The 15 Best Golf Rangefinders of 2024

Thinking about making improvements to your golf playing skills? Finding the best golf rangefinders? Yes, you are.

You cannot deny the fact that you must rely on technology to make improvements. A lot of things including our outlook on the world have been affected by technology nowadays.

Anything we plan on doing now can be done more easily and conveniently. Needless to say, this change has affected golf as well.

We have come down a long way since then. From the invention of golf till now there were a lot of improvements.

In the early days, there were caddies for distance measurement. We now use digital devices. These devices are called Digital rangefinders.

There is a load of options for a player to choose from, but we have handpicked the best 15 golf rangefinders to make your decision-making easy.

In case you own good quality rangefinders then you know it has versatile uses. The basic function of a rangefinder is to measure the distance. We have narrowed down the very best options for rangefinders, as there are a lot of choices available in the market. So what are you waiting for? Use this review guide, pick the best rangefinder, and then start playing.

The Best Overall:Bushnell Golf Pro XE Laser Rangefinder

The Best Overall:Bushnell Golf Pro XE Laser Rangefinder

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This is the most advanced range finder on the whole list. It has a lot of advanced features than any other device on the market.

It has a very strong build and has a stylish bigger sized body. Featuring an advanced level of slope technology, it stands out on top.

This also supports barometric pressure and temperature measurement. You can adjust your trajectory more precisely by compensating for these readings. The main key feature in this device is called the visual JOLT.

It also has a vibration feature, when it is targeted toward a flag; it fires up a circular red light with a vibration alert. This has another brand-new feature called the BITE magnetic. It is an easy mounting feature.

This allows the user to mount the rangefinder in inconvenient places like the golf cart. It has a water-proof sleek metallic body that protects it from any type of damages like accidental dropping or smashes.

In short, this device can be described as very well-designed. It is the best golf rangefinder you get to find on the web.

Key Features

  • It is the most consistent rangefinder
  • It is very fast and accurate to a very long range
  • The build quality is very good and it has a fast targeting feature


  • Model: Pro XE
  • Brand: Bushnell
  • Type: Laser
  • Range: 1300 yards
  • Size of the Product: 6”x4.75”x4.63”
  • Weight of the Product: Around 1.28 pounds

  • It has a very strong rubberized metal housing
  • It is made with IPX7 technology which is waterproof
  • To ensure extra stability it has specialized textured grips
  • This rangefinder is relatively expensive

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The Best Budget:Precision NX7 Pro Golf Rangefinder

The Best Budget:Precision NX7 Pro Golf Rangefinder

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This is another popular rangefinder that the customers love very much. It has a lot of 5-star ratings as well.

It can provide a very accurate reading for both sloppy and flat targets; although the accuracy may be needed to be adjusted a little.

This rangefinder has a slope covering feature. It costs a little more than it should be. But it can automatically adjust for any changes between the targets.

This feature can be a game-changer. Since we all know that using the slope feature is not legal in tournament or competition, so it has the ability to turn it off when needed.

Another thing is this rangefinder is water and fog-proof. So you don’t have to be worried about the weather condition.

Key Features

  • It has a decent range for its budget
  • Vibrates every time the target is hit
  • It is designed to withstand any type of weather


  • Model: Golf NX7
  • Brand: Precision Pro
  • Type: Laser
  • Range: 400+ yards
  • Size of the Product: 8”x4”x6”
  • Weight of the Product: Around 8.8 ounces

  • It features a brand new feature for easy target acquisition
  • It is very lightweight and the design is very compact to carry
  • This rangefinder is fully legal for any tournament or completive play
  • It has a shorter range capacity than the other ones on the list

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The Best Value Option:TecTecTec VPRO500 Rangefinder with Pinsensor

The Best Value Option:TecTecTec VPRO500 Rangefinder with Pinsensor

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In case you have a short budget but want a good quality rangefinder then it is the best choice for you. This device has been equipped with the famous new pin sensor.

This can be particularly helpful when mapping overlapping objects or the distance has any type of obstacle adjustment.

Another feature to consider here is the water-proof body of this rangefinder. You can pretty much place it anywhere. It is very lightweight and it comes with a protective case that can save it from shock, knocking down, getting damaged, or wet.

This model also features a fast target priority mode and the advanced scan mode. It has all the essential features you can ask for but the display is a little dark so it is a little hard to make the readings out in a darker environment, But considering the price range, it is fully worthy of it.

Key Features

  • It is weather-resistant, fog and waterproof
  • It does feature 3 different modes for scanning
  • It has an extended 2 years long warranty period


  • Model: VPRO500
  • Brand: TecTecTec
  • Type: Laser
  • Range: 500+ Yards
  • Size of the Product: 1.61”x2.83”x4.09”
  • Weight of the Product: Around 6.53 ounces

  • It is very hassle-free to use
  • It comes with a very light and strong housing
  • This rangefinder provides a very accurate rating
  • Its performance is troubled after the range of 180 yards

The Best Laser Rangefinder:Bushnell V4 JOLT Laser Golf Rangefinder

The Best Laser Rangefinder:Bushnell V4 JOLT Laser Golf Rangefinder

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Do you want a very good quality rangefinder that is accurate in the yard? If yes, then you should consider this one.

It is from the most common brand of rangefinder named Bushnell. Even the pro golfers use this rangefinder on PGA tours.

The reason behind this reliability is this device is accurate from 1 yard to around 400 yards. It can easily find any flagstick within the range.

If you want a rangefinder which is slope free, it is a very good option. This device has a higher rate of magnification.

It supports up to 5x magnification. So a golfer equipped with this can have a better vantage at the target holes ahead.

It has a higher delivery rate of data. It comes with an amazingly clear & bright LCD that can show the pin distance without any hassle. This rangefinder does deliver the information without much delay.

Key Features

  • It has a very clear LCD display
  • It can provide very accurate reading very quickly
  • It comes with a waterproof casing that saves it from weather damage


  • Model: V4 JOLT
  • Brand: Bushnell
  • Type: Laser
  • Range: 400+ Yards
  • Size of the Product: Not mentioned
  • Weight of the Product: Around 0.75 pounds

  • It has the slope technology incorporated
  • The design is very compact and lightweight
  • The ergonomics of this device is very well-made
  • The insertion of the battery is hefty

Best Midrange Option:TecTecTec ULTX Laser Golf Rangefinder

Best Midrange Option:TecTecTec ULTX Laser Golf Rangefinder

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This is the best choice for anyone who is a budget buyer. It features all the latest technologies with a budget-friendly price tag.

It has a lot of new features like the flag seeker, slope reader mode. It also has a range of 1000 yards (0.91 km).

In general, it is another upgrade of the previously released TecTecTec rangefinder that we reviewed. It is a bit more expensive compared with the last one we reviewed but considering the features; I would say it is a good deal. It is not what you can say the best deal of rangefinder for you in terms of overall factors but I would say it is a good deal to work with. This range finder is a good deal considering your hard-earned money.

Key Features

  • It does have a great value for a rangefinder
  • It does come with a capacity of measuring a huge range
  • The slope feature is not automated so you can turn it on or off


  • Model: ULT-X
  • Brand: TecTecTec
  • Type: Laser
  • Range: 1000+ Yards
  • Size of the Product: 6.1”x4.3”x3.4”
  • Weight of the Product: Around 1.15 pounds

  • It is water, moisture, and rain resistant
  • This device is very user-friendly for anyone
  • It has a very convenient battery low alert feature
  • It doesn’t have any magnetic clip

The Best for Professionals:WOSPORTS Flag-Lock, Slope Laser Golf Rangefinder

The Best for Professionals:WOSPORTS Flag-Lock, Slope Laser Golf 


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Are you looking for any rangefinder that is cheap and has very good performance? This device is exactly what you’re in need of.

Considering its price it is a very advanced rangefinder. It has many useful features including the famous slope feature which is accurate for a really long range. It is very well-designed with an improved battery cover.

Although the cover of the battery and the main device can’t be separated away, it makes for a nice strong casing.

It will also ensure the battery’s safety. It comes with advanced fog mode and speed mode, so if you want to use it for hunting you still can do it.

The magnification for this device is 6x and it is accurate up to 594.36meters (650 yards).

Key Features

  • It has a flagpole locking system
  • You can easily detect distance in yards
  • It is compatible with your golf club no matter what type it is


  • Model: Not mentioned
  • Brand: WOSPORTS
  • Type: Laser
  • Range: 650 Yards
  • Size of the Product: 2.76”x0.79”x1.57”
  • Weight of the Product: Not mentioned

  • It has a very good prism
  • It is the quickest rangefinder
  • It features a multi-layered lens technology
  • It is a little shaky

Best for Newbie:WOSPORTS Rechargeable Slope & USB Charging Golf Rangefinder

Best for Newbie:WOSPORTS Rechargeable Slope & USB Charging Golf 


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Another expensive rangefinder on this list is this one. It has a water- resistant grey and white colored rubber-made casing for added extra grip.

It also has shock absorption that enhances its life span. It is a very compact portable design with a range of 731.52 meters (approx. 800 yards).

While you are scanning with this tool it will scan around any obstacle and adjust for any hazard or obstacle.

It also has a very good carrying bag. This carrying bag is very nice and compact and it can be used to carry the device around. It also acts as protection for the device.

Key Features

  • It has a very gorgeous looking waterproof design
  • You can do continuous measurement for scanning with it
  • It has a very accurate Speed measurement feature with it


  • Model: Not mentioned
  • Brand: WOSPORTS
  • Type: Laser
  • Range: 800 Yards
  • Size of the Product: 2.76”x1.54”x1.54”
  • Weight of the Product: Around 9.91 ounces

  • It is made with a beautiful anti-slipping case
  • It features a unique flag locking mode that ensures accuracy
  • It has the highest range of 300km/h speed measurement range
  • It is not a compact unit

Nikon Coolshot Laser 20 GII Golf Rangefinder

Nikon Coolshot Laser 20 GII Golf Rangefinder

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When we hear the name Nikon we think about cameras. But they have a diverse set of lens powered products including golf rangefinders.

So, if you are someone who doesn’t care much about the looks and only interested in quality then this is the right suited product for you.

It does not feature any slope and it is solely designed for one purpose and that is to measure the distance.

This Nikon Coolshot Laser 20 GII Golf Rangefinder has a high score in another criterion and that is durability.

Apart from strength, it is also very accurate. Many unconfirmed tests have this device compared with the flagship ones and the result is very similar to them.

Key Features

  • It is very budget-friendly
  • It does offer a multi-target fast mapping system
  • It does support the fastest measurement ability


  • Model: 20 GII
  • Brand: Nikon
  • Type: Laser
  • Range: 800 Yards
  • Size of the Product: Not mentioned
  • Weight of the Product: Not mentioned

  • It has excellent accuracy considering the price
  • This device is highly compact by design but very sturdy
  • It has an advanced feature called “First Targeting Priority”
  • It has no slope feature

Saybien Laser Golf Rangefinder

Saybien Laser Golf Rangefinder

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It is a golf ranger that has a ton of features. It has a rechargeable battery for added power and wake-up time. It has a feature called “Easy-Focal Adjustment ”.

It helps you see the golf pin. It has a distance button. You also have the famous slope and a mode for getting reading in meter or classic yards.

It has a 6X zoom capacity for pin locking. These features make it a great rangefinder. It is also very light and small. So, you can carry it in the bag.

Key Features

  • This ranger is legal for tournament use
  • Highest quality optics was used to design this
  • It supports the handy mode for continuous scanning


  • Model: Not mentioned
  • Brand: Saybien
  • Type: Laser
  • Range: 1200 Yards
  • Size of the Product: 3.8”x1.4”x2.5”
  • Weight of the Product: Around 0.4lbs

  • It features an easy two-button mode operation
  • This device is portable by design and very lightweight
  • This device has a very strong cover which makes it waterproof
  • The overall durability of this device is questionable

Golf Buddy Laser AIM L10 Rangefinder

Golf Buddy Laser AIM L10 Rangefinder

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If you are a beginner who is looking forward to improving your game then you should try the Golf Buddy Laser AIM L10 Rangefinder.

It is a professional quality rangefinder designed for beginner players. This device is perfectly designed for first-timers.

It has a range of many features and all of them are designed to be user- friendly. It has a very big clear LCD display which gives better readability.

It has an agronomical grip for a steadier hold. And finally, a very lightweight design to ensure a strain-free grip for both your wrists and fingers.

It has a very higher rate of accuracy that can be matched by any expensive ones on the list. So, if you prefer a highly accurate rangefinder with simple features, then it is the best fit for you.

But sometimes the vibration mode may not work correctly like when you lock on the pin it won’t vibrate. It may happen because of the user’s lack of knowledge of the modes and features. So the user must familiarize themselves with all the modes like the automated vibration.

Key Features

  • It features a fool-proof grip
  • This device is very lightweight
  • It has a very comfortable feeling


  • Model: AIM L10
  • Brand: Golf Buddy
  • Type: Laser
  • Range: 880 Yards
  • Size of the Product: 3.6”x1.2”x2.6”
  • Weight of the Product: Around 8 ounces

  • This rangefinder has a very good accuracy
  • This ranger is in the affordable price range
  • This device has a quick response when it provides distance
  • The display and optics may malfunction sometimes

Bushnell Laser Pro X2 Rangefinder

Bushnell Laser Pro X2 Rangefinder

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If you prefer accuracy more than anything then it is the right product for you. It does come with the well-known JOLT and Pin-seeker technology.

It comes with a double display with an impressive 6x magnification capacity. The grip is very solid and the ergonomics makes it very easy for using.

The display is a little darker so it is hard to make out the readings when there is less light. A red glow that emits can sometimes make understanding the reading as well when it is too bright.

Because of the JOLT and pin seeker feature, the rangefinder vibrates when it is locked on a flag. This feature reduces the risk of flagpole locking for new and old age players.

Key Features

  • It features a strong high-quality design
  • This is from a very reputed golf brand
  • This rangefinder comes with several features


  • Model: Pro X2
  • Brand: Bushnell
  • Type: Laser
  • Range: 450 Yards
  • Size of the Product: 1.5”x4”x3”
  • Weight of the Product: Around 14.4 ounces

  • This product has a warranty of 2 years
  • This device is USGA approved in all possible ways
  • It can provide very accurate readings of a measurement
  • You cannot measure speed with it

Garmin Approach GPS Z82 Laser Golf Rangefinder

Garmin Approach GPS Z82 Laser Golf Rangefinder

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Are you someone who takes golf very seriously? Then this product is just for you. Moreover, it was designed to suit the needs of a passionate golfer.

This GPS powered rangefinder is very good for spotting any type of hazards and it comes preloaded with 41,000 plus golf courses all around the world.

It calculates the distance and then it cross-references it with the elevation adjustment changes made from the player’s location.

It will also adjust the player’s stance and tell you whether to play your shots uphill or downhill. It comes with the feature of image stabilization.

This feature enables the user to spot and range all the checkpoints and flags accurately. It is a good match for you if you are habituated to carrying the rangefinder with a yardage book.

But with this, you can easily skip the book. Now you have to just focus on the device screen to access your perfect shot strategy and make your best tee box.

Key Features

  • This rangefinder is very lightweight
  • The device has an adjustable eyepiece
  • It supports a lens with 6X magnification


  • Model: Approach Z82
  • Brand: Garmin
  • Type: Laser
  • Range: 450 Yards
  • Size of the Product: 3.14”x1.7”x4.8”
  • Weight of the Product: Around 1.35 pounds

  • This rangefinder has a smaller size
  • It is very intuitive and simple to use
  • It can run 15 hours contentiously with one charge
  • This device is actually a very expensive option than any other available ones

Golf Buddy Pro Laser1S Rangefinder

Golf Buddy Pro Laser1S Rangefinder

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The Golf Buddy Pro Laser1S Rangefinder is well known for its slope compensation. It is specially designed for training purposes for any golf player.

This finder is used by many people to improve their game and shot accuracy. It can measure any distance. It is quite an impressive range.

It also has a pinpoint accuracy within 1 yard. It features 3 different types of target modes and it has a very ergonomic design.

The most attractive feature of this device is that it has an automated slope that can be turned on or off as per requirement.

It has a very accurate slope adjustment mechanism that is considered unethical to use in any competition.

Needless to say, it is also illegal. The device has a vibration supported pin finder that helps you to lock onto your target without hassle.

The vibration denotes that you have found the right target. This feature is particularly useful in weary weather conditions.

Key Features

  • This rangefinder provides a satisfying price range
  • It features three different distance measuring mode
  • This device is extremely weather and water-resistant


  • Model: Laser1S
  • Brand: Golf Buddy
  • Type: Laser
  • Range: 880 Yards
  • Size of the Product: 3.97”x2.9”x1.61”
  • Weight of the Product: Around 6.7 ounces

  • It has a very big LCD screen
  • It has a nice ergonomic design that fits snugly in any hand
  • It has a vibration feature which activates after locating the pin
  • It takes a longer time for the measurement

Precision Nexus Pro Laser Golf Rangefinder

Precision Nexus Pro Laser Golf Rangefinder

View on Amazon(US)

If you are looking for a rangefinder that doubles as a virtual assistant then this USGA approved then should be your best choice.

It has very easy usage and it is very accurate within range. It also works very fast. This brand features advanced technology for measurements like the 1st target acquisition incorporated with the Target acquisition tech.

You can make an extreme focus on your target pin when using this device. You will not need a prism to use this device because it can auto-adjust and correct the readings.

You can also utilize the locking in a mechanism for accurate reading as well. This model has a threaded attachment fitting hole and an ergonomic corded handle.

It has the best stats in terms of accuracy and other standards of a UGA tournament, so this rangefinder is the best suitable option for playing a tournament.

Key Features

  • It has a very ergonomic design
  • The slope features an accurate compensation mode
  • It comes with a pulse vibration feature that can be used for tracking


  • Model: Golf Nexus
  • Brand: Precision Pro
  • Type: Laser
  • Range: 400 Yards
  • Size of the Product: 6”x2”x3.5”
  • Weight of the Product: Around 2.08 ounces

  • This device fits many activities
  • This device is quite fast & accurate
  • It’s very highly durable in terms of design
  • It is very expensive

TecTecTec Waterproof VPRODLX Laser Golf Rangefinder

TecTecTec Waterproof VPRODLX Laser Golf Rangefinder

View on Amazon(US)

This is the most affordable best quality waterproof rangefinder that is best suited for hunting and golf. You can use it for other outdoor needs too. It can be bought in 3 different colors.

It features a good ergonomics structure that consists of a button for on/off, eyepiece and mode button, multilayered lens, and a set of laser emitter and receiver lens set.

It incorporates the very advanced pin sensor technology which can accurately detect flags and adjust any type of measurement errors made by overlapping objects.

It features a very nice looking user-friendly eyepiece and multi-layer coated lens. These lenses ensure the capture of clear HD images.

This ranger is waterproof in design that provides decent protection against wet conditions like light rains. So, it can be counted as a good companion for when you are golfing or hunting.

Key Features

  • Very compact and comfortable to carry
  • Features a smooth to run two-button design
  • It features very clear optical lenses for better ranging


  • Model: VPRODLX
  • Brand: TecTecTec
  • Type: Laser
  • Range: 600 Yards
  • Size of the Product: Not mentioned
  • Weight of the Product: Not mentioned

  • It is very strong and it is water-proof
  • Offer multi-coating for a clear and bright image
  • It is fully equipped with the latest features that you can expect from one
  • It has very fast battery consumption

Buying Guide On The Best Golf Rangefinders!

In case you are someone playing in a tournament then you must own a rangefinder. A good quality rangefinder will give you an extra edge in the field.

So if you do thorough research on the golf rangefinders, then you will be able to choose the best for you.

To buy the best one that suits your needs best there are certain factors that you must consider. Here we will discuss them.

  • Budget

    The very first factor to consider here is the budget. It is a very crucial point when buying a rangefinder.

    You can easily cross out the ones that are above or below your budget range. If you have a budget set, then you can easily decide on the purchase.

    So, the budget is a very important and pivotal factor when buying the best golf rangefinder.

  • Features

    A very common factor to consider when buying a rangefinder is all the features that come with it. This factor serves as a scale to determine whether the rangefinder is worth the price or not. There is a variety of features available in all the popular rangefinders.

    Many rangefinders have JOLT and vibration technology. To make the range measuring easier, many of them are equipped with additional features like Sensors.

    The most common feature that defines a good rangefinder is a Good LCD and the usage of PIN sensor technology.

  • USGA Approval

    If you are familiar with the trends and regulations then you must know that any range finder needs a USGA approval certification.

    In case you are competing in a tournament, you must have USGA approval. Many rangefinders have specialized features, for example, slope intelligence is a clear violation of this USGA certification standard.

    So you must keep the purpose in mind. If you have any wish to participate in a tournament or appear in one, check the model you want to buy.

    Make proper research about the usability of your preferred rangefinder in the tournament. Keep in mind that if you are taking golf as a pass time or recreational activity then you are free to choose any rangefinder.

  • Range

    Not to mention, the threshold limit for range measurement is a crucial part of the rangefinder. The capability of measuring the range is determined in yards. 400 yards (0.37 km) is the most common higher limit for all the rangefinders.

    But there are some tournament quality rangefinders that have the ability to measure up to 1000 yards (0.91 km) or even more.

    Now it fully depends on the player what type of range finder that person will use. In most cases, people tend to buy a rangefinder that can deliver an above- average or regular range easily.

  • Sturdiness

    No matter how many features a product has, it is not a good one if it is not durable. Even if the features are cut down, and the rangefinder has only the essential range measurements features, if it is durable, you have nothing to worry about.

    Spending a lot of money to buy a product which lasts only for a few months will be a big blow for you.

  • Brand

    The market is full of products that are both strong and loaded with various features. So when buying a rangefinder the customers tend to go for one that has a good and trusted brand name.

    But if you’re determined for some reason that, you will buy the non-branded products; then make sure the product has good reviews and the company offers easy replacement or warranty features. Just keep away from shady brands that are replicas or build very poorly.

  • Display/Optics

    Laser rangefinders do depend on another factor that is the optics. Just like a camera, the laser rangefinders do have a series of lenses.

    Many rangefinders have a good quality digital screen. This helps keeping the track of the range instantly.

    You can also view the distance ratings as well. Many rangefinders have a smaller sized digital display.

    In the case of these displays, all the readings are presented in a simple-to- read and understandable manner.

  • Battery Life

    Imagine you are in the core of a game and your golf ranger just shut down. How this experience will be?

    This will happen if you are not cautious about the battery backup. So before buying a rangefinder please check the battery backup and the battery rating. Another important factor to consider is the battery type used.

    Most range finders do use a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that can ensure a long backup. But if your rangefinder uses an alkaline battery then the replacement cost is a bit too high.

    If they are run by regular AA batteries that are easy to find the cost will be significantly lower.

  • Check the Warranty

    The last thing you must take into consideration in the case of a rangefinder is the warranty policy.

    We all know what most companies provide a warranty with their products to ensure that a customer’s money will be recouped in the event of a defect or any technical error.

    Sometimes the product is not as good as the company advertises, even that is also under the warranty policy.

    The warranty works as a type of investment insurance for the customers. It is true that the process to obtain a warranty is very hefty.

    So, most customers try to avoid the warranty claim as much as they can. Market experts use warranty policy to determine a company’s business ethics.

Types Of The Best Golf Rangefinders 2020!

Are you considering buying a range finder? Then, there are 2 main variants available. The 1st one uses a laser beam.

The 2nd type is designed to utilize GPS technology. Both these kinds are very popular among golf players.

They each have their unique attributes and perks. Golfers often can be seen using both of the types of rangefinders.

But the question here is which type is the best match for you and what unique attributes they offer. Here we are discussing both types of rangefinders and their all known attributes.

We will also discuss any special factors of the best golf rangefinders as well.

  • Laser Rangefinders

    In the case of a laser golf rangefinder, the distance is measured by using a controlled laser beam. The laser travels a long way and then reflects from the target surface.

    Keep that in mind if you are using a laser rangefinder the desired object should be within the observer’s FOV. All you need to do is point it in the right direction and press the trigger button of the rangefinder.

    After that, the ranger display will show you the readings. In case you haven’t locked the designated target successfully the laser will not bounce back and your display will show an error text, if it happens then start again.

    Laser rangers require a little more time than the GPS ranger because these do not have any reloaded data or stats of the golf course. But on the hand of a steady person, they are more accurate than the GPS ones.

  • GPS Rangefinders

    The GPS rangefinders are a bit more Digital in nature. They have the measurement of the whole course loaded in their system.

    These types of rangefinders provide a detailed amount of information on the course, such as the number of fronts, middle, and all the way to the backside of all the green fields.

    The GPS rangefinders provide a flyover type map loaded with all sort of GPS data. If the golf course has any type of hazards you will be notified beforehand, the only piece of downside these rangefinders have is the availability of the course.

    But the course you are playing in it is not mapped then it won’t be loaded before. In that case, the user has to pay a monthly bill or subscription fee of some sort.

    Who Should Use The Best Golf Rangefinder?

    • Hobbyists

      If you are someone who enjoys Golf with their friend only on lazy days or on weekends then you are a hobbyist.

      These people are occasional golf-lovers and therefore can use a boost in their game, using a rangefinder will most definitely help them

    • Amateur players

      If you are an amateur player you must know that there is a limit of rangefinders features that a player is allowed to use in a competitive game.

      Don’t worry the option of using a good quality rangefinder is still in your hands. There are a lot of options available.

      The available ones have a lot of good features and can be used as a digital coach in fields. The player will also have room for both improvement and tactics by using these rangefinders.

    • Professional players

      Many professional golf players utilize the best golf rangefinders, even though they are forbidden to use them in the competitions.

      They do this in case of a brand new golf arena so that they can master that course and improve their game-play tactics.

    Best Golf Rangefinder Tips! Use It Like A Pro!

    Among the two basic types of rangefinders, the GPS rangefinder is the easiest one to use. It practically makes the range of finding a walk in the park.

    Although similar in terms of feature and construction many rangefinders have more advanced technological aspects in them.

    Here we have listed a step by step guide on how to make use of the GPS rangefinder.

    • First of all load the preloaded version of the designated golf arena you are in. don’t worry even if you don’t have the map loaded in your rangefinder.
    • Most maps are easily available on the web for download. Many manufacturers also provide specialized promotions to make map finding easy.

      With the help of these maps, you can easily get all the necessary readings like flagsticks, flag locations, and slope readings for trajectory adjustment. Make sure your rangefinder is fully charged.

    • After reaching the course switch your rangefinder on. The device will automatically connect with the available satellites.
    • After a successful connection is made to the space station feed, it will detect the user’s location and cross-check the rangefinder data with the GPS.

      The GPS ranger will provide additional data which will be added to the range finder and it will improve the final readings that the rangefinder’s user will see.

    • After that, proceed to measure the distance of the flag-pin. Select the hole you are targeting and then get a reading of the accurate distance and the slope adjustment.
    • Now you have all the readings necessary to plan your trajectory and coordination. Keep that in mind, it is done with the help of GPS mapping.
    • This is affected by some factors like the signal strength and how many satellites are connected at the same time. So you may have to make adjustments based on which part of the arena you are in.

    • For the best readings on target distancing and slope trajectory regularly update the GPS data in your rangefinder.
    • FAQs About The Best Golf Rangefinders!

      Q: Is The Slope Feature Really Necessary For A Rangefinder?
      A: For the sake of practice you can use this feature to improve your trajectory. Although it is forbidden to use a slope in any type of tournament, you can use this feature to determine the shot trajectory and elevation changes after the shot are made.

      Q: Are All The Golf Rangefinders Worthwhile?
      A: If it’s a laser rangefinder then it does definitely worth your money. Laser range finders can measure range very accurately.

      So, using one will improve your game in many ways. But if you have a lower budget and want a little boost to your learning curve then you can consider a laser rangefinder.

      Q: Golf Rangefinders Are Expensive. But Why?
      A: The common laser rangefinders are expensive for a very ridiculous reason that is because of the associated brand name.

      If you buy a rangefinder from a lesser-known or uncommon brand then the products with the same features will cost very less.

      Q: Among A Rangefinder And Gps Rangefinder For Golf; What Is Smart?
      A: A GPS device has many features that make its usage very easy on the other hand rangefinders are a little manual to operate. Since the GPS can provide ease, people prefer it.

      Q: Can A Golf Rangefinder Be Used For Both Hunting And Golf?
      A: Yes. You can just use one lens laser ranger for both hunting or range measurements; if the rangefinder has all the necessary features in it then you can use them for both hunting and golf.

      Q: Are Laser Rangefinders More Accurate?
      A: Yes. They are very accurate. You can guarantee that you will get a correct reading in them most laser range finders are accurate to a range from half or even one-tenth of 1 yard. This is particularly helpful when you know the exact distance of the flag.

      Q: Do The Different Types Of Rangefinders Are Used In The Military?
      A: The military uses specialized laser rangefinders. The principal is the same except for some features. Like a laser golf rangefinder, it uses the principle of a controlled reflecting laser beam to measure the distance.

      Q: Is It True That Regular Laser Rangefinders Are Dangerous?
      A: No, it is not entirely true. The Laser rangefinders that are available for purchase actually utilizes class one or class two laser devices that are theoretically safe for eyes.

      But keep that in mind that any direct contact of laser with the human eye can be extremely dangerous. As for the military variants they are definitely damaging to the eye.

      Q: What Concept Does The Laser Rangefinder Use To Function?
      A: All the laser rangers do use the same principle. They use a controlled laser beam. After the beam is released with the trigger it reflects on the target surface and bounces back to the source.

      There is a very high-speed timekeeper in the rangefinder that records the required time. The time used from the moment the beam leaves the source till it returns to the source will cross check the laser class to determine the distance.

      Q: Are The Rangefinders Water-Resistant?
      A: Yes. Most of the golf rangefinders are water-resistant. So you can use them even in rain or watery surface.

      Q: Can A Rangefinder Function In the Dark?
      A: No. It does not work in the complete dark but it is rarely an occasion when it is fully dark. In case there is moonlight or the target is lit by a porch light or maybe even a street lamp there is a chance that the rangefinder will work.

      Q: How Does Laser Rangefinder Do Work?
      A: It does use a guided laser beam which is first aimed toward your target to find the distance. Then, the laser is sent toward the target.

      After that, it reflects. The total time the laser took is recorded and thus the distance is calculated.

      Q: What Else Can A Rangefinder Be Used For?
      A: Rangefinders can also be used for all sorts of firearm users to adjust the trajectory of their shot. You can also use them for hunting.

      Q: Is A Laser Rangefinder Worth The Price?
      A: Yes. A laser rangefinder is worth every penny if your goal is to improve your game. Although most rangefinders are expensive there are many cheap rangefinders in the market which have a decent amount of quality.

      Q: How Long Can You Use A Golf Rangefinder?
      A: It depends on the battery. But roughly a golf rangefinder lasts between 2k to 3k actions. When not in use the rangefinder will automatically shut off after 10 seconds.


      After a thorough read of the review guide, you know all the nooks and cranny to choose the best golf rangefinder. Now you know what qualities are required to choose a good golf rangefinder. The list we presented to you was based on all the criteria and factors we enlisted above.

      The whole review was made by doing thorough research of rangefinders. So, no matter the type of your need is we got you fully covered on that.

      We have handpicked all the results from well reputable sources. Each and every one of them was chosen for the variety they possess.

      So this list covers all types of range finders to suit vast types of golfer. But in our opinion, the product that is best from all criteria is “The Bushnell Golf Pro XE Laser Rangefinder.”

      This budget-friendly rangefinder is suitable for all types of golf players whether they are playing a casual or competitive game.

      The Bushnell Golf Pro XE Laser Rangefinder offers a load of useful features, such as slope reading, terrain, and golf course visualization. In short, it is highly affordable, fast accurate, and most importantly reliable!

      So if you are an above-average golfer looking to improve your game it is your answer. This rangefinder offers everything you can ask and then some more.

      After going through our research we can say all the other rangefinders are very good as well. But if we have to choose a runner up we can say the Precision NX7 Pro Golf Rangefinder will be runner up.

      It has all the good features of a good rangefinder but the only downfall is the range. Considering the price this is an important aspect to compromise. But the price is very low which compensates for the downfall.

      Finally, let us know which golf rangefinder you have selected. The comment box below is the best place to share your views with us.

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