The 9 Best Electric Skateboards of 2024

Human beings seem to be living at the helm of technology and they love everything about it. Technology has made everything almost possible including skateboarding. Speaking of skateboarding, skateboards have changed the way to spend our free time. They have even revolutionized from simple boards with wheels to advanced electric skateboards. And each brand boasts different features that give it an edge over others.

These excellent electric skateboards have features that make them superior to ordinary skateboards. But finding the best electric skateboard is not as easy as you may have thought. It requires you to know a few features that distinguish one product from the other.

Once you have one or two unique features about some models of electric skateboards, you will be able to make a wise decision when buying these products. That is why we have put together a list of our top-ten electric skateboards to help you find the right product.

Boosted-Mini X Electric Skateboard

Boosted-Mini X Electric Skateboard

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Boosted-Mini X Electric Skateboard is a must-have if you value speed and safety. This e-board is designed to exhilarate top speeds up to 20 mph to get you to your destination in time. Furthermore, it can climb even the steepest hills of your commute without slowing down or compromising your safety. It will climb so easily that you won’t feel the strain on your back or pain in your muscles. Plus it will scale such heights without breaking a sweat.

The 3 ride modes come in to keep you in the mood of skateboarding. These modes are finely tuned to suit not only your riding needs but also your Boosted Mini’s smooth movement. Most importantly, this electric skateboard can generate power equivalent to 1,000 watts to make you enjoy your riding longer than you would have thought.

While on your ride, the deep dish composite deck comes to your aid by keeping you locked in. On top of that, this App can work best on your Android or iOS devices to make your skating more interesting and fulfilling.

With this e-board, you can go as far as 14 miles courtesy of its extended range battery. Surprisingly, the battery takes a short 1 hour, 45 minutes to charge fully. And the 80mm Boosted Lunar wheels give you a super-smooth roll on any terrain of your choice.

Key Features

  • ride modes
  • 0mm wheels to provide a super smooth roll
  • Deep dish composite deck to keep you locked in
  • Top speed of up to 20mph to get you to your destination faster


  • Brand: Boosted
  • Product Dimension:32.1×12.1×7.0 inches
  • Product Weight:16.8 Pounds

  • Intuitive control
  • Small and powerful
  • Smoother and faster
  • Lack of customer support

Teamgee-H5 37-Inch Electric Skateboard

Teamgee-H5 37-Inch Electric Skateboard

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Teamgee-H5 37-Inch Electric Skateboard will exceed your expectation and for good reasons. First, it is super slim, sturdy, and stylish, giving you a sense of pride while skateboarding with your friends. It measures 37.99inches long, 8.46 inches wide, and 5.91 inches.

This electric skateboard is 3 inches above the ground, and it weighs 14.55 pounds to make it super lightweight and stable. Also, these Specifications make it easy to control and maneuver while riding at maximum speed. The board is designed to hold up to a maximum of 200 pounds, meaning that it accommodates both youngsters and grown-up skateboarders comfortably.

Besides, it is powered by a top-performance 380Wx2 motors or 760W dual-motor equipment to give you a maximum speed of 22 mph. At the same time, these massive watts provide your e-board with the ability to cover 9 to 11 miles without stopping.

Crafted from 10-ply Canadian Maple wood and 1-ply fiberglass, this slim electric skateboard offers you a medium flex for a memorable smooth ride. It includes a set of PU wheels to help distribute gravity and improve your ride stability. The same wheels assure you of excellent performance in all terrains and at different times of the day or night.

The wireless remote control comes in handy with visualized data to make your night riding easy and safe. The remote control also has an LCD screen to help you change directions, speeds, and reversing without breaking your back.

Key Features

  • Remote control with visualized driving data for safe riding at night
  • The 760 Watt dual-motor equipment to reach up to 22 mph in a short time
  • PU wheel to distribute gravity and improve ride stability with excellent performance


  • Brand: Teamgee
  • Product Dimension:37.99×8.46×5.91 inches
  • Product Weight:14.55 pounds

  • Suitable for exercising dogs
  • Long-lasting high-speed motor
  • Hidden battery to give the board a slim profile
  • Shorter battery life
  • It is too pricey for its quality

Aloutte-Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard

Aloutte-Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard

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Featuring a fixed speed cruise mode, Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard from Alouette enables you to determine your riding speed without straining much. The cruise mode allows you to press an LED user-interface and your e-board will maintain a certain selected speed without the need for using the accelerator.

High-performance is the key factor when it comes to this electric skateboard. Equipped with two motors, the e-board can run at a speed of up to 16 mph. As such, this sporting equipment is suitable for new skateboarders and experienced riders who prefer cruising at a stable speed. As a matter of fact, the board can go to a maximum range of up to 12.4 miles on a single charge.

Solid and stable, this skating equipment is made of 16 layers of maple wood and one bamboo which give it an ergonomic design. These features also make it more convenient while providing you with a smooth ride thanks to its curved panel.

It is equipped with an LCD screen remote control device to display various modes. The screen will help view the speed mode, battery capacity, range, remote capacity, and direction you are heading to. Its curvy design lets you hold the remote control naturally and securely when riding. This product comes with a 6- month warranty to take care of any defects within that time frame.

Key Features

  • Dual motors to offer high performance
  • Fixed speed cruise mode to control your speed
  • LCD screen remote to indicate vital information
  • 6 layers of maple wood and1 bamboo for added stability


  • Brand: Alouette
  • Product Dimension:36.5×10.8×5.27 inches
  • Product Weight: Not provided

  • Great steering control
  • Reliable bearing and PU wheels
  • Comes with a 6-month warranty
  • The brakes need some improvement

URBANPRO-Electric Skateboard, 400W Brushless Motor Electric Longboard

URBANPRO-Electric Skateboard, 400W Brushless Motor Electric Longboard

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If you are a skateboarder who loves fun, URBANPRO-Electric Skateboard, 400W Brushless Motor Electric Longboard is just fine with you. This piece of sporting equipment is cool and fits in all riding situations. Moreover, it brings you plenty of beautiful scenery as you ride along. It is generally designed to provide you with happy moments and cool cruising at any given time of the day.

Apart from its UL certified battery for safety, this e-board is built to make your ride easier and efficient. That is why it is portable with a multifunctional remote control to help you find your way easily. The remote allows you to accelerate, switch freely, brake when you want, initiate forward or backward movement, and choose one of the three-speed modes depending on your level of experience.

The cost-effective powerful and brushless motor enables you to conquer up to 20% grade hill so easily and safely. The motor also provides the board with a maximum cruise speed of 10 miles per hour using a high torque of 400 watts at full charge.

Its crafted solid deck is a feature to behold. It combines with the excellent PU wheels to take on a maximum load of 265lbs. The deck is made from 11 composite layers of maple wood and reinforced with high-quality fiber-glass to handle larger loads. The PU wheels come in to offer the best grip performance as well as smooth riding on all types of surfaces. Most importantly, this product has a 12-month warranty and a 3-month warranty to cover its accessories.

Key Features

  • Multifunctional remote control to take care of your speeding needs
  • Excellent PU wheels and solid deck for stability and maneuverability
  • Cost-effective powerful motor provides 400 watts to tackle up to 20 % grade hill easily


  • Brand: URBANPRO
  • Product Dimension:39.75×13.25×6.5 inches
  • Product Weight:21.05 pounds

  • Sturdy and fast
  • Powerful lithium battery
  • Strong grip force from PU wheels
  • Battery problem reported by some users

Aceshin-Youth Electric Skateboard Electric Longboard

Aceshin-Youth Electric Skateboard Electric Longboard

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If you need a skateboard that will give you rich speed and impressive range, look no further than Youth Electric Skateboard Electric Longboard from Aceshin. This e-board allows you to fly on all types of terrain with confidence while showcasing your riding skills. With its sliding remote control, you will find it easier to control it even at top speed.

A 250 Watt high-power brushless motor plays a significant role in propelling this board to a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour (mph). In addition to that, the high capacity battery provides you with a whopping travel range of up to 10 miles when conditions are normal. The battery takes only 2 hours to charge fully and put you back in the race. This e-board can climb a hill up to 20 to 30 degrees, making it a more practical longboard that money can buy.

When it comes to construction, this product has it all. It comprises 7 layers of high-quality Canadian maple deck to make it more flexible for smooth rides over rough surfaces and different terrains.

Furthermore, this board is durable and stable, meaning that it can easily withstand all types of stamping collisions without getting damaged. The covers on the hub and wheels are made of top-quality PU to ensure a longer lifetime. Additionally, this product is waterproof which means that you can ride it in pools of water without any concern. It can support maximum weight up to 220lbs.

The ergonomic wireless remote is also another feature that keeps this e-board at the top slop of the most classic longboards on the market. The remote control conveniently helps you to cover a longer distance with ease.

The LED display on this e-board indicates the driving speed and the power mode among other important features. Also, an ergonomic wrist strap ensures that the remote control stays safe in your hands all the time. This easy-to-learn electric skateboard is ideal for children, teenagers, and learners including professional skateboarders.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic wireless remote control for convenient traveling
  • High-capacity battery to provide a maximum travel range up to 10 miles
  • A 250-watt high-power brushless motor to propel the skateboard to a maximum speed of 12 mph


  • Brand: Aceshin
  • Product Dimension:35.4×8.0x4.7 inches
  • Product Weight:11 pounds

  • Easy to learn
  • Waterproof material
  • Can climb a gradient up to 20-30 degrees
  • LED display to show driving speed and power mode among others
  • No warranty information provided
  • The battery quality is not up to the standards of some users

SKATEBOLT-Electric Skateboard Mini Fashion

SKATEBOLT-Electric Skateboard Mini Fashion

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SKATEBOLT-Electric Mini Fashion is a modern-looking, youthful and stylish e- skateboard built to provide you hasslefree refreshing rides. Whether you are an advanced skateboard or just starting, this skateboard will save you from the frustration of packed trains and buses or help you evade traffic jams in the city.

Lightweight with mini-size, this kind of e-board is extremely easy to carry once you are done with riding. It weighs up to 8.38 pounds and it can serve as a stunning fashion gift for your loved ones or friends.

The unique remote control is included to add some experience to your riding. This device helps you to know your cruising speed and battery capacity in real- time and on the screen display.

It comes fully equipped with cruise control to monitor your speed. All you need is to press the button on the unique remote control and everything else will fall in place for you.

The electric skateboard is small and durable with replaceable wheels. It is also made of 7-ply maple wood to enhance stability and sturdiness. Besides, it is flexible enough to maneuver and be used as a normal skateboard when it runs out of power.

It features a powerful 250-Watt hub motor to assure you of reliable performance and maximum ride enjoyment. And this is achievable thanks to its maximum speed of up to 12.4 miles per hour with a range of 9.3 miles on a single charge. This skateboard is powered by a powerful 2200mAh, 25.2 volts Lithium Battery.

Key Features

  • Weighing 7.9lbs for portability when not in use
  • Unique remote control to add convenience to the skating
  • A powerful 250-Watts hub motor to provide reliable performance and maximum ride enjoyment


  • Brand: SKATEBOLT
  • Product Dimension:24.0×12.5×8.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 8.38pounds

  • Small but durable
  • Comes with replaceable wheels
  • Cruise control function for convenience
  • The remote control is very sensitive
  • A confusing charging system

Razor-X Longboard Electric Skateboard

Razor-X Longboard Electric Skateboard

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Featuring a wireless, hand-held remote control, Razor-X Longboard Electric Skateboard takes you places at the press of a button. This device works with a 125w motor to give you a gentle kick-start and a steady acceleration on different surfaces. This rear-wheel-drive motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery to deliver an electrifying skateboarding experience at a maximum speed of up to 10mph. Plus the battery takes 40 minutes of uninterrupted supply of power to the motor to keep you enjoying your ride.

The 37.5 inches long deck is crafted using top-quality 5-ply bamboo materials. It features a perforated grip tape that provides you a smooth and controlled ride throughout. This longboard comes pre-assembled to get you ready for your maiden ride out of the box.

Furthermore, it is recommended for kids aged 9 and older because it supports up to 220 pounds of weight. It comprises a wireless, 2.4GHz digital hand-held remote control with a replaceable wrist strap. On top of that, it comes with a 22-volt lithium-ion rechargeable (replaceable) battery pack.

This product is designed to zoom. Meaning that it is made to add some fun on a cruise in addition to providing you with an electrifying kick at the start of your ride. All these operations are initiated and controlled from the palm of your hand not to mention the motor right under your feet. So if you are a newbie looking to improve your skating skills, Razor-X Longboard Electric Skateboard is built for you.

Key Features

  • 25w rear-wheel-drive motor to power the skateboard
  • A perforated grip tape to give you a smooth, controlled ride
  • Speeds up to 10 miles per hour to deliver electrifying skateboarding ride


  • Brand: Razor
  • Product Dimension:37.4×10.6×5.7 inches
  • Product Weight:10.14 pounds

  • Digital remote control with a wrist trap
  • Comes pre-assembled to get you ready for a ride
  • It is noisy

AZBO-Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control

AZBO-Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control

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With a load capacity of up to 243 pounds, AZBO-Electric Skateboard Longboard is a force to reckon. It comes fully equipped with a remote control to give you absolute control power in your palm. The rechargeable and wireless remote control enable you to initiate easy forward motion by pressing a button while on the skateboard. This device also performs speed switching and braking, making your e- board more secure, controllable, and reliable.

Another device that keeps you informed of your skateboard’s performance is the battery indicator. This feature ensures that you are always alert when it comes to the progress of the battery. This means that you will always know when the battery is running low and in need of charging.

An optimal 400W motor provides you with a maximum speed of up to 11 miles per hour while riding. The motor derives its power from a compact and capacious 2.2 Ah battery which takes 1.5 hours to charge.

Structure-wise, this e-board is strong and safe. This is because it comes with a 7-ply northeastern maple wood that makes it compact, enduring, and reliable. That is why it can take a maximum weight of up to 243 pounds. The shock-absorbing PU wheels keep you comfortable even at high speeds regardless of the terrain. For that reason, this electric skateboard is built for kids, teenagers, and even experienced riders.

Key Features

  • A battery indicator to alert you when the battery runs low
  • Shock absorbing PU wheels provides top speed in all terrains and surfaces
  • An optimal 400Watt motor to help you reach a maximum speed of up to 11 miles per hour
  • A rechargeable wireless remote control to initiate easy forward motion, speed switching, and braking


  • Brand: AZBO
  • Product Dimension:16.0×10.0x6.0inches
  • Product Weight:11 pounds

  • Fast and efficient
  • Dynamic and navigable
  • Can support a maximum weight of up to 243 pounds
  • Ideal for experienced skateboarders who know their terrain way
  • The battery gets hotter after sometime
  • Does not perform any type of inclination

Swagtron-Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard

Swagtron-Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard

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You can move more and kick less with the state-of-the-art Swagtron-Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard. This longboard lets you cruise up to a speed of 9.3mph. The speed allows you to have full control of your body and electric skateboard, just like a true legend in skateboarding or simply a pro in riding.

It comes with powerful responsive sensors instead of remote control to make your ride more exciting and safe. The sensors detect your weight and motion to automatically stop in seconds when you get off the board.

The 2.8-inch polyurethane wheels and polypropylene deck provide you flexibility in order to handle pavements of all kinds. They also act as shock absorbers especially when you encounter bumpier pavements while riding.

This skating equipment is made for all types of epic rides. It will perform pristinely and encourage you to learn new skating tricks as you advance.

Key Features

  • Powerful responsive sensors to detect weight and motion
  • Provides up to 9.3 miles per hour speed to help you cruise in different styles
  • .8-inch polyurethane wheels and polypropylene deck offer more flexibility to handle any terrain and to absorb the shock on bumpier pavements.


  • Brand: Swagtron
  • Product Dimension:19.6×8.85×5.3inches
  • Product Weight:7.7 pounds

  • Lightweight and extra portable
  • Smart sensors to detect when the rider is dismounting
  • Long-lasting and wear-resistant 9-inch wide dense polypropylene deck
  • Lacks enough power to incline slightly steeper places

Best Electric Skateboard Buying Guide

If you are a skateboard enthusiast, investing in an electric skateboard can be the best idea. This type of sporting equipment will not only keep you fit but also give you value for your money. It will serve as your transporter in addition to improving your skating skills.

Unlike other skateboards, this one is motorized to make your skating easier and enjoyable. It comes with weight sensor controls and handheld throttle to help you control your riding speed. Besides, it enables you to make some adjustments in the direction of your motion when you tilt on one side.

There’s more to an electric skateboard than just the name. That is the reason you need this comprehensive and detailed buying guide to help you choose the right e-board. Keep in mind that your main aim of looking for the best electric skateboard is to take your riding skills to a completely new level.

Therefore, your dream e-board must be maneuverable, built for range, and reliable when it comes to speed. To find the right board that can meet your skating needs, you need to consider the following important points:

Where do You Intend to Ride Your Electric Skateboard?

Ask yourself where you will be riding your skateboard before you make your final decision. Are you going to be skating on a sidewalk or planning to ride it on a bike lane? Are you thinking of going to the local skate park to showcase your skills on the tramp?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then you should consider going for an electric skateboard that is more maneuverable with replaceable parts as well as customizing options like the truck and wheel swaps.

At the same time, you will want a classic skateboard that will have a decent range not to mention speed. These two factors are essential in keeping you going and in control of your movement.

What Size Should You Buy?

The size of your dream e-board depends largely on how you are going to use it. For instance, if you are a daily commuter that needs something more flexible, you might want to reach out to at least 30-inch range boards. These boards are designed to enable you to pick them up easily and take them with you wherever you go.

If you are looking for something that you can easily and comfortably control while riding, a smaller skateboard will work best for you. Such a board will be easy to control while in motion without risking an accident.

If you are a long-distance rider along flat ground, you will probably settle for a larger electric skateboard. This type of e-board will provide you with extra room for your feet. Small kids will be more comfortable with shorter boards due to their sizes. But large kids or adults will do well with longer boards.

Having said that, the right way to find an electric skateboard that will meet your needs is to visit a sporting goods store and try out several boards until you find the one that will suit you. The most ideal electric skateboard must be of the right length or width to keep you comfortable throughout your ride.

What is Your Riding Experience?

Your skating experience is also a factor to consider when shopping for your best electric skateboard. Your experience will determine the model and size of your dream e-board.

But for young children, their needs could be somehow different from a semi- professional skateboarder. In essence, a newbie does not have enough kills to jump on a skateboard that is moving at a speed of 22mph.

So if you are a newcomer to board skating it is prudent that you take note of this fact. Always pay attention to features that matter the most when riding a skateboard.

Look out for the lowest or fastest speeds including the ability to easily switch from the beginner level to advanced mode. Also, consider how reliable a remote control is while choosing an electric skateboard.

It is never a nice experience to find yourself on a skateboard you cannot control. In the case of kids, your supervision will help them achieve their skating needs more safely.

What do You Consider When Shopping for an Electric Skateboard?

Since one rider is different from the other, there is no particular feature that you can use to establish which model of electric skateboards is best. In other words, what appeals to you may not appeal to your friend or other skateboarders. And what is important to you may not be important to someone else.

Regardless of the differences in tastes among different riders, there are still some qualities that are popular across many skateboarders. Such qualities or features are what define a certain brand of skateboards from the other. Here are the features to look out for when buying an electric skateboard:

1.The Distance or Range

Check the skateboard to find out what range or distance it can cover. Then think about what you can do with the same board, that is, whether it is built for joy rides or commuting. With electric skateboards, you are likely to find those that go less than 10 miles or come across those that are capable of doing upwards of 20 miles on a single charge. Make up your mind which e-board you want depending on the range or distance you want to cover while riding.

2.The Speed

If you are an adrenaline junkie with speed on your mind, you should settle for an electric skateboard with a higher speed. But if you are just starting, a low- speed skateboard will help you acquire the right skills to see you transition to professional levels. Remember speeds are usually given in miles per hour (mph).

3.The Size

When you decide to go for the electric skateboards, the first thing to consider is the size before anything else. Most e-boards are actually longboards. What it means by the term ‘longboards’ is that their length will mainly be upwards of 36 inches. Their widths will be relatively wider compared to other skateboards. Electric skateboards look almost similar to longboards only that they are powered by electrical motors.

4.The Power

The most important feature that makes an e-board what it is, is the motor. Its power is in watts (W). Regardless of this number, a good electric motor is determined by its performance. But a higher watt power is essential when riding on those sloppy inclines that require a little push than flat terrains. Even though power varies greatly, most of this sporting equipment has a maximum range between 300 and 2000 watts. Enough to take you from one location to another at the speed of your choice.

5.The Performance

When talking about performance regarding electric boards, just know it is the board’s ability to go up inclines, provide a smooth ride, and brakes easily among other things. All these factors have a great impact on the overall performance of your electric skateboard.

6.The Budget

No matter what you do about choosing your best electric skateboard, never overlook your budget. Here the budget stands for how much money you are willing to spend on this product. In most cases, the costly products come with great features that make them safe, easy to control, and durable with great performance. On top of that, these skateboards have better-quality batteries in addition to more powerful motors. These internal features are likely to make an electric skateboard expensive.

7.Types of Motor

The number of motors can also determine its quality and performance. Some have one while others come with two or more motors to provide the skateboard with more motor wattage. This factor will help you gauge the overall performance of an e- board. Such an electric skateboard can provide you a smoother riding experience on different surfaces.


The weight of your electric skateboard is also one of the factors to consider. This is because you will at some point want to carry your skateboard after reaching your destination. If it is heavier, you will have difficulties when it is time to carry it. So a lighter-weight model (weighing at least 11lbs) may be a good choice for you. Plus a heavier electric skateboard is considered sluggish in terms of performance.

Best Electric Skateboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the cost of an electric skateboard?
A: The cost of electric skateboards varies from one model to another. But you can buy them at a price range of $450 to $1500 depending on the make of each product.

Q: Do you think an electric skateboard is worth it?
A: It depends on the type of electric skateboard you are choosing. Buying a 2000w power electric skateboard is worth the investment provided that it comes with great features and an appealing design.

Q: Is an electric skateboard good for a beginner?
A: It may be a good choice for a beginner but it is too flexible and needs a lot of control to keep in line.

Q: Do e-boards come with brakes?
A: Yes. Just like other ordinary skateboards, electric skateboards come fully equipped with brakes. You can use a hand-held remote to control your movement, increase speed, start or even stop your e-board

Q: Are electric skateboards hard to ride?
A: The astounding is no!. It is very easy to ride an e-board. In fact, you can control them easily and vary their speeds depending on your needs and riding ability. Riding these electric skateboards can be fun and relaxing for anyone.

Q: How long will it take to become a good skateboarder?
A: It takes one or two days for you to roll down the street. But it will take a couple of months to learn a few skating tricks such as going up a modest hill, kickflipping some stairs, or doing a mini-ramp. To perform some ledge tricks, you will need three years of intensive practice to get every move right.

Q: Is skateboarding a dangerous sport?
A: To some extent, it is dangerous although injuries and accidents are extremely rare among seasoned skateboarders. That’s why you are advised to wear safety gear when going out to skateboard regardless of your experience.

Q: Can you develop abs from skateboarding?
A: Skateboarding is one of the sports that can help you develop muscles such as quads, glutes, lower back, hamstrings, and even abs. Make sure that your abs work with your back to maintain the alignment of your spine.

Q: Why do some skateboarders not wear helmets?
A: Most experienced skateboarders don’t use helmets citing that it does not look good on them when skateboarding. Some of them claim that helmets make them feel uncomfortable while exercising.

Q: Is it right to wear a skate helmet when cycling?
A: There are helmets designed for both skating and cycling. These helmets have both ASTM and CPSC (the US Consumer Product Safety Commission), a standard certification required for cycling helmets.


So far so good! This is pretty basic information about the best electric skateboards on the market today. So you need to take this basic overview seriously when looking for these products for the first time.

Let’s hope that every piece of information starting from the review to the buying guide and frequently asked questions is helpful to you. Use it as your guide while shopping for any type of electric skateboard and you will never go wrong.

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