The 10 Best Leather Motorcycle Gloves for Men and Women in 2024

Riding a motorcycle is exhilarating, given the adrenaline rush experienced by riders. Even the most experienced riders, however, know the importance of arming yourself with appropriate gear for protection. Gloves are one of the essential things to buy, with leather reigning as the most popular material.

The best leather motorcycle gloves for men will be equipped with several protective features. Motorcycle gloves come in various types like fingerless, gauntlet, street road, and winter and summer gloves depending on the nature of your pursuits. You need to examine the flexibility and functionality of gloves from different brands to determine the best leather motorcycle gloves for women.

Things to Consider

The main purpose of motorcycle gloves is protection, and you should evaluate the protective features of any pair. Look out for double layers, reinforced knuckles, and palm sliders. The best ones will have a solid closure system and provide excellent breathability.

A flexible and durable pair of gloves will be comfortable during riding. Most of them will be made of leather or textiles. Leather is more popular because it provides better abrasion resistance when compared to other materials. Additionally, look out for waterproof gloves to be able to ride under any weather.

A functional pair of gloves should offer a suitable grip instead of being too tight or loose. A loose-fitting pair is especially dangerous because they can slide off when you are involved in a crash.

Most brands will include extra features to make their products stand out. These can include additional breathability and a good grip on a mobile phone. You will also be better off with long-cuffed gloves instead of ones with short cuffs.

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The 10 Best Leather Motorcycle Gloves for Men and Women

Best Overall: SNOW DEER Upgraded Heated Motorcycle Gloves for Men & Women

Best Overall: SNOW DEER Upgraded Heated Motorcycle Gloves for Men & Women

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This pair of gloves offer excellent breathability, with the inside made of soft fleece and insulated with cotton. It is windproof and waterproof, thanks to reinforcement with polyester on the back.

Riding in the winter will be comfortable with these gloves as they have infrared heating elements. They will especially suit people with arthritis, stiff joints, bad circulation, and Raynaud’s. The heating properties are well spread out across the back, up to the fingertips.

The gloves are packed with a pair of 7.4V 2200MAH lithium0uion rechargeable batteries. They will give you about 6.5 hours on the lowest setting and 3 to 3.5 hours on medium settings. You get two hours on the highest setting, and you can get extra batteries if you expect to be outdoors for a long while. The white illuminated strip on the gloves will come in handy at night.

The thumb and index finger areas have been equipped with a touch sensor that is compatible with any smart device for convenience. It features Velcro on the wrist for easy adjustability. The gloves are also easy to wash, whether by machine or hand wash, and you should first remove the batteries.

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Best Budget: SHIMA Caliber Mens Vintage Leather Motorcycle Gloves – Brown / Larges

Best Budget: SHIMA Caliber Mens Vintage Leather Motorcycle Gloves - Brown / Large

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These gloves are crafted to provide maximum protection. The A++ leather used provides excellent abrasion resistance, while the main protector is reinforced with Tempra foam. In the event of a crash, over 70% of the impact will be absorbed by an absorber fortified with PORON XRD.

The leather is efficiently perforated for breathability, making the gloves especially ideal for hot summers. The perforations also create a retro and stylish aesthetic.

Motorcycle gloves should be comfortable, considering how demanding the sport. The pair from SHIMA use the GRIP+ system, where the side of the glove is tailored to conform to the shape of the handgrip. The grip keeps the back of the hand loose and the fingers taut. This design enhances the durability, safety, and comfort of the gloves.

The gloves feature a pulling strap for easy removal and fitting. Granted, putting gloves on and removing them can be a challenging task. With the SHIMA gloves, however, you can remove them even with one glove on.

The SHIMA Caliber gloves combine safety and beauty. The vintage style resonates with many motorcycle riders who care for comfort as much as they do for fashion.

Best Value: Joe Rocket Classic Men’s Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Best Value: Joe Rocket Classic Men's Leather Motorcycle Gloves

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These gloves have a pre-curved and rider-friendly design. The vibration-dissipating gel palm promotes comfort so that you do not get easily fatigued on long rides.

The Joe Rocket brand decided to use drum-dyed cowhide on the outer parts of the gloves. A charcoal-printed logo is visible at the back.

The gloves have hinged fingers to add to your motorcycle skills on the road. The flex-wrist makes removing and putting the gloves on a breeze. The gloves can be bought in a thick fit if you have wider palms.

The brand was able to balance protection and comfort with this offering. The lining is sufficiently thick to offer maximum protection while being thin enough to avoid interfering while you are on the road.

Best Mid-Range: Hatch Armortip Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Best Mid-Range: Hatch Armortip Leather Motorcycle Gloves

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The Hatch Armortip Gloves offer excellent puncture resistance and cut resistance from dangerous needle sticks. You can be sure that your fingers are well protected from cuts and bruises because the gloves have been tested against the NIJ test protocol. The gloves still allow for maximum flexibility when in use.

The palms are lined with synthetic suede leather while the back is laminated with nylon spandex and neoprene. The hook and loop closures are easy to use. The grips are integrated with wrist wraps for functionality, while the open design promotes ventilation. The high-quality stitching will hold even with regular use.

Best Half-finger: Riparo Mens Leather Reverse Stitched Fingerless Half-Finger Driving Motorcycle Gloves

Best Half-finger: Riparo Mens Leather Reverse Stitched Fingerless Half-Finger Driving Motorcycle Gloves

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These gloves are made with supple lambskin leather and are handmade and unlined. They are reverse stitched for supreme comfort, and to also prevent fatigue. You also get a perfect grip for the perfect ride. Other great features include a snap closure for easy use and knuckles hole.

Best Tactical: TitanOPS Full Finger Half Finger Hard Knuckle Motorcycle Military Tactical Combat Training Army Shooting Outdoor Gloves

Best Tactical: TitanOPS Full Finger Half Finger Hard Knuckle Motorcycle Military Tactical Combat Training Army Shooting Outdoor Gloves

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The materials used in these gloves promote breathability and comfort, including leather lycra, microfiber, and nylon. The extra stitching will keep your hands warm as you ride your motorcycle.

The gloves come in four sizes and a range of colors. They prevent injuries, lessens the impact, and shield hands. The hard-modeled plastic-knuckles and the reinforced palms enhance the protective attributes of the gloves. Their functionality is further enhanced by the adjustable wrist wraps.

If you enjoy outdoor sports, you will warm up to these combat gloves by TitanOPS. Users have reported using the gloves for activities like paintball and riding. The usefulness of the gloves particularly shines in motorcycle riding since your hands absorb a lot of impacts. Users also quote how easy it is to clean and dry out the gloves.

Best for Women: Elma Tradional Women’s Italian Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Best for Women: Elma Tradional Women's Italian Leather Motorcycle Gloves

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These gloves by Elma will appeal to the classic styles of most women. They feature a woman’s cut in either black or burgundy. Stylish additions include a gold-plated snap closure system for a snug and comfortable fit. The finger vents and knuckle holes provide excellent breathability.

The gloves are unlined but quite comfortable. The leather is soft, supple, and pliable, which offers the kind of flexibility needed when riding a motorcycle.

Users especially love the snug fit of the gloves, which only adds to their appeal. There are reinforced stress points for extra support. In addition to the fit, users also love the good grip they get with the gloves.

Be mindful of long fingernails when selecting the size of the gloves. Overall, users seem to love using this Elma product. Some reviewers, however, have raised issues with the quality of stitching and the bleeding of the color onto hands.

Best for Motorcycle: MOTIVEX Mens Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Best for Motorcycle: MOTIVEX Mens Leather Motorcycle Gloves

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If you desire gloves to keep your hands warm as you explore the outdoor with your motorcycle, this pair by MOTIVEX is perfect.

The gloves are tailored to function as a thermal lining to trap heat inside your hands. You will not worry about chilly hands compromising your grip on your bike. The gloves will also safeguard your hands against harsh winds.

These cozy gloves enjoy excellent stitching from leather. You will get durability, flexibility, and versatility, in addition to protection.

The gloves are very accommodating when it comes to sizes. Everyone will get a good fit, be it small, medium, large, and anything in between. Be keen while using the sizing chart so that you get the most suitable product for you.

The gloves are also very stylish, making them an ideal gift for motorcycle riding-enthusiasts around you.

Users seem to love how warm their hands are when using these gloves. Reviewers have used them in a range of cold temperatures, and conditions as extreme as 40ºF. Users have reported retaining flexibility in their hands when using the gloves over winter.

KIM YUAN Leather Motorcycle Gloves

KIM YUAN Leather Motorcycle Gloves

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These gloves are crafted from high-quality cow-leather, which is sweat-absorbent, comfortable, and breathable. The thickness depth of the gloves is more than 1.2mm, which is sufficiently thick for the rigors of motorcycle riding. The material is both sturdy and soft to offer maximum comfort and ruggedness. The genuine leather enhances the durability of the gloves, and you only need one pair to last you a long time.

This pair from KIM YUAN is also flexible to use. There is a cinch around the wrist to prevent debris and dirt from getting into the gloves. You can either loosen or tighten the gloves, depending on the kind of fit you want at different times.

The reinforced palm on the product offers both skin protection and a superior grip. The palm features a double leather layer to protect your hands from injuries by thorns and sticks. The gloves also feature insulation properties, thermal protection, puncture resistance, and moderate oil resistance.

The gloves are quite versatile, and in addition to motorcycle riding, you can use them for construction, gardening, farm work, and landscaping.

Reviews rate the gloves highly for durability, comfort, and functionality.

Best for Functionality: OLSON DEEPAK Cowhide Leather Motorcycle Gloves

est for Functionality: OLSON DEEPAK Cowhide Leather Motorcycle Gloves

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These gloves are tailored from 100% genuine grain cowhide for superior abrasion-resistance. The leather is thick enough to offer superior protection while still allowing for flexibility as you ride your bike. They do not need additional lining because the cowhide leather is naturally sweat-absorbent and breathable. The leather is sourced from Italy and France, where its natural properties are enhanced by the suitable climate and the superior feeding methods practiced. It is, therefore, very soft and comfortable for use.

The gloves are characterized by a double thread sewing, which offers stable protection. An elastic wrist design makes it easy to put the gloves on and to remove them while keeping debris and dirt out.

The Gunn cut offers flexibility since the seams are positioned away from the palm. There is less stress on the seams to ensure the gloves last a long time. The keystone thumb design allows your hands to have more movement on the road. These features are quite popular with users who also love how soft and fitting the gloves are.


Motorcycle riding presents a range of risks for any enthusiast. These dangers are mitigated by different safety equipment designed for various parts of the body. The hands absorb the most impact on the road because they are at the frontline, and they have to be engaged at all times.

Motorcycle gloves have undergone numerous developments over the years to improve the level of protection offers for the hands. Leather is by far the best material, given its durability and high abrasion-resistance. Riders are cautious of a good fit, while comfort, added attributes, and safety also features prominently.

A good pair will be flexible and soft, in addition to providing protection from the weather. Check the closure system, grip, and ventilation on the gloves you want to buy. Examine the stitching, padding, lining, and layering to determine how well it will hold while outdoors.


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