The 5 Best Beginner Skis of 2024

The best beginner skis are designed to provide you with great value for money. They are also built to give you a simple platform to learn the basics of balance, turning, and absolute control of your movement.

These products make it easy for you to grasp proper skiing techniques in a short period. That is the reason they come in the form of beginner models to help you hone your skills at affordable rates.

Most of these models are available either as flat skis or integrated systems. With the flat skis, you are required to buy the bindings which are sold separately. The integrated system comes fully equipped with bindings to get you in the game as soon as possible.

Due to this difference, the two types of skis have different prices. That is the reason we are going to cover both cheap or entry levels models and all-mountain designs for ambitious first-timer skiers.

At least you will find it easy to choose the right product that will meet your skiing needs. Plus, we’ve provided a comprehensive review of our top beginner skis to give you an idea of what you should expect. Read on to learn a great deal about the best beginner skis in our subsequent buying guide.

Best Overall: TEAM MAGNUS Quality Buckled-Straps Snow Skis for Kids

Best Overall: TEAM MAGNUS Quality Buckled-Straps Snow Skis for Kids

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Whether you are a beginner or intermediate skier, TEAM MAGNUS Quality Buckled-Straps Snow Skis are just perfect for you. They are designed to promote optimal skiing options across skiers of different ages. Also, they are built to improve your techniques in downhill skiing or ski jumping. Plus, you stand a better chance to hone your core balance thanks to the skis 26inch/65cm length.

The ski is equipped with top-quality Swedish ski straps that have a set of exceptionally secure buckles to hold your feet in place. These straps enable the skis to attach firmly to your boots or shoes, giving you a great sense of control and maneuverability. In this regard, you should try to use regular winter boots in order to achieve comfort and control while skiing.

On the other hand, the top-grade ultraviolet (UV) resistant HDPE plastic material on these skis tolerate a wide range of temperatures to help you enjoy skiing throughout. In other words, you may ski at any time even if the temperatures fluctuate.

Since it is easy to use, this set of beginner skis allow your youngsters to get themselves ready in minutes. This is attributed to the fact that these skis are short and easy to control by almost anyone. They are also lightweight, making them portable and controllable at different speeds during skiing time.

Another thing that makes these skis special is their flexibility. They are made from durable plastic materials that can be used on deep snow or frosty grass. Even toddlers can still use them to learn skiing techniques at their tender age. This is the reason these skis are ideal for backyard skiing especially among learners. For first-time skiers, TEAM MAGNUS Quality Buckled-Straps Snow Skis are the real deal. They help them take the pressure off their back to keep the skiing sessions interesting and immersive.

In general, this product is an ideal gift for older kids and teens with a strong urge to learn skiing techniques. You can buy it to present to your little one as a gift for winter vacation. Your kids will definitely like them while adopting new skiing skills and confidence as they continue learning.

Key Features

  • Short skis for the kids to get up quickly and start skiing immediately.
  • Secure steel buckle to hold your shoes in place.
  • Top-grade ultraviolet (UV) resistant HDPE plastic to tolerate a wide range of temperatures.


  • Brand: TEAM MAGNUS
  • Color: Black, dark blue, light blue, orange, pink, and red
  • Product Size:26.5×4.5×3 inches
  • Product Weight: Not provided

  • Promotes optimal skiing posture
  • It is robust and lightweight
  • Perfect size
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Available in nine fun colors
  • Buckles are hard to use

Best Value: Odoland Beginner Low Resistant Boards Snowflake

Best Value: Odoland Beginner Low Resistant Boards Snowflake

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Perfect for kids aged four and below, Odoland Beginner Low Resistant Boards Snowflake skis do not disappoint. This pair of skis come with poles for your kids to support themselves while learning to ski. The poles also make learning to ski more intuitive, easier, and quicker even to toddlers.

Apart from that, the whole unit is lightweight thanks to the plastic material used in its construction. Bear in mind that there are no metal edges to add some weight to these beginner skis. In addition to that, this model boasts round tips and a rugged design to make it safe for your little ones.

The double snowflake skis in this set ensure that your kids find it easy to learn skiing on their own. In such a case, it is the most ideal introductory set for beginner skiers of tender age. Again, it is quite easy to enjoy skiing in a snowy environment due to its great features.

It features unique boards and low resistant design to provide your kids an amazing skiing experience. In simple words, this set of skis promote an agile swallow while reducing some resistance when skiing.

Above all, this model is safe for young people since it does not feature round tips or metal edges that might injure the skiers. Aside from that, it is entirely sturdy and lightweight. This is because it is made of top-quality PE material that can easily withstand up to -ve 4 Fahrenheit degrees. Most importantly, it comes with a durable fixing structure to fit even in the most extremely cold environment.

Key Features

  • Equipped with universal bindings to fit most toddlers with boot sizes ranging from 4 to 7.
  • Heavy-duty plastic construction to withstand outdoor skiing activities.
  • Stylish dynamic design to give each ski an eye-catching appeal.
  • Ski poles to provide support and to make learning to ski more intuitive, quicker, and easier.
  • Scale pattern at the bottom to prevent backward sliding while providing enough grip in different snow conditions.


  • Brand: Odoland
  • Color: Blue and white
  • Product Size: Not provided
  • Product Weight: Not provided

  • Suitable for kids aged four or below
  • Easy for learning to ski
  • Unique skiboard with low-resistant design
  • Safe for youngsters
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • A little bit slippery
  • Too small and flimsy for some kids

Best Pick: Lucky Bums Kids-Beginner Snow Skis

Best Pick: Lucky Bums Kids-Beginner Snow Skis

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Lucky Bums Kids-Beginner Snow Skis are ideal for new skiers. This introductory set of beginner skis are designed to take care of your young ones’ skiing needs. They are perfect for kids aged four and below, allowing them to learn and even showcase their skiing skills in the best way possible.

This set comes in a rugged design that includes several features. The included features are the scales at the bottom of each ski to promote heel lift while accommodating most snow shoes or boots.

The set’s improved traction is another added advantage. It includes flexible binds that promote much-needed traction on snowy surfaces. This way, your kid is able to enjoy skiing activities without any problem.

Since it is made of high-quality plastic material, this pair of skis is safe and durable. It does not have metal edges to compromise your kid’s safety. But has carefully rounded tips to promote safety in all situations. No wonder it is considered a perfect choice of beginner skis for small children.

Key Features

  • Poles to help introduce your kid to skiing.
  • Rugged design with flexible bindings attached straps and scales at the bottom of the skis for safety.
  • Round tips to make the skies safe for your kids.


  • Brand: Lucky Bums
  • Color: Multiple colors
  • Product Size: Not provided
  • Product Weight: Not provided

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Rugged design
  • Improved traction
  • Safe for kids
  • Straps loosen a little bit

Best Safety Features: Lucky Bums Kids-Beginner Skis and Pole Set with Bindings

Best Safety Features: Lucky Bums Kids-Beginner Skis and Pole Set with Bindings

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If you are looking for a simply designed beginner set of skis for your kids, look no further than Lucky Bums Kids-Beginner Skis and Pole Set with Bindings. This skiing product features a pair of poles that enables every learner to gain some confidence when pursuing their skiing goals. Besides, the poles provide the best support needed for learning some skiing moves.

With its rugged design, this set of introductory skis and poles does not disappoint in any way. The design includes flexible bindings for primarily allowing heel lift. Not to mention accommodating most shoes or boots for young individuals.

Improved traction is yet another feature that makes this set of beginner skis a special skiing product. It encompasses scales at the bottom of each ski to offer the best traction ever.

Overall, Lucky Bums Kids-Beginner Skis and Pole Set is safe and a better option for young skiers. This is attributed to the plastic materials it is made of. Also, this set does not have metal edges that are likely to cause accidents during skiing time. Instead, it features round tips to enhance safety and make the movement on snow easier.

Key Features

  • Flexible bindings to allow heel lift or accommodate most snowshoes and boots.
  • Scales on the bottom enable traction on the snow.
  • Rounded tips to promote the safety of your kids.


  • Brand: Lucky Bums
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Product Size: Not provided
  • Product Weight: Not provided

  • Suitable for beginner skiers
  • Great traction
  • Limited lifetime warranty to cover workmanship defects
  • Cheap plastic material

SOLA Winter Sports-Kid’s Beginner Snow Skis and Poles

SOLA Winter Sports-Kid's Beginner Snow Skis and Poles

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SOLA Winter Sports-Kid’s Beginner Snow Skis and Poles offer the best skiing experience to beginners of varying ages. These skis are built for kids aged between 2 and 4 years or even slightly above that age. They measure 27.25×3.5×0.5 inches to handle different sizes of kids’ boots and snowshoes.

When it comes to the designs, this set of beginner skis has it all. It features up to four dynamic designs to give each ski an attractive appearance. This eye-catching appeal is included to entice young skiers into liking the sport and learning new skills all along.

For the construction, this product uses heavy-duty plastic material. This type of material is carefully selected to conveniently withstand outdoor snowy conditions. At the same time, the material withstands the impact created when your kids are busy showcasing their skiing skills on the snow.

On top of that, this set boasts universal bindings that conveniently fit young kids’ skiing shoes. There are also pulls that are included in the design to offer stability, balance, and overall control of the skis for easy navigation.

Key Features

  • Up to four dynamic designs to give each ski an eye-catching appeal.
  • Heavy-duty plastic material to withstand outdoor conditions.
  • Universal bindings to conveniently fit most snow shoes and boots.
  • Pulls to offer stability, balance, and overall control for easy navigation.


  • Brand: SOLA
  • Color: Gaggle
  • Product Size:27.25×3.5×0.5 inches
  • Product Weight:2.5 pounds

  • Suitable for kids aged between 2 and 4 years
  • Dynamic design
  • Durable construction
  • Includes pull for beginner navigation
  • Improvement on the quality is needed

Best Beginner Skis Buying Guide

A beginner ski can be defined using just a few shared characteristics. They include the lower price-point that denotes value-oriented materials, softer flex for effortless turn initiation, and narrower dimensions to fit on groomed runs. In addition, you are likely to receive an integrated binding.

Just like other sports gear, skis can be classified into various categories based on their price. In this case, the beginner skis along with their full ski packages can cost as much as $500. With that in mind, you must consider the following factors if you want to purchase the best beginner skis.

Essential Considerations When Choosing the Best Beginner Skis

  • Consider the Waist Width

    Shopping for beginner skis is not as difficult as you may have been told. It is just as easy as buying any product. That said, you should start by checking the waist width of your most ideal ski.

    These measurements come in three numbers. The first one stands for the tip, followed by the waist and finally the tail of your ski. The waist width measurements are not just there for the aspect of beauty. They help improve your performance in different snow conditions.

    Even though all beginner skis are fit for groomed runs, the truth of the matter is that not all groomed runs are the same in design. This is because some places experience icy conditions more than others. As a result, they require narrow skis.

    Other areas experience a lot of snow, making the skis with a higher waist width ideal for beginners. Below is a summary of the waist width measurements you should consider depending on where you are going to be skiing:

    From 70mm to 80:Suitable for on-trail performance. This type of ski is not too wide to inhibit your ability to practice basic turns. It also offers you a stable base.

    From 80mm to 90mm:Designed to offer all-mountain capabilities. Also, this type of ski does not compromise on groomed runs and it is often associated with more costly and intermediate skis.

    From 90mm and more: Ideal for intermediate and advanced level skis. The same skis are designed to perform on mixed on and off-trail use.

  • Consider the Ski Profile

    Another factor to consider is the ski profile. In this case, the profile is divided into three major categories: the camber, the rocker, and the mixed rocker/camber. Some profiles come in a flat bottom shape. But the three highlighted below are arguably the most popular and for a good reason. They have their own strengths as well as weaknesses as experienced by different categories of skiers.

    Here is their detail:

  • The Camber Profile

    One thing remains certain when it comes to camber profile; it is indeed the traditional groomer skis design. This profile comes with a half-moon-like shape. The shape peaks right from underneath your pair of boots and come into contact with the ground at the tail and tip of the ski.

    The profile allows you to press your weight on the ski and into the snow. When you lift your foot to come out of the turn, the profile gives you a satisfying pop or momentum that propels you to make the next turn.

    This design has always been popular because it allows you to experience an even contact with the snow. It also gives you superior control while carving down the groomed slope. That is the reason the camber profile is recommended for beginner skiers.

  • The Rocker Profile

    The rocker profile is popularly known as reverse camber. The profile comes into play when the tips of your ski are somehow raised on both ends, creating a banana-like shape.

    The profile came about to help skiers handle the deep powder (snow). For beginners, it is popular since the raised tips make it a little bit easy to make a turn. As you may know, pulling such a stunt is not a piece of cake for beginners.

    On the other hand, experts discourage beginners against going for full rocker skis because they don’t hold an edge well like the traditional camber. This makes the mixed rocker/camber the ultimate beginner ski profile.

  • The Mixed Rocker/Camber

    The mixed rocker/camber profile is by no means the most popular beginner ski profile. Plus, it is a perfect fit for entry-level skiers. The same profile is ideal for casual cruising.

    Manufacturers, however, come up with different versions of this profile to suit everyone including newcomers in the world of skiing. Out of many versions out there, the modest tip/tail rocker comes out as the profile of choice for many skiers. The profile enables some ski models to make easy turns while retaining a natural flex underfoot and good edge hold.

  • Consider the Turn Radius or Sidecut

    The more you advance your skiing skills, the more you learn new tricks. One of the skills that every skier dreams to acquire is making a transition of their body weight into a perfect turn. This stunt enables you to feel your skis naturally rotating at a specific angle.

    The turn can either be something a little tighter or a long sweeping turn. Any of these two incidents depends largely on the turn radius or the sidecut. The sidecut is usually measured in meters. So, the lower the measurements the sharper the turn. This measurement is based on the shape of your ski starting from the tip moving towards the tail. This is why most ultra-modern skis are designed to form an hourglass arc.

    Also, you are likely to achieve a lower turn radius if your skis have more dramatic shapes. This means the skis should be wider at the tail and tip in comparison to the waist. If you are a beginner, a lower sidecut is a splendid idea for you because it will keep you stable when making a turn.Check out the parameters below for beginners:

    • Carving: Less than 15m
    • All-around: 15m to 20 m
    • Sweeping turns in powder: More than 20 m

    Bear in mind that an extended version of the same type of ski will always increase the sidecut or turn radius. When you compare two ski lengths, you are likely to find out that the shorter version makes a little sharper turn than the longer ones.

  • Consider the Core material Used in the Ski Construction

    Most beginner-friendly skis follow their basic construction due to their cheap price tags. This comes about as a result of the materials used in their construction. The core materials come into two major categories; foam and wood (also known as composite).

    With foam, the designs revolve around cheap models that are often found at the rental counters. These skis are usually very flexible, provide decent vibration control in addition to being excellent at low speeds.

    When it comes to the wood core, things are a little bit different. This option gives you better energy and pop while connecting turns. Also, it offers you greater stability at different speeds in addition to boosting the lifespan of your skis. This explains why skis featuring wood as their core material are popular and the most preferred than the foam ones.

  • Consider a Proper Ski Length

    The size of your ski matters a lot when it comes to performance. Thankfully, choosing the right size is not a problem even for beginners. All you need is to know your actual height-starting from the center of your forehead-and everything else will just fall in place.

    Today scientific methods are widely used to help determine the right length of skis for skiers. Even manufacturers are relying on an individual’s weight and height to create the right ski length for different people. These two measurements help you to maximize your ski’s potential to achieve proper flexibility and power transfer.

    Additional considerations include your skiing ability and style. In this case, shorter skis are easy to handle if you are a beginner. They also allow you to turn faster. Longer skis, however, float better than the shorter ones. Also, they are very stable when skiing at high speeds.

  • Consider the Integrated Bindings

    As mentioned earlier, most beginner skis are available in the form of an integrated system and bindings. At least you should not be worried about binding-to-ski compatibility problems even if you are a beginner.

    Their quality is also top-notch since most beginner skis come with plastic heavy construction. This feature determines their price tag as well. Basic designs are also in place to take care of casual use. They offer multiple seasons of better use in addition to being safe. In general, an entry-level binding is still considered a reliable option for many uses including resort use.

Best Beginner Skis Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What do the different colors and signs indicate?
A: The colors and signs have special meanings when it comes to skiing. Their main purpose is to help skiers-beginners, experienced, and professionals-to navigate the mountain. The colors used help you to choose the right ski trail or run.

If you are a beginner skier, you will want to stay on green runs until you gain enough skills and experience to advance to the blue trail. The blue square trail is for the intermediate skiers while the black diamond denotes the difficult and the steepest ski trail. The most advanced trail is the double black diamond which is reserved for expert skiers only.

Q: How do I start skiing given that it is a very costly sport?
A: Skiing is one of the most expensive sports. Once you invest your money in the ski equipment, you can be sure to enjoy the sport for a very long time. Alternatively, you can start by renting the best skis and other skiing equipment from the nearby ski resort to get started.

As time goes by you will gain the necessary skills to advance to the next level. Also, you will develop more interest in the game, thus prompting you to buy the right skiing gear and the rest of the equipment.

Q: How do I stay warm when skiing?
A: Your body is likely to stay warm when skiing. This does not mean that you shouldn’t wear any protective gear against the biting cold in winter. So, you must look for a specially designed set of clothing to keep you warm while allowing you to move around freely and comfortably. These sets of skiing attire comprise gloves or mittens, a couple of hand warmers, ski socks or thicker socks, ski boots, among others.

Q: How should my ski boots fit?
A: Your ski boots should fit nicely, just like gloves on your hands. The same boots should give a snug fit with little room for comfort.

Q: What is the main difference between skinny and fat skis?
A: Skinny skis are designed for groomers while fat skis are meant for power. To know which skis are thinner or fatter, you should check the width underfoot number which comes in millimeters. In this case, the skinner ski will give you an edge over your competitors if you are skiing on a trail that has hard-packed icy conditions. The wider ski will be best for you when skiing in deeper snowy conditions.

Q: What type of skis should I use as a beginner?
A: The type of beginner skis to use depends mainly on the skiing conditions for a given trail. Besides, you should put into consideration factors such as the width underfoot, turning radius, and length.

Q: How do I reduce my speed while skiing?
A: You can apply a technique known as “pizza wedging”. This is a trick that is taught to first-time skiers to help them slow themselves down. It involves pointing the front tips of the skis together to create the friction that will slow you down. If you are more advanced in skiing, then you can just make your skis to be parallel with the slope while exerting more pressure on the downhill ski to reduce the speed.

Q: How athletic should I be in order to ski?
A: Apparently, the skiing activity is an athletic sport. It requires you to have strong muscles to give you an easier time when performing different skiing stunts. In this regard, make sure you do a little workout to get your muscles ready for this sport. Also, make sure you have a healthy cardiovascular system. But for a newbie skier, most of the skiing trails don’t need too much of your cardiovascular effort.

Q: Can I use a helmet when skiing?
A: Yes. Helmets are part of the protective gear that skiers require. They are comfortable, waterproof, and warm. Most significantly, they keep your head safe in addition to giving you some confidence when whizzing through all kinds of trees on your skiing trail.

Q: Should I take skiing lessons?
A: Yes! As a beginner, you should consider taking up skiing lessons to learn important skills and also to gain more confidence in this popular sport.

The Verdict

You can make your wintertime enjoyable and fulfilling by engaging in a variety of activities. One of the activities that you can easily participate in is skiing. But to achieve this goal, you must consider looking for the best beginner skis to help you learn skiing skills. With these skiing equipment, you can rest assured that you will have the best time of your life enjoying winter sports at home or within your area.

To be on the right track, you need first-hand information about different models and brands of beginner skis. Luckily for you, the review above has simplified everything for you. The review has highlighted important features and specifications to look out for when buying these products.

On that note, our best overall is TEAM MAGNUS Quality Buckled Snow Skis for Kids because it comes with the best features to make skiing a hobby for everyone including youngsters.

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