The 10 Best Kitchen sinks of 2021 – 2022

Kitchens are the most utilized rooms. Apart from using them for food preparation, most families meet in these important rooms. You might also be aware that it is the first room that your guests will see. For that reason, you must fit it with the right appliances that will help complement the décor. By purchasing the best kitchen sinks of 2020, you will improve the appearance of the kitchen and possibly the entire home.

During your kitchen sink selection process, you will have to decide whether you need an under-mount, top-mount or farmhouse sink. The three are the most popular choices during new kitchen Constructions and remodeling. Sink producers use different materials to make them, meaning that you will also need to decide on the material to choose. The best materials include ceramic, acrylic, granite composite, porcelain, cast iron, stainless steel and fireclay.

Moreover, you will have to decide between a single bowl, double bowl and triple bowl sinks. Mostly, single bowl sinks offer enough space to accommodate the large pots and pans. Double-bowl kitchen sinks allow multi-tasking for individuals who would want to spend the least time possible in their kitchens. To help you make a good choice, we have created a list of best kitchen sinks of 2020 along with a buying guide and the frequently asked questions. Here are the best sinks.

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Best Overall: Kraus KHU100-30 Kitchen Sink, 30 Inch, Stainless Steel

Kraus KHU100-30 Kitchen Sink, 30 Inch, Stainless Steel

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The Kraus KHU100-30 Kitchen Sink is among the best-selling sinks on the market today. The heavy-duty kitchen sink model is a good choice for kitchen renovations and new Constructions. It is made of premium grade 16-gauge thick stainless steel and therefore it is one of the best and thick stainless steel sinks in the market. The sink has effective protective and soundproofing undercoating that minimizes the noise of the sink water.

Unlike many other metal sinks in the market today, the model will not produce loud noise each time you drop something on it. One of the big benefits of using thick stainless steel sinks is the durability. Thick steel protects denting, meaning that you are likely to use the sink for many decades. The other benefit this sink offers is a large capacity.

The depth of this sink allows it to accommodate the largest of your kitchenware. If you have a busy kitchen, it will provide enough space when cleaning and storing pots and dishes. The manufacturer designed it for optimal water drainage and its channel grooves prevent water pooling on the bottom. Its satin finish is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.

Key Features

  • Dent-resistant T304 16-gauge stainless steel material
  • Easy to clean, rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Soundproofing technology and extra-thick pads that cover 80 percent of the sink
  • Multi-functional dish grid to protect the sink bottom
  • piece basket strainer set


  • Brand: Kraus
  • Product dimension: 30 x 18 x 10 inches
  • Product weight: 33 pounds

  • Looks impressive
  • High-quality finish
  • Awesome sound deadening
  • Comes with accessories
  • Huge
  • Heavy

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Best Value: Ruvati 32-inch Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Best379 Ruvati 32-inch Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

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The Best379 Ruvati 32-inch Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink is designed for individuals who would want to maximize their kitchen workspace with a multi-functional sink. With the single-tier track, you can move different accessories into place or out of your way when not in use. The elusive lips hold the track and the accompanying accessories in place while the offered cutting board allows you to cut your fruits and vegetables and prepare meals without leaving your workstation. The wooden cutting board fits onto the sinks rolling track and you can easily lock it into place to save your countertop.

The stainless steel sink features impressive rubber padding and undercoating to prevent noise disturbance during use. This unique feature makes it a good under-mount kitchen sink to buy for your granite countertop. Whenever you drop a glass or dish accidentally into the sink, the sound guard will eliminate the chances of unpleasant noise disturbing the room occupants. Therefore, it makes some tasks, including dishwashing, less irritating. Moreover, you will have a dish drying rack, which you can roll to any place you want on the sink.

Key Features

  • Single-tier track workstation
  • 6-gauge premium stainless steel T-304 material that never rusts
  • Heavy-duty sound guard undercoating plus thick rubber padding to reduce condensation and noise
  • The package includes the sink, bottom rinse grid, cutting board, cutout template, basket strainer drain, installation guide and mounting clips
  • Sloped bottom to allow complete drainage


  • Brand: Ruvati
  • Product dimension: 19 x 32 x 10 inches
  • Product weight: 48.3 pounds

  • Sloped bottom to make the draining easy and quick
  • Comes with a wooden cutting board
  • Great for multitasking
  • Comes with stainless steel colander and dish drying rack
  • The producer includes a protective dish rack
  • Satin finish encourages water spots
  • The deep bowl makes dishwashing hard

Best Pick: BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 30 in. Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 30 in. Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

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It is the time to bring a new look to your kitchen with a Ceramic Farmhouse Kitchen Sink. The BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 30 In. Single Bowl Kitchen Sink is crafted to match your home décor and your functional desires. Made of 100 percent natural recyclable organic material, the sink is durable and will handle your hot pots happily each time you throw them in it straight from the oven.

Besides being highly durable, the BOCCHI Single Bowl Kitchen Sink is stain, scratch and corrosion-resistant. The 100 percent non-porous surface allows you to do almost everything on top of this sink when preparing your meals or cleaning your kitchenware. It inaugurates with Bocchi Clean Plus+ technology, which helps keep it clean, shiny and looking new.

Even more, it features a removable protective strainer and bottom grid to prevent its bottom from pan marks. Currently, it might be the best apron sink in the market. And due to its beautiful look and functionality, it is worth your Consideration.

Key Features

  • High pressure cast fine fireclay Construction
  • 00 percent non-porous uniform surface
  • The manufacturer covers it with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Extremely resistant to chipping, scratching, discoloration and cracking
  • Includes protective bottom grid and strainer
  • Fits 33 inches cabinet sizes


  • Brand: BOCCHI
  • Product dimension: 30 x 18 x 10 inches
  • Product weight: 76.8 pounds

  • Distinctive looks
  • Stain, scratch and discoloration resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Super smooth finish
  • Expensive

Kraus KGD-433B 33 1/2 inch Onyx Granite Kitchen Sink

Kraus KGD-433B 33 1/2 inch Onyx Granite Kitchen Sink

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The Kraus KGD-433B 33 ? inch Onyx Granite Kitchen Sink is the other kitchen sink worth trying. The manufacturer designs it with granite and quartz material and it is, therefore, a composite sink. Around 80 percent of the material used is quartz, which provides it with a natural stone touch. Moreover, the Kraus KGD-433B Onyx Granite Kitchen Sink is a double basin model with a center intersection therefore two equally sized bowls on each end. If you are among the people who love multitasking, then this product is for you.

And because it is dual-mount, you can install it either as an under-mount or a top-mount sink. If you opt for the top-mounting option, the installation process will be effortless but cleaning will be easy with the under-mount option. The producer designs the sink material to make your kitchen hygienic.

Speaking of the color, it is uniform throughout the kitchen sink. It, therefore, looks sleek when installed in a modern or contemporary kitchen. The sink does not discolor over time, something that makes it a good choice for people with long-term plans. After the first installation, you are unlikely to replace the sink. For easier cleaning, use the recommended products.

Key Features

  • The kitchen set includes drain assembly, sink, bucket strain mounting hardware, towel and cutout template
  • Designed for thermal shock and impact resistance
  • Made of naturally hygienic material, which the manufacturer enriches with silver iConsto repel germs
  • The thick stone-like material eliminates noise and vibrations
  • Dual mount design for easier installation


  • Brand: Kraus
  • Product dimension: 25 x 22 x 9.5 inches
  • Product weight: 0.7 pounds

  • It features a deep basin to allow easier cleaning of the big dishes
  • Super easy to maintain and clean because it features rounded corners
  • Due to its high heat resistance, you can place your hot pans and pots on it
  • Non-reactive with chemicals
  • Resistant to scratches
  • You have to be careful when shipping it to your kitchen because it can break
  • It might crack if you drop the heavy items on it

Latoscana 33″ Reversible Fireclay Farmhouse Sink LFS3318W

Latoscana 33

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The Latoscana 33” Reversible Fireclay Farmhouse Sink LFS3318W is among the best single bowl farmhouse kitchen sinks in the market. For a long time, Latoscana has stood as one of the leading fireclays sinks brands and their handcrafted sinks are known for high quality, durability and resistance to chips and scratches.

Whether your goal is to develop a modern elegant kitchen or to include rustic vintage features, this elegant authentic sink will add the style you need to your home. Even more, it will remain in style for a long time, regardless of how often you use it.

The clean lines and the timeless white color give this product a timeless exceptional appearance that appeals to many tastes. The surface is glossy and easy to wipe clean. It is also resistant to stains, scratches, acids, alkalis and impacts.

The 33-inches Latoscana LFS3318W Farmhouse sink fits beautifully in the standard-sized kitchens. The inside bowl is 9 1/8 inches deep and therefore offers enough space for dishwashing. During the installation, you will have various mounting options such as under-mount, flush-mount or install it as a raised sink. The reversible design allows you to display the classic smooth apron or the elegantly fluted side.

Key Features

  • 00 percent solid fireclay Construction
  • Fired at a temperature above 2000 degrees
  • Reversible-charming fluted smooth front design
  • Standard 3 ? inches drain opening
  • All components are made in Italy


  • Brand: Latoscana
  • Product dimension: 33 x 18 x 10 in.
  • Product weight: 85 pounds

  • Elegant Italian craftsmanship
  • Beautifully finished on every side
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Stains easily

Ruvati RVH9300 Apron Front 16 Gauge 36″ Kitchen Single Bowl Sink

Ruvati RVH9300 Apron Front 16 Gauge 36

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The Ruvati RVH9300 Apron Front 16 Gauge 36” Kitchen Single Bowl Sink is among the best stainless steel sinks to try. Some of the things you will love about this sink are the design and the ease of use. On the front and backside, the sink boasts a small ledge and comes with several additional accessories, including a stainless steel colander, solid hardwood cutting board, stainless steel bars and durable drying rack.

The model comes as a single bowl sink. That is why it will hold many dishes and make the management of large-sized pots, and pans easy. And due to the thick rubber padding and sound guard undercoating, you will never worry about disturbing your house occupants when preparing your meals or washing your kitchenware. The feature also reduces condensation. The sloped bottom, which also features grooves, allows complete drainage. This sink will form an important feature in your kitchen.

Key Features

  • Workstation kitchen sink with a single-tier track
  • Made of 16 gauge premium T-304 stainless steel material that will never rust
  • Quality sound guard undercoating and a thick rubber padding for noise and condensation reduction
  • Brushed finish to hide scratches and to match the kitchen appliances
  • Dish drying roll-up rack, which slides on the sink edges to change it into a workspace


  • Brand: Ruvati
  • Product dimension: 21 x 36 x 10 inches
  • Product weight: 60 pounds

  • The sink is large enough to allow cleaning of many items at once
  • The cutting board allow you to clean and cut at the same time
  • It is affordable
  • The design is unique
  • The corner angles might be uncomfortable

KOHLER K-5827-0 Whitehaven Farmhouse Undermount Single-Bowl Sink

KOHLER K-5827-0 Whitehaven Farmhouse Undermount Single-Bowl Sink

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If you need a farmhouse sink, the KOHLER Whitehaven Farmhouse Self-Trimming Sink is worth buying. Due to its large size, you will have enough space to keep your dishes, pots and pans clean. The sink boasts a self-trimming farmhouse design that overlaps the kitchen cabinet’s face. You will love the ease of installation and the great look this sink provides. The manufacturer guarantees that the sink will never chip, burn or crack.

Due to its enameled finish, the sink is non-porous and smooth. It allows for easy and quick cleaning. Do not use any abrasive chemicals. Just wipe it with a soft cloth or sponge. Alternatively, you can rinse it with some warm water.

The product will withstand around 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Your cleaning tasks will be a breeze because you can place your hot pans and pots directly onto the sink without worrying about damaging it. Because of the offset drain, you will have a large usable workspace while draining the water in a better way. You will also have adequate storage space beneath the cabinet because the disposal will be under the drain on the back corner of your cabinet.

Key Features

  • Will fit on a 33-inch farmhouse sink base cabinet
  • -inches deep
  • Self-trimming apron overlaps your cabinet for easier installation and better results
  • The basin slopes around 2 degrees towards the drain to reduce water pooling
  • Offset drain maximizes the workspace and underneath storage space


  • Brand: Kohler
  • Product dimension: 32.7 x 21.6 x 9.6 inches
  • Product weight: 115.7 pounds

  • It comes in 11 colors selection of one to match your kitchen decor
  • The sink can resist over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The water always drain and the large bowl offers enough work area
  • The different color options cost less than the basic white option

Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU13322BK0 Black Single Bowl Undermount Sink

Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU13322BK0 Black Single Bowl Undermount Sink

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Whether you have black, white or any other color in your kitchen, the black color of the Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU13322BKO Black single Bowl Under-mount Sink will complement your kitchen color palette. The sink stands up to tough stains and makes cleaning a breeze. To maintain its cool appearance, use a simple damp cloth and warm soapy water.

With the nonporous material, you will never worry about the growth of bacteria. The ultrafine nanostructure prevents the sticking of liquids and food on the surface and inhibits the spread of bacteria. The manufacturer molds the special formula of Quartz Classic from 80 percent natural quartz. It provides tough granite composite for sinks. The sink resists the day-to-day wear and tear. It is also strong enough to combat smudges and scratches.

With the large single bowl, you can move your big pans, pots or dishes in and out easily. Scratch your large kitchenware without feeling cramped. Again, you can hide your dirty dishes from sight in the deep recesses of the model. The first thing your guests will identify after getting into your kitchen is the beautiful look of this sink. It will stand 535 degrees Fahrenheit.

Key Features

  • The bowl provides uninterrupted space for stacking and washing dishes or other household items
  • Stain-resistant and easy to clean
  • Heat and scratch-resistant surface
  • Offers a bold and sleek statement
  • Under-mount installation


  • Brand: Elkay
  • Product dimension: 33 x 18.4 x 9.4 inches
  • Product weight: 33 pounds

  • Small width good for small kitchens
  • Matte finish to give your kitchen an elegant appearance
  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • Single bowl design for easier use
  • Quartz is not reactive with metals
  • Does not come with drains
  • You might need extra sink brackets

Commercial 28 inches 16 Gauge Top mount Drop-in Single Bowl Basin Handmade T304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Commercial 28 inches 16 Gauge Top mount Drop-in Single Bowl Basin Handmade T304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

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Fitting most households, Commercial 28 inch 16 Gauge Top mount Drop-in Single Bowl Basin Handmade T304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink is single bowl sink that is 10 inches deep. The extra depth reduces splash and conceals the unwashed dishes until you clean them. Moreover, the large space allows you to wash your large pans and pots easily.

The built-in sound barrier technology with stone guard undercoating and 3mm thick rubber sound-dampening pads reduces the noise resulting from dripping water drastically. The 16-gauge T304 stainless steel material is dent-resistant and long-lasting. Furthermore, the gently rounded corners will maximize your workspace when washing dishes or preparing your meal. The contemporary look is easy to clean.

Key Features

  • Made of premium quality T304 stainless steel material that is scratch-resistant and durable
  • mm thick rubber dampening pads along with stone guard undercoating
  • Standard 3 ? inches drain opening to fit most garbage disposal systems
  • 0 days money-back guarantee
  • 0 inches deep


  • Brand: SHACO
  • Product dimension: 28 x 20.5 x 10 inches
  • Product weight: 27.8 pounds

  • Extra deep basin to minimize splash and to conceal the unwashed dishes until you get to them
  • Sound barrier technology to reduce noise resulting from dripping water
  • Long-lasting and dent resistant
  • Gently rounded corners to maximize the workspace
  • Expensive

Kraus KTM32 33 inch Topmount 60/40 Double Bowl 18 gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Kraus KTM32 33 inch Topmount 60/40 Double Bowl 18 gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

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The Kraus KTM32 33 Inch Topmount 60/40 Double Bowl 18 gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink is smartly designed and offers great performance and features. It is made of strong quality stainless steel material. The quality padding reduces noises when washing dishes and other items, meaning that you are unlikely to disturb the other people in your kitchen or home.

One great thing about this product is that it has a large capacity, which allows you to wash many dishes, pans and pots at the same time. However, that might not be the case when cleaning the large pots and pans because space might accommodate only one. It is a good choice for new kitchens and kitchen remodels.

Key Features

  • Made of high-quality T304 stainless steel material that makes it a good choice for new Constructions and home improvement projects
  • Dent resistant and durable 18 gauge material to protect it against damages
  • Noise defend soundproofing to eliminate noise during use
  • Nonporous surface with a satin finish
  • Durable and easy to clean


  • Brand: Kraus
  • Product dimension: 33.13 x 22 x 9 inches
  • Product weight: 16.9 pounds

  • Made of the thickest stainless steel material
  • Comes with installed soundproof pads to reduce noise disturbance
  • It is resistant to scratches and corrosive substances
  • Due to the satin finish, the product is durable and long-lasting
  • The double-bowl design offers a large capacity
  • You will need an extension for drainage

The available types of kitchen sinks

The process of selecting a kitchen sink might not be straightforward. The number of available types and appearances might overwhelm you the next time you open a shopping site or walk into the local store. The purpose of buying the kitchen sink is to have a good workstation for meal preparation, washing dishes, soaking items and doing many other kitchen chores. The sink you select must be easy to maintain and feature an awe-inspiring design.

The modern sinks are made of quality materials and they come in various styles to match your kitchen decor. You can choose from stainless steel sinks, drop-in sinks, copper sinks, single bowl, double bowls and drop-in sinks. Some also come with properly designed traps to catch food wastes. This feature is more helpful for people who would like to compost their food waste. Here are brief descriptions of the best types.

Single bowl

Single bowl sinks come with a single basin without any dividers. Due to the large size of their basin, these sinks can accommodate a large number of pans, pots, and baking sheets. Most modern kitchens will feature this type of kitchen sink due to its simplicity. For easier cleaning, most people will lay a cooking sheet flat.

The mounting of this type of sinks is similar to that of other types, including the double bowl-under-mount, drop-in and the apron-front configurations. The sinks will work in most countertop surfaces and they complement various kitchen designs.

Under-mount sinks, farmhouse sinks, bar-style sinks, cast-iron sinks and drainboards with sink combos are mostly single basin sinks. That is because the single bowl works perfectly in all kitchens. Most people will install the single basin sink beside a small prep sink in their island or work region in their kitchen.

  • Ideal for the small kitchens that cannot accommodate double or the triple basin sinks
  • Offer an easier to clean designs with minimal corners
  • Their extra-large bowls can accommodate many pans and pots
  • Hard to rinse and wash items in this type of sink
  • Multi-tasking becomes hard because the sink is not separated
  • Double bowl

    Double bowl kitchen sinks are divided sinks. Each of the sinks comes with two basins separated by a divider at the center. Some decades ago, dishwashers were not available and that is the key reason the sinks were more popular. When a dishwasher is not available, the double bowl sinks make rinsing and washing of kitchen items easy.

    When cleaning your pans and dishes, you could fill one side of the sink with some warm soapy water and fill the other side with clean water for rinsing. But because most modern kitchens have dishwashers, the manufacturers are making the second bowl smaller nearly half the size of the main bowl and shallower. Use the small bowl to prepare food or rinse the small items. After buying a double bowl kitchen sink, you can mount it as an apron-front, under-mount or a drop-in sink.

  • The two bowls allow easier multi-tasking. The large size allows washing, rinsing and easier draining.
  • For most decades, people have seen the kitchen sink as a gold standard.
  • Mostly, both bowls are too small to accommodate pans and pots easily
  • They take up a large counter space
  • Triple bowl

    Triple bowl sinks come with three different bowls. The configuration of these sinks varies according to the model, but most of them will feature two medium-sized bowls – one on each side and a smaller bowl at the center. Generally, the middle bowls are usually connected to the kitchen garbage disposal system and people use them for smaller chores and hand washing. After opting for this type of kitchen sinks, you can fit a dish rack on either of the two side bowls.

    If you are among the people who enjoy multi-tasking, this type of kitchen sink will allow you to do that. You can do several activities such as food preparation, air-drying, dishwashing, and vegetable and fruit washing and waste disposal without leaving your workstation. These sinks are available in under-mount, drop-in and apron-front configuration. You will find one to match your needs and kitchen decor.

  • Allows you to place your dish rack in one of the medium-sized bowls
  • Soak dishes in one of the middle-sized bowls and use the other two bowls for your food preparation
  • The smaller middle bowl is usable as a handwashing or food disposal bowl. It works perfectly for a colander
  • Available in many shapes and styles to match your kitchen decor
  • The bowls cannot accommodate your large pans and pots
  • Takes up very large counter space, something that is unlikely to happen with the single bowl and double bowl kitchen sinks.
  • Apron/farmhouse sinks

    Also known as, apron sinks, farmhouse sinks are designed to hold a lot of water. But after running water came into being, people would bring water into their homes from lakes, rivers and wells. For that reason, they required large farmhouse sinks to hold enough water for washing the items they used in their kitchens. Today, people go for the sinks due to their large size.

    The sinks are positioned forward in the kitchen cabinet so that the user does not need to lean forward when cleaning items. Their built-out appearance allows their front to remain exposed. That is unlikely with the other types where the countertop hides the front side of the basin. It is the same feature that makes some people dislike this type of kitchen sink.

    The modern style farmhouse sinks come as single or even double bowl sinks. Manufacturers supply them in stainless or white color. That means they are made of quality materials.

  • The extra-large capacity bowl holds the big pans and pots easily
  • Forms the focal point in most kitchens
  • Available as single and double bowl sinks
  • Because they are mounted under the counter, the countertop cleaning is easy
  • Require custom cabinets
  • Hard to install
  • Takes a large space in your kitchen than the traditional sink designs would take

The best kitchen sinks materials

Before the early 1970s, the available kitchen sinks were only made of enameled iron or stainless steel. The available color choices were either shiny stainless steel or white. But in the 1970s, manufacturers started releasing kitchen sinks featuring green and yellow color, but they did not change the materials used to make them. Today, they are offering sinks made of various materials and in various sizes, shapes, colors and styles.

Kitchen sinks are no longer utilitarian fixtures in kitchens. They are more of focal points that should not only be functional but aesthetically pleasing too. Depending on the sink style you need, you can pick one of the various eye-catching materials that are lovely and functional. Here are the available choices of sink materials.

Stainless steel

Sinks made of stainless steel material have been the number one choice and that is likely to continue for many years. The sinks are exceptionally durable, provide superior longevity and they are cost-effective. The market offers stainless steel sinks to match almost every budget. The manufacturers rate them by gauges, which range between 16 and 22 gauge. Sinks featuring lower gauge numbers are of higher quality and they are thicker than those featuring the large number are. Ideally, the high-quality stainless steel sinks are made of 16 to 18 gauges, meaning that they are expensive.

To maintain the good look of your stainless steel sink, clean it more often. If you are living in an area with hard water, the tubs will develop discoloration or many spots. And even though the sink will rarely dent, its surface might get marred with many scratches after the use of cleansers or abrasive materials. To prevent the development of water sports, dry out the sink after using it. If you must buy a stainless steel sink, buy one with chromium content. Sinks with high chromium content are more resistant to corrosion than those with lower chromium content are.

Cast iron

Sinks made of cast iron have been around for generations. In most homes, enameled iron sinks dominate the space because they are long-lasting and durable. Producers offer them in white color with a glossy finish. Expect to find others featuring a wide array of hues. The old-school cast iron sinks were only white but manufacturers started adding colors to their models. Today, you will find brown, yellow, white, green and brown sinks too.

Unfortunately, the cast iron sinks porcelain enamel requires high-level cleaning, care and maintenance. With inadequate care, the surface of your sink will get scratches, stains and marks. The sink surface is also more likely to chip due to the accidental dropping of heavy objects and objects onto the tub. When using such a kitchen sink, avoid abrasive cleaners because they can scratch the surface.

With time, the cast-iron surface might become exposed and therefore rust very fast and lead to discoloration. The area surrounding your cast iron kitchen sink the place it meets the countertop might be more prone to discoloration and rusting. That is if you fail to apply caulk more often to prevent the water droplets from seeping downwards between the rim of your sink and the countertop. With adequate care, your cast iron sink will last for many years and complement your kitchen decor.


People associate granite kitchen sinks with luxury. The 100 percent granite sinks or granite composite sinks, which contain 85 percent quart granite and 15 percent resin, are extremely heavy and they require special cabinets to support their weight. The installation process of granite sinks is complicated and it will demand the services of a professional installer. A professional installer will ensure safety and provide good results.

The market offers granite sinks in farmhouse and apron styles. Most of the available models have a distinctive chiseled face, which highlights natural granite stone. Many of them sport intricate designs that stand out in most modern kitchens. Even though the price of solid granite sinks is higher than that of the granite composite sinks, the two have similar weight and they require professional installation for great appearance and longevity.

Granite is long-lasting but it is also naturally porous. In other words, you must seal it regularly to maintain the natural look and to prevent cracking. When cleaning the sink, you have to be careful to avoid scratching the surface. When possible, use stone soap alone to bring out the natural shine of granite and give your sink the pristine original look. One big benefit of granite is that you can take your hot pans out of the oven and place them into the bowl without worrying about changing the look of its surface.


Copper sinks are an upscale choice for modern kitchens. Copper never rusts and it offers effective anti-microbial properties. And because the manufacturers register their copper sinks with EPA, you should be sure that bacteria will not survive on the surface of your sink after landing. On the downside, copper develops a blue/green patina after a long time of use. Some individuals love the aged sink look but many works hard to keep their sinks polished.

As copper ages, it develops discoloration, which the owner might treasure or frown depending on his/her tastes. Keep in mind that hot liquids and pots can damage the sink. You must take great care when selecting the cleaner to avoid marking or scratching the beautiful copper surface. The gauging of copper is similar to that of steel. Low gauge sinks are the thick and more durable ones, while the high gauge is thin and more likely to dent. High gauge sinks are also likely to warp and pull away from the counter and get a visually odd look.

Porcelain sinks

Also known as, ceramic sinks, porcelain sinks are made of glass, clay and metal. Generally, manufacturers make them for bathrooms where you should install them next to porcelain tiles. However, today many people are choosing them for their modern kitchens too. Mostly, people buy matching sinks so that they can make flow from the kitchen to the bathroom with almost all items looking identical.

Porcelain material has a very long history. This material originated from China in the 7th century and many people accepted it due to its ability to prevent leaking and low absorbency of moisture. Unfortunately, porcelain absorbs stains very fast and most cleaners available in the market are abrasive. That means it is hard to remove the stains without scratching the surface. Including with the best care, porcelain sinks will develop stains and discolor therefore necessitating replacement.

Even though porcelain sinks never dent, they can crack or chip from impact. Even more, most of them are not 100 percent porcelain, they are made of cast iron and covered with porcelain. The cast-iron makes the porcelain more durable than the full porcelain sink. Most people believe that porcelain sinks are cheaper than stainless steel, but that is not always the case. Shop wisely.


Composite sinks are a blend of two materials and they, therefore, feature a tough and refined appearance. Manufacturers mostly make them from granite or quartz with acrylic blends. The main goal of developing composite was to come up with a durable material ideal for kitchen sinks. Composite sinks are resistant to dents, dings and scratches. Generally, they withstand temperatures above 500 degrees Fahrenheit. That means you can place your hot pans onto your sink without damaging the surface. Here are the main types of composite sink materials.

Acrylic: manufacturers use acrylic material mixed with fiberglass or polyester to make attractive sinks that are also easy to clean. Unfortunately, the sinks are more prone to scratches if they feature an elaborate luster.

Quartz: sink producers combine quartz with resin fillers to make the quartz composite materials. Quartz composite material is stain and dent resistant. It is also smooth and less expensive.

Granite: granite composite sinks are expensive but they are durable and have a fabulous look. Granite composite is currently the most popular choice for homeowners due to its resistance to scratches, dents, dings and heat. You will only do a little work to maintain its original appearance.

The mounting options

After deciding on the kitchen sink style and the material, your next step should be the selection of a mounting option. Some types of sinks such as the farmhouse/apron sink are hard to mount and they require specialized cabinets. Granite sinks are heavy and they, therefore, demand exceptionally sturdy cabinets to support their weight. Sink mounting options include under-mount and top-mount (also known as drop-in). Under-mount sinks attach to the countertop underside while the top-mount sinks are fitted such that they sit on the countertop surface.

Top-mounting option

Top-mount sinks, also known as self-rimming or drop-in sinks, have a lip that sits on the surface of the countertop. During the installation, you have to make a hole in your kitchen countertop and drop in the sink through that hole. The sink’s rim catches the countertop and holds the sink tub in place.

After the sink fits properly onto the countertop, use anchors or metal clips to keep the sink in place and to keep its rim flash to the surface. After inserting the top-mount sink and affixing it to the countertop, you will need to apply a bead of acrylic or silicone caulking around the lip of the sink to complete the look and prevent any moisture from getting in between the countertop and lip.

The process of installing top-mount sinks is the easiest and that might be the key reason the sinks are the most popular in the globe. Actually, some years ago, they were the only available choice. They are made of various materials such as iron, stainless steel or composite materials. Unfortunately, some people hate them because the lip is hard to clean and the replacement of the caulking has to be often to maintain a good look.

Under-mounting option

Under-mount models attach to the bottom of the kitchen countertop to make a sleek appearance. The style is more common in modern kitchens where people need visually pleasing sink aesthetics. Under-mounted sinks have no noticeable lips that get dirty and demand caulk from time to time. After each use, you can wipe the sink clean.

To install an under-mount kitchen sink, you will need high-strength epoxy, metal anchors and silicone. The purpose of the metal anchors is to hold the kitchen sink to your countertop but the heavy sinks, including granite sinks, will demand a stand or brace for support. A large percentage of the under-mount options are made of granite or stainless steel, but you will still find others made of porcelain, copper or composite.

Unfortunately, under-mount sinks might not fit properly on your countertop. Your countertop might not look good after the installation due to the large weight it has to support. Actually, you might need to change your countertop if you had a top-mount sink previously installed. The cost of installation might also be higher than that of installing the top-mount options. But after installation, you will have a visually pleasing feature in your kitchen.

Factors to Consider before buying your kitchen sink

If you do not know the factors to Consider during the selection of your kitchen sink, you are likely to buy the wrong thing. When completing the installation work the DIY way, be honest about the aesthetics of your kitchen. The sink has to complement your kitchen decor after installation. Ensure that you have enough space to accommodate the new style.

Besides, you must ensure that the sink you intend to buy will fit properly into the hole the old sink left on your countertop. A small sink will leave gaps on the countertop and look unsightly. To install a farmhouse countertop, you must have a special countertop and cabinet.

When buying a kitchen sink for your standard laminate countertop, avoid the under-mount sinks because they do not go well with the countertop. On the other hand, composite or granite countertops look great after installation of under-mount sinks. Before buying any sink, Consider the countertop to know the type or style of the sink will look great and the mounting systems you require for the installation.

How large is your current kitchen sink?

When buying your new kitchen sink, keep in mind that you can purchase a larger sink but you can never buy a smaller one. A small sink will not fit in the countertop hole you pulled out the old one. It will leave unsightly gaps between the countertop and sink, which might be hard to fill. You can always enlarge the countertop hole after buying a larger sink. Keep in mind that some models, including the farmhouse sinks, require specialized cabinets and countertops. So, if you are planning to replace the current model with a farmhouse model, you might need to renovate your kitchen.

The existing plumbing

When replacing the kitchen sink, there are various plumbing items to Consider.

First, the new kitchen sink will need a faucet. The market offers various versions, such as single models featuring spouts with stainless steel hoses and traditional models featuring affixed spout and knobs. Some models come with touch controls, meaning that you do not need a lever or knob to turn the water ON and OFF.

Again, you must Consider the garbage disposal that comes in standard sizes to fit the sink. The garbage disposal with varying power will shred easily including when handling the substances that are hard to break up. The market offers racks and grates too to protect the surface of your new skin from scratching and denting.

How hard will it be to install the new kitchen sink?

When replacing the existing top-mount sink with a new top-mount model, then you can complete the project the DIY way. However, when replacing it with other types of sinks such as the granite and apron/farmhouse sinks, the work can be a challenge. Farmhouse sinks are not only large and heavy but they also require special countertops and cabinets. Moreover, they require special braces or brackets to keep them in place.

Granite sinks are heavy and hard to manoeuver. Most standard cabinets are not strong enough to support the weight of granite and farmhouse sinks, so you will need specialized ones during your swapping project. The services of an experienced contractor are necessary in such cases. Furthermore, when replacing the existing one with a larger one, you should be ready to cut and alter the countertop to hold the new model. The work can be overly complicated and will demand the services of a professional.


We all dream of big luxurious sinks. But due to the small size of most kitchens, fitting a large sink model is nearly impossible. Before buying a new sink, evaluate the type that will serve you well and give your kitchen a complete look. During a complete kitchen renovation, you can go for any kitchen sink you have ever dreamt of. But if you must complete the installation as one of your DIY projects, stick to the comparable sinks so that your cabinets and countertops can look fantastic again.

How often do you cook?

People who cook more often rely on the sink for various functions. They use it to wash the vegetables, fruits and dishes and flush down their food particles into the garbage. Such individuals know that the sink is the hub of their kitchen. If you are among them, choose your sink wisely. A good kitchen sink will also double as your workstation. You can use it to dry your dishes and strain some items with your colander.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are top-mount sinks better than the under-mount sinks?
A: Even though the two types are versatile and work for most modern kitchens, top-mount sinks are possibly easier to install. They drop into the counter hole. The installation of under-mount sinks is complicated and they will mostly demand the services of a professional installer.

Q: What are bar sinks?
A: Bar sinks are small then the standard sized sinks in the market. Due to their dimensions, they are a good choice for small-sized kitchens. Some individuals install them in their kitchens as an additional area for dishwashing and food preparation. Bar sinks are usable in high volume areas like home entertaining sections and home bars.

Q: Is the sink water noise higher with some sinks models and gauges?
A: Even though sinks with a lower number gauge encourage quiet sound from the running water, you have to use sound dampeners to reduce the noise. Most of the products in the market come with sound dampening pads and thick rubber layers as the standard. The dampeners will reduce the vibrations and the noise sink water creates in your kitchen.

Q: How should I choose a kitchen sink to fit my cabinet?
A: To buy the right sink for your countertop, take the dimensions of your kitchen. The dimensions will provide you with the maximum and minimum figure of the cabinet to install. This guide will help you finalize your sink selection.

Q: How does an 18-gauge sink differ from a 16-gauge sink?
A: A 16-gauge sink is more durable than an 18-gauge one. The durability increases as the grade number reduce. If you need a thick stainless steel or copper sink, go for one with a lower grade number. That way, you will be sure that it will not get dings, dents or scratches after a short time of use.


With this guide, you will make the right choice and avoid future regrets. When shopping for a kitchen sink, keep in mind that the largest and most expensive products are not necessarily the best. It is all about selecting the sink that will fit into your space naturally and provide the value you need. The above product reviews will help you get started.

Besides preparing meals in your kitchen, your family will gather there more often. In other words, the kitchen is the centerpiece of your home and therefore the water filter, kitchen faucet and kitchen sink are important features. Choose something beautiful and functional to complement your kitchen design. If you have children in your home, go for the smaller sinks so that they can use them easily.

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