The 14 Best Drywall Sanders Of 2024

While sanding your drywall, you have to get a sander that will be efficient and do the job properly. The sanders are applicable in a wide manner and they deliver optimal performances.

There are multiple uses of the best drywall sanders which include grinding drywalls, ceilings, interior, and exterior walls.

This is not the only feature of sanders. They come with strong motors which let you deal with a variety of tasks. The sander’s speed could also be adjusted to your needs. They also come with a hose that collects dust, helping you to keep your workplace clean.

Before purchasing a drywall sander, several factors must be considered. These factors include the price of the sander, design, versatility, power output; working speed, handle, and so on.

Best Overall: Festool Drywall Sander 571935

Best Overall: Festool Drywall Sander 571935

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The Festool Drywall 571935 Sander receives appreciation for its easy use. The flexibility of the sander makes operating very convenient.

Further, the weight of the machine is light, compared to, sanders that are automatic drywall. The adaptable head of the sander allows good maneuvering as you sand the material.

The appliance features one dust extractor, a convenience in removing the dust at the very beginning. This super quality makes the user comfortable in enabling retention in an environment free of sawdust.

The sanding machine also has an excellent mechanism to dust off corners of the sanding surface. However, the product is quite pricy compared to the other sanders.

Key Features

  • Easy setup
  • Balanced weight
  • Inductive control


  • Brand: FESTOOL
  • Model: 571935
  • Product size: 170”x29.5”x26”
  • Product weight: Around 7.93 pounds

  • Dustless appliance
  • Uses ECTEC technology
  • Speedy and efficient sander
  • Very expensive

Best Value: PORTER-CABLE Drywall Sander 7800

Best Value: PORTER-CABLE Drywall Sander 7800

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A sander with an in-built duster helps you collect the sawdust particles, without the hassles of finding the right dusters.

The PORTER-CABLE Drywall Sander is a perfect one, featured with a sawdust collector like a vacuum cleaner. The appliance also is easily attachable to a 13 feet cord for convenient plugging from long distance and maneuvering.

The cost of this sander is almost half of that of other similar brands. This model is to set and uninstall with the use of a loop and hook style strap. This motor that comes with the sander is robust, allowing multiple-speed delivery. This makes sanding easy when there are various types of surfaces on your project.

Despite the high price, the service the sander provides is worth it. We recommend this especially for the professionals who work on large projects. The features shown below will convince you to have this dry-wall sander.

Key Features

  • Variable speeds
  • Vacuum hose-30 ft. long
  • Unbelievably lightweight


  • Model: 7800
  • Product size: 64”x 11.8”x11.5”
  • Product weight: Around 8.5 lbs.

  • Durable
  • Quality product
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Non-adjustable handle

Best Pick: WEN Dual-Head 6377 Drywall Sander

Best Pick: WEN Dual-Head 6377 Drywall Sander

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The dual-head, variable speed Wen Dual-Head 6377 is a favorite sander of many users. The automatic technology adjusts the sander to pass through rugged paths that come across.

The swirling mechanism allows rotation to 360 degrees allowing the pivoting head to go through whatever the shape of the head; triangular or circular.

It adjusts to the type of work it has on its way. The heads are detachable and are installable without the use of any instrument.

As it is lightweight, the sander is portable. The length of the handle reaches a distance of more than 5 feet reaching out every corner of the sanding area. The speed of the sander is highly adjustable allowing carrying out work at various speeds.

The changes are made easier because of the loop pad and a hook. The sander is also foldable which is excellent for storage and movement from one place to another. Therefore, if you have projects everywhere, it should not be a problem at all.

Key Features

  • Multiple speed change
  • Motor mounted with 5-Amp
  • Automatic dust disposable system


  • Brand: WEN
  • Model: 6377
  • Product size: 47.25”x11”x11.5”
  • Product weight: Around 16.46 lbs.

  • Flexible
  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable design
  • Is not a total dust remover

Multiple Speeds: Ginour Variable Speed Drywall Sander

Multiple Speeds: Ginour Variable Speed Drywall Sander

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The Ginour Variable Speed Drywall Sander has a mechanism of rotating to 360-degree allowing easy sanding from all angles. With this feature, the work assigned is achieved quickly.

The head of the sander allows side-by-side and upward and downward motion. This auto change facilitates sanding uneven walls.

As per the required speed applications, the sander is adjustable to various speeds. However, a break between speed changes is advisable to avoid fatigue during work.

The sander is featured with a dust collection bag attached to a long pipe making cleaning the sawdust particle with ease and efficiency.

The appliance has extension rods made of aluminum alloy with a handle. This adds to the comfort of working. The removable nature of the handle also allows portability and convenience in storage.

Further, the sander allows work in the low light with the addition of a LED light feature. No worries about managing extra light or working in sub-standard light.

Key Features

  • Durable
  • LED Light
  • Handle is extendable


  • Brand: Ginour
  • Model: 12
  • Product size: 46”x11.4”x9.7”
  • Product weight: Around 10.58 lbs.

  • Seven-speed mode adjustment
  • The automatic dust removal system
  • Thirteen feet long dusting hose and collecting bag
  • No mechanism for heat release

ALEKO DP-3000 Electric Drywall Sander

ALEKO DP-3000 Electric Drywall Sander

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The sander suitable for a large project is the ALEKO DP3000 Electric Drywall Sander because of its high-powered motor. Featured with cleaner likes a vacuum as well as a LED it works with efficiency in industrial drywall sanding.

With the capability of sanding immense areas, it enters corners, edges, and difficult to reach portions, where traditional sanders are challenging. The sander is tough and long- lasting.

The speed button has control buttons, adjustable to many speeds. Holding the handle is comfortable because of the handle’s soft grip.

An in-built vacuum cleaner collects dust automatically. As a result, air pollution due to floating saw and dust particles diminishes, leaving the work area tidy.

The foldable feature makes movement and storage a simple job. The accessories include a hose, carbon brush, sanding discs, and a carrying case. The dark low lighted environment is taken care of by the revolving LED light.

Key Features

  • Warranty for 1 year
  • Includes instruction manual
  • Removable dust collecting bag


  • Brand: ALEKO
  • Model: DP-3000
  • Product size: 11.5”x10”x49”
  • Product weight: Around 7 lbs.

  • Carbon brush
  • Adjustable speed
  • Six sandpaper discs
  • No significant disadvantage

WEN 6369 Variable Drywall Sander

WEN 6369 Variable Drywall Sander

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A popular brand that manufactures powerful tools at an affordable cost is the WEN. The model WEN 6369 Variable Drywall Sander is one of them, which comes with all the essential features.

The sander features a long tube to collect dust over a large area, a dust collecting bag, and adjustable speed control to enable perfect sanding.

The lightweight of the drywall sander imparts no stress on the shoulder and neck even after working for long hours.

The revolving head of the machine is unique and surpasses all the other competitors. As it rotates around at all angles, the sanding on molded surfaces is perfect. Therefore, sanding is done well on dome-shaped ceilings with little effort.

Dust collection is easy with the inclusion of dust collecting bags. As the price of the sander is low, the dust collecting system does not behave as a separate sawdust collector.

The bags filled with dust needs emptying every 5-including minutes; otherwise, there would clog in the sander’s filter.

For the DIY, these sanders are perfect especially for the starters who want to work on minor projects using a sander machine.

Key Features

  • Robust motor
  • Folding design
  • Hose for carrying dust


  • Brand: WEN
  • Model: 6369
  • Product size: 58.75”x10”x15.75”
  • Product weight: Around 9.2 lbs.

  • Long-lasting
  • Affordable price
  • Machine lightweight
  • The filter needs frequent cleaning

ALEKO Electric Drywall Sander690E

ALEKO Electric Drywall Sander690E

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The ALEKO Electric Drywall Sander690E is the one that you need if you have to send over 3 rooms in a few hours.

The noise any regular sander makes can be irritating to you and your health. The ALEKO is noiseless, so you do not have to be aware of fetching ear protection gear during sanding.

Besides the adapter and the hose, there is also a telescopic handle included in the package. However, the adapter does not appear to be very useful, as it is smaller than what a regular vacuum system would need. With all the modern cleaning accessories this brand is appreciated by many users.

The sander does an excellent job on the extraction of dust. It has a spacious bag to hold the dust, so you need to worry about cleaning until you progressed quite a bit on the project you have.

It helps you clean off all the rubbish that could have accumulated around the place, making the air smoky and hard to breathe. Therefore, look at this if you care for your health and the environment.

Key Features

  • Adjustable speed
  • Handle telescopic
  • Six handy sanding discs


  • Brand: ALEKO
  • Model: 690E
  • Product size: 6”x35”x11”
  • Product weight: Around 14.12 lbs.

  • Low noise
  • Ergonomic design
  • Manages dust well
  • A heavy tool

Orion 1640 Motor Tech Drywall Sander

Orion 1640 Motor Tech Drywall Sander

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The Orion 1640 Drywall Sander has very useful features one could not expect in a single appliance. The swivel head is 9-inches long and easily becomes adjusted to the surface. With the mechanism of swirling in all angles, the stress on the hand in operating is not bad at all.

This intelligently engineered product has a vacuum cleaner that attracts dust and dirt particles instantly. The two lights (LED), which are also built-in, comfort you with enough light. You do not have to worry about bringing a lantern or any other flashlight to work at night.

The Orion Motor Tech brand is powerful having an electric motor of high quality. Besides the two carbons, removing brushes will last until the lifetime of the sander.

The tool includes a package of 12 disks, and two kinds of sandpaper, all that is essential in beginning any work. Therefore, once you purchase this tool, you can begin your work immediately.

Key Features

  • Vacuum system
  • LED light is built-in
  • 2 free sanding disks


  • Brand: Orion Motor
  • Model: 1640
  • Product size: 42.13”x7.48”x12.99”
  • Product weight: Around 14 lbs.

  • Extendable handle
  • Variable speed change
  • Swivel head-9 inches long
  • Big

PROSTORMER Electric Variable Speed Drywall Sander

PROSTORMER Electric Variable Speed Drywall Sander

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Of all the commercial brand famous sanders available in the market, the PROSTORMER Electric Variable Speed Drywall Sander tops the list. The aluminum frame makes it lightweight and durable. The motor consumes 800 Watt making it powerful in sanding.

The tool also performs very good polishing of the surface. The lightweight of the appliance allows painless sanding over a long time.

As a bonus, if you buy this, you will get 6 replacement pads. With so many features and added accessories, you will be happy when your hands are on such a sander.

Key Features

  • Sturdy
  • Good power
  • Shifting speed


  • Brand: Prostormer
  • Model: Not mentioned
  • Product size: 43”x12”x9”
  • Product weight: Around 16.27 lbs.

  • Durable
  • Expandable
  • Detachable handle
  • None

ZENY Electric 800W Drywall Sander

ZENY Electric 800W Drywall Sander

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With only about 100 dollars, the ZENY brand offers a very dependable drywall sander for you. The sander works with 800Watt, powerful in sanding and polishing rough surfaces.

The speed of the motor varies from 1000 rpm to 2000 rpm. Convenient features for projects require multiple speeds. The users can replace the disc with ease because of the loop-and-hook technology.

The product on purchase comes with 6 pieces of sandpaper. That should be a good deal to start without other expenses.

The rubberized handle of the Zeny drywall comforts the user. The in-built switch of the sander is convenient for you, as it allows easy off and on.

The adjustability of the ZENY Electric makes it a favorite machine for many professional users. For the many features, professionals appreciate this brand.

Key Features

  • Noiseless
  • Affordable
  • Good quality parts


  • Brand: ZENY
  • Model: ZENYJA018140
  • Product size: Not mentioned
  • Product weight: Not mentioned

  • Long-lasting
  • Variable speed
  • Simple to operate
  • A little

F2C Electric Variable Drywall Sander

F2C Electric Variable Drywall Sander

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The F2C Electric Variable Drywall Sander, undoubtedly, is a powerful tool, with a unique feature. Therefore, it has become a popular tool among experienced users.

The variable speed range of 1000 to 2000 rpm makes it fast equipment improving the ability of the user to do a lot of sanding in a short time.

The tool is lightweight, so it is painless to move. The appliance has received 5-star on the maneuverability criteria. Because of its lightweight feature, it is highly portable. The sanders allow sanding in creaky corners and angles.

Comport is assured in use because of the soft handle grip. The finish of sanding is also excellent with this sander. Included with the package are 6 sand pads. This is a great bonus!

Most people will be pleased with the sander once they start using it. The variable speed control is smooth and simple to use.

This drywall sander has a motor of high quality, ensuring excellent performance. As a result, this is a favorite and preferred item of both the DIY and the professionals. If you were eager to get a versatile sanding machine, you may grab one of these.

Key Features

  • Versatile
  • Smooth operation
  • Comfortable handgrip


  • Brand: F2C
  • Model: F2C-D1
  • Product size: 59”x10.6”x6.3”
  • Product weight: 10.8 lbs.

  • Smooth finish
  • Perfect sander
  • Works efficiently
  • The motor not powerful

TACKLIFE Electric 800W Drywall Sander

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The TACKLIFE Electric 800W Drywall Sander is famous for the accessories that come with the brand. We know no other brand to include accessories like extra sandpaper, carbon brushes, hosepipe, and carrying bag for convenience in traveling.

Despite all those, you would expect the price to be high. No, it is not so. The TACKLIFE brand comes at a price affordable for most sander users.

Many sanders come with no light. In that case, at night you have to arrange for lanterns to make the working area bright. It features the TACKLIFE with LED light making your work comfortable.

The high power of 800 Watt allows hard sanding of walls and ceilings very efficiently. The speed is also adjustable and charges applicable on the requirement.

The adaptable handle allows reaching out to corners and inner places whenever desired. The angles of any surface are also easy to cover because of the multi-angle swaying body of the sander. We are sure you will be happy with such an excellent appliance.

Key Features

  • Dynamic motor
  • Powerful sander
  • Marvelous performance


  • Brand: TACKLIFE
  • Model: PDS03B-US
  • Product size: 13.4”x8.86”x9”
  • Product weight: Around 9.38 lbs.

  • Inexpensive
  • Variable speed
  • Adjustable angle
  • No telescoping handle

Hyde Dust-Free Drywall Sander 09170

Hyde Dust-Free Drywall Sander 09170

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The greatest advantage this Hyde Dust-Free Drywall Sander 09170 has is the way it manages dust. It eliminates the dusty work area in its entirety.

Before working, you need not cover your draperies with plastic to avoid dust. Neither, do you need to duck down to sweep and clean the dusty work your place at the end of the day? The dust containers do the work very well.

The disadvantage of the sander is the strength required for sanding. A person with a strong muscular built, and who regularly exercises can handle perfectly this. Your health has to be in perfect shape for handling such a heavy machine for a long time.

We advise that you need not get frustrated with this sander. With time, you will get used to the mechanism.

The pressure applied to run it has to just right; too much and too little pressure will not make you do a good job. However, the sander is durable and if you have a long-term project, you will appreciate it.

Key Features

  • Quite durable
  • Simple clamp system
  • Straightforward abrasive loading


  • Brand: Hyde
  • Model: 09170
  • Product size: 3.4”x8”x17”
  • Product weight: Around 1.88 lbs.

  • Well-built
  • Inexpensive
  • Favorite of many
  • Advised only for the physically fit

Hyde Dust-Free 09165 Drywall Sander

Hyde Dust-Free 09165 Drywall Sander

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The Hyde Dust-Free 09165 Drywall Sander is a high-quality sander. Amazingly, the hose is 6-ft long allowing maneuvering in corners and hard to reach places.

This hand sander can operate with the attachment to wet/dry vacuum cleaners, leaving the work area clean.

The sander has an EasyClamp system that allows the replacement of the screen simple. To allow easy attachment of the hose a coupling joint hose is added with the package.

The sander is lightweight and easy to carry. The assembling is also convenient and easy. If you like all the features, you can decide on these sanders and enjoy sanding with a lightweight machine.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Handling easy
  • Easy to assemble


  • Brand: Hyde
  • Model: 09165
  • Product size: 3.4”x8”x17”
  • Product weight: Around 3.2 ounces

  • EasyClamp system
  • Protects against drywall dust
  • Suitable for dry or wet vacuum
  • None

Drywall Sander- What Is It Exactly?

Before operating a machine, you must do some research about what that machine is and its functions. Drywall sanders are no exceptions. You cross drywalls daily while going to your home, restaurants, office, and so on.

Earlier, people plastered their walls. But plasters are very expensive and time- consuming because plaster takes a long time to dry. Therefore, nowadays people prefer drywalls over plaster walls.

First, you need to install the drywall. Then layers of coatings and muds need to be applied. This is where the role of sanders comes to play.

They smooth the walls and cover uneven positions or flaws. The process induces a large amount of dust which is a huge nuisance to clean up afterward.

For this reason, the sanders are equipped with a built-in vacuum. This makes the cleaning convenient.

Some sanders have a high reach option, which lets you smooth the upper walls and ceilings. By using a professional sander, you can smooth out the corners.

A Pro Buying Guide On The Best Drywall Sanders!

The market comes with endless options which provides you a lot of options and lets you pick generic, cheap, and cost saver machines.

But these machines often increase your cost by malfunctioning, breaking down in unexpected moments, and so on, making them expensive in the long run. Therefore, you should be flexible when it comes to budget.

A well-built machine stays strong over time. But it also lets you beat your work challenges. A large number of models have problems with the design.

They make work harder than it was supposed to be. For example, if your machine comes with an unbalanced top, your job will be very stressful as you will have to worry almost constantly about the head falling off and causing accidents.

Similarly, if your sander has a weak motor, you won’t be able to finish your work as easily as you’d like to, therefore delaying your progress.

As discussed before, sanders generate an unbelievable amount of dust. The dust is risky for your respiratory system and causes health issues.

They also cover your furniture and every item on sight. You must ensure that the sander you are buying comes with any form of vacuum hose that will extract dirt and put it in the dust collector.

  • Performance And Power

    Before making the purchase, you must learn about the device’s motor strength. Usually, the ideal sander should have a motor speed of 2100 RPM so that you have a smooth sanding job.

    If you opt for small models, they usually have a speed of 1000 RPM. You should make the final decision based on the project you are working on.

    The sanding top is another important aspect of the purchase. The head, alongside the motor strength, affects the performance of your machine.

    Multi-directional heads will be a great option for sanding smoothly around the corners and the edges. Multiple models are equipped with head parts that could be removed. This works great because this lets you reach difficult spots more conveniently than before.

  • User-Friendly Functions And Ergonomics

    Usually, the machines that have a plug-in option are the ideal tools for your project. The sander you buy should be completely assembled. This saves a lot of time as you don’t have to spend hours looking for instructions over the internet regarding how to fit your parts.

    If you make a small error while assembling, your machine can blow up and cause a lot of damage which could easily be avoided if the machine was pre-assembled.

  • Balance And Weight Of The Sanding Machine

    While working on a sanding project, you will have to hold the sander for a long period. A generic drywall sander is five feet in length and eight-pound in weight.

    This makes it quite obvious that if you wish to manage the machine, you will need a lot of physical strength. For this reason, you should look for sanders that don’t weigh as much and are comparatively easy to carry.

    This will prevent you from sore muscles and other physical discomforts.

    The designs that have the motor attached on its head are more likely to provide a comparatively convenient balance than the ones that have their engines attached to their shaft.

  • Length

    Generally, a sander is around four feet in length. The models that are widely preferred by the buyers have telescopic shafts.

    These shafts can be extended to five feet. Models with extendable shafts are more convenient as they can reach difficult corners and you don’t have to depend on stools or ladders.

  • Kind Of Sandpaper

    Drywall sanders use sandpapers. They typically have many degrees and grits. The paper has little holes. These holes help transfer dust into the dust collecting part of the machine.

    When you buy the machine, you should check that you are buying the ideal model, which will be provided with sandpapers.

    If the model is equipped with sandpapers, you can start on your project right after you get your device delivered.

    The discs need to be replaced after a certain period. When you buy the machine, you need to ensure that the discs can be found easily near you every time you need a replacement.

  • Versatility

    When you buy your drywall sander machine, you should opt for the models that can sand floors and ceilings along with your walls. They are widely versatile and they save a lot of money as you wouldn’t have to pay for three separate devices.

    Although they will be large money and time saver, you need to be aware of the fact that multitasking machines often lack important elements like performance and ergonomics.

  • Cost

    You don’t necessarily have to go out of your budget and buy a heavy-duty drywall sander. You do need to keep a bit of flexibility in your budget but you can get a good machine if you are willing to extend a bit of your initial budget.

    As we have pointed out multiple times throughout this article, you need to get the machine according to the project you will be working on.

    You should look for machines that will have available features for your project. You also need to keep in mind that every drywall sander has its feature.

    If you are working on a heavy-duty task then it is highly advised that you would have to extend your budget and pay for a durable and sturdy machine.

    If you are looking for machines to work on some short-term projects then you can opt for cheaper models that have average performance.

Styles Of Drywall Sanders!

The sanders come in many styles, each unique of its own. Before you purchase one, you need to ensure which style would be more suitable for the project you are working on. We will be discussing these styles below-

  1. Drum Sander

    These are the strongest sander styles in the market. They are used mainly for sanding floors.

  2. Belt Sander

    These are aggressive as they come with a sanding belt that moves continuously. They are ideal if you are working on large projects. It has different sizes. You need to buy one that will be suitable for your project

  3. Random Orbital Sander

    These models have a sandpaper circle that rotates. The function of these is that they can strip away materials that you don’t need. You can hold them using both hands. You can also control the rotation according to your needs.

  4. Palm Sander

    They use a square-shaped sandpaper pad as the sander mentioned previously. They too rotate. It provides a good finishing touch.

  5. Detail Sander

    The tool is rather small in size. It is ideal for quick jobs and works great in small places. But unlike the other sanders of its kind, this sander is not equipped with any kind of dust regulation system.

  6. Sanding Block

    The sanding blocks are manual. You can hold them with your palm and these blocks offer maximum detail control.

    When you are sanding drywalls, you should pick sanders that are convenient to carry. They should also have the utilization across ceilings and walls.

Step-By-Step Instructions To Sand Your Drywall!

This instruction manual is applicable for power sanders. By following proper guidelines, you will be able to sand your drywall safely. Check these tips to use your drywall sander without any problem:

  1. Gear up properly. Do not start working without safety goggles, sturdy shoes, ear protection, gloves and respiratory masks.
  2. Always turn the switch off first, and then plug the tool.
  3. Always make sure that the power switch and the machine are switched off before changing accessories to prevent the machine from starting accidentally.
  4. To minimize the risks of injury, remove start keys and wrenches before switching the machine to power.
  5. The standing tool must be used with both your hands. You also need to make sure that your footing is secure.
  6. Concentrate while operating the machine. Prevent things that can distract you such as talking and operating at the same time. Don’t allow visitors, bystanders, and children in the worksite.
  7. Refrain from operating the machinery if you are exhausted, intoxicated, on some form of medication, or chewing something
  8. When the machine parts start to malfunction, stop the machine immediately and don’t use it till it’s fully repaired.
  9. Don’t keep food and drinks in the workspace. If you need to drink water or eat food, wash your face, mouth, and hands before eating.

FAQs About The Best Drywall Sanders!

Q: Can I Get My Money’s Worth From The Drywall Sander Machine?
A: If you are opting for big sanding projects, you can buy a pole sander. But you need to sand multiple rooms; you should buy the Pole Sander.

There are some cons to it though. You need to be very careful while operating the device; otherwise, the machine can fall and damage the surface which will cause some unwarranted repair jobs.

Q: Can Orbital Sanders Be Used On Drywall?
A: When you are doing small sanding projects you can suit yourself to an orbital sander. But when you are working on meticulous projects, you can get other tools that will be suitable according to your project.

You can use the orbital sander to work on your wall, but you need to wield it with utmost caution so that it doesn’t damage the surface.

Q: Before Painting, How Smooth Do I Need To Make The Drywall?
A: Before you paint on the wall, you need to ensure that the wall is smooth. The wall cannot have any sort of ridges, fastener signs, tool marks, and such. After proper sanding, the wall should be painted over with some drywall primer.

Q: Will I Require Multiple Coats Of Mud On My Drywall?
A: On the naked wall, you will put a single mud layer so that the tape stays in place. Usually, another layer can be applied immediately upon placing and scraping the tape. When the coat dries up, a final layer could be placed as a topcoat with the help of a wide knife.

Q: Are Wood Sanders Appropriate For Drywalls?
A: The wood sanders aren’t appropriate for drywalls as they don’t have a dust collector. For drywall sanding, you should be using a drywall sander.

These have a built-in vacuum system that collects dust. They also come with extension poles. You need to pick your sander according to your task.

Q: Do The Coats Between Drywall Mud Need To Be Sanded?
A: If you can, you should get rid of bumps between the coats. Perfection isn’t necessary. If you get a pole with the screen sander, you can sand the layers easily.

It is worth mentioning that you must minimize the uneven textures when the mud on the walls is still damp. This will save a lot of time as you won’t have to sand the wall afterward.

Q: Can Belt Sanders Be Used On My Drywall?
A: While sanding drywalls, belts or oscillating sanders wouldn’t be useful. However, there are options and you can opt for two other tools.

One of these is hand sanders. They have flat pads that take in half sandpaper and also have a handle. They work great on walls and you can get to spots without any assistance. Pole sanders can be utilized on ceilings and higher walls.

Q: Can Drywall Dust Be Vacuumed?
A: Unless your home vacuum comes with a HEPA filter, do not use it on drywall dust. Regular household filters cannot contain drywall dust as they have comparatively fine particles; therefore they are most likely to get clogged. Shop Vacuums should be used for drywall dust.

Q: Can Drywall Be Smooth?
A: If you want to reduce drywall dust, then you should use sponges. They smoothen the mud better than sandpaper.

The mud can be made pliable and the dust stays damp so that the dust stays under control. This process is known as wet sanding.

Q: How Can I Minimize Drywall Dust?
A: Wet-dry vacuum comes with an attached hose; this is a typical vacuum sander. In one end, there is a pot of water and on the other end, the gridded implement consumes the dust and sends it via the hose.

Q: Should I Wipe First Before Painting?
A: From the beginning of the wall, you must wipe the whole wall. Before you start painting, the wall must be free of any sort of dust.

Dust usually creates a kind of thin film which causes the flaking of the paint from the surface. As you will be wiping the wall with a damp cloth, let the wall dry before you start to paint.

Q: Before I Start To Sand The Wall, How Long Do I Have To Leave The Mud For?
A: The joint compound, alternatively known as drywall mud must dry for a whole day between coats of sanding and priming. Then you can proceed with the painting. You must wait for a window of 24 hours before each step.

Q: Is It Safe To Sand Drywall?
A: You only have risks from the drywall dust and the exposure to compounds such as silica which you can get from sanding.

Apart from that drywalls are safe. If you are exposed to dust for a long time, it can cause respiratory diseases. If the compound consists of silica, you are at risk for lung cancer and silicosis.

Q: Can I Hide The Drywall’s Imperfections With Primer?
A: Priming is an important step and it is highly recommended that you do not skip that. The paint sticks better if a primer is put first. The patching disappears by using primer and from then; you can proceed with your colors.

Q: Will My Drywall Hold Mud Without Tape?
A: The joint compound tends to shrink a lot. By skipping the tape and using only the joint compounds for the seam fillings, the seams will just show up again when the compound dries.

Q: Is Drywall Dust Fatal?
A: If consumed in small amounts accidentally, drywall dust isn’t fatal. But Construction dust is very harmful and they prove to be fatally dangerous for your health.

There are some other kinds of dust; prolonged consumption can create a deadly disease for the lungs.

Q: Does The Drywall Compound Consist Of Toxic Particles?
A: Typically, the compound contains ingredients that can pose a threat to your health. These ingredients are acetaldehyde and formaldehyde.

They are both carcinogens. Another harmful compound is Crystalline silica. It acts as a carcinogen upon inhaling.

Q: Can I Use A Sander For Plaster?
A: Drywall sander can work for plaster. But before doing so, the surface needs to be cleaned. After that, you need to do a bit of research and figure out the ideal sander kind for your surface.

Block hand sanding machine will be enough if your plaster is slightly uneven. If your plaster is too rough, you will require electric sanders.

Q: Will I Get Sick From Drywall Dust?
A: If you are exposed to the dust for a prolonged time, you can face serious health threats. Usually, the drywall dust is made up of particles such as calcium, mica, talc, silica, and gypsum.

Scientists have often associated these particles with respiratory tract, throat, nose, and eye infections. Therefore, safety goggles and masks should always be worn while operating the machine.

Q: Can I Sand Drywall Using Power Sanders?
A: Experts often recommend hand sanders even though you can use the power sander. The reason behind this is power sanders require a lot of attention, even force, and caution to operate.

You will also be forced to move pretty quickly as drywalls are thin and power sanders are very powerful.


Our top choice is Festool Drywall Sander 571935 and the second choice is PORTER-CABLE Drywall Sander 7800.

The mentioned Best drywall sanders are the favorite tools in the market for sanding tasks. They are efficient and very powerful because they have amazing quality motors. Because of this reason, they can handle a large number of projects.

They are also user friendly and easy to control. They are designed ergonomically and they also have a rubber handle which makes them easier to grip.

The machine comes with a dust collector which keeps the area clean. Some machines also have LED lights. This helps you to get proper lighting when you are in a dimly lit situation.

These machines are versatile. Hopefully, we are successful in making you happy with this content. Now, choose the best drywall sander for you!

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