What is Crazy Horse Leather

Crazy horse leather is a common material used in many leather products. We believe many people have heard of it, but not clear what exactly is crazy horse leather and how it is made of?

Crazy Horse Leather is actually a kind of cowhide, because the cowhide hit crazy horse oil and the name. It is the abbreviation of a kind of leather technology. We are glad to share a simple guide for you to have a better understanding about the Crazy Horse Leather.

How is Crazy Horse Leather made of?

Crazy horse leather, which can be referred as saddle leather, is coated with a special wax on the surface of the polished full-grain leather. The wax strengthens the leather fibers when they are scratched or rubbed, the natural color of the leather changes its color, giving it an antique look, vintage appearance.

They craft is using only by natural materials such as premium leather and felt, creating beautiful phone cases, men and women leather wallets, computer sleeves, key holders and more leather accessories in high quality and so on. Each piece of leather used is unique, and after some use it will change it’s color and will give it a beautiful and natural, aged look.

We Called it Crazy Horse Leather, Why?

The reason why we called it crazy horse leather is because it got the name but not comes from Horse. In fact, this kind of leather is very popular for horse saddles, so it may be referred as saddle leather.

Crazy horse leather is a leather style with a matte finish plus a double – discolored finish on its leather surface. And this style is post-processed, so it can be a vegetable tanned horse or a chrome tanned horse. Generally, cowhide, scalper and buffalo are common. It can also be made from sheepskin or other animal leather, which is just a style name for leather.

Front Pocket wallet made of Crazy horse leather looks waxy – like it has scratches on it

The very popular and growing craze over crazy horse leather and it’s unique antique appearance is taking the international online community by surprise. A simple scratch or rub turns the leather fibers to a different shade, a slight bend and the entire bend line fades to a different shade as well, and still this type of leather is as durable as any other high quality leather. The leather has been treated to look and feel aged while retaining it’s toughness. The more you use it, the better it looks.

What is advantages of crazy horse leather?

Kinzd slim crazy horse leather money clip wallet

Crazy horse leather wallet are very durable, strong and also its gives men’s slim crazy horse wallet an unique look and feel which combines luxury and antique touch. With the wax applied to the leather, it protects the cray horse leather front pocket wallet with water resistant and makes it more durable.

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