How to distinguish top grain leather from full grain leather

In the market, we often see men’s wallet, belt, leather shoes, bag, handbag, mobile phone cover and card case. They are made of leather, to some people, we often encountered the problem of distinguishing true and false cowhide, today we will share some common knowledge on how to differentiate true and false cowhide, we hope the information below can be helpful to you.

What is full grain leather?

The first layer leather is the first layer of cowhide. The top layer of cowhide is located at the outermost surface of cowhide, and the cortex is the most flexible and smooth with different thickness. The top layer of leather has a grain, repair, and embossed leather, in which the embossed cowhide is used with patterns on the surface of the leather for heating and pressing various patterns. So we can say that full leather has not had yet processed, polished or polished to get rid of all the imperfections.

Sometimes, people think that full leather, crazy horse leather and saddle leather are basically the same. Because they are not being treated, and even leather is often marked with scars, insect bites and traces of pregnancy, but, making each piece of leather unique.

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What is top grain leather?

In the strict sense only the first and second layers are the real leather, top grain leather is also called the first layer of skin, which is directly processed from various animals, or the cow, pig, horse and other animals with thicker cortex cross-cut into upper and lower layers after shedding, the upper part with strict fiber organization is processed into various first layer skins. So, we know now that even full leather has imperfections (scrapes, bites or scars), then we will sanded the top 2mm to make the perfect and uniform looking leather wallet.

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