The 11 Best Mosquito Killers of 2024

Summer is the best time to enjoy various outdoor activities such as hiking, picnic, and camping. The weather is usually good at that time and kids are on vacation. Unfortunately, in summer, most bugs such as flies and mosquitoes will flourish and they can ruin your time at night. Whether you will be spending your time indoors or outdoors, you will need an effective way to keep mosquitoes away and protect your family from bites. Mosquitoes bite and make an irritating sound. They are also carriers of dangerous diseases like Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya. So, you have to do everything possible to ensure that the insect pests do not spoil your summer vacation.

For thousands of years, people have suffered mosquito pains. The small insects have deadly poison because the germs they spread are deadly. They are an epidemic in many countries around the globe. There are no machines or chemicals to eliminate mosquitoes but the market provides effective mosquito killers. Here are the reviews of the best mosquito killers of 2020 in addition to a buying guide and FAQ section.

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Best Coverage: Mega-Catch Pro 900 Ultra Mosquito Trap

Mega-Catch Pro 900 Ultra Mosquito Trap

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The Mega-Catch Pro 900 Ultra Mosquito Trap is widely known for its efficiency. It is made of high-quality components that entice and capture sand gnats, mosquitoes and other forms of flying insects from a distance of 120 feet. The producer also claims that it functions effectively on the entire surface of a ¾-acre or 1 acre of land – almost a mid-size yard.

This mosquito trapping system uses infrared energy sources along with LED lighting to create the visible and invisible lights that draw insects into their containments. A quick example, the producer’s program their 5-stage LED clusters to simulate human movements, which draw all the mosquitoes straight to the system.

The high-speed fans suck in critters that come near them while the internal basket prevents them from escaping. The device has two operation modes, wet and dry. The user has to choose one that works more effectively for them. This product comes fully assembled but its multi-function timer and the on-board diagnostics will help you service it.

With this device, you can tinker with all settings for customization, particularly if you are dealing with one type of insects or mosquito species. To use the dry method, place the offered catch bag in the trap. Allow the LED-array and heat pulsations to attract and catch the mosquitoes. The wet mode relies on sugary drinks or water to attract insects, which drown in the bucket. The device is easy to program and use mainly because the setup process does not involve propane tanks that require refilling.

Key Features

  • Kills midges and mosquitoes with multi-stimuli human mimicking ULTRA Mosquito Trap
  • The smart technology consists of Mosquito-Attracting-Stimuli (MAS) setting, which fine-tunes the ULTRA
  • Comes fully assembled and allows self-servicing
  • Comes with Optional CO2 Gas Attractant System to increase the capture rates by up to 400 percent
  • Starts catching insects immediately


  • Brand: Mega-Catch
  • Product dimensions: 12.5 x 14.5 x 22 in
  • Product weight: 19.6 pounds
  • Comes fully assembled
  • The smart technology allows users to customize the settings to target other insects
  • The product is easy to use and program
  • It is an expensive choice

Best all-weather: DynaTrap DT2000XLP Mosquito Killer

DynaTrap DT2000XLP Mosquito Killer

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If you need a natural mosquito trap, the DynaTrap DT2000XLP Mosquito Killer might be a perfect choice. The pesticide-free mosquito killer covers a large area of nearly 1 acre to reach the hiding places of mosquitos. You can use it outdoors because it features an all-weather casing to handle every weather element. The producer adopted a simple design and incorporated three components for more efficient operation.

The device uses warm UV light, which is irresistible to most insects. It also boasts a second attractant, which is a titanium-coated surface designed to produce CO2 to attract many insects. The ultra-quiet but very powerful vacuum fan sucks the flying pests into a retaining chamber where they are hydrated and killed. It comes with a 7-foot power cord to allow plugging into your power outlet. This unit is usable both indoors and outdoors.

The manufacturer rates the UV fluorescent light for 3,000 hours of use. The XL model boasts a durable all-weather enclosure to guarantee the protection of the device from various weather elements. Its setup process is easy and apart from the power cord, you need for outdoor use; people would hardly tell that the trap is present. This natural mosquito control method does not use any harmful pesticides or chemicals so you will be comfortable using it near your pets and family.

Its ultra-quiet fan pulls insects efficiently into the screened base and does not cause any zapping or buzzing. You can keep it inside your house and sleep comfortably throughout the night. When inside the retaining cage, insects die in less than 24 hours.

Key Features

  • 3-way protection against flying insects like mosquitoes
  • Extra-large size designed to catch many insects
  • Strong, whisper-quiet fan to trap insects without buzzing or zapping
  • Coverage of up to 1 acre
  • Plugs into standard 110V power outlets


  • Brand: DynaTrap
  • Product dimensions: 14 x 14 x 16 inches
  • Product weight: 11.25 pounds
  • Does not use any chemicals or pesticides to kill mosquitoes
  • The fan is ultra-quiet, meaning that it will not disturb your sleep
  • It does not produce any irritating odors
  • Covers up to 1 acre
  • The coverage might not be large enough
  • It might not capture all the mosquitoes

Best for Backyard: Pestnot Bug Zapper Electric Mosquito Killer

Pestnot Bug Zapper Electric Mosquito Killer

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Pestnot Bug Zapper Electric Mosquito Killer is among the IP24 water-resistant electric insect killers that the market offers in 2020. It boasts a 5-times faster-flying insects killing trap boasting a plastic body. It uses a 20-watt UV bulb, meaning that your electric bills will be low and it will attract many insects from a long distance. The electrically charged 2000V metal grid kills any annoying or disease-carrying mosquito or bug instantly. You can buy it for both outdoor and indoor use because it is water-resistant – you do not have to worry about the heavy rains.

Due to its lightweight, you can carry the bug zapper to any place. For faster results, use it in the dark shadow areas or use it at night. It is also proven to work excellently in the backyard. After it has killed bugs, you can remove them from the tray situated at the bottom and clean it. Perhaps, the Pestnot Bug Zapper Electric Mosquito Killer might be all you need to control insects in 2020.

Key Features

  • Eliminates mosquitoes and all light-sensitive flying insects
  • Features 20-watt metal grid to zap bugs
  • Covers around half an acre radius
  • Lures insects and electrocutes them 24/without any user intervention
  • No chemicals, pesticides or odors


  • Brand: Pestnot
  • Product dimensions: 12 x 10 inches
  • No odors, chemicals or pesticides used
  • Good for both indoor and outdoor usage
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Safe around people and pets
  • The cord length is too short

Best Use for During Picnics: Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger Mosquito Killer

Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger Mosquito Killer

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The Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger Mosquito killer is not only lightweight but also offers an economical method of killing insects such as flies and mosquitoes. One of the things that you will love about the insect killer is that it works very fast and effectively. This lightweight propane fogger works by producing a fog that spreads and penetrates deeply into the landscape where biting insects and mosquitoes reside.

Most users consider it effective because it creates mosquito-free zones and kills the mosquitoes that get into contact with the fog for nearly 6 hours. It is designed for use during picnics, outdoor parties and barbeque. Use it to treat up to 5,000 square feet of land.

Key Features

  • It is the same system professionals use to kill mosquitoes
  • Repels and kills mosquitoes, biting flies and other flying insects for around 6 hours
  • Dispenses the fog for around 10 feet and can treat around 5,000 square foot yards within 10 minutes
  • You can enter the treated area immediately
  • Use with Cutter, Black Flag or the Repel branded insecticides


  • Brand: Burgess
  • Product dimensions: 6.9 x 15.5 x 11.2 inches
  • Product weight: 2.86 pounds
  • Easy to use
  • The fogger kills bugs effectively
  • The instructions are easy to follow
  • It is propane powered
  • The fogging insecticide is not included in the package
  • The included reservoir jars are very large

Best Use for Outdoor: Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Mosquito Killer

Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Mosquito Killer

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The Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Mosquito Killer is among the best electric mosquito killers available in the market today. It attracts the biting insects and brutally kills them. The progressed electronic control and non-stopping up killing frameworks make it a necessity for individuals who have issues with the insects. It covers nearly ½ an acre area, meaning that it is highly dependable.

The device features non-clogging vertical grids that do not cause short-circuits and prevents injury to birds, pets and children. USDA has tested and approved its waterproof bug zapper. The 15-watt wavelength blue light bulb attracts insects effectively, meaning that you do not have to use any sprays, fogs or poison as an attractant or killer.

In addition to mosquitoes, the Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Mosquito killer will also attract and kill the other light-sensitive insects. Connect it to your power outlet after purchase for outdoor use. It will attract the insects from a long distance. For best results, use it dark shadow areas. You will hear sounds whenever it kills an insect.

Key Features

  • An advanced insect control mechanism
  • Non-clogging killing grid
  • One acre killing radius
  • 40 watts bulb
  • Designed for outdoor use only


  • Brand: Flowtron
  • Product dimensions: 9.7 x 9.7 x 16.5 inches
  • Product weight: 4.75 pounds
  • Suitable for both outdoor use
  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to replace bulbs
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Does not come with mounting hardware
  • Not meant for use in the flammable surfaces

Best Attractive: Livin’ Well Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer

Livin’ Well Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer

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If you are searching for an effective outdoor control device to use in your backyard or the natural excursions, the Livin’ Well Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer might be all you need. The mosquito lamp features a 1,500-sqft bug zapping range and therefore it will cover a wide area in your home. It might cover the whole patio area or the space surrounding your porch. It will also secure everything in your home from mosquito interaction.

It comes with 18W UVA bug light that lures mosquitoes and other insects in and a galvanized steel zapper grid that shocks mosquitoes with 4,000 volts after they come into contact. The zapper is made to run for 8,000 hours. It will protect your home during and after the humid summer. The bug collection tray is very easy to clean. Use it to dispose of the killed bugs too.

Key Features

  • Uses 4,000V of electric power to kill mosquitoes and other biting insects
  • Covers around 1,500 SQ FT
  • It is a quiet weatherproof mosquito lamp usable in the outdoor living spaces
  • Features an 18W UVA bug light, galvanized steel zapper grid and an insect trap
  • Boasts a standing base and a 6 feet long cord
  • The bug zappers can run for 8,000 hours


  • Brand: Livin’ Well
  • Product dimensions: 36 x 48 x 37 inches
  • Product weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Kills mosquitoes effectively
  • Secure and attractive because the manufacturer focuses on the safety of your kids and pets
  • The collection tray is easy to clean
  • Works best at night or in the dark rooms
  • The size is noticeable

Best for Indoor: Aspectek Bug Zapper & Electric Indoor Insect Mosquito Killer

Aspectek Bug Zapper & Electric Indoor Insect Mosquito Killer

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Aspectek Bug Zapper & Electric Indoor Insect Mosquito Killer is among the low budget mosquito killers in the market today. The manufacturer makes it with a mesh screen grid that will prevent accidental contact. It also features two easier to replace 20W UV LED bulbs. Its UV light works effectively to attract mosquitoes, flies and the other light-sensitive insects from a distance of 80 feet. The device then kills them with the high power grids almost instantly. You can hang the device on any wall using the chain hook or carry it to any place.

After the drawer/tray is full, you can empty the dead bugs and wash it, something that makes the maintenance easy and fast. It is waterproof, meaning that it is not a good choice for outdoor mosquito control. You will not see any sparkles after throwing water on its surface. It can kill bugs nearly four times faster than most other devices. It will cover over 6000 square feet to attract mosquitoes. That means it is among the best choices.

Key Features

  • The killer lamp catches flies, mosquitoes, moths, gnats and other light-sensitive flying insects
  • Features a mesh screen to protect pets and kids
  • It does not use any chemicals
  • Comes with a chain to allow easier hanging to hooks
  • The removable plastic tray allows faster disposal of dead bugs and cleaning


  • Brand: Aspectek
  • Product dimensions: 16.3 x 12 x 6.1 inches
  • Product weight:3.65 pounds
  • Chemical and odor-free
  • Usable indoors
  • It does not produce any noises when running
  • The power cord might be very short

Best Easy to Use: Elucto Large Electric Mosquito Killer

Elucto Large Electric Mosquito Killer

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The Elucto Large Electric Mosquito Killer is among the smart choices for people who want to control pests proactively. The product looks like a small tennis racket and it is available in both large and standard sizes. The producer supplies it with two AA batteries to power it. That means you will not need to recharge it after every use.

The device is easy to use and the low weight (less than 7 ounces) allows easier carrying from one place to the other. Due to the single-layer design, you will not need to clean it after each use. Its large surface area provides enough space for pest swatting. But you have to keep it away from kids after each use.

Key Features

  • It zaps flies or insects in ONE SWAT. No need of swinging it severally in a row
  • Use it without waiting for it to recharge
  • Comes with 2 DURACELL AA batteries, so it starts working immediately
  • The One Layer Bug Zappier is easy to clean after every use
  • No toxic bug sprays or chemicals used


  • Brand: ELUCTO
  • Product dimensions: 18.9 x 7.1 x 1 inches
  • Product weight: 8 ounces
  • It comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
  • The grid is small enough to capture gnats and mosquitoes
  • Top-notch customer service and you will get services including after the one-year warranty period ends
  • The on/off switch optimizes battery life
  • The battery replacement cost adds up over time

HAUSBELL Mosquito Killer Lamp

HAUSBELL Mosquito Killer Lamp

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The Hausbell Mosquito Killer Lamp is eco-friendly and the manufacturer designs it to work more efficiently with mosquito lures. So, before you start using it, you will have to purchase a mosquito lure from the local store and place it at the bottom of this trap. It will start attracting mosquitoes immediately and trap them in its containment until they are dead. With the trap, you will not need any chemicals or pesticides to eliminate mosquitoes from your home. That means the option is 100 percent safe for pets and infants.

In addition to the mosquito lure, the UV lamp works to attract more insects and the fan sucks them into the cage. The airflow captures every mosquito into the small removable cage and after it is full, you can empty it in a few minutes. Due to the compact design of the mosquito killer, you can place it in your bedroom, living room, office, basement and other closed spaces. You can place it inside your child’s room because the silent fan will not disturb his/her light sleep.

The 360-degree suction ensures that an insect cannot escape after it goes near the trap. The trap is easy to carry. You can place it in any place thanks to the lightweight and compact design. It might be the time to say goodbye to the dangerous insect sprays or repellents because the Hausbell Mosquito Killer Lamp uses harmless UV light, a high-speed fan and a natural attractant. The USB power input allows you to use any 5V DC power adapter, power bank or your PC USB port to capture the mosquitoes. The detachable bottom allows the cleaning and disposal of bugs.

Key Features

  • Works greatly with mosquito lures placed at the bottom
  • The 360-degree powerful suction pulls mosquitoes from all directions
  • Works best in the dark closed places
  • Easy to carry and place in garages, offices or living room
  • Virtually silent fan


  • Brand: HAUSBELL
  • Product dimensions: 5 x 3.6 x 1.2 inches
  • Product weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Virtually silent fan
  • Highly portable
  • Powerful suction to pull mosquitoes from all directions
  • You can kill all mosquitoes by running it for one week
  • You will need to buy lures separately

Summit Responsible Solutions Mosquito Bits

Summit Responsible Solutions Mosquito Bits

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The Summit Responsible Solutions Mosquito Bits are designed to kill mosquito larvae in water bodies. They are a good choice when there is a need to kill mosquito larvae within a short time. All you need to do is sprinkle the mosquito bits over the water body and you will see the larvae floating on the water after a short time. If you need a long-term mosquito infestation solution, it might be worth trying because it will prevent developing of larvae into a mosquito.

The bits are considered eco-friendly and they are EPA-registered in the United States. You can use them in your farming as an organic pest control method. Use the product on small standing water bodies including small ponds, swimming pools, birdbaths, old tires and the swampy areas. You will notice results within a short time.

Key Features

  • Comes in 60 ounces and 30 ounces containers
  • Kills larvae only and will not kill the adult mosquitoes
  • EPA certified in the United States
  • Environmentally sound mosquito control method


  • Brand: Summit Chemical Co
  • Product dimensions: 12 x 12 x 9 inches
  • Product weight: 1.87 pounds
  • An effective method of dealing with mosquito larvae populations
  • You do not need many bits to terminate larvae populations
  • Comes in a 60-ounce or a 30-ounce containers
  • Kills fungus gnats too
  • You can plant it into the ground
  • Will not kill the adult mosquitoes

GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb, 2 in 1 Mosquito Killer Lamp

GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb, 2 in 1 Mosquito Killer Lamp

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The GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb, 2 in 1 Mosquito Killer Lamp is another effective bug zapper device. When purchasing the device, you will receive one bulb that you can plug into your simple bulb socket. But if your light bulb has to remain on, you will need an additional bulb socket to mount the GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb.

The GLOUE bulb features a modern design that allows sliding out of the dead bugs. In other words, there is no need for cleaning this device manually. The other great feature you will love about the mosquito killer is that it comes with three lighting modes to match different times of the day. Lastly, it has a protective layer to keep your kids and pets safe after activation. The UV lighting will work in a wide area and catch many bugs within a short time.

Key Features

  • Advanced LED Blue-violet band to emit 365-430mm wavelength which attracts mosquitoes and other insects
  • Insects make contact with the electrically charged metal grid which kills them instantly
  • It is chemical-free and made of eco-friendly materials
  • Mosquitoes slip off automatically and therefore there is no need for cleaning
  • Offers three different modes


  • Brand: GLOUE
  • Product dimensions: 8 x 8 x 16 inches
  • Product weight: 4 ounces
  • You can use it as your usual lamp
  • Features a compact design
  • You can plug it conveniently in y our ordinary bulb socket
  • Features a protective layer
  • Limited lifetime

Why do you require mosquito killers?

Mosquito killers are necessary when dealing with mosquito infestations around your home. The killers eliminate mosquitoes around the home and they are therefore a good choice for people who spend most of their time outdoors, particularly in the garden. After all, the last thing you would want to do is deal with mosquito bites when working in your garden at dawn.

In most countries, mosquito killers are a good addition to the yard. That is particularly in areas with many streams or rivers. Mosquitos spread within a short time and they can be a nuisance in your home. Even though they will be prevalent in low-light times, they are usually active throughout the night. Therefore, if you are planning to work in your garden in dusk or dawn, you will need mosquito killers.

Are mosquito repellents enough?

It is hard to tell whether they are enough for your mosquito control operations. Most people believe that mosquito repellents are enough. They protect them from mosquito and bugs bites when working in their garden at dawn or dusk. However, those with pets and livestock find repellents ineffective. Pets, livestock and small kids can run back and forth from the wading pool to the house and therefore wash away the repellent.

Spray repellents will not protect your dog, cats or kids. Repellents are designed to work in small areas and their long-term efficiency is not as good as using something that kills the pests immediately. Repellents will buy you time and they are a lifesaver for the short-term uses such as during parties and gatherings.

Steps to take when buying your mosquito killers

Before buying any mosquito killer, ensure that your compound is uninhabitable for mosquitoes. The mosquitoes are in your compound because they find it a good home. They will always come back if you fail to take the right measures. Here are the steps to take before purchasing the mosquito killer.

Eliminate the standing water

Water is important for mosquitoes. They will, therefore, thrive in areas with stagnated water. Most gardeners have areas with stagnant water that they do not even realize. Each plant tray, bucket or the unused plant pots catch a lot of water during rainy seasons. Unfortunately, it will take only a little water for the mosquitoes to start breeding.

Your first solution to the mosquito infestation problem is to eliminate every breeding area. Turn over the unused plant trays and pots. Also, dump out bucket contents and keep them upside-down. If you have been using buckets to gather plant debris and dump them, empty them and store the buckets upside down.

Pet and livestock keepers have to take action too. Birdbaths and dog bowls might turn into mosquito breeding grounds if you do not empty them properly. The same applies to troughs for your horses or any other large livestock.

Besides, if some locations are hard to empty, such as the drainage canals, watering locations for your pets and livestock, fountains and rain runoff swales, use larvicidal agents to treat the water. That will end mosquito breeding in those locations. Most larvicides in the market are animal-safe, meaning that they will only work on mosquitoes and not the large animals and birds.

Start mosquito maintenance on your garden

Your next step should be to clean the debris and litter within your yard. Even though most people do not consider such garbage potential mosquito breeding sites, plant debris and leaf litter can hold water that is enough for mosquitoes to hide in and start their breeding. When composting, turn the pile regular between rains. That will reduce excess water build-up in your compost mater. Better yet, use a tumbling composter for easier drainage and turning of your compost.

Ensure no tarps are holding water. The same should apply to your BBQ covers or fabric (patio awnings and umbrella). Dump any pooling water and cut any tall grass within your yard. During mosquito seasons, the small biting pests take refuge in the shaded damp locations during the day and get out at dusk. Remove all the tall grass stands and mow the lawn. Keep plants and bushes trimmed to eliminate the day hiding places of mosquitoes.

Types of mosquito killers

Up to this point, your top question might be which are the best mosquito killers to use? The question can be hard to answer because your choice will highly depend on how you are planning to control the small biting pests. To help you do your selection wisely, here is a quick introduction to the options in the market. Understanding them will make your selection easy.

Mosquito larvicides

Larvicides should form part of the first-line defense. Adding them in standing water in your compound that you cannot empty will help reduce the population. The larvicide will dissolve in stagnating water leaving superfine coatings across the surface that poisons any mosquito that comes to lay eggs. Larvicides smother the eggs too to prevent the formation of larvae and kill any growing larvae.

Most larvicides are safe for use around livestock, birds and pets. They are also safe to use in your livestock watering troughs. Before buying any larvicides, read the label to be sure that they are safe. The best larvicides are made of bacillus thurigiensis var Israelis (BTI). The bacteria will eliminate any mosquitoes, fungus gnats and black flies. It will have no effects on your livestock or pets. Some other types of BT will be effective against caterpillars and some other pests but not mosquitoes. Producers supply the bacillus in the form of granules or caked drunks form.

Bug zappers

Bug zappers are effective when eliminating flies and the other types of flying insects around your home. But did you know that they are effective in mosquito control as they are with other insects? Even though scents like the carbon dioxide you exhale or the sweat on your skin attract more mosquitoes, ultraviolet light draws them in large numbers. Bug zappers are an effective defense against mosquitoes.

Even though they are unlikely to eliminate all mosquitoes, they will eliminate those drawn very close to them. One ZZZZT will kill the mosquito. The market offers a wide range of mosquito zappers, meaning that some are more effective than others are.

Mosquito lures

As we have stated, some pheromones or scents will draw many mosquitoes. Perhaps, you already know that the biting irritants never bother some people but others are more like a magnet to them. All that has something to do with your skin’s chemical makeup, what is in your sweat and the amount of carbon dioxide you breathe out.

Mosquito lures come with baits or lures in them to draw mosquitoes closer. Mosquitoes are trapped inside the devices after entering. Some come with bug zappers but most will trap the biting pests in their containment unit where they die due to starvation.

The devices might or might not require power from a battery or the mains to run. They will highly depend on whether the manufacturer fitted them with a fan to draw the mosquitoes inside or not. Those with bug zappers will also need the power to run. Some simply draw mosquitoes and trap them in their compartments. They come with replaceable bait cartridges made of odd chemicals such as octanol. Carbon dioxide emitters function similarly. Even though mosquito lures are effective, it can be hard to find one that matches your area.

Mosquito sprays

The market provides a spray for almost everything. But are mosquito sprays safe when used around children, pets and livestock? The correct answer is yes. Some of them are safe. Neem oil, one of the derivatives of neem seeds, offers azadirachtin, which is a naturally forming chemical with many applications. The azadirachtin functions as an effective insecticide. It will work against mosquito infestations more effectively without affecting mammals and avians in your home or polluting the water. It has no effects on fish and it will keep spider mites, aphids and many other pests away. However, it will need reapplication after every heavy rain.

Some mosquito spray producers also use other blends of plant oils such as mint, rosemary, thyme and sesame oils. They blend them with some other active ingredients to kill the mosquitoes. The sprays will break down in a few days, but they are an effective short-term control method.

Mosquitoes hate the smell of garlic and therefore a garlic spray can be an effective repellent when used in your home. Unfortunately, the application of strong garlic spray means that you will have the smell of garlic for several days. It is not the spray to use immediately before a garden party because it can affect the comfort of your guests.

Permethrin and pyrethrin are the other commonly used spray. Pyrethrin is the active ingredient in the sprays and comes from various chrysanthemum species. People use it to terminate mosquito populations and those of other insects. It is a good option for most gardeners. On the other hand, permethrin sprays are a lab-created variant of pyrethrins. Know that both pyrethrins and permethrins can harm beneficial insects such as honeybees. Use them sparingly.

Mosquito foggers

Mosquito foggers are the other effective short-term defense against mosquitoes. After fogging, the environment will be free of mosquitoes for up to 6 hours. The devices will create enough fog to coat your area evenly and kill any mosquitoes that might be hiding in the area. Even though they are effective, you should limit their use. Use them on ornamental plants or your lawns alone. They are dangerous chemicals, which you should never use on the edible plants.

Mosquito repellants

When working to keep mosquitoes away for a few days, use repellents. Repellents are limited in range and scope because producers make them for short-term use. They are a good choice during the cooking time on barbecues or when spending time in your patio. Repellants do not kill pests but produce a strong scent to keep them away. The other options will provide a long time solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are electronic mosquito killers safe around pets and children?
A: Safety is among the key considerations when it comes to zappers. Even though we cannot say that the devices are completely harmless and perform effectively, you can take a few measures to prevent accidental contacts with a charged grid. Protective metal screens will prevent large paws and fingers from reach inside the grid. Most electronic mosquito killers use very high voltage to dispatch insects – their amperage is low. That reduces the chances of shock. Remember to mount the units in high places to attract the flying insects and to put them far from the curious kids.

Q: Where should I place the mosquito killer when holding birthday parties in the backyard?
A: Electric mosquito killers are designed to attract the flying insects and kill them – not repel them. Search for the locations where you can securely mount bug zappers – at least 5-6 feet above the floor. The areas should also have 110-240 Volts power outlets or access to grounded extension cords. Unlike the common insect repellents, including foggers, smudge pots and citronella-infused torches, attractant killers should be mounted very far from food service areas and people.

Q: Are electric mosquito killers effective?
A: Only a few defenses against the crawling or flying pests are 100 percent effective. Insects might repopulate within a few hours and their large number might overwhelm the type of pest control method you choose. However, electric mosquito killers will work more effectively without the need for hazardous smoke, chemicals or fog. They are designed for indoor use, meaning that when installed in your home, they will attract and dispatch the manageable flying insects.


Even though the market offers many mosquito killers and repellents, mosquito zappers are the most effective. The simple portable devices kill mosquitoes within a few seconds and they do not contain any chemicals. That means they are not harmful to people and the environment. With the help of ultraviolet light, they can attract bugs like mosquitoes into their cages and use electricity to kill them.

The process of cleaning mosquito zappers is easy to follow and because they are waterproof, you can use them both indoors and outdoors without worrying about the heavy rains. The strong devices cover a large area, meaning that they will eliminate mosquitoes from your area within a short time. Use them alongside other methods for better control of mosquitoes.

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