The 10 Best Truck Tool Boxes of 2024

Investing in the best truck tool boxes is the wisest decision you can make in 2021. This tool-protecting equipment will help you continue with your journey after a minor breakdown in the middle of a lonely highway.

Again this equipment will prevent the loss of your vital tools while your car or truck is parked. Some will act as storage facilities for your valuable items when traveling far away from your home.

This explains why certain models are more versatile than others, hence the differences in quality, design, structure, and even prices. Even if these differences emerge from one model to another, rest assured that truck tool boxes are essential for your vehicle especially in times of emergencies.

Having a secure, weatherproof, and durable truck toolbox allows you to store and access your tools when the need arises. Besides, they are flexible and readily available much to your delight. Not to mention being portable and stylish in both design and appearance.

At the moment there are dozens of options on the market and this is where the real hurdle comes in. The main hurdle lies in choosing the right truck box. This can make you shy away from acquiring the right toolbox for your own needs.

Also, choosing the available brands and models can be overwhelming if it is your first time shopping for truck toolboxes. But that should not be a problem anymore when you can access vital information regarding different types of toolboxes online. With that said, we have compiled a list of our top models of the best truck tool boxes to help you make a wise decision. Read on so you can find out more about these handy accessories.

Best Overall: Rubbermaid ActionPacker 48 Gallon Lockable Storage Bin

Best Overall: Rubbermaid ActionPacker 48 Gallon Lockable Storage Bin

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Featuring an impact-resistant plastic body, Rubbermaid ActionPacker 48 Gallon Lockable Storage Bin can withstand harsh weather conditions while keeping your tools safe and secure. In addition to that, it features an extra-strong double-walled lid designed to keep your items in good condition.

That is why it is perfect for camping, fishing, or any other outdoor activities away from your home. Its grooved and rugged surface plays a significant role in repelling water to prevent pooling. This way, it is able to maintain the inside dry and moisture-free throughout.

What’s more, it comprises lockable latches that provide extra security even when it is at the back of your track. Generally, RubberPacker 48 Gallon Lockable Storage Bin is made to give you a perfect storage solution while on the go.

Key Features

  • Impact-resistant plastic material to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • The extra strong double-walled lid to keep your items safe and secure.
  • Grooved or rugged surface to repel water in order to prevent pooling.
  • Strong lockable latches to provide extra security.


  • Brand: Rubbermaid
  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Size:44.5×20.63×17.25 inches
  • Product Weight:20.7pounds

  • It is versatile
  • Waterproof
  • Large capacity
  • Lightweight material
  • Durable plastic material
  • A little bit hard to pick up

Best Value: Weather Guard 117-502 Black Aluminum Saddle Box

Best Value: Weather Guard 117-502 Black Aluminum Saddle Box

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At a glance Weather Guard, 117-502 Black Aluminum Saddle Box gives you an urge to run for your money. This toolbox is packed with great features that make it functional, convenient, and secure when it comes to keeping your tools.

It is crafted from aluminum material which makes it both durable and portable especially when packing it at the back of your truck. Also, It is equipped with a weather seal for protecting the tools and other equipment inside the box in extreme weather conditions.

Aside from that, this toolbox comes with a latch mechanism push button that enables you to open or close it easily and conveniently. The non-adjustable lid on the box is included to help secure all the content of the toolbox when on the move. Most importantly, there are two keys that you can use to gain access to your toolbox when the need arises.

Key Features

  • Aluminum material for durability and portability.
  • Weather seal to protect the tools in extreme weather conditions.
  • Latch mechanism push button to open or close the box conveniently.
  • A non-adjustable lid to secure all the tools inside the box.
  • Two keys to give you access to the box.


  • Brand: Weather Guard
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Product Size:72x28x19 inches
  • Product Weight:50 pounds

  • Durable
  • A huge toolbox
  • Simple install
  • Well constructed box
  • Weather seal but poor adherence

Best Budget-Friendly: Weather Guard-127-5-02 Black Aluminum Saddle Box

Best Budget-Friendly: Weather Guard-127-5-02 Black Aluminum Saddle Box

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Every truck owner’s greatest dream is to have the best toolbox that money can buy. If you are one of them, shift your attention to Weather Guard-127-502 aluminum Saddle Box. This toolbox comes loaded with several features that will take away your breath instantly.

It comprises a full weather seal that plays an active role in keeping out moisture even in the most extreme weather conditions. Also, it boasts attachment points to conveniently secure larger tools and other important materials in one place inside your truck bed.

As if that is not enough, this toolbox comes with an extreme protection locking system to prevent possible break-ins. Thus the system gives you peace of mind wherever you go. Plus, the automotive rotary latch comes in handy to offer a smooth one-touch opening without stretching your muscles. This way, you are able to access your tools in record time.

Key Features

    Full weather seal to keep out the moisture in extreme weather conditions.

    Attachment points to conveniently secure the materials or larger tools in one place.

    Extreme protection locking system to protect against break-ins.

    Automotive-style rotary latch for a smooth one-touch opening.


  • Brand: Weather Guard
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Product Size:72x21x19 inches
  • Product Weight:56 pounds

  • Long-lasting toolbox
  • Well designed
  • Portable
  • Excellent quality
  • Not keyed specifically

Best Quality Material: Buyers Products 1702305 Black Steel Underbody Truck Box

Best Quality Material: Buyers Products 1702305 Black Steel Underbody Truck Box

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Built with steel material, Buyers Products 170-230-5 Black Steel Underbody Truck Box is a durable toolbox. As such, it is designed to give you value for your money while keeping your car tools safe and secure.

It is available in the form of a 14-grade steel body that brings a balance of weather resistance and security with the durability you can trust. A close look at its structure reveals the stainless steel compression latch is built to protect against weather and theft. At least, you can relax knowing that your tools are safe. Besides, the box has air- craft-grade cables with a replaceable gasket system that makes it last long enough while serving you. In addition to that, there is a continuous hidden hinge and a recessed door that helps you keep your toolbox contents safe and secure throughout.

Key Features

  • A 14 gauge steel body to bring a balance of weather resistance and security with durability.
  • The stainless steel compression latch protects against theft and weather.
  • Air-craft-grade cables with a replaceable gasket sealing system to last long.
  • The continuous hidden hinge and a recessed drop door help keep the toolbox contents safe and secure.


  • Brand: Buyers Products
  • Material: Steel
  • Product Size:18x36x18 inches
  • Product Weight:76 pounds

  • Easy latch adjustment
  • Sturdy thickness
  • Quality handle
  • A lighter powder coat

Best Features: Buyers Products 170-128-1 Black Steel Trailer Tongue Truck Toolbox

Best Features: Buyers Products 170-128-1 Black Steel Trailer Tongue Truck Toolbox

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Manufactured in the USA, Buyers Products 170-128-1 Black Steel Trailer Tongue Truck Toolbox is all you need if you want to keep your valuable tools safe. This model features a back-to-front tapered design that allows you to maximize trailer mobility as well as aerodynamics. The box is also designed to be mounted to the front side of an A-frame-style trailer.

The whole toolbox is crafted from a 14-gauge steel material to make it stronger and durable. A 12-gauge steel lid is also included in the design to help you secure your tools and other important items at the back of your truck.

On top of that, there is a paddle latch complete with a lock to provide extra safety and protection to your tools. In general, this truck toolbox is built to resist dents, prevent rust, suit marine or corrosive environments.

Key Features

  • A 14-gauge steel body for added strength.
  • A 12-gauge steel lid to keep your tools safe and secure.
  • Paddle latch with a lock for extra safety.


  • Brand: Buyers Products
  • Material: Steel
  • Product Size:28.5×13.75x13inches
  • Product Weight:33 pounds

  • A perfect fit for your truck
  • Budget-friendly toolbox
  • Lighter than most metal boxes
  • Highly flexible
  • Needs some modifications

Best Design: Yaheetech 30×13-Inches Aluminum Trailer Tool Box

Best Design: Yaheetech 30x13-Inches Aluminum Trailer Tool Box

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If you are in need of the best toolbox for your truck, Yaheetech 30×13-Inches Aluminum Trailer Tool Box should be your choice. With its seal ring design, this toolbox assures you maximum protection against external elements. Not to mention its ability to keep away rainwater or any other moisture.

This aluminum toolbox consists of two long-lasting side handles to promote portability, which means you will have an easy time lifting this box too and from your truck whenever you want to retrieve some tools. Additionally, it comes with a built-in lock system complete with two keys for secure storage of your tools.

The keys also allow you access to the box via the lock. When it comes to the structure, this toolbox does not disappoint. It is made using bold rivets that hold different aluminum pieces together to create enough space for your valuable items.

Key Features

  • Seal ring design to prevent the entry of rainwater and other external elements.
  • Two durable side handles for portability.
  • One built-in lock with two keys for secure storage.
  • Bold rivet design to hold the pieces together.


  • Brand: Yaheetech
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Product Size:29.92×13.19×9.84 inches
  • Product Weight:11.4 pounds

  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight toolbox
  • High-quality material
  • Perfect storage solution
  • High-intensive and corrosion-resistant toolbox
  • Too thin and flimsy
  • Small capacity

Best Structure: Buyers Products 170-511-5 Diamond Tread Aluminum Underbody Truck Tool Box

Best Structure: Buyers Products 170-511-5 Diamond Tread Aluminum Underbody Truck Tool 


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Buyers Products 170-511-5 Diamond Tread Aluminum Underbody Truck Tool Box is the real deal when it comes to the best truck tool boxes on the market today. The box features diamond treads that make it strong and appealing to the eye.

This box is also designed to take care of your tools and other equipment of great importance when traveling. It comprises a locking, die, and compression latch system for keeping your tools safe against extreme weather conditions and theft.

A watertight gasket system is also part of this stylish box to ensure that all your tools are moisture-free. The system also plays a significant role in keeping away dust and water even when you are driving in the rain or along the dirt road.

For the mounting, this toolbox gives you the option of mounting it on a flat surface or under-bed thanks to its design and features. Overall, Buyer Products 170-511-5 Diamond Tread Aluminum Underbody Truck Tool Box is durable and dependable, serving you for a long time in all situations you can think of.

Key Features

  • Diamond tread aluminum underbody toolbox designed to protect the tools and other useful equipment.
  • A locking, die, and compression latch system to protect tools against weather conditions and theft.
  • A watertight gasket system to keep away moisture from reaching the tools inside the toolbox.


  • Brand: Buyers Products
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Product Size:61×18.5×18 inches
  • Product Weight:66 pounds

  • Corrosion-resistant truck toolbox.
  • Built tough with great features
  • Mounts on a flat surface and under bed
  • Can keep different hardware
  • Durable and dependable
  • Improvement on welds is necessary

Best Storage Capacity: Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box-SC300D

Best Storage Capacity: Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box-SC300D

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Although it is crafted from plastic material, Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box-AC300D gives you value for your money. This is because it is stylish and functional. It is functional in the essence that it comes with tons of features to make the storage of your tools secure and easy. Plus, it fits nicely at the back of your truck without compromising the safety of its contents.

Since it comes with a unique design, this box is a good choice for a 2002-2018 Dodge Ram Truck 1500-3500 driver’s side. It features an undercover SwingCase to maint up to 3 inches of clearance from your truck bed for added comfort and safety of your tools.

This toolbox is capable of swinging at an angle of 180 degrees towards you in order to provide easy access from the swings to the tailgate. By doing so, it is able to get into a locking position and the wheel position for maximum bed access.

Furthermore, the SwingCase with a key-lockable lid is included in the design to hold up to 75lbs of tools or cargo at once. A moisture seal and an organizational tray play the role of keeping the contents inside the box dry and well-protected against external elements. Unlike other toolboxes for trucks, this model is backed up by a one-year guarantee and by UnderCover’s US-based customer support services to give you confidence about its quality.

Key Features

  • A unique design to fit nicely on a 2002-2018 Dodge Ram Truck 1500-3500 driver’s side.
  • UnderCover SwingCase to maintain a 3-inch clearance from the truck bed.
  • The box swings at an angle of 180 degrees towards you to provide easy access from the swings and tailgate to a locking position.
  • The SwingCase with a key-lockable lid to hold up to 75lbs of cargo.
  • A moisture seal and an organizational tray to keep contents dry and protected against external elements.


  • Brand: Undercover
  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Size:16×8.5×34 inches
  • Product Weight:19.8 pounds

  • Offers ultimate accessibility
  • Provides quick installation
  • A secure storage solution
  • Truck bed-cover compatible
  • A one-year guarantee and UnderCover’s US-based customer support
  • The box is costly

Best Lightweight: ARKSEN 49-Inch Aluminum Toolboxes-All Purpose

Best Lightweight: ARKSEN 49-Inch Aluminum Toolboxes-All Purpose

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ARKSEN 49-Inch Aluminum Toolboxes-All purpose has a rigid construction along with a five-bar tread pattern to make the box strong and durable. As a result, the box can hold as many tools as possible without getting damaged.

Besides, it comes as an underbody toolbox for convenient mounting under your truck. This feature enables you to save some storage space on your truck. There is also a set of built-in carrying handles to help you move and transport the toolbox from one place to another.

A protective lock cap on this toolbox is designed primarily to keep moisture, water, and dust away from the lock to ensure great performance over many years. The break-down door on this toolbox provides full access to the tools easily and quickly.

Key Features

  • Rigid construction with a five-bar tread pattern to strengthen the aluminum material box for durability.
  • Underbody toolbox to conveniently mount under your truck in order to save some storage space.
  • Built-in carrying handles to help in moving and transporting the entire toolbox.
  • Protective lock cap to keep water and dust from entering the lock.
  • Dropdown door to provide full access to the toolbox.


  • Brand: ARKSEN
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Product Size:15x49x15 inches
  • Product Weight:31 pounds

  • Saves a lot of space on your truck
  • Provide extra-space under your truck
  • A protective lock cap
  • Built-in carrying handles
  • Lightweight toolbox but sturdy
  • Very thin aluminum material
  • It is likely to dent easily

Best Price: Dee Zee DZ8546B 46-Inch Red Label Utility Chest

Best Price: Dee Zee DZ8546B 46-Inch Red Label Utility Chest

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Make sure your tools are safe and secure by keeping them in the well-designed, durable, and stylish toolbox. This is because they can be damaged by some external elements such as weather, excess moisture, or dust.

Therefore, you should consider looking for Dee Zee DZ8546B 46-Inch Red Label Utility Chest to keep your tools nicely. This type of truck toolbox is designed with you in mind. It comes fully equipped with great features that make it not only durable but also functional.

To begin with, this toolbox from Dee Zee is constructed using heavy-duty Brite-tread aluminum material to make it last long in addition to keeping your tools safe. Also, it has a protective black powder coat to prevent rusting while keeping it in great condition throughout.

Its contractor-grade stainless paddle handle latches are included to make portability easy. The handles are strategically placed on the sides for grabbing and lifting the toolbox when moving it to a new location.

The double V-pan lid stiffener is also part of the features that give this toolbox an edge over others. This lid stiffener gives the toolbox strength and rigidity to enable it to hold many tools without forming dents or bending. Certainly, Dee Zee DZ8546B 46-Inch Red Label Utility Chest is your ultimate choice of the best truck tool boxes that you have been looking for for a long time.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty Brite-tread aluminum material for keeping tools safe and for durability.
  • Protective gloss black powder coat to prevent rusting.
  • Contractor-grade stainless steel paddle handle latches on the sides for portability.
  • Double V-pan lid stiffener for added strength and rigidity.


  • Brand: Dee Zee
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Product Size:48x21x19 inches
  • Product Weight:41.2 pounds

  • Lightweight
  • Well-sealed
  • Excellent fit on your truck
  • Well-designed and sturdy
  • Great quality for the price
  • Not entirely a heavy-duty toolbox

Best Solid Construction: Lund 288272 Challenger Series Brite ATV Storage Box

Best Solid Construction: Lund 288272 Challenger Series Brite ATV Storage Box

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When it comes to style and functionality, Lund 288272 Challenger Series Brite ATV Storage Box takes the lead. It is compact and slim enough to fit virtually anywhere in your truck. Also, it is lightweight with solid construction to handle your custom project anywhere, anytime.

Featuring long-lasting diamond plate aluminum construction, this simple toolbox can keep your equipment and tools safe and secure throughout. The same toolbox has a black powder coat finish not only to make it look attractive but also to help resist cracking and fading even after using it for long.

Another feature of importance on this toolbox includes stainless steel latches with double post hooks to provide the much-needed security for your valuable tools.

Key Features

  • Long-lasting diamond plate aluminum construction to keep the tools safe and secure.
  • Black powder coat finishes resisting cracking and fading.
  • Stainless steel latches complete with double post hooks for providing enough security to your valuable equipment.


  • Brand: Lund
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Product Size:34.5×12.75×6.38 inches
  • Product Weight:9.33 pounds

  • Lightweight ATV front storage box
  • Solid construction
  • A perfect fit for your custom project
  • Some improvement on the lid is necessary

Best Truck Tool Boxes Buying Guide

With hundreds of truck tool boxes on the market today, finding the right one for your truck can be a challenge. This is always the case if you have no idea where to start your search, what to look for in each model and how much you can spend to acquire the best item. Luckily for you, we will walk you through some of the top factors that you must consider when shopping for your truck toolboxes.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Your Truck Tool Boxes

Know Different Types of Truck Tool Boxes.It is important to have an idea about the terms used when describing different types of truck tool boxes you may come across. These terms can change suddenly from one manufacturer to another and this is one area you need to pay great attention to.

Even though it is important to have these terms at the back of your mind, just know that there is no industry-standard naming system that everyone should stick to. Regardless, the following types of truck tool boxes will make you aware of what you should expect on the market.

Crossbred Mounted Truck Tool Boxes

Crossbred mounted type of truck tool boxes is commonly referred to as the “standard” aftermarket tool boxes for trucks. This is due to the fact that they sit nicely across the bed just behind the cab of your truck.

Apparently, all trucks can have this type of tool boxers installed since they are super widely available for anyone in need of them. Besides, they are the easiest truck toolboxes to find in addition to having the right size. You can also purchase them at a pocket- friendly price at your local store.

Top Mounted Truck Tool Boxes

This type of truck tool boxes is found mainly on plumbing trucks, welding trucks, and quite a number of utility service trucks. The boxes are usually mounted up and above the bed nails. Most of them come with cabinet-style doors for your convenience and storage of tools.

This option is great only if you are a frequent user of your truck to perform different types of tasks. Also, you may settle for this type of truck tool box if at all you have maximum storage space at your disposal.

Side Mounted Truck Tool Boxes

Unlike other types of truck tool boxes that run across the bed of your cab, the side- mounted truck tool boxes are designed to sit comfortably along the bed rails. Due to their mounting style, they are the easiest toolboxes to access compared to crossbred toolboxes. They also sit flat inside the cab, which is different from the top-mounted models. These truck tool boxes are somehow comparably affordable as well as being easy to find.

Understand Truck Toolbox Construction Materials

Another thing to consider when buying your best truck tool boxes is the material for each model. Materials play a critical role when it comes to deciding which product to spend your money on. Apart from that, different types of materials used in making toolboxes today are increasingly undergoing a rapid change with some of them getting stronger and lighter than others.

With that in mind, make sure you take the quality of each material for a particular model of truck tool boxes seriously to avoid last-minute surprises. Below is an example of common materials you are likely to find in different models of toolboxes:

Riveted Tool Boxes

Rivets are comparable to welding techniques in one way or another. That is why it is a common technique used in making most truck toolboxes sold today on the market.

Even though it is a reliable method, make sure to check the truck tool to know if it is indeed made using only the right type of rivets. To get it right, you must confirm if rivets on your toolboxes are as hard as the materials on your box or even harder than the rest of the materials to create a strong bond between two pieces of materials.

In this case, the steel rivets will be a better choice if at all they are holding steel toolboxes. If you are not sure about the type of fasteners used on your toolboxes, make sure to contact the manufacturer for more information.

Welded Tool Boxes

A lot of truck tool boxes are made by welding. This technique is effective in creating perfect seams. Having said that, welded seams on different types of toolboxes are constructed by spot welding technique.

Therefore, any poorly welded toolbox is likely to come out looking pretty but won’t last you a lifetime. Such tool boxes fall apart easily after a short time or some of them form rust, lowering their quality in the process.

Aluminum Tool Boxes

Aluminum material has two major advantages when it comes to making truck toolboxes. They are lightweight and rust-resistant. For that reason, this material is widely used in crafting high-quality toolboxes. The only drawback with this material is that it is more expensive than other materials used in making truck toolboxes.

However, aluminum-made tool boxes vary greatly in quality. You can come across the weak ones or settle for the most durable type when choosing your best truck toolboxes. This difference occurs due to the type of construction used, the thickness and alloy of the aluminum material in use. In general, aluminum toolboxes are a solid choice that you can always rely on when it comes to keeping your tools safe and secure.

Steel Tool Boxes

Steel is considered by many people as great material. It is strong, durable, available, and affordable. Sadly, it rusts easily. In this regard, every steel truck toolbox must be coated using rust-resistant materials.

Also, they can be painted or covered with bed liners to help keep away elements that aid in the rusting process. Regardless of this downside, steel truck toolboxes are strong, stylish, and highly secure.

Plastic Tool Boxes

Although not comparable to steel or aluminum tool boxes, plastic toolboxes can also hold heavy tools and metal tools well. Additionally, it is rust-proof, making it more advantageous than steel material.

Unfortunately, your metal tools are likely to cause scratches or gauge the plastic toolbox. On the other hand, the same tools may damage the plastic boxes when you toss them. Loading heavy tools can also cause damages to your box.

Despite this downside, plastic toolboxes are extremely lighter than truck tool boxes made from steel. To be on the safe side, make sure that you only keep light tools in your plastic truck tool boxes all the time.

Best Truck Tool Boxes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is a truck toolbox?
A: This is a toolbox that installs semi-permanently or permanently in the bed of a truck. In most cases, these toolboxes are installed towards the end of the bed just a short distance from the cab. Some truck tool boxes are mounted along the sides of your truck while others are mounted right behind the wheel well.

Q: What are most truck tool boxes made of?
A: Truck toolboxes are made of different types of materials. A common example is diamond-treated steel that makes the boxes tough and long-lasting. There is also diamond- treated aluminum used in making lightweight toolboxes. A few are made of high-quality plastic and polyethylene materials.

Q: What’s a crossover toolbox?
A: A crossover tool box is one of the most common types of truck tool boxes you will ever come across. During the mounting process, it crosses over from the right bed rail to the left bed rail, forming a wide truck tool box that sits against the back of the cab.

Q: Should I get right into the truck bed to get the tools?
A: Yes! You will only have to get up to your truck bed in order to access your tools if you are dealing with cross-bed truck toolboxes. This can be a challenging task especially if you have some underlying health problems. It is not always easy to climb up your truck whenever you want to access your tools. Therefore, you will have to look for side-mounted models to make your work a little bit easier. Alternatively, you can use a trailer tongue-mounted tool box to give you easy access to your tools.

Q: Can aluminum and stainless materials used on most tool boxes rust over time?
A: Aluminum material cannot rust in the same manner as stainless steel. Technically, aluminum creates an oxide layer so fast when subjected to atmospheric conditions. So, every piece of aluminum material you come across has already rusted. Stainless steel is somehow rust-resistant because it is high in chromium content. But it doesn’t mean that it cannot rust if you don’t maintain it. Stainless steel material especially cheap alloys are likely to rust over a given period of time.

Q: How should I mount my toolbox to the truck bed?
A: Most truck tool boxes come with their mounting kits. The kits include a few hardware, bolts, a couple of nuts, and many other things that make the mounting effective. You can also settle for those toolboxes that require custom mounting which involve drilling, tapping among others.

Q: Is it possible to fit a sheet of plywood material in my truck alongside a toolbox?
A: Not at all. Your truck will most likely damage or mess up the plywood sheet.

Q: Which is the most secure locking system for truck toolboxes?
A: There are many types of locking systems out there designed to lock your toolboxes securely. However, you need to look for a locking system that will keep your toolbox secure from any security breach. You may opt for cheap locks but rest assured that they will only hold down the lids on one side. The best locking system should include solid bars or multiple locking points to hold on well on all points of contact between the lids and the main toolboxes.

Q: How do I take measurements of my truck toolbox?
A: You can start by taking the measurements of the distance between the outside section of the first rail and the second rail. Then measure the widest part of the truck toolbox. This site sits on top of the bed rails, so its measurements will give an idea about the maximum width of your toolbox. Finally, take measurements for bed walls (height) to determine the depth of your toolbox.

Q: How do I install a toolbox on my truck?
A: Read through the manufacturer’s instructions to determine where you will have your truck toolbox installed. Before you take any step, make sure to check if the lid on the toolbox can open properly after installation.

The Verdict

From a distance, the above-reviewed truck boxes look simple in design but a close look gives you a different story. Each model is carefully crafted to handle several tools and other personal items that you may use while traveling, fishing, or going for an adventure away from your home. They also come in a variety of materials which range from aluminum to steel all the way to high-quality plastic to serve you for quite a long period.

Each toolbox has its own capacity, unique features, and weight depending on the material, design, and size. Most importantly, they are all affordable and designed to fit different types of vehicles.

With that in mind, our top-pick truck toolbox is the Rubbermaid ActionPacker 48 Gallon Lockable Storage Bin since it has superior features that set it apart from others. Besides, it is affordable, durable, and stylish. Other toolboxes mentioned above are great and long-lasting too. So, your choice will depend on your personal preference, needs, and budget.

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