle Helmet After An Accident?
A: For beginners, many people are conscious that you should replace the helmet after a crash where the head hits.

Needless to say, the foam portion of the helmet is designed for single time use as well as after crushing it is not as defensive as this was, although still, it appears intact. Cracks in foam need replacement of helmet always.

Q: Is It Okay To Donate Your Helmets?
A: For motorcycle helmets that aren’t damaged or old, you can just offer them to some other bikers, helmet collecting agencies, schools, and even your nearby emergency service centers.

At the same time, you can recycle your main helmet if you’re focused on keeping the atmosphere clean.

Q: Can You Use Glasses With Your Motorbike Helmet?
A: If you usually wear prescription glasses or sunglasses, then you will understand the niggling issues caused by sporting them with a motorbike helmet.

A few people use contact lenses when riding, but you should be cautious because they may dislodge in the high winds as well as on the bumpy roads.

Q: Can “Full-Face” Helmet Crack Your Neck?
A: Well, the key point is a “full-face” motorcycle helmet boosts leverage on the neck. Typical bike helmets do not surround your head and thus will slide as they may wrench your neck.

Q: How Firm Should A Motorbike Helmet Be?
A: If this fits right, then your skin must move since the motorcycle helmet is shifted. You should feel like a slight pressure has been exerted across your head.

Keep in mind that a motorcycle helmet tends to loosen up slightly as comfort liner gets compressed through use. However, a new motorcycle helmet must be as firm as you’re able to wear it comfortably.

Q: Do Helmets Lead To Hair Loss?
A: This is considered that sporting a helmet on a regular basis makes the hair roots maneuver close to your scalp leading to a condition known as traction alopecia. For preventing hair fall, you must get the best motorbike helmet.

Q: What To Wear Under The Helmet?
A: You can wear a helmet liner or scarf under the motorbike helmet to guard your hair. This is because, a helmet liner or scarf will help stop the hair from becoming dry due to the moisture-soaking foam liner of the helmet, and keep your hair’s natural oils sealed in.


Regardless of how often you ride the bike or even which motorbike you use, a simple yet important rule to go by is wearing the best motorcycle helmet always to protect the face, head, and neck from impact and collision.

As a motorcycle helmet is really not something which costs lots of money, but my recommendation for you will be to pick the top motorcycle helmet.

If you need my recommendation on the best motorcycle helmets, then I suggest you to choose 1Storm HB89 Full Face Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet for two factors.

Firstly, it is a modular unit that lets me convert from a “full-face” helmet into an “open-face” helmet within a few seconds using one hand only even when I’m riding the bike.

The second thing is, it has a superb outer shell, notable twin-shields as well as superior liner interior. Therefore, this is definitely the best motorcycle helmet ever out there.

If you are a professional biker who loves traveling with friends in the long highways as well as need a “Smartphone” to connect with other bikers, then choose the top Bluetooth motorbike helmet such as YEMA YM-925 Unisex DOT Approved Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet.

At the same time, do not forget to spend on the top helmet speakers just to enjoy the best conversations.

Hopefully, you’ve found this post pretty helpful. If you’ve picked a helmet then let us know which one in the comment box below. Also, you can share this post with other bikers on social media.

I wish you a safe ride!

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