The 10 Best butt lifters of 2021 – 2022

There is a lot to be talked about as far as the female body is concerned. From having flawless skin to having beautiful hair. The one thing that most women want is a perfect figure. Whether you are petite or plus size, having a beautiful figure is a goal for most.

Women have always done their best to look and feel good. From gym workouts which have translated to home workouts because of the pandemic. To diets and some even the extreme opting of surgeries. However, if you are looking for something temporary as you work on your ultimate figure then you should consider a body shaper.

Most of these come in the form of belts and corsets. One of the latest additions to the list of body shapers is butt lifters. If you have seen the TikTok legging then be rest assured that lifters have more to offer.

Not only do they enhance and boost the shape and volume of your butt. But they also boost your confidence. So, before you make that decision on whether you can keep up with the daily routine of squats or if you are eyeing that Brazilian but lift, hold up one second.

Read this piece and see the options you have to give you a clear image of what an enhanced behind means to you. These are the best butt lifters of 2021.

Best Overall: BRABIC Postpartum Girdle High Waist Control Panties for Women Butt Lifter Belly Slimming Body Shaper Underwear

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Are you looking for a butt-lifter that will tighten your bottom and lift your hips giving you a curvaceous look? Well, the BRABIC Postpartum Girdle High Waist Control Panties for Women Butt Lifter Belly Slimming Body Shaper Underwear is your answer.

This butt enhance and waist trainer is equipped with four steel bones on the waist. These steel bones ensure you have back support and correct posture to prevent this enhancer from rolling down. This clothing apparel is ideal for anyone who wants to control the smooth bumps, bulges, and tummy which might be seen vaguely under a dress.

Key Features

  • Has 2nd and 3rd-row hooks
  • Adjustable
  • Has 4 steel bones
  • High waist unique design for hourglass curve


  • Brand: BRABIC
  • Colors available: Beige and Black
  • Material: 60% cotton 20% nylon 20% spandex
  • Item model number : BRABIC-AC301298300S-B72-FZYT05

  • Ideal for Speeding up post-delivery recovery
  • Has a comfortable material
  • Easy bathroom use
  • The high waist provides firm compression
  • Not easy to put on

Best value: NINGMI Women Butt Lifter Padded Shapewear Enhancer Control Panties Body Shaper Underwear

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Flexible and breathable are the best nomenclatures that can best describe the NINGMI Women Butt Lifter Padded Shapewear Enhancer Control Panties Body Shaper Underwear. It is made of high-quality nylon and spandex. This makes it a strong and durable butt-lifter. As much as it is used for butt-lifting this enhancer also has a tummy controller that ensures your tummy is tightened and controlled as you rock it.

If you are wondering what type of clothes to wear when rocking this enhancer. Well, this enhancer suits any type of clothing. Whether it is a dress, shorts, or pants. Furthermore, it will give you a perfect figure and a slimmer waist.

Key Features

  • Flexible
  • Breathable
  • Comes with removable butt lifting pads
  • Has a 2-layer underwear cloth design


  • Brand: NINGMI
  • Colors Available: Black,Nude, black884 and Nude 884
  • Material: 50% nylon and 50% spandex
  • Item model number: DNMRBF-882AS

  • Removable butt lifting pads
  • Gives your bottom a bigger look
  • Hides flabby skin around the waist
  • Can be worn on any occasion
  • Has super-thin edges
  • It can squeeze a little after washing

Best pick: Women Waist Trainer Tummy Control Panties Body Shaper High Waisted Shapewear Briefs Butt Lifter Slimming Corset Seamless

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Do you love working out or having home-based yoga sessions? Have you been looking for a perfect butt enhancer that can be used during such sessions? If yes, the Women Waist Trainer Tummy Control Panties Body Shaper High Waisted Shapewear Briefs Butt Lifter Slimming Corset Seamless is an excellent choice for you. This butt enhancer is comfortable and easy to use. Also, it can be worn on various occasions. Furthermore, it can be used with women during their postpartum recovery.

Key Features

  • Has an hourglass figure
  • It has firm control
  • Perfect body control shapewear
  • Comes with a form-fitted soft material


  • Brand: Sliot
  • Colors available: Black and Beige
  • Material: 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex

  • It is comfortable and easy to use
  • It tightens your tummy
  • Can be used as a Postpartum recovery wear
  • Gives you an hourglass figure
  • It is easy to wash
  • Suitable for any occasion
  • Rolls down from time to time

Best lower body shapewear: Shapermint High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts Shapewear for Women Tummy Control Thigh Slimming Technology

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This shapewear is a perfect combination of a butt- lifter and waist trainer. The Shapermint High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts Shapewear for Women Tummy Control Thigh Slimming Technology is ideal for women who are looking to control their belly fat while the solid and snugness of the biker shorts elevate your bottom giving you a curvaceous shape.

Flawless is what we have nicknamed it since it has an anti-slip silicone technology. This shapewear gives you a slip and flawless look. Its breathable material ensures that you will not encounter any skin irritation and tightness that will cause discomfort while rocking it. In addition, these enhancers are available in more than 6 sizes with a variety of colors to choose from.

Key Features

  • It has anti-slip technology
  • Lightweight
  • It is machine washable
  • Comfortable and breathable


  • Brand: Shapermint
  • Colors available: Nude and Black
  • Material: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex

  • Can be worn on any occasion
  • It is durable
  • Wide variety of shapes and sizes
  • Has a waist, thigh, and back coverage
  • Postpartum recovery
  • May get sticky
  • May cause excess sweating

Best premium butt-lifters: Burvogue Shapewear for Women Tummy Control-Butt Lifter High Waisted Shaper Shorts

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If you are looking for a way to look slim then this undergarment is the ideal choice for you. This butt-lifter also works as a thigh slimmer. Its lightweight nature makes it a to-go choice for most women since it gives you a relaxed and comfortable feeling.

The Burvogue Shapewear for Women Tummy Control-Butt Lifter High Waisted Shaper Shorts goes a long way when it comes to shaping your curves and lifting your butt. Its flexibility makes it easy to wear for all occasions.

Key Features

  • The fabrics are comfortable and breathable
  • Has a built-in soft rubber massage
  • lightweight
  • A seamless elastic design


  • Brand: Burvouge
  • Colors available: Beige and Black
  • Material: Spandex and Nylon

  • Everyday wear
  • Gives you a perfect body shape
  • It can remove and hide abdominal fat
  • It is versatile under any outfit
  • Soft and smooth top-grade material
  • Firm control
  • Lacks a crotch opening
  • Not machine washable

Best full body butt- lifter: SHER Women Seamless Full Body Shapewear Tummy Control Butt Lifter Body Shaper Thigh Slimmer High Waist Bodysuit with Straps

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If you are looking for an enhancer that can be worn with your day-to-day outfit then the SHER Women Seamless Full Body Shapewear Tummy Control Butt Lifter Body Shaper Thigh Slimmer High Waist Bodysuit with Straps makes an excellent fit. This body shaper creates a C-curve between your waistline and hips. In addition, it also aids in lifting your buttocks.

It has wide shoulder straps that relieve shoulder pressure and reduces shoulder pains. This undergarment has an open crotch design that has four hooks. This design gives it an easy dress-up formula. Furthermore, this shapewear is made of nylon and spandex. The blend of these materials ensures that this cloth holds your body tightly and smoothly. Lastly, always ensure to wash it with your hands using cold water to ensure it doesn’t lose its elasticity.

Key Features

  • The hip design has a 3D stereo cutting
  • It has hook and eye closure
  • Elegant hourglass figure
  • Has an open crotch


  • Brand: SHER
  • Colors available: Black and Beige
  • Material: 43% Polyamide + 57% Elastane
  • Item model number: HEMT190111-SK1-S

  • It has a natural lifting control and effect
  • Comfortable elegant design
  • Very elastic chest fabric
  • It is good for everyday wear
  • Form-fitting and high quality
  • Easy bathroom use
  • Some sizes tend to be inaccurate

Best lightweight butt lifters: Lover-Beauty Women High Waist Body Shaper Butt Lifter Firm Control Shapewear Boyshorts

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The Lover-Beauty Women High Waist Body Shaper Butt Lifter Firm Control Shapewear Boyshorts is a high elastic butt enhancer that breathes well and it is lightweight. Also, it has a material skin that is comfortable and easy to wear. This butt-lifter has a tummy control shapewear that has lace around the bottom. This lace gives a sexy touch to the undergarment.

Furthermore, it does not have any elastic material around the legs, this ensures that it has a smooth finish that will not be noticeable under your outfit.

Key Features

  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a tummy control body shaper


  • Brand: Lover Beauty
  • Colors available: Black, Cocoa and Beigie
  • Material: 96% Cotton+4% Spande
  • Item model number: L185013-SK1-1-S

  • It contains lace bottoms
  • Invisible under any clothing
  • Aids in Postpartum recovery
  • Can be worn on any occasion
  • Hourglass figure
  • It has no butt pads

Best Two In one Enhancer: YERKOAD Waist Trainer for Women Shapewear Tummy Control Panty High Waist Butt Lifter Body Shaper Shorts Thigh Slimmer Girdle

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We understand that women always like looking sexy and pretty. That is why we understand the struggle of having a sexy body but the tummy never seizes to pop out. Well, take a breather because we have a solution for you. Whether your deal with baby fat or not the YERKOAD Waist Trainer for Women Shapewear Tummy Control Panty High Waist Butt Lifter Body Shaper Shorts Thigh Slimmer Girdle is your solution.

For starters, this butt lifter comes with high waist shapewear that gives you an hourglass figure when wearing it. This undergarment is made with soft material that is skin-friendly. Also, it provides you with instant changes that are noticeable. So, if you are looking to kill two birds with one stone this undergarment makes an excellent choice. Since it serves a dual purpose of shaping the body and enhancing the buttocks.

Key Features

  • Has high waist tummy control body shaper
  • Silky and soft elastic fabric
  • Daily high waist control
  • Has 2 light spiral steel bones


  • Brand: YERKOAD
  • Material: Nylon,Spandex and cotton crotch
  • Colors available: Black/Beigie
  • ASIN: B08FR5F87N

  • It is comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Suitable for everyday wear
  • It is invisible under clothing
  • Can relieve postnatal pain
  • It is firm fitting
  • No easy bathroom use

Best butt-lifting panties: Women Body Shaper Hi-Waist Butt Lifter Shapewear Tummy Control Panties

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We understand that the struggle of most women lies oh having a slim waist and lifting their buttocks. Well, with the current trend balancing work chores and school takes a lot of exercise time. On the flip side not, all women prefer the medical procedure and pills used to attain lifted butts and small waists. If the above description fits you kindly consider the Women Body Shaper Hi-Waist Butt Lifter Shapewear Tummy Control Panties.

This undergarment has soft, stretchable fabric that is comfortable to wear under your skin. It has a 360 degrees tummy control that is designed to lift and design the rear. Besides helping you develop your main body parts this butt-lifter enhances your butt at a very low cost.

Key Features

  • Has a 3 hook and an eye closure
  • Hand wash only
  • Can be used during pregnancy


  • Brand: Eleady
  • Material: 72% Nylon,28% spandex
  • Colors available: Black with crotch
  • Item model number: Eleady-AD608698500S-B91-FZJ1

  • Breathable
  • Soft comfortable fabric
  • Aids in faster postpartum and post-pregnancy recovery
  • All season invisible under clothing wear
  • Not machine washable
  • No easy bathroom use

Best hourglass butt lifter: Lecigrl Women Hourglass Figure Butt Lifter Shaper Lace Panties Tummy Control High Sexy Thong Shapewear

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Invincible is the best word that can describe the Lecigrl Women Hourglass Figure Butt Lifter Shaper Lace Panties Tummy Control High Sexy Thong Shapewear. This butt-lifter is ideal for any woman who appreciates instant butt enhancement. On the flip side, it can be worn under any attire since it is seamless. This butt-lifter gives you the perfect body shape. Its breathability feature and the quality flexible material ensures you are comfortable while wearing it.

Oh boy! Did we mention it takes the shape of a thing? Well, you can wear it with a tight dress, some shorts, or jeans. Furthermore, you can also rock it while working out since it gives your butt a little boost.

Key Features

  • High-quality fabric
  • It has a Half torso coverage Firm control
  • Has no panty line
  • Has an Elastic closure
  • Flexible
  • Unique embroidery lace


  • Brand: Lecigrl
  • Material: 90% Polyamide, 10% Spandex
  • Colors available: Black and Nude
  • ASIN: B08CXFB4X1

  • Gives lower back support
  • Provides sweat-free comfort
  • It is highly breathable and comfortable
  • Helps in Postpartum and post-pregnancy recovery
  • It is seamless under any clothing
  • Can be worn all-day
  • Lacks a zipper
  • Lacks the size shopping Guide

Butt-lifters Buying Guide

When shopping for the best butt lifter, you have to get the perfect fit for your body type. But let’s first have a look at the different types of butt shapes.

Booty Types

Butt lifters are meant to give a woman a curvy figure by enhancing their curves. However, shopping for a pair can be an uphill task if you are not familiar with the different butt types. Familiarity with various booty types eases the task of choosing the best fit butt shaper for you. The following are the 4 butt types you should be familiar with:

Heart Shape

Women with the heart-shaped butt normally have wider hips, a slim waist, and plump thighs. The heart shape seems to ooze more femininity. The most ideal booty lifters for this butt type are thong panties.


This kind of butt has a widely narrow hip. Fat concentration is more on the upper abdomen with the butt having less of it. Ladies with this butty type are not advised to buy booty lifters with high-cut leg holes.

The Square Shape

This square butt shape is common to women whose hip bone and outer thigh are parallel to the ground. The best butt lifters for such booty types are the short ones designed to flatter the figure. Such include bikinis and thong panties.

Round Shape

This butt type is commonly referred to as the bubble butt. Ladies with this butt type happen to have a wider girth at the hips’ center. Such butts require the extra fabric to be fully covered as it seems more projected. The best butt lifter for this type should be ideal for the butt cheeks.

When shopping for the best butt shaper, ensure you have prior knowledge of your butt type and size. Also remember to consider how elastic the undergarment is, the design of the butt lifter, the material used as well as the padding available.

Types of Butt Lifters

Butt lifters happen to differ from one another while offering a variant of support. Some are designed to enhance a lady’s hips while lifting their butt, others sync the waistline while slimming the tummy giving it a slimmer look while being sexy curvy. Others are solely used for butt lifting. The following are just but a few of the available butt lifters with their feature to give you a sneak peek that will guide you through so you choose the best butt lifter.

Butt Lifter With Buttocks Out

These butt lifters have circular cut-outs on the booty side. These butt shapers give ladies the best butt workout. When choosing the perfect butt lifter, choose one with the cutouts. These butt lifters give your ass much-needed relaxation while contouring your butt cheeks. Notably, this variant has a thong design which many ladies fall in love with.

Butt Lifters with No Cut-Outs

If butt shapers with a cut-out make you feel uncomfortable, don’t fret. Butt shapers with no cut-outs are a better option. They give you the much-needed comfort that you need. It also comes with inclusive pads that shape your butt. Such butt lifters are made of light-weight fabric to give optimal comfort.

Butt Lifters with Support Bands

From its name, you can easily deduce what these butt shapers look like. They come with supportive bands around the pelvic region. The supportive bands are frequently made of sturdy and elastic fabric so you can stretch it as you please. Such butt shapers are a darling to expectant women or elderly women. They are known to reshape the body curves to be less flawed while providing awesome support to both hips and booty.

Advantages of Butt Shapers

Every woman would love to have around and firm backside and butt lifters are designed to fulfill these needs. The following are some perks of using butt lifters.

Perkier Butt Immediately

Surgery, diet, and even squats do eventually pay off with a trim figure and offer that butt lift, but what if you want that rounded butt shape right now?

A plus about butt lifters is that you do not have to swallow any pills or take injections since you only need to wear the butt shaper and results are instant.

Comfortable to Wear

Butt lifters are easy and comfortable to wear every day. You just have to find your perfect fit. To get the best results, butt lifters should be worn often.

The fabric used to make these clothing is gentle to your skin and you can wear them easily without having to feel like you are too tightly dressed.

Seamlessly blends under your attire

Butt shapers are designed such that they appear natural under your clothing without showing presence.

What To Consider When Shopping for Butt Lifter

When buying butt shapers, you will need to choose the perfect fit. This is the butt lifter that aligns with your pertinent needs. The following are some factors to consider:


Top-selling butt lifter selling companies normally provide a size chart on their websites that display clothing sizes for comparison. It is prudent to know your measurements to pick the size that fits you comfortably.


Before making the purchase, it is important to look out for the support enhancement offered by the butt lifter. For instance, does it provide support to the waistline and stomach section? Or whether it has a brace to hold it firm or a garter holder and other support features.


The type of material used to make these undergarments should be comfy and lightweight. You should look out for features such as the elasticity of the material used and how breathable the fabric is to ensure you get value for your money.


Excellent handiwork ensures that such undergarments can be seamlessly worn with other tight clothing without showing contours on the body. It should be so discreet that you can confidently wear it.

Availability of Padding

Not all ladies are comfortable with padding especially if it is made of cheap material. For a better experience, opt for a butt lifter with detachable padding that you can easily remove anytime you don’t need it.

Ease of Maintenance

Butt lifters need to be regularly washed and maintained. While shopping for a butt lifter, get one that can be easily washed in a washing machine, or else opt for one that can only be hand washed. Some fabric shrinks after several washes in a washing machine or dryer.


The latest designs of butt lifters offer amazing comfort and mobility freedom. The fabric used to make these attire is designed to ensure superb breathability.

Fashion Style

With the multiple choices of butt lifters in the marketplace, you are always spoilt for choice. These undergarments come in different styles suited to different types of dressing.


Butt lifters come in different designs and you can choose from a wide range of colors. The design may vary from one company to another but ideally, they all seem to offer the same product design.


Prices of butt lifters vary depending on brands, design of attire, or fabric used. Ensure you pick the one that is within your budget. Prices of a basic butt lifter are approximately around $50 while contemporary butt lifters that offer tummy and waistline trimming cost a lot more.

Multi-Task Capability

Some butt lifters offer multiple purposes from their design feature or make. Such are those that clothe your body in such a way that they trim your tummy while shaping your bum.


Some butt lifters have premium architecture and thereby offer premium services. Such include the likes of nylon, polyester, or spandex butt lifters which have more elasticity. They are also made of soft fabric that easily blends and conceals beneath your clothing.


Q: How much does a butt lifter cost?
A: The cost of buying a butt lifter will depend on factors such as the design of the attire, the fabric used, or the brand that makes the attire. The cost of butt lifters usually ranges between $10 and $50. However, there are top-tier attires that cost more than $50.

Q: How long should I wear a butt shaper?
A: The duration you should wear a butt shaper totally depends on the choice of attire you go with. You can wear it for the entire day if you wear the butt lifter in your routine tasks or you could wear it for just some hours as you get used to its comfort.

Q: What to consider when shopping for a butt lifter?
A: Before buying a butt lifter, you need to look out for the product’s review and ratings. Also consider the type of fabric used to make the attire, additional features such as hip enhancers, and availability of support and padding.

Q: Do butt lifters enhance the body?
A: The success of butt lifters depends on the reasons as to why you are using them. If you are using them to enhance your butt, then you will definitely look sexier. Butt shapers are more effective than any diet plan or workout. They work best when worn daily reshaping your muscles accordingly. Butt lifters are reliable and proven to be efficient.

Q: Will my butt enhancer give permanent results?
A: Attaining permanent results depends on the type of butt enhancer you are using. Butt-lifters that do not have cutouts at the back are likely to give a permanent lift if they are being used often.

Q: Can I use a butt enhancer safe after a C-section?
A: During postpartum women are advised to be comfortable as possible. However, if you want to use a butt enhancer always ensure that the material used is safe. Always ensure you use a butt lifter that has a soft, elastic, and flexible material.

Q: Should I wear a butt enhancer with padding or without padding?
A: Well, if you have a small but size consider buying a butt-lifter that has paddings. On the other hand, you can always purchase one that has removable paddings. A butt enhancer with removable padding gives you the freedom of deciding when you want to use the padding and when you don’t.

Q: Should I buy a butt enhancer that is a size bigger?
A: Size is one of the most important factors to consider while shopping for butt-lifters. While some enhancers run small always remember to go through the size chart with a fine-tooth comb. Measure your hips and waist size before buying one. Well, the bigger size gives you correct results however, a bigger size may not be effective especially if you lose a few pounds.

Q: Can I wear butt-lifters while pregnant?
A: Yes and no, however, it is advisable to go for the ones that are flexible, soft, comfortable, and elastic. Butt-enhancers with the above features always ensure you suffer no discomfort during your pregnancy. But in the case, you still feel uncomfortable while wearing an enhance it’s advisable that you stop immediately.

Q: Why is there so much hype about butt lifters?
A: butt lifters are special undergarments that are designed to lift your ass at a cheaper cost. These undergarments save you the hassle of working out every day and the painful surgical procedures. Well, most ladies mostly refer to these undergarments as buttock bras. Since they help in lifting your cheeks to create a beautifully curvaceous shape. Well, we can all agree that these undergarments have managed to help women achieve their desired body goals without them having to break a bank.


When it comes to shopping for butt-lifters always consider the quality and the features of the undergarments. Also, consider purchasing one that you will make good use of and if you can kill two birds with one stone then go for it. By this we mean if you get a butt-lifter that has multiple uses such as shaping the waist and reducing the tummy while enhancing the buttocks. Above are the best butt- lifters. Kindly don’t forget to shop a pair or two after reading this review

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