The 13 Best Printers For Small Business Of 2024

The perfect printer for any new business needs reliability so that it can deal with the overbearing printing orders, optimum for regular usage, and adjustable enough to save time for multiple trips to your local printing shop.

Therefore picking the best printers for small businesses is a tough decision and multiple factors need to be considered. These factors are namely;

  1. B/W versus color prints
  2. Energy optimality and pocket-friendly
  3. Printing pace and so on

Our printer review is created in such a way that it will help you with your research. You can easily pick your ideal match by reading the 13 top printers that are ideal for new entrepreneurs. Check the reviews & buying guide below!

Best Overall: Brother MFCL2710DW Monochrome Compact Laser Printer

Best Overall: Brother MFCL2710DW Monochrome Compact Laser Printer

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If your requirement is a top, compact printer with all features in one single printer which can be used for corporate use and household use, Brother MFCL2710DW can be a perfect match for you.

This printer offers efficiency because it is a great time saver in terms of printing, making your days productive. It can handle all shapes of papers for example cards, envelopes, and different-sized documents.

Wireless printing is a great feature of this printer as this feature enables the printer to connect with tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

This printer is compatible with several operating systems like iOS, windows, and so on. The users can use the printer on different platforms comfortably.

It has a dual side printing feature, which contributes as a great paper saver and it cuts down your budget by saving paper.

It uses a laser as a printing method therefore the printing quality is very professional. It is a very good printer to use in your office. Changing the toner is easy. It also maintains the original colors of the document.

Brother MFCL2710DW tones down sound pollution by not making excess noise and it is rather fast. This printer also doesn’t take up much storage. It feels sturdy and reliable. The company offers free support via call. Live chat is also another service they offer.

Key Features

  • USB Ready
  • Auto dual printing
  • Prints, scans, copies, and faxes
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet compatibility


  • Brand: Brother
  • Model: MFCL2710DW
  • Type of connection: USB 2.0. Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • Product size: 15.7”x16.1”x12.5”
  • Product weight: Around 26 pounds

  • Sleep mode
  • PDF scanner
  • Touch display
  • HD quality print
  • It shuts down with low toner

Best Value: ROLLO Commercial Grade Label Printer

Best Value: ROLLO Commercial Grade Label Printer

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People looking for the perfect printer to use on the Avery label often opt for the ROLLO Commercial Grade Label Printer. This print labels for an affordable price, making it perfect for small corporations and households.

It is on the average side of expense. It meets all the needs for important and special labels and it does an excellent purpose of doing so. Labels printed via Rollo printer are widely accepted on every platform.

The courier establishments widely accept the labels from ROLLO Commercial Grade Label Printer.

Commercial printing made Rollo popular and they print out high-quality transparent labels. But getting the labels in the required dimension might be quite a task.

Therefore it is the perfect device that is compatible with devices and prints out required sizes and dimensions.

It gets along with every operating system and it prints out standard quality corporate style labels. It can also be connected with phones and tablets easily and you can print your labels seamlessly.

Key Features

  • Easy Functions
  • High-speed printing
  • Direct prints using thermal features


  • Brand: Rollo
  • Model: X1038
  • Type of connection: Not mentioned
  • Product size: 7.7”x2.95”x3.34”
  • Product weight: Around 2.2 pounds

  • Time saver
  • Sturdy build
  • Effortless printing
  • USB Cables attached
  • Multiple prints compromise the printer’s performance

Best Pick: Canon MB2720 Business & Office Wireless Printer

Best Pick: Canon MB2720 Business & Office Wireless Printer

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The Canon MB2720 is the best option for office work and small businesses. 500 sheets (up to) papers can be printed with the given two-paper cassettes, and it is also easily connectable with Mac, PC, or flash drive via USB. Wi-Fi printing is available with its Canon app for printing.

The Common Features of the printer are – on/off can be scheduled, it has quick printing/ first printing (6 seconds), has low running costs. Also, the quick printing uses an inkjet machine that gives the quality of laser-like printing.

Scanning and copying can be done using both mobile phone and cloud-based services. It has efficient two-sided functionality which makes the printer ideal for office use. It is one of the best investments for your small business.

Key Features

  • Quick start-up
  • Excellent quality printing output
  • Auto-duplexing is single-pass and superfast


  • Brand: Canon
  • Model: MB2720
  • Type of connection: USB
  • Product size: 18.3”x18.1”x12.6”
  • Product weight: Around 26.5 pounds

  • Usable via mobile
  • The ink system is DRHD
  • Guarantees best print quality
  • No NFC mobile connectivity

Best Budget Buy: Brother Compact & Versatile VC500W Color Label Printer

Best Budget Buy: Brother Compact & Versatile VC500W Color Label Printer

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Rich colorful output, the technology of zero ink, toner, or ribbon- all of these qualities are available in this one printer. Brother Compact & Versatile VC500W printer has heat-sensitive Genuine CZ and Ck Zink paper rolls. These paper rolls have crystals in their layers. The crystals melt while printing together with a Zink printer.

It can print labels, stickers, etc. It comes with a built-in automatic cutter. This cutter can cut both- full and half cuts.

The automatic cutter can also be used manually according to your preference. All you need to do is to put the automatic cutter option off.

You can print from camera apps, photo galleries, social media, and similar other platforms.

This printer has a 1-year warranty, lifetime technical support for the product regardless of any circumstances. When it comes to the support system, brother is giving you the possible service.

Key Features

  • Zero ink use
  • It is a tear, water, and smudge-proof
  • Customized and personalized stickers and labels can be printed


  • Brand: Brother
  • Model: VC500W
  • Type of connection: Wi-Fi/Wireless
  • Product size: 4.6”x3.8”x4.3”
  • Product weight: Around 1.45 pounds

  • Versatile printing
  • Easy connection system
  • Gives full-color label printing
  • Easy printing using photo gallery
  • A long time mobile phone connection is not available

Best for Dual Prints: Brother HL-L2350DW Compact Monochrome Wireless Laser Printer

Best for Dual Prints: Brother HL-L2350DW Compact Monochrome Wireless Laser Printer

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This is another good quality laser printer. The Brother HL-L2350DW is very pocket friendly and comes with many cool features despite the low price. This has a beautiful exterior and doesn’t leave any footprints.

This is a B/W printer, which seems to be an inconvenience for some buyers. But it’s okay if you only require B/W printings for your documents. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be of much use if you expect color documents from this. Certain features are also unavailable due to color limitation.

This printer comes with an auto dual printing feature. For its price, it comes with a two-line LCD which is used for navigation. It can also print on whatever source you provide such as envelopes, papers, labels, and so on. It is very user friendly and it is super easy to assemble and use.

The biggest problem with this printer is that it doesn’t come with the best quality.

Key Features

  • Compact sized
  • Speedy performance
  • Great printing quality


  • Brand: Brother
  • Model: HLL2350DW
  • Type of connection: USB 2.0 & Wi-Fi
  • Product size: 14.2”x14”x7.2”
  • Product weight: Around 15.9 pounds

  • High yielding toner
  • Offers auto dual printing
  • High paper holding capacity
  • Lacks the option of connecting via Ethernet

Epson ET-4760 EcoTank Wireless Printer

Epson ET-4760 EcoTank Wireless Printer

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When you don’t have a limited budget and you need a good printing device you can always opt for Epson ET-4760 as it is a great device. It comes with four colored inkjet technology that drops on demand.

Epson ET-4760 is no doubt a wise investment especially for people who need to use printers regularly. This printer holds a lot of ink which can print fourteen thousand black and white prints and eleven thousand two hundred colored pages.

This is an ideal printer for regular office use and home use. This printer has Wi-Fi and Ethernet compatibility, a large paper tray, amazing paper handling features, and an auto paper feeder.

It also has an LCD panel for controlling which is around 2.5”. This panel helps the user to maneuver the printer easily.

If you are someone who uses a printer almost frequently this is an ideal pick for you, as idle uses of a printer are of less value. It has an amazing printing speed where it prints 15 pages every minute in cases of B/W prints. Colored prints take eight pages every minute.

Key Features

  • Touch display
  • Superfast prints
  • Wireless printing
  • Voice Command prints


  • Brand: Epson
  • Model: ET-4760
  • Type of connection: USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • Product size: 13.7”x14.8”x9.1”
  • Product weight: Around 19.21 pounds

  • Holds around 250 papers
  • As it doesn’t use cartridges, it doesn’t create much waste
  • It has wireless printing features from the connected device
  • The Wi-Fi connection isn’t stable

Canon iX6820 Pixma Wireless Cloud & AirPrint Compatible Business Printer

Canon iX6820 Pixma Wireless Cloud & AirPrint Compatible Business Printer

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The Canon iX6820 is great with Windows and iOS. If you need a nice quality device all while not exceeding your budget this can be an ideal printer.

This printer comes with every feature you could have in a printer such as scanning and copying your files. This limits your need to go to printing depots every time you need your paperwork completed.

Even though the outputs are vibrant and clear, the printing takes a long time. The printer comes with five separate color tanks that print images with perfect color accuracy.

You are most likely to not have connectivity problems with this printer because it is compatible with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

Therefore you have both options to transfer files wirelessly or with wires. It prints on multiple sizes of papers according to your preference.

It doesn’t come with an LCD panel. But it has easily accessible buttons and the buttons could be toggled through. It has a really easy guide manual and it is very easy to set up.

Key Features

  • Has an inbuilt nozzle system that injects ink
  • Compatibility with both Windows and Mac
  • Compatible with Cloud printing from Google


  • Brand: Canon
  • Model: iX6820
  • Type of connection: USB, Ethernet, Wireless
  • Product size: 23”x12.3”x6.3”
  • Product weight: Around 17.90 lbs

  • Runs on quiet mode
  • Can print without borders
  • The photo and text quality is great
  • Could have had better build quality

Brother Compact HL-L3210CW Digital Color Laser Printer

Brother Compact HL-L3210CW Digital Color Laser Printer

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This Value for money HL-L3210CW Digital Printer is a compact addition that allows you to place it anywhere regardless of tight workspaces, home, or office.

It doesn’t consume much storage space. This device consists of one set of toner cartridges which provides you a clean delivery throughout your first one thousand prints.

The controls of its interface are significantly easy to understand, and a manual is provided that gives you a holistic guideline.

The compatibility of wired connection is limited. It only connects up to 2.0 USB while it further provides compatibility with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Brother website also provides you with the drivers of Linux.

Note that, only the section which provides support on the brand’s website can provide you with those drivers.

Its features also include a paper tray, which is highly adjustable and has a capacity of holding around 250 paper sheets such as letters or legal sized documents at a time.

It further provides a manual tray that is designed to hold smaller sizes of papers like postcards and envelopes.

The Toner-Saving feature in this HL-L3210CW printer prolongs the Ink cartridge longevity while keeping its print quality just as good.

Key Features

  • Quick printing
  • Wireless Technology
  • Printing from mobile
  • Diverse functions of paper handling
  • The paper tray has a great holding capacity


  • Brand: Brother
  • Model: HLL3210CW
  • Type of connection: USB, Wi-Fi
  • Product size: 18.1”x16.1”x9.9”
  • Product weight: Around 37.8 pounds

  • Value for money
  • Instruction display
  • Long-lasting built
  • Clean print quality
  • Fine paper holding capacity
  • No auto-duplexing
  • Graphics quality is a bit low end

Canon MB5120 Business & Office Printer

Canon MB5120 Business & Office Printer

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This Canon MB5120 Business & Office Printer is from a very dependable brand and it cuts down the scanning cost. If you have to print magazines or such, it is a great money saver. It can hold two hundred and fifty sheets during scanning.

It is quite an excellent feature. It even works great with books. This printer has a great setup. What we liked best about this product is its ability to print a lot of documents with limited time.

In the list of solo pass scanners with duplex features, it genuinely deserves the top spot. It reduces workload and saves a lot of time while providing fantastic printing functions.

It is claimed by the manufacturer that it works great with air scanning and networks. However, the experts claim that wireless networks limit the scanning range. If you create distance between the source and the printer, it might not work in the way you would like it to.

Key Features

  • Cloud Printing
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Has USB printing
  • Has a touch screen
  • Has duplex printing


  • Brand: Canon
  • Model: 0960C002
  • Type of connection: USB
  • Product size: 18.3”x18.1”x11.5”
  • Product weight: Around 25.00 lbs

  • Air printing available
  • Hardware is eye-pleasing
  • Compatible with different devices
  • Limited wireless range

Xerox Monochrome B205NI Printer

Xerox Monochrome B205NI Printer

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This Xerox Monochrome B205NI Printer is actually a very basic B/W laser printer. It provides easy access to important tasks such as copying, scanning, printing, and emailing using the same device.

Even though it doesn’t provide color prints and faxing, it can easily hold thirty thousand pages per month. It is very tough and easily used incorporates.

This Xerox Monochrome B205NI Printer prints thirty-one pages every minute which is an impressive speed. It is even capable of comparatively high-resolution prints.

This most likely wouldn’t matter as it is designed mostly for printing documents. The auto document feeder feeds forty sheets and it has an auto-duplex feature for prints and scans.

The average cost for this particular printer is about 2.5 cents for every page and compared to multiple printers in this price range, it is very impressive. Setting it up is hard but it holds on its own when it comes to performance.

Key Features

  • Fine printing speed
  • Fine security features
  • Direct Wi-Fi connection


  • Brand: Xerox
  • Model: B205NI
  • Type of connection: USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • Product size: 14.3”x15.8”x14.4”
  • Product weight: Around 24.2 pounds

  • High resolution in printing
  • Can print 31 pages per minute
  • Printing and scanning are auto-duplex
  • Costly toner
  • Complex setup
  • One-color printing only

Brother Color MFC-L8900CDW Business Printer

Brother Color MFC-L8900CDW Business Printer

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This compact device is designed to turn your work at your business farm or your office into a relaxing place. Equipped with modern technology, the Brother Color MFC-L8900CDW Business Printer offers you a load of helpful features to save your money.

The Brother has a proud heritage of decades that makes this company a special and the best provider of printers.

This multipurpose printer offers you a huge volume of printing, scanning, copying, and so on. It allows people to print several documents simultaneously in a very small amount of time that boosts productivity around the office beyond imagination.

The high-end technology of connectivity makes this printer just good while being a productive piece of equipment. It comes with easy installation and setup instructions as well as reliability on your PC and it is also reliable on wireless networks.

This printer allows you to set it up super easily and mobilize the printer so that it can share via wired or wireless networks seamlessly.

It also allows you to scan wirelessly and share it with your Smartphone via the iPrint&Scan feature. You seamlessly can join popular destinations such as SharePoint and many more.

This is a just-perfect printer for small businesses and we are at your service to make it far better through your feedback.

Key Features

  • Budget-friendly
  • Fast printing speed
  • Excellent Capacitive Touchscreen display


  • Brand: Brother
  • Model: MFCL8900CDW
  • Type of connection: USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • Product size: 20.7”x19.5”x21.6”
  • Product weight: Around 63.1 pounds

  • Durable
  • Print quality is great
  • Quick printing speed
  • Integrated safety options
  • High paper holding capacity
  • Doesn’t need regular maintenance
  • Low-end graphics

Brother Monochrome HL-L6200DW Laser Printer

Brother Monochrome HL-L6200DW Laser Printer

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The Brother HL-L2390DW is another fine addition to the laser printer family that’s designed for high-end monochrome prints.

The printer prints at an excellent speed providing you a smooth experience. And the subtle design of the printer provides you a low chance of paper jam while providing you easy access inside. It includes a marvelous cartridge system provided with a high yield for a black page.

This printer also features a sufficient scanner to help you with the hard copies. Brother Monochrome HL-L6200DW Laser Printer is ideal for students and people who need high-quality documents in a large number quickly.

This is a spectacular printer that provides you with the finest print in monochrome. Hence, it saves you money for doesn’t cost much per print. The display gives you a visual representation of functions that makes your tasks much easier.

Key Features

  • Cost-effective
  • Mobile printing
  • Printing from cloud
  • High paper holding tray capacity


  • Brand: Brother
  • Model: HL-L6200DW
  • Type of connection: USB 2.0, Ethernet, Wireless
  • Product size: 15.3”x14.7”x11.3”
  • Product weight: Around 26.3 pounds

  • Fast printing
  • Wireless printing
  • Compact structure
  • Multi-layered security
  • Can’t fax, scan or copy

Brother Wireless MFC-J5330DW Color Printer

Brother Wireless MFC-J5330DW Color Printer

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As long as multipurpose is concerned, this addition is a great offering that you may have encountered.

This beautiful addition is a package that you feel satisfied with. It provides you with the best use of your money as it includes all-rounder compact features.

Its features include a good quality boot printing, auto print feeder, and a handful of handy features to deal with large amounts of prints.

Being significantly diverse when compared to other printers out there, this printer ensures the good quality of prints maintaining the color quality with subtlety.

Equipped with 4 ink systems, copier, and scanner, this printer delivers you fast delivery for regular use. It can hold papers or printing ranging from postcards to A3 prints effortlessly. It’s equipped with great connectivity technology.

Key Features

  • Mobile Connectivity
  • Double tray for paper
  • Wired, wireless connectivity


  • Brand: Brother
  • Model: MFCJ5330DW
  • Type of connection: Wired Ethernet, Wi-Fi Direct, Wireless
  • Product size: 15.7”x20.9”x12”
  • Product weight: Around 36.8 pounds

  • Easy to print
  • Prints without borders
  • Fine toned print quality
  • Multiple connection paths
  • Not that cost-effective
  • Lacks slot for SD card

Small Business Printers- What Are They Exactly?

Small business printers are reliable devices that take the strain and still print quality documents. They have complex features with extra functions, compared to the ones that we generally use at home.

These machines are designed for heavy-duty, so they are created in a manner that enables them to produce a huge number of copies every month.

It is a common scene in offices to see a running printer for a large portion every day. This usage increases especially if multiple staff members use the same printer often.

Therefore the printers are often highly functional. These features include copy, scan, fax aside from their main task-printing.

The set up is really easy and user friendly. These printers come in various models that allow them to work via wireless media such as Bluetooth and so on. These free the workspace from unnecessary cables that crowd the office floors and sometimes cause accidents.

Paper trays that come with these printers are high capacity so that these can have high print runs. The machine doesn’t need constant supervision; it can feed paper on its own in a desired interval of time.

Usually, the small business printers come in B/W mode only but they can create colorful copies, depending on the model and the brand, Inkjet and laser are two highly used technologies. Lasers are a bit on the expensive side as they print out clean and crisp images and texts.

How To Select The Best Printers For Small Business?

Some factors need to be considered while purchasing a printer that will be ideal for entrepreneurship. It is a must that you ensure that you get a product that will be beneficial to you instead of disrupting your budget. We will be discussing the essential characteristics in this segment

  • Printer Types

    Offices widely use inkjet printers for printing all sorts of documents. Any printer can print checks if the user uses MICR toner for printing.

    MICR ink prints special characters at the end of the document. If printing checks isn’t the user’s goal, they can remove MICR toner.

    By removing the ink, the printer will continue to print regular documents. This multi- use printer can save a lot of money; all you have to do is alternate toners.

  • Performance

    Several brands of printers feature high-performance elements such as having auto on/off the program or dual printing modes.

    If you are considering using the printer for printing checks, it would be highly advised if you look at these features. Doing so, it will help in the long run as you would be saving a lot of money.

  • Connection Features

    Some printers have features such as USB ports, Wi-Fi connections, and Office Network connections, and so on.

    This plethora of features makes printing checks easier as you can access the printer anytime and anywhere.

    But as convenient as this is, checks must be printed in a secure and safe environment. If the printer can be accessed by outsiders, it would be a security breach and it would often cause problems.

    Therefore checking security features is a must before purchasing a printer with wireless features.

    But if the user needs remote access to the printer for more flexibility, the user must choose a brand with wireless features.

  • Printer Size

    Printers come in different sizes and each size has its aspects. The small printer is lightweight, can be carried anywhere and kept anywhere you want as it doesn’t take up much space.

    But they aren’t efficient for heavy tasks as they often don’t come with the most valued features.

    Alternatively, large printers have more efficient features and they have larger cartridges. But they take up a really large portion of space in the working area. It takes up even more space when you use the trays which keep paper.

  • Quality Of Print

    The print resolution is determined by how many dots of ink fall per inch. It defines the sharpness and clarity of the document.

    You should always check for resolution while buying a printer and it needs to have the highest resolution. Picking such a device will make the checks appear professional and they will have clear details.

  • Software Optimality

    It is a must that the software used for designing and formatting needs to be in sync with whatever device you buy.

    Mac, Linux, and windows have different operating systems. Therefore you must check whether the printer is compatible with your operating system before the purchase.

  • Tray Numbers

    Large printers often have multiple paper trays. The reason being it needs to hold papers of every size.

    A few brands attach some bypass trays so that it can contain thicker paper. The purpose of these trays is to put thick papers inside the folders, as the papers will be ruined if they get folded.

  • Printing Speed

    If the company requires printing massive volumes of checks quite often, it is highly recommended to buy a printer that has a really quick pace of printing heavy-duty orders.

    The speed can be measured by how many lines the printer can print every second or how many pages it can print per minute. Generally, a high-speed laser printer prints twenty to forty pages every minute.

    But if you aren’t looking for heavy-duty printing and a printer that you can use for personal usage instead, you can pick moderate speed printers. These can handle a range starting from light frequency and ending in medium frequency.

  • The Duty Cycle

    Each printer has a duty cycle. This means that a printer has a limit on the amount of print per month.

    Crossing this boundary is almost fatal to the machine. Therefore it is very important to have a higher assumption of the number of prints you are going to do that month and pick a printer that has a cycle bigger compared to that assumed number.

    That way the selected printer won’t break down unannounced, even if the monthly prints exceed your assumption.

  • Toner Cartridge Usage

    Usually, printers come with a probable number of the amount of print each cartridge can deliver. When you are seeking a printer that will have the purpose of printing checks, the number of amounts needs to be checked.

    This will provide you an idea of your timing to replace the cartridge and how often it should be done. However, the experts advise against changing the cartridge too often.

  • Ink Quality

    MICR toner or a magnetic ink in the color black should be chosen while selecting ink. The reason being the uniqueness of the ink is considered as the key to validity. This also ensures the security of the printed checks.

  • User-Friendly Features

    Some printers have features that are almost a child’s play. These features make the operation of the printer very easy and the printer can feed documents on its own. This liberates your hands and you can pay attention to more important business.

    Some other features can print on both parts of the required printout. Many models come with a mobile application that can be downloaded and used for remote printing.

  • Silent Mode

    While using a printer in a shared workspace, it is important to consider other co- worker’s convenience.

    The printer shouldn’t make too much noise and disturb other people. Switching to silent mode while working with your printer, won’t contribute to sound pollution and it wouldn’t create a nuisance.

  • Some More Features And Functions

    USB storage media and SD cards let you print documents on the go, these are some extra aspects that aren’t considered must-haves but they make work a lot easier.

    Printers that have fax and scanners save time, expenses, and space. If you are unable to use the advanced features properly, maybe you should stick to more basic printers.

    Printers that have automatic trays that feed the document directly are a huge timesaver. These can scan, copy or fax several documents at the same time.

    If the workplace is really busy and requires things to get done quickly, using an advanced printer with special features will boost morale and efficiency.

Why Should You Use The Best Small Business Printers?

In this modern era of technology, we might not be using paper as we did ten or twenty years ago, but business companies are hugely dependent on printers to print every sort of document they can require such as invoices, inventories, and marketing materials. Some benefits of purchasing a printer that is friendly to your business:

  • Budget Saver

    Printers can cost you some extra bucks and toners are expensive. But going out to FedEx or Staples whenever you need your document to be printed takes up a lot of time and will be rather costly.

    Investing in a printer will be expensive for the time being. But it will be a huge money saver and you can use it for many years. Having a printer of your own will provide you with your necessary documents and save a lot of money.

  • Best Features

    Printers that have multiple functions, alternatively known as MFPs seamlessly integrates tasks such as printing, scanning, faxing, and so on.

    This helps your employees to concentrate on their work with ease. For example, writing up invoices and submitting them to the buyer or seller, while copying the document takes up to 5 minutes.

    This is an example of how much convenience owning a printer will bring to your small business.

  • Optimum Security

    Many models of printers nowadays have features that enhance the security of the document. These protect the documents from malware, hackers, and unauthorized users.

    As the workplace often has to print confidential documents such as HR reports and so on, the need to have security is great.

    Buying a printer with improved security features will control access and printing permissions for a vital document.

  • Top Ideas On Printer Maintenance!
  • Scanning and storing documents in media such as USB devices, email, cloud, iCloud, or other forms of network folders are convenient. This will help you to manage, sort, and control access to essential documents.
  • Laser printers are all about high maintenance as they often require regular cleaning. They need to be inspected now and then so that faulty and worn out parts can be replaced. This prevents unexpected hiccups and breakdowns. This also benefits your machine a great deal.
  • Printer brands, manufacturers, and selling companies usually provide a warranty for service and maintenance with every purchase. After the warranty period ends, they charge an amount for maintaining the printer.
  • This amount is used for charging office visits and maintaining the device. They also do some replacements such as changing the toners and the drums. Some companies have a fixed charge. Some companies have plans that charge you according to the volume of documents you print. Usually, the price for a printing volume is one or two cents for every page.
  • By purchasing the plan along with the machine, you can get discounts on some stores. This is a much more practical decision as it gets expensive afterward. Waiting till the warranty ends isn’t a good decision at all because the price increases after that. The reason behind this is the vendor needs to ensure the machine’s condition. Another alternative is if you pay upfront for multiple years.
  • Legally the seller can’t force you to buy their service agreement, but it will be a good decision on your part if you purchase one. This will save you a lot of time and trouble as in this way you can get faster services if your machine starts acting up and for a certain period being you wouldn’t have to spend more time and money while getting unexpected malfunctions or breakdowns.
  • It is very important to read the document thoroughly, especially the fine prints of the service agreement to have a clear knowledge of what services you will be provided with before purchasing it. Services vary from vendor to vendor.
  • Some won’t be covering routine maintenance because routine maintenance has different definitions in different companies. Some vendors won’t be maintaining items like toners, cartridges, and drums. You need to ask a lot of questions regarding the services you would be getting.
  • You need to have a clear idea of issues such as the process through with you would request for service inquiries, the time required for the technician to come to your workplace in case anything goes downhill or whether the components are stocked up well enough so that it can help along with the maintenance and repair works.

FAQs About The Best Printers For Small Business!

Q: Should I Opt For An Hp Printer Or A Canon Printer?
A: HP printers print nine pages every minute for text prints, whereas Canon printers can print high-quality results at a much higher speed.

Cannon usually prints ten pages every minute. Even in the case of graphic prints, HP printers print two pages every minute, and meanwhile, Cannon is the best choice which makes great prints.

Q: What Disadvantages Do Laser Printers Have?
A: The cartridges that come with laser printers are way costlier than the ones that come with an Inkjet printer.

But if you set the correct tone of colors while printing, such as monochrome while printing regular documents and using colors when needed, you can make your printer last for a long time.

Q: Will Laser Printers Run Out Of Ink Or Dry Out?
A: Toners don’t usually dry out even if left open for longer hours. The reason behind this is laser printers require a finely ground powder which is known as toner.

This powder develops the components which will be printed out. This doesn’t happen in the case of inkjets. Inkjets dry out.

Q: Which Will Be The Cheaper Alternative?
A: Laser printers use expensive toner cartridges, which makes them pricier than the alternatives. This still is a better financial decision for the long term. The reason behind this is it has a lower cost for printing per page with faster prints.

Q: Do I Purchase Laser Printers?
A: If your company requires a massive volume of b/w printings, you should opt for Laser printers. They can print a lot faster than the inkjet ones.

Most of them come with paper trays of high capacity. This allows them to print many pages whenever time is given.

Q: Should I Opt For Laser Printers Or Inkjets?
A: Laser printers are expensive. They use toners instead of ink. Toners are more expensive and long-lasting compared to inkjet printers.

As the name suggests, Inkjet printers use ink. They are better at printing photos and colorful documents. The expense is what makes inkjet printers a favorable choice.

Q: Between Toner And Ink, Which Lasts Longer?
A: Ink cartridges and inkjets are cheaper than toner cartridges and laser printers. Ink doesn’t last as long as a toner. Toners are a better financial choice, but it will need a much bigger investment.

Q: How Much Do Ink Cartridges Cost?
A: Ink cartridges are expensive. Branded ones are more expensive. The reason behind this is the original manufacturers (OEMs) state that the machinery and the technology that makes the ink are highly expensive.

Because they spend a lot more money on R&D while spending a lot of time making sure that the ink will be of fantastic quality, they charge a lot more to cover up their costs and efforts.

Q: Are Printers Unreliable?
A: Sometimes printers are unreliable because they have a lot of parts that create movement inside. This can often cause the printer to fail because these moving parts can direct the device towards collapse. The process of installing printers’ gives printers make them unreliable.

Q: Is Buying A Wireless Printer Be Worth My Money?
A: Wireless printers can be a much-preferred alternative for day to day printing nowadays. They come in handy and they are very convenient because the device doesn’t take a long time to assemble with wires, cables, and so on. They can communicate directly with whatever network you use in your workplace.

Q: What Should Be The Ideal Ppm For Printers?
A: If the printer prints documents that take up less than twenty pages every minute it will be considered a slow printer.

Twenty ppm to forty ppm should suffice for office work. A printer that prints more than forty ppm is a printer that can be used for a higher volume. Prices vary depending on the ppm.

Q: How Long Should My Printer Last?
A: If taken care of properly, a printer can last around three to five years. If you maintain it and upkeep it regularly, the lifespan can be improved. But you will have to upgrade your device eventually.

Q: Does My Laptop Need Any Particular Brand Of Printers?
A: Printers require a setup first before using it with a laptop. Some of the old models of laptops still have a port for printer setup but all the recent ones have a generic USB port. The printer needs to have paper and adequate ink.

This needs to be set up with the instruction manual that the printer company provides. USB cable connection between the laptop and printer should do the job.

Q: Are Drivers Necessary For Printing?
A: Not really. Printing directly helps to transmit a document or a file to a printer from the opening terminal. This doesn’t need any printer driver. Also, this lets the printer identify the file.

Q: Why Do I Find Printers Difficult To Assemble?
A: The required process of setting up a printer is to establish communication with printers and your computer or laptop can get the driver.

Wi-Fi-enabled printers and WPS make sprinting convenient and with time it will make it even easier.

Q: Why Do I Need To Replace The Ink Often?
A: By printing a large number of texts and images while putting no spaces will take up a lot more ink and the ink will finish at the speed of light with these activities.

Some printers have a cleaning option when others don’t. When kept idly, the ink drums need to be removed.


In our best printers for small business reviews article, we tried to cover every possible aspect that will help you to decide on your final purchase.

We would recommend the Brother MFCL2710DW Monochrome Compact Laser Printer because this model can be considered a reliable business asset. It is designed to assist any business and it checks all the boxes. Another great option can be the ROLLO Commercial Grade Label Printer as it is budget-friendly.

With these picks, we conclude our discussion for today. Please write your queries down the comments box and our team will reach you with answers. You can also provide us with your inputs and feedbacks.

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