The 10 Best Skateboards of 2024

If you are an adrenaline junkie, skateboarding should be your next sport. This is an exciting exercise for all people. It does not matter whether you are a kid, teenager, or an adult because the thrill of skating on board is something beyond explanation. The feel of board beneath your feet and the speed at which you accelerate is amazing. What is more, the idea that someone can easily fly in the air or roll within pools is something to behold.

However, this type of movement depends on your skills and type of skateboard you are using. And this is where we come to the best skateboards that can help you to take your skating activities to the next level.

If you are a seasoned skateboarder or just looking to scale up your skateboarding skills, you must consider picking a board that meets your requirements. With the availability of these skating products in the market, you can find it difficult to choose the right one.

Here is a guide that will help you land the right skateboard that will serve you better and for a very long time.

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Meketec-Skateboards Complete 22-Inch Mini Cruiser-Retro Skateboard

Meketec-Skateboards Complete 22-Inch Mini Cruiser-Retro Skateboard

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With high-speed ABEC-7 bearings, Meketec-Skateboards

Complete 22-Inch Mini-Cruiser-Retro Skateboard provides you a smooth ride and maximum skating speed. This cruiser skateboard is designed mainly for young boys, particularly, beginners.

It comes in different colors ranging from black to green and pink to yellow including breathtaking patterns that will blow your mind. Its strong 3.25-inch trucks allow you to experience a more distinctive slide while skating. Apart from that, this skateboard’s performance is on another level, thanks to its 60- millimeter urethane wheels.

A 22.5 by 6.0-inch deck comes in hand to help you advance your skating skills on this plastic board. What’s more, it boasts a maximum load of 200lbs, making it a perfect skateboard for kids. Its unusual appearance is the reason for outperforming quite a number of the leading skateboard brands on the market.

When it comes to safety, this product does not disappoint you. This is because it is equipped with top safety features to keep you safe and stable while you are enjoying your skateboarding. No wonder it comes with a CE certification to give you confidence regardless of all skating levels. That is why it is built for all levels of riders regardless of whether you are an experienced or a beginner rider.

Meketec-Skateboards Complete 22-Inch Mini-Cruiser-Retro Skateboard is a great gift for adults and kids alike.

Key Features

  • High-speed ABEC-7 Meketec bearings for a smooth ride
  • The maximum load weight of 200lbs to accommodate kids’ weight
  • Strong 3.25 inch trucks to provide a more distinctive skateboarding slide


  • Brand: Meketec
  • Product Dimension: Not provided
  • Product Weight: 3.8Pounds
  • Deck Material: Plastic
  • Deck Size:22.5x 6.0 Inches

  • Stable and rolls nicely
  • CE certification for safety
  • Suitable for all levels of riders
  • Too small for adults

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BELEEV-Skateboards for Beginners-31×8 Inches-Complete Skateboard for Kids

BELEEV-Skateboards for Beginners-31x8 Inches-Complete Skateboard for Kids

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BELEEV-Skateboard for beginners-31×8 Inches comes fully assembled to get you ready for a ride. This skateboard is designed for kids who are trying their skills in skating. It measures 31×8 inches in length and width respectively to provide enough room for your feet. The board weighs 4.7lbs and can support up to 220lbs of weight comfortably.

Also, it comes in a 10mm thick, 7-ply Canadian maple wood to withstand most rider’s weight. As if that is not enough, the entire skateboard is equipped with 5-inch heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks which make it reliable, sturdy, and safe for both expert and beginner riders. Great for all-level riders, this skateboard allows you to perform different riding styles, commuting, cruising, freestyling, and many other tricks.

Featuring anti-slippery 55mm, 95A high-rebound PU wheels complete with high- speed ABEC-7 precision bearings, this cruiser skateboard assures you a smooth and speedy ride. This is coupled with the top of the range superior shock absorption which makes it possible for the board to soak up all street bumps and cracks on the sidewalk.

Easy to control, the skateboard lets you showcase your riding skills without having to struggle much. This is attributed to its double-kick symmetric concave design which provides you with immense energy from your heels to the toes. In addition, the water-proof emery, non-slip grip tape comes in handy to provide great traction between the board and your shoes for a safe skating experience.

Key Features

  • A 7-layer wooden deck for added stability and comfort
  • 5 millimeters, 95A PU wheels to provide a speedy ride
  • -inch heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks for stability and safety
  • Steel ABEC-7 bearings with soft PU bushings to provide you enjoy a smooth ride
  • Double kick tail concave shape to give you full control of your movements and braking


  • Brand: BELEEV
  • Product Dimension: Not provided
  • Product Weight: 5.7 Pounds
  • Deck Material: Canadian maple wood
  • Deck Size:31.0×8.0 Inches

  • Easy to control
  • Sturdy and stable
  • A smooth and speedy ride
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Adorable and durable printing
  • Too much turning

Geelife-Skateboard 7 Layers Decks 31×8 Inches-Pro Complete Skateboard

Geelife-Skateboard 7 Layers Decks 31x8 Inches-Pro Complete Skateboard

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Designed for beginners, Geelife-Skateboard 7 Layers Decks 31×8 Inches-Pro Complete Skateboard is the best choice for teens, adults, boys, and girls looking to try their skills in skating. This classic skateboard provides you with a wheelbase measuring 15.7 inches. The width and length measure 8 and 31 inches respectively, creating more room for your feet.

The skateboard boasts a super smooth 55 by 40 mm 95A PU wheels that come fully equipped with ABEC-7 high-speed precision bearings. Together, these two features assure you of top speed and smooth rides in all terrains of your choice.

Apart from that, the decks provide you with an overall mild canvas design to enable you to perform different skating tricks. The medium size wheels create the most ideal foot pockets to help you achieve maneuverability easily.

The deck is skillfully finished with short, steep cocktails designed to let you maximize ollie height. It is also a perfect upgrade that provides you with lightweight performance not found in other skateboards.

Furthermore, this deck measures 8 inches with 7 ply maple wood and press construction to give you lightweight durability. The whole product is designed for skating in streets, parks, pools, ramps, and many other smooth surfaces.

Key Features

  • -ply maple wood for lightweight durability
  • Mild concave deck for easy control of the skateboard
  • ABEC-7 precision bearings with PU bushings to provide a speedy and smooth ride


  • Brand: Geelife
  • Product Dimension:31.0×8.0x15.7 Inches
  • Product Weight:5.1 Pounds
  • Deck Material: Maple wood
  • Deck Size:31.0×8.0 Inches

  • Provide good grip
  • No assembly needed
  • A great beginner board
  • Wheel attachment needs some improvement
  • No warranty information provided for this product

Gonex-Mini Cruiser Skateboard-Complete 22-Inch Plastic Skateboard for Beginners

Gonex-Mini Cruiser Skateboard-Complete 22-Inch Plastic Skateboard for 


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Gonex-Mini Cruiser Skateboard-Complete 22-Inch Plastic Skateboard is ideal for beginners. The skateboard is designed for all ages and gender especially young boys and girls who fancy skating. It uses solid materials in its construction to provide you with the durability and functionality that you need while skating.

The skateboard comprises high-quality PP plastic material and 60mm PU cast wheels designed to give you the best performance ever. This is made possible with the help of high-performing and efficient ABEC-7 bearing and rigid 3.25 inches aluminum alloy trucks. Both features assure you of excellent grip and wear resistance.

Its compact size is also another feature that makes it a perfect fit for your skating needs. This 22×6 inch skateboard can fit easily inside your luggage or backpack, thus becoming more convenient when moving from one location to another.

The whole product weighs 3.8 lbs which are lightweight enough for kids to carry it around and control their rides easily. The load-bearing of this skateboard is 198 lbs or 90kg, meaning that it can accommodate even adults. This skateboard has good shock absorbers and load-bearing capacity that provides skaters a wonderful experience they can never forget.

Key Features

  • Speedy ABEC-7 bearings for easy control and balance
  • 0 millimeter PU cast wheels to provide good shock absorption
  • .25-inch aluminum alloy trucks to make the skateboard rigid and durable
  • Premium quality PP plastic material for excellent grip and high wear resistance


  • Brand: Gonex
  • Product Dimension:22.0×6.0 Inches
  • Product Weight: 3.8 Pounds
  • Deck Material: PP plastic
  • Deck Size:22.0×6.0 Inches

  • A ready to go mini-skateboard
  • Ultra-lightweight and portable
  • Provides smooth and safe rides
  • Sturdy but cheaply made
  • It is too small for some users

DINBIN-Complete Highly Flexible Plastic Cruiser Board-Mini 22-Inch Skateboard

DINBIN-Complete Highly Flexible Plastic Cruiser Board-Mini 22-Inch 


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Whether you are a beginner or professional skateboarder, here is what you have been looking for this whole time. DINBIN-Complete High Flexible Plastic Cruiser Board is designed for you. It comes fully assembled for you to start your skating activities as soon as you take it out of the box.

This unique skateboard gives you a combination of fun and exercise in just one package. This is because it has high-speed ABEC-7 precision bearings which are included to make you experience a speedy ride.

There is also a 22-22 by 6-inch deck designed primarily to provide you with enough space for your feet. In addition, the board has a maximum weight of 220 lbs or 100kgs to take care of different people’s skating needs. In other words, the skateboard is made to handle kids, teenagers, and adults comfortably.

Since it is a CE certified skateboard, this product is safe for all riders regardless of their riding levels. Most importantly, it is designed to provide you with a perfect mode of transportation, fun, and exercise. It offers an excellent learning platform that will help you develop strength, reflexes, and great balance.

Key Features

  • High-speed ABEC-7 precision bearings for a speedy ride
  • A 22 by 6-inch skateboard deck to provide enough space for your feet
  • Maximum load ability of 220 lbs or 100kgs for use by people of all ages
  • 0 millimeter, 78A urethane cored super-smooth wheel for comfortable rides


  • Brand: DINBIN
  • Product Dimension:22.0×6.0x4.0 Inches
  • Product Weight:4 Pounds
  • Deck Material: Plastic
  • Deck Size:22.0×6.0 Inches

  • Highly portable
  • CE certification for safety
  • A 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Provides a combination of fun and exercise
  • Offers a maximum load of 220lbs or 100kgs
  • Flexible but too small for larger fee

ChromeWheels-31-Inch Skateboard Complete Longboard Double Kick Skate Board Cruiser

ChromeWheels-31-Inch Skateboard Complete Longboard Double Kick Skate Board 


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Suitable for all level skateboarders, ChromeWheels-31-Inch Skateboard gives you an opportunity to advance your skating skills. This is due to the fact that it comes completely assembled to get you ready for your first ride.

Apart from that, it has a 31.0 by 8.0-inch full-size double kick concave design to help you control your rides better and brake easily on any surface. At the same time, this feature enables you to perform some basic stunts as well as other breathtaking tricks.

It is durable and stable thanks to its high-density 8-layer Canadian maple wood that delivers stability and enough strength to hold up to 220 lbs of weight. The deck also uses a durable emery non-slip surface that gives a more powerful grip when skating.

The skateboard features super-smooth 50-millimeter anti-shock PU wheels to give you a smooth ride in all types of terrains. On top of that, the ABEC-7 high- quality precision bearings come in to assure you of a smooth and speedy ride similar to other longboards. A feature that makes ChromeWheels-31-Inch Skateboard a perfect skateboard to enjoy your ride on all surfaces, both smooth and rough.

The high-quality aluminum trucks with steel axles add more stability and sturdiness to this board. In simple terms, it supports higher weight while promoting faster speed and safety that you need when skating.

Key Features

  • Maximum support weight of 22olbs for children and adults
  • 1.0×8.0 inch full-size concave design for better control of the ride and easy to brake
  • High-density 8-layer Canadian maple wood to provide maximum stability and durability
  • High-quality aluminum trucks and steel axle to support higher weight and enhance the safety of the rider
  • Super-smooth 50mm anti-shock PU wheels complete with ABEC-7 precision bearings to deliver a smooth ride


  • Brand: ChromeWheels
  • Product Dimension: 31.0×8.0x5.0 Inches
  • Product Weight: 4.8 Pounds
  • Deck Material: Maple wood
  • Deck Size:31.0×8.0Inches

  • Easy to steer
  • A sturdy construction
  • Good for entry-level skateboarders
  • May require lots of maintenance

Merkapa-22-Inch Complete Skateboard with Colorful LED Light Up Wheels

Merkapa-22-Inch Complete Skateboard with Colorful LED Light Up Wheels

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Merkapa-22-Inch Complete Skateboard is a unique skateboard for a good reason. It comes with colorful LED light-up wheels to add beauty and glamour to your ride. The lights do not need batteries as they operate through electricity generated from the rotary power of wheels. Interestingly, the wheels stop emitting the light only when they are too loose.

The skateboard provides you with a classic cruiser deck measuring 22.0by 6.0 inches to give you more room for your feet when skating. This great feature is also made of long-lasting and sturdy PP plastic material that can withstand all weather conditions. This means that you will enjoy skating at any time of your choice.

Its V-truck and base are crafted from a 3.5inch heavy-duty, high-quality aluminum material to make it lighter and durable. The ABEC-7 bearing comes in to make the rides smooth, speedy, and enjoyable.

Additionally, the large soft PU wheels act as a super-shock absorber to keep you comfortable throughout. They also play a critical role in providing your feet with a great grip when on top of your skateboard. In general, Merkapa-22Inch Complete Skateboard is designed for teenagers and kids who weigh less than 180 lbs.

Key Features

  • A classic mini-cruiser deck for beginners
  • LED light-up wheels to light your way when riding the skateboard
  • V-shaped high-quality aluminum trucks and base for durability and portability
  • Large soft PU set of wheels to provide great grip and added comfort to your feet


  • Brand: Merkapa
  • Product Dimension: Not provided
  • Product Weight:4.1 Pounds
  • Deck Material: High-quality PP
  • Deck Size:22.0×6.0 Inches

  • Solid built
  • Affordable skateboard
  • Comes with colorful LED lights
  • Great for someone with no prior skating experience
  • Cute but not so sturdy
  • Too flexible with a large turn curve

KPC-Pro Skateboard Complete

KPC-Pro Skateboard Complete

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KPC-Pro Skateboard Complete includes professional assembly. Meaning that the skateboard arrives fully assembled and ready for use straight out of the box. This model boasts an 80 git black grip tape that holds the board together and in place for your safety and comfort when riding.

The heavy-duty aluminum 5.0-inch trucks come in handy to offer much-needed stability, sturdiness, and durability. This way, you can enjoy skateboarding while getting value for your money.

It features the latest version of concave shape which allows you to enjoy maximum comfort as well as learning new tricks easily. Still, on the features that make this skateboard great, you will find 52 millimeters, 95A high-rebound urethane wheels to be quite comfortable and practical when hitting the road. The wheels provide you with a smooth ride on almost all surfaces you will ever come across.

And the precision speed ABEC-7 bearings are included to make your skating smooth and your skateboard efficient in terms of speed. High tensile Philips head mounting hardware contributes so much to the stability and durability of this product while taking care of your skateboarding needs. Each one of these components meets the required industry standards which make this model a common choice of many skaters, both experienced and learners across the globe. On the other hand, this model is just perfect for someone who has an idea about skating and wants to upgrade his/her skills to the highest levels possible.

Key Features

  • Black grip tape to hold the board in place
  • Canadian maple construction for portability and flexibility
  • .75-inch Ace of Spades deck to provide enough room for your feet


  • Brand: KPC
  • Product Dimension:31.5×7.8×5.0 Inches
  • Product Weight: 5.3Pounds
  • Deck Material: Canadian maple wood
  • Deck Size:51.5×7.8 Inches

  • Great price
  • Better quality
  • Wheels need some readjustment to stay on course

PlayWheels-Frozen 21-Inch Wood Cruiser Skateboard

PlayWheels-Frozen 21-Inch Wood Cruiser Skateboard

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PlayWheels-Frozen 21-Inch Wood Cruiser Skateboard is a well-designed children’s beginner skateboard. As a matter of fact, this board is a great choice for all Disney Frozen Fans who intend to start learning the art of skating. This well- decorated board helps your kids learn the balancing and coordination skills that every skateboarder requires.

The board boasts a brightly colored deck featuring vivid graphics depicting characters your child loves. This ultimate “Frozen” design adds beauty to the board, making it adorable while inspiring your kid’s imagination.

Besides, the skateboard comes complete with a long, thick, and durable maple wood deck to provide enough space for the young rider’s feet. The deck also offers a special grip surface that is carefully molded and fixed on board to keep the feet firm and stable during the riding session. In addition to that, there is a single kicktail design to provide the rider with greater control and easy way to break even at top speed.

The steel axle and composite tracks are also part of the skateboard and they support higher weights as well as high speed riding on all surfaces. The PVC- injected 50mm by 27 mm wheels with 608B precision bearings are included to deliver the much-needed smooth and speedy rides. This product is highly recommended for kids aged 5 to 10 years. It can comfortably support a maximum weight of 100 lbs.

Key Features

  • The ultimate “Frozen” design to add beauty to the board
  • A single kicktail design to provide greater control as well as an easy way to brake
  • A special grip surface molded onto the deck to keep the feet firmly on the board
  • Steel axle and composite trucks to offer support for higher weights and high- speed riding
  • PVC-injected 50mmx27mm wheels with 608B precision bearings to deliver a smooth and speedy ride


  • Brand: PlayWheels
  • Product Dimension: 21.0×6.0x4.5 Inches
  • Product Weight:2.2 Pounds
  • Deck Material: Maple wood
  • Deck Size:21.0×6.0 Inches

  • Best price
  • Great kids’ skateboard
  • Thick, durable 9-ply deck
  • It is a small skateboard for some riders
  • Wheels are stiff as claimed by a section of reviewers

RIMABLE-Complete 22 Inches Skateboard

RIMABLE-Complete 22 Inches Skateboard

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RIMABLE-Complete 22 Inches Skateboard comes fully assembled, allowing you to use it as soon as it is out of the box. The skateboard is made using high-quality and long-lasting plastic materials which make it lightweight but sturdy.

The board can hold as much as 198lbs or 90kgs of load weight which makes it ideal for young individuals trying their skills in skating. The deck is wide enough to accommodate your kid’s feet while learning how to ride on different surfaces.

The skateboard features a 22inch long by 6-inch wide deck that comprises a 100% fresh material. Apart from that, it comes with top-quality 3-inch thick aluminum trucks that keep it compact and stable even at high speed.

The super-smooth PU wheel combines with high-speed precision bearing to provide the rider with speedy rides on different grounds. RIMABLE-Complete 22 Inches Skateboard is available in different colors and designs to entice your riders throughout their skating sessions.

Key Features

  • The maximum load weight of 198lbs or 90kgs
  • Super-smooth PU wheel and high-quality bearing
  • Solid 3-inch aluminum truck for stability and durability
  • Available in different colors and designs to suit teenagers needs


  • Brand: RIMABLE
  • Product Dimension: Not Provided
  • Product Weight:4 Pounds
  • Deck Material: Plastic
  • Deck Size:22.0×6.0 Inches

  • Affordable price
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Nice mobility for beginners
  • Attractive and amazing pattern (print) on the board
  • Gets scratched easily

Best Skateboards Buying Guide

Buying the best skateboard comes with its own share of challenges. But that should not discourage you from achieving your skateboarding dream. However, there are essential considerations that you must make when purchasing this product.

Out of many factors that you need to consider, only two stand out from the rest. They include choosing between an already assembled skateboard or simply going for the one you would rather assemble yourself. It might sound daunting to set up your own skateboard, but you should know that it is not as difficult as you might have thought.

Building Your own Skateboard vs Buying One

Building your own skateboard is a great idea if you are experienced in skateboarding. But taking this option will require some extra time, relevant skills, and knowledge of how skateboards are assembled.

Regardless of facing challenges that come with building a custom skateboard, you will stand a good chance of choosing the right materials that will give you a product of your taste. In other words, you will have the opportunity to pick the right skate deck and match it with wheels and trucks in the process.

Once you are done with assembling your skateboard, you will be happy about your achievement. Again you will have your skateboard ready to start making several rides. Custom-made skateboards are the way to go for those people who prefer assembling their own skates rather than buying ready-made.

When it comes to purchasing pre-made skateboards, the story is somehow different all along. This is a great option for newcomers in the world of skateboarding. Unfortunately buying ready-made skates limits your ability to customize the pre-made board.

But this piece of information should not discourage you from settling for pre-made skateboards. This is because there are dozens of such products on the market and they are all designed to serve you better.

In addition, they provide you with a good opportunity to get started with the game as soon as possible and learn more skills necessary to make you a professional skater. At the same time, these excellent skating products allow you to talk to other like-minded people and learn one or more tricks that will help you maneuver your way.

The Right Skate For You

You must always sit down and decide which type of skate you want to buy. In this case, you can make up your mind between the custom-made and a complete skateboard. Your decision should be dictated by your experience level and style of skating you are familiar with. That said, let’s look at each one of these determining factors in more detail.

Experience Level

Most skilled skateboarders prefer riding their skateboards in a more unique way than beginners. Their experience level allows them to apply relevant skills that set them apart from the less experienced. That is why both have their own different skating needs.

Here is a broad definition of different levels of experience which covers beginners, intermediates, and advanced skateboarders. The definition comes along with relevant information regarding the type of skateboard that is suitable for every experience level.

Beginner Skateboarders

As the name suggests, these types of skateboards are made primarily for those starting with skateboarding. In most cases, beginners have at least an idea about skating on board. Some have little knowledge concerning the basics of skateboarding.

Beginner skateboarders may also include people who have no idea about skating or have never tried their skills on skateboards. So if you are one of those people who have no knowledge or skills in skateboarding, you are advised to look for a complete skateboard.

Alternatively, you may think of going for a cruiser or longboard to learn the art of balancing while riding. Most importantly, choose a skateboard that falls within your budget.

Intermediate Skateboarders

From beginner skateboarders, the next level you should target is the intermediate skateboarders. At this level, you must be familiar with most of the basics applicable to riding skateboards. You should also be able to perform some tricks depending on your skills.

Under this level, you are required to focus mainly on the wheels and trucks of your board. In case you are not yet sure about the model or type of skateboard to purchase, you can consult more experienced skateboarders so they can suggest the best product you should buy.

Expert Skateboarders

At this level, you are required to know all the tricks involved in skateboarding. On top of that, you must be fully aware of several special features that you may want to find on your skateboard of choice. Finally, your board should be designed to allow you to perform different tricks and maneuverability as you ride along.

Skateboarding Style

Another important thing to consider when shopping for the best skateboard is the skateboarding style. Other essential considerations include what you exactly want to do with the skateboard. In this case, you may want to catch some air, perform breathtaking tricks, cruise, and so on. Below are the three major categories of skating styles you need to know:

Vert Skaters

This is a collective term referring to skaters who are skilled in riding ramps and vertical structures. Their technique helps them catch some air while climbing or riding.

If you are one of them, you should look for a skater that is a little bit wider with a bigger wheelbase. This type of skateboard will help you feel stable and in total control when landing

Street or Technical Skaters

Both urban and street skating are suitable for every aspect of skateboarding, especially in the urban landscape. This means that you should have relevant skills that will help you ride in the streets.

Besides, you should have an idea of the best skateboard to use if you consider yourself a street or technical skater. In this respect, your skateboard should have a rounded nose with a tail to enable you to have full control of every ride you make.


For longboarders, things are somehow different. They are always looking for a fluid ride similar to snowboarding or surfing. Unlike other types of skateboarders, longboarders are not designed to allow you to perform some skating tricks.

They are rather constructed to provide you with a form of transportation from one place to another. They are usually longer than 33 inches but there are a few models that measure up to 59 inches in length.

What is the Most Appropriate Size of a Skateboard Should You Choose?

Size matters the most when it comes to choosing the best skateboards. Here the size that you should pay your attention to is the width of your skateboard. Unlike the length, the width plays a critical role in every aspect of skateboarding.

When choosing this parameter, take into account your height. It is the height of the skater that determines the right width of the skateboard. To get it right, you should look out for the following factors:

Micro Size: These are skateboards that fall between 6.5 and 6.75 inches in width. They are usually designed for kids under 5 years old. Also, they are a good choice for people wearing shoe size 3 or less with a height of not more than 3 feet and 4 inches. Most children fall under this category of skaters.

Mini Size: Mini skateboards measure around 7 inches in width. They are also designed for use by children aged between 6 and 8 years. They are a perfect choice for kids wearing shoes between 4 and 6 with a height of 3 feet, 5 inches.

Mid Size: They are best for children with the shoe size between 7 and 8. On the other hand, this size is well suited for kids aged between 9 and 12 years. The kids should be 4 feet, 5 inches tall or simply 5feet, 2 inches in height. Midsize skateboards are usually 7.3 inches wide.

Full-Size: Full-size skateboards are built for anyone aged 13 years or older. The board is designed for those wearing shoe number 9 and above. Full-size boards measure more than 7.5 inches wide.

Other Factors to Consider when Shopping for Skateboard

There are still many small things to consider when choosing your most ideal skateboard. Check out for the following additional features when buying your skateboard:


Other things to look for in a skateboard include a wheelbase. This is the distance stretching from the inner mounting holes all the way to the other inner pair. In most skateboards, the wheelbase ranges from 13 to 15 inches.

Most advanced skateboarders take the length of the shortboards seriously because it determines their ability to perform different tricks. For beginners and intermediate skateboarders, this is not a matter of concern because it does not affect them in any way.

Nose and Tail

The nose and tail of your ideal skateboard is also a consideration to make when shopping for this product. But it can be a little difficult to point out the noise from the tail because the two features look almost similar.

Most skateboards have decks with more prominent kicks on their nose than the tail. These two features are very important to skateboarders as they provide most of their skating needs.

Mounting Holes

Mounting holes are also great features to take into account when choosing your best skateboard. Check all the mounting holes to ensure that each one of them is in the right place. If possible, look for a skateboard that has seven-ply.

With this type of board, the section between the tail and the nose should be curved upwards. As such, this will provide you with better control over your skateboard in addition to making the entire board stronger and stable.

How to Choose the Right Skateboard Parts

When building your own skateboard, you should look for the right materials. Below is a detailed explanation of the materials you need to accomplish this task:

1. Skateboard decks

2. Skateboard trucks

3. Skateboard wheels

4. Skateboard bearings

5. Skateboard hardware

6. Grip tape

Skateboard Decks

It is important to check the deck of your skateboard to ensure that it is made by a reliable and reputable manufacturer. In addition to that, the same product should have all features that will make you’re skating a breeze.

One of the key features to look out for is the concave shape of the deck. Speaking of the shape, here are the main concave shapes you should be looking for when purchasing a skateboard:

Radial Concave Deck

The radial concave deck is characterized by its U-shape. The shape curves in slightly to make the skateboard suitable for beginners. These decks are designed to give your feet excellent grip. Besides, they are constructed to work with any skateboarding style.

Progressive Deck

Almost similar to the radial concave deck, the progressive deck has a more pronounced and steeper curve. This unique feature makes the board safe for beginners.

W-concave Deck

These boards are designed in such a way that they help you shift your energy from the heels to toes more easily. As a result, you are able to make quick and safe turns while riding. The W-concave decks have shapes similar to those for other concave boards although they rise slightly higher in the center.

Tub Boards

These boards are known for their sharp angles on the sides which make them look unique. They usually provide skaters with a mellower ride compared to other types of skateboards.Additionally, they are great at making you shift your energy effortlessly. That is why they are popular among experienced skateboarders.

Convex Boards

Given that they are convex in design, their shapes are the exact opposite of the concave boards. The curve on the deck faces upward. As a matter of fact, this board is considered to be one of the rarest among skateboards. It is designed to work for people who prefer doing a lot of downhill skateboarding.

Flat Skateboard Decks

They are a rare skateboard shape with great features that every skateboarder won’t overlook. Due to their rarity and unique design, these skateboard decks are common among different types of old school decks. On top of that, they are designed with specific skating tricks in mind.

Camber and Rocker Boards

Camber and rocker boards come with a curve that protrudes slightly at the center of the board. Their curves normally peak at both ends of the board. This feature may look awkward among skateboarders but most of the skateboards don’t come with a lengthwise curve as you may have visualized.


The name kicktail refers to the raised section of the board. It is often located at the end of the board. This feature plays a significant role when skaters are performing certain tricks. It can also enable you to stand the skateboard up. Boards with kicktail decks are suitable for doing ollies.

Skateboard Trucks

When it comes to skateboard trucks, your option becomes limited. Besides looking for different brands and colors, you should go the extra mile to look for the height and width of the skateboard trucks.


The width of your skateboard truck will be determined by the skate deck of your choice. But both ends of the truck will most likely be at the same level as the sides of the deck. Most street skateboarding trucks measure between 7.45 and 8.5 inches in width. Any skateboard larger than 9 inches is ideal for cruising boards.


Another parameter to look for in a skateboard is the height of the trucks. These features come in three major categories which include low, mid, and high-level trucks.

Low-level trucks are the most perfect type of skateboards that come complete with small wheels. They are designed for any skateboarder who is ready to perform several flip tricks. Their wheels are normally 53 inches, making them perfect for this type of skateboard truck.

The mid-level trucks are crafted for both park and street skateboarding. In fact, they are the best option for skates with wheels measuring between 53 and 56 millimeters in diameter.

Mid-level trucks are known for their ability to provide skaters with a smooth ride. High-level trucks come in handy to take care of longboards or skateboards with large wheels. Their wheels must be relatively larger than 56 mm in diameter. It is advisable to go for high-level trucks because they will create a smooth ride for you.

Skateboard Wheels

Choose a skateboard that has the right wheels. With the correct size of the wheels, your skateboard will help you achieve your skating goals without having to struggle much. If the wheels are too large or too small, they will certainly not be compatible with your deck and this causes a lot of problems. Here are some of the most common skateboard wheel sizes and the decks they are best for:

Different Skate wheel Sizes

60 millimeter plus Wheels: These types of wheels are best suited for old school skateboards or certain types of longboards. They are meant to increase your skateboard’s speed and make your ride as smooth as possible.

Between 54 and 59 millimeters: Wheels of these sizes are suitable for boards used by beginners. They are also perfect for those who are skating in parks, streets, bowls, and those taking part in vert skating venues. To add on that, they are designed to provide you with moderate speed and smooth rides.

Between 50 and 53 millimeters: These skateboard wheels are ideal for performing tricks when skating. Unfortunately, they are not designed to provide you with a lot of speed. For that reason, they are suitable for those taking their skating activities to the park. They are not good for anyone skateboarding around town or in the streets.

Less than 50 millimeters: Skateboard wheels measuring less than 50mm in diameter are perfect for specific types of skateboard tricks. As you may have expected, they are quite slow in comparison to other wheels. So, if you want speed with a smooth ride, you should consider taking skateboards with larger wheel sizes.

The hardness of the Wheels

You must as well consider the hardness of your skateboard wheels. To know how hard a wheel is you will need to use a durometer scale. This type of scale is used to take measurements of wheel hardness on a skateboard.

The scale reads from 74A for the softest wheel to 94A for the hardest wheel. Naturally, harder skateboard wheels tend to be faster and more efficient than the softer ones. Sadly, they don’t offer a good grip on the road and this can lead to a rough ride.

Softer wheels can grip the road pretty well, resulting in a smooth and stable ride. But they are not as fast as the hardest wheels when it comes to speed and maneuverability.

Skateboard Bearings

Most skateboard bearings come in a standard size commonly referred to as 608. But there are other sizes of skateboard bearings that are not standard and they still work well. Sadly, most wheels are not compatible with non-standard bearings.

It does not imply that you should not buy non-standard bearings for your skateboard wheels. But you can just buy these accessories and use them on specialized wheels. This way, they will work for you just like the standard bearings.

Take into consideration the material each type of bearing is made of. You will find out that some are crafted from steel while others are made of ceramic materials.

Steel bearings are usually circular and have flat sides. They are long-lasting and affordable. Their main downside is that friction can cause the wheels to expand. To avoid such problems, make sure your steel bearings are well lubricated.

On the other hand, the ceramic bearings work differently from the steel bearings. They are less likely to expand and render your skateboard wheels inefficient. However, they are more expensive than steel bearing.

When discussing skateboard bearing, you should also mention the ABEC rating. This type of rating is based mainly on tolerance and precision. So, the higher the number of ratings, the better. It is a rating designed for machine tools for electric motors. In this regard, there is some debate going on whether this rating applies to skateboards or not.

Skateboard Hardware

You are also supposed to consider the type of hardware for your skateboard. Your consideration of this important feature should cover as much as the size of the screws that you will need for your skateboard among other items. The screws that will work best for your board will definitely depend on the model of your skateboard.

Below is a list of screw sizes you should use and the type of skateboard each one of them is right for:

⅞ inches to 1-inch screws: The screws are good enough for you if you do not have a riser

1-inch to 1 ⅛ inch screws: They are designed for skateboards that have a riser. The riser must be ? inch in size.

1inch to ¼ inch screws: They are recommended if you have a riser that is ¼ inch in size

1inch and ½ inch screws: They are designed for a ?-inch riser.

It is wise to choose screws that are of high-quality and made by a reputable manufacturer. Quality is important as it will determine the durability and functionality of your skateboard.

How to Assemble Your Skateboard

There are steps you need to follow when assembling your skateboard. These steps are as follows:

Apply Certain Amount of Grip Tape to Your Skateboard

The main function of the grip tape is to ensure that your feet don’t slip off the board. To apply the grip tape, you must acquire a fresh deck, a sheet of grip tape, a file, and a sharp utility knife. Once you have all these items within reach, you should be ready to start assembling your skateboard.

Peel off the tape carefully and gently apply it to the board. Start the application from the middle, pressing towards the edges of the deck

Using a file or screwdriver, scratch the edges of the board to create a white line. The line will help you mark where to cut off excess grip tape.

Get rid of excess grip tape from the board with the help of a utility knife

Then use some of the excess tape or metal file to smoothen the edges by sanding them down

Attach the Trucks

Find the place where the screw holes are located. Use the screwdriver to press down the screws at the center of the board through the grip tape. Then push the hardware through the deck. In case you have read bolts, place them at the front part of the board. Proceed to attach your skateboard trucks to the deck. Make sure that the kingpin bolts are facing toward the center of the deck. Use the skate tool or a screwdriver to make the bolts tight.

Add Bearings and Wheels to the Trucks

The final step in assembling your skateboard involves adding skate bearings and wheels to the trucks. Place the bearings on each side of the wheels where metal shields are facing outward. Put the wheel on the axle and push it down to snap the bearings in position.

Repeat the same process for the opposite side of the wheels. After all the wheels are fitted with bearings, add the speed washers to the axle. Then add the nuts with the help of a skate tool before tightening them to make them snug. Finally, test each wheel to be sure of their performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many types of skateboards are available in marketing?
A: Several types of skateboards exist today. The most common ones include the cruiser, longboard, and carved skateboards.

The cruiser works perfectly well as a mode of transportation. The longboard is also important because it serves as a mode of transportation in addition to working well on cruising grounds. The carve boards come with great features such as special front trucks that allow the skateboard to tilt slightly, wheels to change direction and skate trucks to pivot when riding.

Q: How do height and weight determine the choice of your skateboard?
A: Your height and weight play a critical role when choosing your ideal skateboard. The best skateboard is one that can fit your height well and withstand your weight. Too large or too small skateboards can cause a lot of problems when controlling it. This is the case especially if you are a beginner learning how to do skateboarding.

The size of your feet is another factor to consider when choosing your skateboard. If you have smaller feet your perfect board should be narrower than the rest. At least it should be 7.5 inches wide. The size can increase if your shoe size is larger.

Q: What size of a skateboard should I go for?
A: When choosing the right size of your perfect skateboard, you must take your height and weight into consideration. Your physical weight should also play a role in choosing a good skateboard.

The average skateboard deck is 7.5 to 8.25 inches in width. Therefore, settle for the size based on your weight, height, and built. The riding style should come in handy to ensure that you get the best skating board for your needs. If you are bigger in body, a skate with a wider deck will work best for you. But if you have a small stature and prefer riding in the streets, a skateboard with a smaller deck will just be fine with you.

Q: Between a penny board/longboard and skateboard, which one should a rider choose?
A: For beginners, different types of skateboards can be overwhelming. But you will find longboards to be more useful and practical compared to the penny board. Longboards are easier to maneuver and they provide enough stability. In addition, they promote smooth rides when skating on round terrains. Penny boards are fun but they are not a good choice for beginners. This is due to their smaller deck sizes that pose difficulties for new skaters. They are demanding when it comes to executing some moves.

Q: Can I take my skateboard with me to the airplane?
A: Yes! You can take your skateboard with you when boarding an airplane. Skateboards are not among those items banned in any country. So rest assured that you can take it with you wherever you go.

But before you pack your skateboard in readiness to travel, get familiar with luggage restrictions before boarding the airplane to your destination. Most importantly, your skateboard must have a maximum length of 62 inches and weigh no more than 50 lbs. Anything more than will force you to pay an extra luggage fee.

Q: What’s the board’s EFP?
A: EFP is a short form for an effective foot platform. On the skateboard, the EFP is the section of the board’s length. This portion is neither the tail nor the nose of the board. You can locate it between the two trucks.

Q: What exactly are skate deck rails?
A: Skate deck rails are located on the skateboard’s sides. They are attached to the board for a good reason known to all experienced skaters. This feature helps in improving the performance of your skateboard while doing some tricks.

Q: What are the different types of skateboard decks?
A: Different types of skateboard decks exist today. They come in various designs and shapes. The most common shapes include the shortboards, longboards, cruisers, and old-fashioned boards. They are all built to serve the needs of different users.

For instance, the shortboards are constructed for performing tricks while riding. The longboard and cruisers are a good choice for you if you want skateboards that you can use as a means of transportation. Old-fashioned/old-school boards are only designed for skating on ramps, in pools, or on streets.

Q: What Materials are used in making skateboards?
A: A lot of skateboards are crafted from wood material with maple wood being the most dominant of them. Apart from that, some are made of materials such as aluminum, foam, nylon, composites, and fiberglass. Each material’s thickness is referred to as the ply and it varies considerably from one brand of the skateboard to another.

Q: How tight should my skate trucks be?
A: To set your skate tight, you must look for a bolt located at the center of the skate truck. The bolt will allow you to adjust the tightness of the trucks easily. This feature will help you apply your weight to make turns when riding your skateboard. Keep in mind that the looser the truck, the better it is for you to make turns. Looser trucks are common in longboarders for the reason of making turns easy and safe.

Tighter trucks are the best. This is because many skateboarders prefer using a tic-tacking type turn which requires the skate to be tighter as opposed to being looser. Tighter skate trucks provide more stability, especially for less experienced skateboarders.

If you are a beginner you can easily set your skateboard trucks tighter by simply turning in the nuts clockwise. Once you feel you are experienced enough, you may loosen the trucks a little bit depending on how you want them to be.


From the review and buying guide, you can easily make the right choice of the best skateboard to help you achieve the heights of thrill you never thought before. These skateboards are designed to meet different skill sets from a wide range of skaters. That is why they come in different brands, designs, sizes, and prices to suit everyone interested in this form of leisure activity.

Take your time and analyze each product to find its unique features and specification, not to mention the pros and cons. You will most likely find your perfect match among the reviewed products and your skateboarding adventures will not be the same again.

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