The 10 Best Leather Gloves for Men in Winter of 2024

Don’t let the winter season keep you indoors when you can do a lot more outside with your hands. But before you even think of stepping out of your house, ensure that you are fully protected from the head to the toes.

One of the body parts that need proper protection against the biting winter cold and winds in your hands. Therefore, you will need good quality gloves that can keep your hands warm and protect them against very cold objects. The gloves should be made of high-quality materials that can withstand extreme winter conditions while giving you absolute comfort. And this is where the best leather gloves for men in winter come into play.

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Best Overall: Downholme Classic Leather Cashmere Lined Gloves for Men

Best Overall: Downholme Classic Leather Cashmere Lined Gloves for Men

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When it comes to the best leather gloves for men in winter, Downholme Classic-Leather Cashmere-Lined For Men emerges as the real winner. With its 100 percent cashmere lining, this product offers you the ultimate solution to your winter woes.

The lining is designed to provide you with a fine layer of warmth and protection, leaving your hands supple, soft and smooth. These gloves are crafted from super-soft sheepskin leather material to protect your hands without compromising dexterity.

Besides, their classic supple design gives these gloves a unique delicate texture that makes them wear-resistant. Even though these gloves look sophisticated in design, their high quality seamless knitted cashmere lining makes them a perfect match for your outfit, whether casual or formal.

Best Pick: Fratelli Orsini Everyday Men’s Italian Lambskin Cashmere Lined Winter Leather Gloves

Best Pick: Fratelli Orsini Everyday Men's Italian Lambskin Cashmere Lined Winter Leather Gloves

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Fratelli-Orsini Everyday Men’s Italian Winter Leather Gloves comes with affordable luxury that you cannot ignore. This brand of men’s leather gloves provides you with great style, comfort and unmatched authenticity in your daily life.

Featuring unique detailing, luxury linings, and finest hand-selected leather materials, these gloves set you apart when you match them with your winter outfit.

As a perfect fit for your hands, this brand is designed to keep you warm, protect your arms and complement your outfit during the winter season. Each pair is carefully crafted by talented glovemakers to give you value for your money. Plus, their unique design ensures sturdy seams, fine details and a good fit that will last you many years.

Best Driving Glove: Riparo Motorsports Genuine Leather Full-finger Driving Gloves

Best Driving Glove: Riparo Motorsports Genuine Leather Full-finger Driving Gloves

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Made of genuine leather materials, Riparo Motorsports-Genuine Leather Full-Finger Driving Gloves gives you an edge over other competitors in sports. These classic leather gloves for men are carefully made to fit your hands and provide your fingers with everlasting comfort, especially in extreme cold weather conditions.

Their unique design and simplicity make them a good choice for you if you like being different from others. With their handmade knuckle holes, these gloves assure you flexibility and maneuverability of your hand and fingers when driving in winter. This is made possible with the help of wrist straps that come along with snap bottoms on each glove to provide you with a nice fit.

Apart from that, these stylish gloves come in a wide range of colors such as black, black-red-thread, dark brown, tan, black/tan, red, pink, black/red B, white, black/caramel and green. Depending on your outfit or preference, you can choose the color that suits you to give you an elegant appearance even in winter.

Best Classic: Carhartt Men’s Insulated System 5 Driver Work Glove

Best Classic: Carhartt Men's Insulated System 5 Driver Work Glove

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You can keep your hands warm in winter with Carhartt Men’s Insulated-System 5 Driver-Work Glove. These classic leather gloves are made of durable, full-grain cowhide leather material that gives you protection and comfort all the time.

With their double-elastic cuffs, these gloves can provide you with a secure fit including easy on and off capability for your convenience. At the same time, the 3M Thinsulate insulation (100grams) warms your hands even if the temperatures around you drop drastically.

Given that your hands are your vital tools, you may use these gloves to protect them when working or handling objects. To keep them clean, you can hand wash them carefully to preserve their texture and other lining materials inside.

Best Budget: WARMEN Men’s Texting Touchscreen Winter Warm Nappa Leather Daily Dress Driving Gloves Wool/Cashmere Blend Cuff

Best Budget: WARMEN Men's Texting Touchscreen Winter Warm Nappa Leather Daily Dress Driving Gloves Wool/Cashmere Blend Cuff

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If you are fond of texting and chatting with your friends, don’t let the cold weather conditions limit your communication. Reach out to WARMEN Men’s Texting-Touchscreen Winter-Warm Nappa Leather Gloves to keep you warm while operating your smartphone without removing them.

To achieve this feat, these gloves are designed with 360 degrees touchscreen function which is compatible with several devices with touchscreens.

Also, these gloves have two linings made of top quality cashmere, wool and polyester materials for extra comfort. A blend of cashmere and wool make these lining comfortable to your hands at any given time of the day, particularly in cold weather.

Best Value: Harrms Leather Gloves for Mens, Full-Hand Touchscreen Gift Packaging Cold Weather Gloves

Best Value: Harrms Leather Gloves for Mens, Full-Hand Touchscreen Gift Packaging Cold Weather Gloves

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Here is another brand of leather gloves for men that has superior features to help you operate your smartphone. These full-hand touchscreen gloves have the highest precision touch point controls not found in other gloves so far.

Made from premium lambskin materials, these gloves are soft, breathable and long-lasting. Their high-quality lining provides excellent warmth to your hands in winter while protecting them when doing some manual work.

Also, you may wear these gloves to match your casual or official attire when attending special functions. Or, you may purchase them as a gift for your loved one during special occasions such as anniversaries.

Best Design: Nappaglo Men’s Genuine Touchscreen Nappa Leather Gloves Driving Winter Warm Mittens

Best Design: Nappaglo Men's Genuine Touchscreen Nappa Leather Gloves Driving Winter Warm Mittens

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Get yourself these pure Italian Nappa Leather-made gloves for men to protect your fingers and hands against the cold in winter. These gloves provide the softness of touch, strength, suppleness and lasting comfort.

The fully-lined long fleece enables these gloves to be your number one weather essential wearable when temperatures go down. Just like the latest brands of leather gloves, NappagloMen’s Genuine-Touchscreen Gloves come fully equipped with nanotechnology to help you operate your smartphone while wearing them.

With their multi-style and multi-color features, these fashionable gloves give you several options to choose from in terms of color and design. If you love driving in winter, these gloves are just right for your hands.

Best Racing Glove: Superbike Men’s Brown Leather Motorcycle Gloves With Touchscreen Finger and Knuckle Protector Motor Racing Gloves (XL, Brown,Perforated)

Best Racing Glove: Superbike Men’s Brown Leather Motorcycle Gloves With Touchscreen Finger and Knuckle Protector Motor Racing Gloves (XL, Brown,Perforated)

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Keep your knuckles, fingers, and palm warm and comfortable with these types of men’s leather gloves. Unlike other brands, these gloves come complete with an anti-skid design that enhances your grip on the motor or anything else.

The genuine brown leather materials used in crafting these gloves are lightweight, durable and soft to give your hands the best protection ever.

Other features that will make you love these gloves include the buckle button, foam padding, and touchscreen capabilities located at the index fingers to enable you to use your smartphone without removing them.

Best Touchscreen: Acdyion Mens Genuine Leather Gloves Winter – Acdyion Touchscreen Cashmere/Wool Lined Warm Dress Driving Gloves

Best Touchscreen: Acdyion Mens Genuine Leather Gloves Winter - Acdyion Touchscreen Cashmere/Wool Lined Warm Dress Driving Gloves

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Acdyion Men’s Leather Gloves are made of genuine leather or premium leather materials that guarantee you softness, strength, and suppleness with lasting comfort. The interior is fully lined with wool/cashmere to make them your perfect gloves in the weather conditions.

The touchscreen texting feature that comes with this brand of leather gloves allows your fingers to operate your smartphone while protecting your hands.

This is practical with the help of nanotechnology which enables the gloves to have precision touch point controls that make texting effortless. These gloves are perfectly fit for outdoor and indoor activities such as driving or office business.

Best Work Glove: OZERO Flex Grip Leather Work Gloves Stretchable Wrist Tough Cowhide Working Glove 1 Pair (Gold, Large)

Best Work Glove: OZERO Flex Grip Leather Work Gloves Stretchable Wrist Tough Cowhide Working Glove 1 Pair (Gold, Large)

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OZERO Flex-Grip Leather Work Gloves are crafted from flexible and durable full cowhide leather material, hence the name. The material is shrink resistant as well as abrasion-resistant to serve you longer than you can imagine.

Also, this material makes the gloves to be moderate oil-resistant, tear-resistant, cut resistant and puncture-resistant, allowing you to use them when performing tough tasks. The reinforced palm and elastic wrist design ensure that you get an excellent grip when holding objects.

The elastic wrists on these gloves help to keep away dirt or debris from reaching your hands inside the gloves. Now that the seams are set far away from the palms, these gloves guarantee you stiffness and superior flexibility when wearing them in winter. Being a perfect fit for both women and men, you may choose them based on the size of your hands to serve you better.

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Men’s Leather Gloves Buying Guide

Gloves are essential wearables that everyone needs, especially when doing some menial work or during the cold weather conditions. Speaking of cold weather, gloves play a very significant role in keeping hands warm, comfortable and safe from the freezing temperatures.

Besides, gloves are worn to complement the entire attire during some special occasions. These accessories come in different materials, designs, sizes, and colors to choose from. So, when shopping for your ideal leather gloves for men, you need to have the following at the back of your mind.


For centuries, gloves have been used by different people for different reasons. For instance, soldiers and archers use them to safeguard their hands; kings and queens wore them as part of their royal regalia; professional drivers used them to enhance their grip on the wheels of their vehicles and so on.

Even now gloves are still used in almost a similar manner as in the past. In winter gloves play a critical role in many different ways. If they are not worn when handling metal objects, they are used to keep hands warm especially when someone is engaged in outdoor activities.

Take into consideration the purpose with which you want to use your gloves before choosing the right ones for yourself. This is because different designs of gloves are meant to perform different functions for different users.

Protection Against Extreme Weather Conditions

The feel and sight of cold hands and legs in winter can create a bad mood for you if you do not know how to tackle that problem. The best solution to this problem is to find ways of keeping your hands warm, dry and comfortable.

So, you will require top quality gloves designed to provide your hands with adequate protection against snow, ice and cold winds in winter. That is the reason leather gloves for men are recommended for anyone spending a lot of time outdoors in chilly, wet and snowy conditions.


Gloves for men are classified as casual, dress or sports. Casual and dress gloves are usually made from leather materials, unlike the sports ones which are typically thicker with performance-enhancing materials complete with silicone textured grips for the palms.

Casual gloves are made from a wool blend mixes for comfort and protection. Dress gloves, however, work best with formal or business outfit depending on the color of your choice. The material used in making gloves is another important factor to consider when looking for the type of gloves you want to buy.

Interior Lining

Thicker gloves are known to keep hands warmer and comfortable in cold weather conditions. Unfortunately, thick gloves may not be the best choice for you if you are looking for dexterity.

In this case, settle for a product that has an insulated liner if you want to achieve a good grip. On the other hand, you may go for windproof or waterproof outer gloves designed to provide additional warmth as well as thermal protection. For that reason, check the features for each glove before making your final decision.


Grip comes into play when you are going for work-related functions wearing gloves. In this case, you should look for a pair of gloves that has enough texture to provide you with the much-needed gloves.

Most of the gloves have silicone or rubber materials fixed on the fingers and palms to enhance their grip. This feature offers protection to your hands when working outdoors or taking part in active sports, especially in a wet, snowy and icy environment.

Loss of grip can lead to fatal accidents when holding heavy objects. With that in mind, make sure that you invest in good quality leather gloves with special coating for extra grip.


Gloves come in different sizes just in the same way as they come in different designs and colors to suit the needs of different people. As such, you should know that one size is not meant for everyone but specific people. That explains why you will find sizes such as extra-large, large, medium, small and so on.

Make sure that you check your size well before buying a particular brand of gloves. With the right size, the fitting will not be a problem and the gloves of your choice will serve you better.

Most of the companies that make gloves base the size on two very important factors; the length and width of the hand. A well-fitting pair of gloves will keep your hands warm and hold your fingers in place nicely and perfectly.

Taking Care of Your Gloves

Just like other types of clothing, your gloves need maintenance as well. When it comes to washing your pair of leather gloves, you need to follow the right procedure to avoid messing up with them. That’s why it is not recommended to place them in the washing machine and expect miracles to happen.

Machine wash is known to damage leather gloves by breaking down waterproof features meant to protect your hands. But with proper maintenance, you will only have to clean your gloves at least twice a year.

Gloves are very expensive and you will not like it when it comes to spending your money every year replacing worn-out gloves because of negligence. In this regard, ensure that these wearables are taken good care of as required to save you some money in the process.

Final Thought

Leather gloves for men come in different designs, sizes and styles to choose from. These accessories will make your winter comfortable if you know what you want to purchase. From the description above, you can easily choose the right gloves that suit your needs as part of your preparation for the winter season.

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