The 15 Best Audio Interfaces of 2024

Undoubtedly, the best audio interfaces can be a great companion. How to know exactly what we should get or which one to select if we do not have any experience?

We will provide you with all the information need to choose the best one. You will get a synopsis of the different benefits and features of such devices.

Then we will reveal our top recommendations on the top audio interfaces from the lowest priced to the top quality thus you can easily select the best one within your budget depending on your output/input and quality needs.

However, your goal is going to decide what you require. Are you currently a podcaster, singer, or rapper? If yes, then you can go for one or two-channel to support yourself and someone with a mic or even instrument each.

Still, maybe you already know or suspect that you will ultimately need to record your entire band. That is going to significantly change the preamps and input number you will require on the recording interface.

Okay, this post offers all the context and information you need. We will begin with the top 15 audio interfaces and then provide you a comprehensive buying guide so that you can easily choose the best one. So, keep reading to discover more!

Behringer UMC202HD U-Phoria 2-Channel Audio Interface

Behringer UMC202HD U-Phoria 2-Channel Audio Interface

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This Behringer UMC202HD U-Phoria 2-Channel Audio Interface is an excellent device available on the marketplace.

For a reasonable price, you will get that popular quality from Behringer, both when it comes to the audio and build.

Even if you are low in the budget, it does not mean that you have to be satisfied with low quality.

Not to mention, Behringer is a superb brand and this model surprisingly provides you a number of amazing features.

It is compatible with Windows and iOS as well as it includes two outputs and two inputs.

Even it includes phantom power that will assist with those professional recordings you want with the vocal mic.

It is said that it has only one switch for managing all 4 channels.

This device is very compact and you can fit this easily into the protective part of the luggage.

Also, budget interfaces can be the best option when you just want to discover the industry.

Not to mention, with restricted but sufficient features, Behringer UMC202HD U- Phoria 2-Channel Audio Interface is easy to set up regardless if you are a newbie.

Rest assured that it is one of the best audio interfaces available in the marketplace nowadays!

Key Features

  • Offers a full and rich audio output
  • Unbelievable noise-canceling power
  • An excellent option for buyers on a tight budget


  • Brand: Behringer
  • Model: UMC202HD
  • Channel: Two
  • Product size: 6.69″x4.92″x1.97″
  • Product weight: Approximately 1.19 pounds

  • Effortless setup
  • Excellent knob design
  • It is very snug to use
  • It is compatible with famous recording software out there
  • The XLR is not balanced

Focusrite 3rd Gen Scarlett USB 4i4 Audio Interface

Focusrite 3rd Gen Scarlett USB 4i4 Audio Interface

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The Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 USB 3rd Gen Audio Interface is one more exceptional USB-C interface available out there.

Its front panel includes 2 combo inputs along with the preamps for line, mic, and instrument inputs. Its 4 knobs allow you to manage the signal levels of combo inputs, main output, and ¼” headset output.

Its back interface provides two extra “line level” inputs, balanced 4 line outputs as well as MIDI-I/O. The “USB-C” port intended for the computer connectivity as well as Kensington lock for securing the interface accomplish the configuration of I/O.

Offering two top per-formic microphone preamps, this Scarlett 4i4 guarantees that you capture each detail on the recording. Along with the AIR switchable mode, the recordings turn out to be more realistic and natural.

Begin with the 2 integrated DAWs, Ableton-Live-Lite and Pro Tools for editing and mixing several recordings at no cost. The Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 USB 3rd Gen Audio Interface also features a number of plug-ins as well as a 90-days Splice subscription.

Key Features

  • Maximum and accurate sound quality
  • More outputs and inputs with more superb connectivity
  • Easy access to the application from Splice, Ableton, Focusrite, and others


  • Brand: Focusrite
  • Model: AMSSCARLETT4I4-3G
  • Channel: Two
  • Product size: 4.72″x7.28″x1.87″
  • Product weight: Approximately 1.81 pounds

  • State-of-the-art audio
  • Outstanding streaming feature
  • Convenient plug-ins and DAWs included
  • One headset output only

BEHRINGER UMC22 Audio Interface

BEHRINGER UMC22 Audio Interface

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When you want an inexpensive audio interface for starting the journey of your production, look no more than this BEHRINGER UMC22 Audio Interface.

This extremely inexpensive interface is actually dirt cheap still does sufficient to please the starting producers.

We can admit undeniably that the BEHRINGER UMC22 Audio Interface is the top audio interface out there to pick if you need to make the recording experience an unforgettable one – devoid of breaking your bank.

A few of its affordable features contain an extremely-compact 48 kHz, 2×2 accuracy, USB interface with professional MIDAS Microphone Preamp.

This Behringer UMC22, on the other hand, is suitable for a number of the top recording software, such as FL Studio.

This offers two outputs and inputs with incredibly reduced latency to your PC. Furthermore, it is best with Windows and Mac OS-X devices.

Exactly what sets the Behringer UMC22 apart from others? It offers an important phone output for allowing direct tracking of the sessions, extra two outputs, and USB powered.

Key Features

  • Reduced latency to computer
  • Microphone preamp with around +48-volt phantom power
  • It is compatible with well-known recording software out there


  • Brand: Behringer
  • Model: UMC22
  • Channel: Two
  • Product size: 6.42″x4.92″x1.97″
  • Product weight: Approximately 1.04 pounds

  • Superb price
  • Uncomplicated compatibility
  • Remarkably great build quality
  • Slight hiss if the gain is defined too high

Focusrite Scarlett 2nd Gen USB 2i2 Audio Interface

Focusrite Scarlett 2nd Gen USB 2i2 Audio Interface

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This Focusrite Scarlett 2nd Gen USB 2i2 Audio Interface includes two output and two input channels.

These inputs are placed on the top panel and include instrument/line controls and independent gain. Gain knobs, on the other hand, are encased with the status LEDs.

Other front panel offers a microphone preamp off/on indicator light, a headphone level knob, a 1/4” headphone jack, USB signal light, big Monitor dial and direct tracking off/on switch.

When it comes to sound quality, this Focusrite Scarlett 2nd Gen USB 2i2 Audio Interface is in league with big boys.

This can easily record at an optimum depth of around 24 bits whereas the optimum resolution is around 192 kHz.

Needless to say, you can choose to do simple demos and fast recordings in the depth of 16-bit and 48 or 96 kHz.

In terms of compatibility, the Focusrite has produced this interface suitable for Mac and Windows operating systems. However, the earliest supported edition of Windows OS is 7, whilst Mac users should get OS-X-10.10.

Key Features

  • It is durable
  • Trusted pro-quality microphone preamps
  • Direct monitoring mode to decrease the latency


  • Brand: Focusrite
  • Model: AMSSCARLETT-2I2-2ndGen
  • Channel: Two
  • Product size: 1.93″x6.93″x4.29″
  • Product weight: Approximately 1.32 pounds

  • Durable build
  • Outstanding resolution and bit depth
  • It is compatible with Windows and Mac systems
  • It does not have MIDI support

Focusrite Scarlett USB 2i2 1st Gen Audio Interface

Focusrite Scarlett USB 2i2 1st Gen Audio Interface

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Many buyers face different issues while they seek to purchase the best audio interface. However, the key cause is the range of collections in the marketplace.

However, you must concentrate on sound recording quality. Devoid of this condition, the audio interface won’t be called a quality instrument for music.

Or if you’re an experienced music performer then we recommend you buy a professional audio interface.

Also, you can easily discover both beginner and professional level interface out there. The Focusrite Scarlett USB 2i2 1st Gen Audio Interface mostly designed for the “beginner-level” music specialists.

This SCARLETT 2i2 is undoubtedly the best one that will meet your needs to a great level.

It is easy to get this at low-cost, but you cannot use this in the expert music recording motive. Therefore, we can recommend you purchase it if you simply begin the musical career.

Key Features

  • Gorgeous exterior
  • It can support small jacks and XLR
  • Small and strong enough to carry around


  • Brand: Focusrite
  • Model: SCARLETT-2i2 USB
  • Channel: Two
  • Product size: 9.6″x4.1″x6.6″
  • Product weight: Approximately 2 pounds

  • Its price is reasonable
  • Professional Mic Preamps
  • This audio interface is truly portable
  • It is not for the professional uses

Tascam USB 3.0 US-20×20 MIDI/Audio Interface

Tascam USB 3.0 US-20x20 MIDI/Audio Interface

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TASCAM is actually an old company that has shined greatly in the industry of audio gear for several years.

With standard USB interfaces, they possess many wonderful FireWire interfaces and lots of other first-class gear which will assist you to create music.

This Tascam USB 3.0 US-20×20 MIDI/Audio Interface is a reasonable one which makes recording effortless.

This US-2X2 features 2 high gain mic preamps which allow you to record into the DAW on PC, Mac, as well as iOS gadgets.

There’s a “gain-knob” for every single channel, indicator lights for signal volume, and impedance switch intended for while you desire to record the guitars as well as other instruments instantly.

This Tascam USB 3.0 US-20×20 MIDI/Audio Interface is guaranteed to have 0% latency monitoring via the integrated headphone output along with the volume level.

Its High-Definition-Discrete-Architecture (HDDA) preamp design offers clear audio which has incredibly reduced self-noise, which makes it excellent for recording details in the performances.

Key Features

  • Off/On switch for simplicity
  • Solid metal body that makes it perfect for robust usage
  • Appropriate for bands and engineers trying to record the live sessions


  • Brand: Tascam
  • Model: US-20×20
  • Channel: Twenty
  • Product size: 8.7″x52″x2.3″
  • Product weight: Approximately 8.75 pounds

  • Affordable
  • Simple to setup
  • High-quality preamps
  • Issues found with drivers

PreSonus Studio USB-C 1824c Audio Interface

PreSonus Studio USB-C 1824c Audio Interface

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This PreSonus Studio USB-C 1824c Audio Interface is a rack-mountable, premium- priced interface ideal for any pro sound engineer/musician’s studio setup.

This includes many different outputs/inputs, such as 8 TRS/XLR inputs as well as 8 TRS outputs and ADAT, S/PDIF, and MIDI connectivity.

Needless to say, PreSonus is famous for making professional audio gear, and this 1824c does not disappoint at all with the higher sound resolution (24- bit/192kHz) as well as XMAX preamps.

On top of that, this unit is suitable for most famous DAWs and offers Android/iPad compatibility.

On the whole, this device is priced reasonably, and we believe that it is an excellent choice for people wanting lots of outputs/inputs. You won’t regret buying this device.

Key Features

  • Offers low latency
  • The high-quality sound simply at a superb price
  • The XMAX microphone preamps are of professional grade


  • Brand: PreSonus
  • Model: 1824c
  • Channel: Eight
  • Product size: 5.51″x19.02″x1.73″
  • Product weight: Approximately 4.8 pounds

  • Trustworthy brand
  • It is rack-mountable
  • Lots of outputs/inputs
  • 24 months manufacturer’s warranty
  • Extraordinary technical specifications
  • It is compatible with Android and iPad
  • No cons found

Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Gen 2i2 USB Studio Audio Interface

Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Gen 2i2 USB Studio Audio Interface

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Praised for its quality and combo set, the popular brand Focusrite has enhanced the 2i2 studio interface to a third generation which will certainly last for a long time.

This package contains CM25 condenser mic with 3m cable, two headphones with adapter, Scarlett 2i2 audio interface, and a mic stand.

This Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Gen 2i2 USB Studio Audio Interface offers access to 2 DAWs; Ableton-Live-Lite and Pro-Tools-First-Focus software. Moreover, it includes 2 mic preamps, 2 instrument inputs, and one USB-C port.

Ableton live application is a restricted version, thus you will have to purchase a better version to get more options.

However, for the 3rd Generation interface, Focusrite makes a bond with Splice for granting new owners cost-free 3-months Splice-Sounds membership when they create a Splice account.

Key Features

  • rd-generation optimized technology
  • Sturdy and compact enough to carry around
  • It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Pro Tools


  • Brand: Focusrite
  • Channel: Two
  • Product size: 3.89″x6.89″x1.87″
  • Product weight: Approximately 15.9 ounces

  • High-quality components
  • Wonderful sound quality
  • Includes all required software tools
  • This is compatible only with Mac and Windows OS

Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Gen USB 18i8 Audio Interface

Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Gen USB 18i8 Audio Interface

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This Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Gen USB 18i8 Audio Interface is an award-winning, best-selling audio interface out there.

Focusrite is creating inexpensive interfaces that exude fabulous audio quality ever since they began their Scarlett series. Not to mention, this 3rd gen is undoubtedly an interface that will blow your mind!

This eight-channel interface features an array of outputs/inputs, which will meet your needs to a great extent.

This audio interface offers a great sound quality that is perfect for your recording needs. The Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Gen USB 18i8 Audio Interface also contains MIDI output/input, SPDIF output/input, and optical input.

At the same time, it contains a number of free of charge software, such as Ableton Live, Pro Tools, and so on, thus this device is excellent for people who possibly do not have plug-ins or a DAW.

On the whole, as you can tell, we really like this Scarlett 18i20. Also, there is a cause of why it is the third-gen and it is the top-selling audio interface ever.

Key Features

  • Affordable price
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Perfect for both beginners and professionals


  • Brand: Focusrite
  • Model: AMSSCARLETT-18I8-3G
  • Channel: Eight
  • Product size: 6.28″x9.49″x2.4″
  • Product weight: Approximately 4.67 pounds

  • Highly trustworthy brand
  • It comes with plenty of software
  • It is compatible with iPod, iPhone, and iPad
  • Somewhat expensive

Audient iD14 USB High-Performance Audio Interface

Audient iD14 USB High-Performance Audio Interface

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This Audient iD14 USB High-Performance Audio Interface is a two-channel interface that is superb for any artist that wants a fast approach to digitize the music through a computer.

However, setting up everything is fairly easy, if you focus on the instructions given in the package.

This Audient iD14 first was launched last 2015; still, it is regarded as the top audio interface available in the marketplace today.

This is a desktop small audio interface, yet don’t allow its compact size to trick you – it offers the same exceptional audio performance which a bigger format console does.

This Audient iD14 USB High-Performance Audio Interface includes two mic preamps which were fashioned and made by Audient.

Furthermore, it has a Burr-Brown class-leading converter system, direct JFET input, and console-type monitor control.

Key Features

  • The installation is easy and fast
  • All switching and turning dials on this device are made high quality
  • It allows inexpensive guitars to create outstanding sound when you use the direct input


  • Brand: Audient
  • Model: iD14
  • Channel: Eight
  • Product size: 5.91″x4.72″x1.77″
  • Product weight: Approximately 3.26 pounds

  • Sturdy build
  • Simple to use interface
  • Features a metal construction
  • Trustworthy sound reproduction
  • Windows 10 drivers are questionable

Universal Audio APLTWDII MKII Duo Audio Interface

Universal Audio APLTWDII MKII Duo Audio Interface

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The Universal Audio APLTWDII MKII Duo Audio Interface can be precisely called the “best-of-the-best” of the audio interfaces in terms of quality of the components as well as its overall design.

This unit offers two TRS/XLR combination inputs, four line outputs, and one optical input, which makes it outstanding for artists who only want some inputs for synchronized recording.

The key selling factor of this device is in the device’s inner circuitry as well as connectivity type that means it can easily offer extremely low latency!

At the same time, this interface has a few other helpful features, for example, an integrated talkback microphone that is perfect for your professional studio setting.

On the whole, if you have a big budget as well as you are trying to find an extremely professional audio interface that can add effects instantly, without triggering any CPU problems for your Mac/PC, then Universal Audio APLTWDII MKII Duo Audio Interface is simply for you.

Key Features

  • Offers Thunderbolt connectivity
  • Two TRS/XLR combination inputs
  • It is run by a 12-volt power supply


  • Brand: Universal Audio
  • Model: APLTWDII
  • Channel: Eight
  • Product size: 6″x8″x8″
  • Product weight: Approximately 3.85 pounds

  • Quite portable
  • Extremely professional audio interface
  • It comes with a number of top features
  • It is an expensive device

Focusrite Clarett AMSCLARETT-8PRE Audio Interface

Focusrite Clarett AMSCLARETT-8PRE Audio Interface

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This Focusrite AMSCLARETT-8PRE is actually a Thunderbolt interface with 8 Mic Preamps.

Also, on its front panel, it has noticed 2 TRS/XLR inputs, 2 +48-volt phantom power switches (1-4 and 5-8), 8 gain controls intended for every single channel with device led indicators just for the 1st two as well as Air led signals for all channels, display with the meters, Mute button, Dim button, output level Monitor control knob, Midi, Thunderbolt and “Word-Clock” led signals, 2 Headsets jacks with individual Volume control buttons, and power off/on the switch.

On the other hand, on its back panel, you can discover the other 5 Line/Mic inputs, 10 Line TRS outputs, Optical Out/In ports, “Word-Clock” output, Midi Out/In ports, Thunderbolt port, SPDIF ports as well as input for Power Cord.

This Focusrite Clarett is able to record with the “Analog-Digital” resolution of around 24bit of Bit Depth as well as 192Hz sample rate.

Key Features

  • Lots of ports
  • Clear and beautiful preamps
  • Comes at a reasonable price


  • Brand: Focusrite
  • Channel: Eight
  • Product size: 15.04″x24.72″x18.82″
  • Product weight: Approximately 9.04 pounds

  • Quick installation
  • Offers a superb value
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Doesn’t include the required drivers

Focusrite Clarett USB 2Pre Audio Interface

Focusrite Clarett USB 2Pre Audio Interface

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Focusrite Clarett USB 2Pre Audio Interface is the perfect audio interface designed for “logic-pro-x” in this post for the reason that the USB range has been designed uniquely to provide more outstanding performance, reduced-noise on microphone pres as well as a low distortion.

Focusrite Clarett USB 2Pre Audio Interface includes a super-linear design that boosts the creation of transparent, clean, and open sound, therefore providing a more precise depiction of the genuine act.

Additionally, it includes exclusively designed latest software which makes the configuration of routing and monitor setups uncomplicated.

Furthermore, this gadget is not just easy and simple to use, but also it provides a standard mixer workflow; even when permitting immediate access to inner hardware.

While eliminated from the power source, you don’t have any reason to stress. Provided it is linked to the USB-C slot of 15-watt on the host computer, still, it can run on bus power.

Focusrite Clarett USB 2Pre Audio Interface includes only one headset out port as well as has latency problems with particular computers.

No matter where you determine the latency, this continues clicking and even popping through the process of recording.

Key Features

  • User friendly
  • Trendy look
  • Extraordinary sound quality


  • Brand: Focusrite
  • Channel: Eight
  • Product size: 6.34″x8.27″x2.17″
  • Product weight: Approximately 3.11 pounds

  • Simple to use
  • Reliable and fast
  • Versatile but compact
  • State-of-the-art audio
  • The cable is not included

Roland OCTA-CAPTURE UA-1010 USB Hi-speed Audio Interface

Roland OCTA-CAPTURE UA-1010 USB Hi-speed Audio Interface

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The Roland OCTA-CAPTURE UA-1010 USB Hi-speed Audio Interface is the lowest priced audio interface that we have featured on this list.

It is compatible with PC and Mac and even can be easily used with most DAWs, which makes it truly versatile for the setup.

This features 8 high-quality preamps that offer the same inner components like M-400 VMixer and V-Studio-700 mixing desks.

This has 8 TRS/XLR combination inputs that allow the users to connect a combo of XLRs and 1/4-inch jacks, perfect for live recording sessions as well as to record musical instruments for example drums, where you’ll need DI capability and microphones.

There is no doubt that Roland OCTA-CAPTURE UA-1010 USB Hi-speed Audio Interface is the perfect device to meet your music production needs.

It has everything that will make recording a breeze. Rest assured that you won’t regret buying this device.

Key Features

  • premium mic preamps
  • Very trustworthy company – Roland
  • Long-lasting aluminum chassis that is easily rack-mountable


  • Brand: Roland
  • Model: UA-1010
  • Channel: Ten
  • Product size: 6.25″x11.19″x2″
  • Product weight: Approximately 6 pounds

  • Plenty of outputs/inputs
  • Outstanding technical specifications
  • Roland has an established reputation
  • We didn’t find any cons

PreSonus Studio USB 3.0 192 Audio Interface

PreSonus Studio USB 3.0 192 Audio Interface

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The last device we are going to review on this list is PreSonus Studio USB 3.0 192 Audio Interface. It is just enough to blow your mind!

It includes 8 remote-controlled XMAX mic preamps, 2 instrument inputs, 6 line inputs, decreased latency, and even flexible options for connectivity. It is made as a core hub of any sort of professional or home studio.

This has 2 independent headset amps, no-latency monitoring, onboard “talk-back” mic, and speaking switching, you will be capable of mastering sounds and recording mix.

It is built-in with the UC Surface which provides you with the independence to control the no-latency and mic preamp that is monitoring the environment.

However, if you prefer to gain zero-latency tracking with effects, then make the most of the unique Fat Channel hybrid plug-in which runs on the device.

Not to mention, we were extremely impressed by this 192. At the same time, you will get all the required things with this device.

Key Features

  • Offers superb value for your money
  • It is compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Excellent sound with outstanding features


  • Brand: PreSonus
  • Model: Studio 192
  • Channel: Sixteen
  • Product size: 19″x5.5″x1.75″
  • Product weight: Approximately 4.9 pounds

  • Extremely portable
  • The preamps are remote-controlled
  • Offers different unique features too
  • We couldn’t find any cons

Buying Guide On The Best Audio Interfaces!

If you are in the marketplace for the best audio interface, you will find a number of key factors to consider, based on the recording needs.

First of all, you should learn the key factors so that you can choose the best one easily. This guide will help you make the right decision.


How many outputs the interface requires to have truly relied on where this will be utilized and what you will be hooking this up too.

Bought a big mixing console that has several channels? You will probably gain from an audio interface with several outputs for feeding into all those channels.

Also, are you trying to make music in the home studio simply with a laptop as well as no outboard gear?

You will most likely be okay with easy stereo output for hooking up a couple of “stereo-monitor” speakers plus a good headphone output to monitor performance while recording making use of microphones.


How many physical inputs the top audio interface includes will decide how many musical instruments you can record at the same time.

The pro studios often favor several-input devices efficient at accommodating sufficient microphones for the “full-band” in order to record all in one go, such as vocals, guitar amps, bass amp, and drum kit with the line inputs intended for keyboards.

Often these offer up to 16 or 24 physical inputs and even digital inputs that can handle several channels of the digital audio.

On the other hand, project and home studios are usually managed with simply 1 or 2 physical inputs, 1/4″ line-level jack sockets, or XLR microphone inputs, thus a solo musician can easily use them for recording one instrument or microphone each time.

Sample & Bit Depth Rate

How audio interfaces function is by electronically converting and sampling audio analog signals at higher frequencies, cutting the “wave-forms” up into a large number of chunks each second.

How many slices each second the conversion software in the interface run at is calculated in kilohertz as well as is called the sample rate.

Every single sample is digitally stored on the hard drive of your computer at a particular resolution. However, the greater the resolution is, the higher the bits are used for representing every sample, a number called bit depth.

On the other hand, the typical bit depth and sample CD-quality rate are 16-bit and 44.1 kHz.

The majority of semi-pro audio interfaces available currently run at 24-bit and 48kHz, while the sample rate of the professional gadgets can go around 192 kHz.

Although this creates outstanding audio quality, the higher the rate of the sample, the larger the producing audio file size, which means they occupy a lot more drive space on the computer.


One more important but often-ignored aspect of the interface is ADC converter (analog-to-digital) and DAC converter (digital-to-analog).

However, these are usually the aspects that perform the hefty lifting in terms of converting audio analog signals into the digital information to store on the computer as well as reconverting this back into the analog form again while you play this back.


While recording the analog audio signals from an electric guitar or microphone onto any sort of medium, an outstanding preamp or preamplifier will be needed to enhance the level to the position where this can be practically recorded with a good noise/signal ratio – to put it differently, so the preferred signal is enough loud when compared with how much-unwanted sound is present in your system.

A number of preamps tend to sound far better than some others due to the circuit design’s quality, therefore ensure that the preamps or preamplifiers in the selected interface can pass muster.

Phantom Power

When you are likely to be performing any major acoustic or vocal instrument recording, you’ll require a condenser mic, ideally of big diaphragm type.

Such super-sensitive microphones are able to pick up amazing detail, still, most have to be run by 48-volt phantom power which powers the microphone via the similar cable utilized to transfer audio signal.


Not to mention, the issue of latency is a very important factor that the best audio interface brands have been fighting to conquer since they appeared first.

However, the time used for audio analog signal input to be converted into the digital information as well as back again maybe a couple of milliseconds only, but even it can be sufficient to be considered off-putting for a performer because it leads to a perceivable “hold-off” between exactly what they are playing or singing and what they are hearing in the headphones.

Nowadays, because of quicker onboard processors as well as fast connection protocols for example USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt, the issue of latency largely has been reduced to the level where it is hardly noticeable.


Last but not least, there is no more any actual need for an average computer artist to collect a massive rack of the mains-run, rack-installed interfaces.

Most of the small audio interfaces targeted at the project studios handily take the power from USB cable which links them to the computer, ensuring that they are perfect for hassle-free use with just a laptop or pc in the portable recording atmosphere.

Tips To Setup The Best Audio Interface!

Perhaps you have bought the best audio interface from the list above, or perhaps you are just trying to find information on the best way to install and even use one just before making the purchase.

However, we are about to show you a few of the important ways to set up and use your audio interface.

Remember that a few of these guidelines may differ based on which interface you’ve got and even whom this was manufactured by. Also, the manufacturer guidelines are often the most precise and the most useful!

The setup is vital in the procedure of using an audio interface as well as it is well worth your time to set up the audio interface properly.

However, here is an index of the important ways to set up the best audio interface. Keep reading to learn more. Also, make sure to watch this useful video clip!

  • Find, download and then install the newest driver for the audio interface you’ve bought
  • Get out the device and the cords
  • Now, connect the power wire to an outlet
  • Connect the audio interface to your computer or device’s port directly
  • Select the interface in the operating system of your computer
  • Choose the interface in the DAW (digital audio workstation) software
  • Select which input you want to utilize from the interface

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does An Audio Interface Affect The Sound Quality?
A: Besides expanding your outputs and inputs, the audio interfaces also can enhance the computer’s sound quality significantly.

Whenever you record the latest audio or even listen through headphones and speakers, the interface will recreate a more precise representation of sounds.

Q: Why Are The Audio Interfaces Pricey?
A: Interfaces and mixers are more costly for the reason that the reliability, functionality, and quality are better than those smaller dongle doodads.

Not to mention, they are the specialized gadgets with small market appeal thus they are built in the shorter runs.

Q: What Is The Life Expectancy Of Audio Interfaces?
A: You may have to upgrade the supply of power, but otherwise should get at least 10 years from it. The audio interfaces need to last a pretty long time, still, we would change more frequently than that therefore it is easy to benefit from the improvements in technology!

Q: Can A Preamp Enhance The Sound Quality?
A: The preamps’ sound contribution is not a lot in the frequency response still in texture this imparts on sound.

But, a preamp designs the audio to a lesser level than one might think. Typically, the sound character becomes clear only at higher gain configurations or while you drive this into distortion.

Q: Do I Truly Need The Best Audio Interface?
A: Of course, you the best audio interfaces for recording music into the computer. A separate interface will provide you more choices particularly if you desire to use various mics.

Q: Should I Get An Interface When I Already Own A Mixer?
A: It is exactly where we return to our key question again, “Should I get a mixer intended for the home recording?”

Okay, let’s first discuss the easy reply of no. However, you do not have to have a mixer still you need an interface that can convert the audio analog signal into the digital format.

Q: How Vital Is The Best Audio Interface?
A: Expanding the inputs and outputs isn’t the sole job of the audio interfaces; also they can considerably boost your recording’s sound quality simultaneously.

The key benefit of the audio recording in terms of interface comparison and the sound card is its simplicity of use as well as state-of-the-art recording.

Q: Do An Audio Interface Go Bad?
A: You may have to upgrade the supply of power, but otherwise should get at least 10 years from it. The audio interfaces need to last a pretty long time, still, we would change more frequently than that therefore it is easy to benefit from the improvements in technology!

Q: What’s The Key Difference Between Audio Interface And Sound Card?
A: From a technical perspective, sound card, basically, is the audio interface; still its minimum I/O and restricted sound quality make this less than perfect for recording.

A number of sound cards just have a stereo line customer-grade level input, headphone output as well as possibly a stereo line consumer-grade level output.

Q: Do I Need To Upgrade The Audio Interface I Have?
A: If you have the latest audio interface then you are possibly going to get far better latency, certainly going to get superior sound quality too and in fact, you are getting a lot more saving on the cost.

In all honesty, if I previously had a 20-years-old audio interface then I would certainly check out others and update.

Q: Can I Work With Two Interfaces At A Time?
A: You can easily make Aggregate Device for boosting the number of audio outputs and inputs available simultaneously.

You can additionally make use of the Aggregate Device when your application does not support separate output and input devices.

A few applications not made by Apple do not support separate output and input devices.

Q: What Is An Audio Interface Actually Used For?
A: The best audio interface, not to mention, is hardware which expands and even boosts the sonic abilities of the computer.

A number of audio interfaces provide you the capability to connect specialized microphones, tools, and other varieties of the signals to your computer as well as output many different signals too.

Q: Should I Get A Preamp Intended For My Interface?
A: A preamp, usually, is an important item for the studio. When you make use of a condenser mic that needs 48-volt phantom power for operating, you will need the preamp to supply it!

Typically, any inexpensive audio interface can have integrated preamps, yet that does not mean you do not need an additional pre-amplifier.

Q: Is The Audio Interface Similar To A Mixer?
A: The audio Interface functions as a translator between the computer and the microphone. This takes an analog signal originating from the microphone and then converts this into the digital signal.

On the other hand, a Mixer mixes several signals which are being delivered through this, with the capability to include effects for example Delay or Reverb.

Q: Can A Mixer Increase Sound Quality?
A: Of course, an inexpensive mixer will decay the sound quality. An inexpensive mixer is perhaps the worst purchase a budget-oriented individual can make.

However, I can’t think about a mixer below 2 grand. Also, I would prefer to run the sound thru. Therefore, save your dollars and purchase a genuine console.

Q: What’s A DAW Interface Combination?
A: Modern-day computer-based DAW (digital-audio-workstation) software provides you more music production and recording power compared to a studio rich in hardware from pre-digital times.

Such gadgets provide the connectors you’ll need to connect instruments and microphones for recording and headphones and speakers for listening.

Q: For The Live Performances, Do I Require The Best Audio Interface?
A: In terms of performing life, the major hurdle you’ll face with the interface is latency. You’ll want to decrease latency in an environment; still, for the live performances, it’s particularly important. RME interfaces particularly have outstanding drivers with extremely low latency.

Q: Do I Need To Have An Effective Audio Interface Just For A Microphone?
A: The audio interface is usually the link between the PC and the source (microphones, guitar, etc). You cannot plug the USB mic into the interface as audio interfaces do not accept the USB as input.

Therefore, technically you DON’T have to have an interface with the USB microphone.

Q: Is It Worthwhile Having A DAC?
A: Of course, a DAC will be worthwhile. Simply because the files tend to be lossy does not mean that the DAC or enhanced digital sound system is less worthwhile.

You will find some awesome affordable DACs out there which will sound much better than the onboard PC sound and superior to the audio from a player such as an iPod.


To conclude, as you have had the opportunity to see, definitely there are various approaches companies use to make the best audio interfaces.

Although every product we have suggested up to now has its benefits and drawbacks, some executed somewhat better than others.

In terms of the best audio interface, we have selected the Behringer UMC202HD U-Phoria 2-Channel Audio Interface for its superb usability and audio quality.

Needless to say, being on the restricted budget does not mean that you cannot purchase the best audio interface. The most inexpensive choice is Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 USB 3rd Gen Audio Interface with superb quality features.

Other interfaces mentioned above are an excellent choice.

You can choose any audio interface, but we highly suggest you take a look again at the buying guide. It will help you make the best choice based on your needs.

Hopefully, this post has helped you find your best audio interface. Now, don’t hesitate to share your valuable opinions with us in the comment area below. Also, support us by sharing this post on social media.

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