The 8 Best Baby Bassinets of 2024

Investing in a baby bassinet is an excellent option for you and your baby. One thing you’d want to have when your newborn arrives home is a suitable bassinet that gives your baby a safe and comfortable sleeping place in the first couple of months.

American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents to sleep with their babies for the first six months but not on the same bed.

Keeping your baby close is something on your mind when you’re sleeping or attending to chaos.

A bassinet has non-ending benefits from keeping your baby within your arms reach, and you can breastfeed or bottle-feed from the comfort of your bed.

Plus, reaching over and picking your baby won’t require you to walk miles, you’ll be relaxed and at peace in the first days when you can’t help but worry about your bundle of joy.

A huge plus is for moms with limited mobility, especially if they are recovering from a c-section, stitches, etc.

Additionally, It’s easy to catch a glimpse of your baby for reassurance, you can hear your baby cry or get fussy plus it’s an excellent option for parents who don’t want to bed share but want to keep their babies close.

However, you need to keep in mind that bassinets have weight limits plus outgrow once your baby starts to roll over, so you need to transit to a crib within a couple of months ( 3 to 5 months). In this regard, some parents may feel a bassinet is not worth investing in.

But based on our survey globally, most families advocate for bassinets than those who don’t. Here are our top best baby bassinets up for grabs.

Best Overall:Graco-Pack and play travel dome

Graco-Pack and play travel dome

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Graco Pack and play travel dome is your average bassinet. This bassinet is packed with excellent features that will save you money and make your life more comfortable in the long run as it’s more than a bassinet. The bassinet includes a full-size Playard, built-in storage, a diaper changer, a retractable canopy with UV50 protection, and a detachable. The bassinet is an all in one portable solution for your baby. The walls of the playard and the portable dome bassinet are full mesh for excellent air circulation.

Key features

  • Easy to fold
  • Easy to assemble
  • sturdiness
  • Portable
  • For travel


  • Brand – Graco
  • Dimension – 27*28.5*37 inches
  • Item weight – 33.07 pounds
  • Age limit – 30 pounds

  • Portable travel bassinet
  • All in one solution
  • Includes a diaper changer
  • Full-size Playard
  • Uv50 charger
  • Built-in storage
  • Rotating the diaper charger is not easy

Best Value:Fisher-price soothing motions bassinet

Fisher-price soothing motions bassinet

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A bassinet that offers vibration and motion is a lifesaver. Unless you want to spend your day rocking your baby. The fisher price soothing motion bassinet can be set for music, sounds, and vibration, plus it comes with mobile. You’ll love the night mode with a night light that comes with projects twinkling stars overhead. The storage tray of the bassinet keeps essential, like binkies and diapers.

Key features

  • Optional lockout to minimize swaying motion
  • Calming sway motion generated by the baby or you
  • Flat sleeping surface with deluxe overhead mobile
  • Dual-mode lighting
  • 0 minutes of calming sound, music, and vibration


  • Brand – Fisher-price
  • Dimension – 22.8*5.9*40inch
  • Item weight – 20 pounds
  • Age limit – 6 months (40 pounds)

  • Overhead mobile containing toys for fun
  • Removable projector to serve outgrown babies
  • The unique design swaying motion
  • The lock feature minimizes swaying motion but never stops entirely

Best Pick:Simmons Kids City Sleeper Bassinet

Simmons Kids City Sleeper Bassinet

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A fussy baby can make you throw up the white flag, not to worry. The Simmons Kids City Sleeper bassinet has plenty of tricks up its sleeves to help you put your baby down ( and contain them there). You can employ a nightlight, a rotating mobile, or vibrations to keep your baby comfy and distracted. It has ample storage to keep the essentials, and though the bassinet lacks wheels, it’s lightweight to move anywhere you feel like adding a dose of extra sweetness.

Key features

  • It has a breathable mesh, which creates healthy airflow for babies
  • The attached mobile Lulls puts the baby to sleep, i.e., twinkle lights, nightlights, and vibration
  • Its durable frame is Lightweight making it easier to move around the house
  • Cool contemporary style
  • It’s JPMA certified to meet safety standards


  • Brand – Simmons kids
  • Dimension – 34.5*27.5*45.5inches
  • Item weight – 1 pound
  • Age limit – 0 to 5 months (15 lbs)

  • High breathable mesh
  • It’s durable and sturdy
  • Has wheels for movement
  • Large storage pockets
  • Five adjustable heights
  • Hard to move because it doesn’t slide easily

Halo Bassinest swivel sleeper

Halo Bassinest swivel sleeper

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If you want the best baby co sleeper, then the halo bassinet swivel sleeper is your go. It features mesh walls for free air circulation and a comfy mattress. It offers space- saving points for its minimalistic frame and bassinet that swivels 360 degrees. You can bring your baby close without having to attach the bassinet itself to the bed thanks to the base, which is enough to slide underneath a bed frame. It has additional adjustable heights; thus, you can use it on various beds. The bedding pad is an excellent one and prevents your baby’s finger from getting stuck. You can pick your baby by just lowering the sidewall, and it’s a worthwhile investment, most especially for c-section mothers.

Key features

  • Swivel 360 degrees
  • Patent lowering bedside; thus, you can tend to your newborn from the bed
  • Stable 4-point base thus adjusts to fit most beds plus safe storage
  • The mattress is waterproof


  • Brand – Halo
  • Dimension – 34*18*12
  • Item weight – 28ibs
  • Age limit – 20ibs

  • Rotates in all direction
  • Breathable side mesh panel
  • It fits various bed sizes
  • Tucks underneath your bed
  • It’s heavy; thus, moving around is difficult

Baby Delight Beside me Dreamer

Baby Delight Beside me Dreamer

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Here is another incredible all-around choice you can’t go wrong with. The Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer is similar to Mika Micky and Simmons kid, which offer the ability to scoot the bassinet right up to the side of your bed. Though it’s more expensive than simmon and Micky, it’s an excellent option worth investing in. It’s lightweight and comes in at only 23 pounds giving you the privilege of moving it around the house. It’s effortless to assemble (around 10 minutes), and the parts are of good quality. The bassinet offers six different height settings, which you can quickly adjust to your bed’s height. You can also unhook the sidewall against your bed to have your baby next to you thanks to the bassinet, which can quickly turn into a bedside sleeper. The bassinet comes with a fiberfill mattress and waterproof fitted sheet, plus there are improved air circulation and comfortable sleep thanks to the walls made from breathable mesh.

Key features

  • Easily adjustable with the six-position height that allows the sleeper to accommodate most beds
  • Lightweight enough to move around the house
  • Trusted by parents over 20 years
  • Easily accessible
  • Safe and comfortable
  • It stays snug and in place because of the attached straps that secure the bedside sleeper to your adult bed


  • Brand -Baby delight beside me Dreamer
  • Dimension – 37*22.5*30.75 inches
  • Item weight – 23.9 pounds
  • Age limit – 20 pounds

  • Waterproof sheet included
  • Six height setting
  • Lightweight
  • Great value for money
  • The unhookable sidewall is not a convenient implementation of a bedside sleeper

Babybjorn cradle

Babybjorn cradle

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Babybjorn cradle might be the best bet for you if you prefer minimalist design. This streamlined and sleek works great for any home featuring a gentle rocking movement generated by you or your bundle of joy. The classy cradle style relies on manual movement making it easier to sway your baby to sleep gently. Also, the bassinet is compact and light, making it flexible to move from room to room. However, the bassinet is not a travel-friendly option. You’ll love the breathable mesh side and everything about the mattress to fabric, plus the fact that everything is machine washable. A point to note, though, this model does not come with a matching mesh canopy and must be purchased separately, but you’ll love the wood finish and the fact that it’s easy to assemble.

Key features

  • Easy to move around the house
  • Lulls your baby to sleep with relaxing gentle movement
  • Breathable, soft, and airy sides JPMA certified product
  • Has Main fabric, new fabric, and padding 100% polyester
  • Clean, modern look
  • Expensive but heirloom quality


  • Brand – Babybjorn
  • Dimension- 31*23*26 inches
  • Item weight – 13 pounds
  • Age limit – 18lbs

  • Washable materials for easy cleaning
  • Efficient portability (easy to carry from room to room)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durability
  • Quality materials
  • It does not travel friendly

Baby Bassinet RONBEI

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The baby bassinet robbed is an excellent all-around bassinet with great features. It comes with adjustable feet that make it extremely easy to come closer to the bed as they slide underneath and provide support. You can also adjust the bassinet’s height to match your bed and be on the same level as your baby. The bassinet can turn into a bedside sleeper thanks to the hooks, which you can easily unhook the sidewall and have easy access to the bassinet for placing the baby when it’s time to sleep or feeding. The bassinet also comes with a musical toy that will emit soothing sounds to put your baby to sleep. Plus, it meets CPSC and ASTM standards.

Key features

  • Value for money
  • sturdiness
  • Thickness
  • Washable mattress cover
  • Easy to assemble


  • Brand – Baby bassinet Ronbei
  • Dimension – 35.5*21*6.75 inches
  • Item weight – 26.2 pounds
  • Age limit – 20ibs

  • comfortable material
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Air mesh on both sides
  • Detachable toy with music box
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable feet
  • None

Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Bassinet

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This is one of the simpler and best bassinets in the market without the extras like a canopy, storage, additional music, vibration, or mobile hanging overhead. It’s an excellent bedside bassinet with the right adjustments to get it fit appropriately for a more comfortable transfer of your baby in and out of the bassinets anytime. Also, it’s fantastic for recovering mothers who need to stay in bed so they can easily access their babies without inconvenience. The bassinet can fit most bed heights thanks to its versatility. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest infants sleep in the same room with their parents but not on the same bed. This is where Mika Micky comes in. This co-sleeping bassinet acts as a bridge between the two, bringing your baby to bed level while keeping them in their sleep environment. The bassinet is adjustable to seven heights, and each side features breathable mesh. You can move the bassinet anywhere you want thanks to the rolling casters, plus the gray exterior is neutral. It’s ideal for a range of home decors style.

Key features

  • Built-in wheels with brake
  • Seven height adjustable
  • -side breathable mesh
  • Bedside sleeper
  • Two side pocket
  • Standalone bassinet


  • Brand – Mika Micky
  • Dimension – 36.5*24.3*6.3 inches
  • Item weight – 24.1 pounds
  • Age limit – 19ibS

  • Sleep quality
  • Maneuverability
  • Good for traveling
  • Easy to assemble
  • sturdiness
  • Comfort
  • None

What’s the duration In which a baby can sleep on the bassinet

Bassinets are incredibly vital in the early days of your baby’s life. Having your baby at your side facilitates nighttime comforting, late-night feedings, and bedtime bonding. More so, if you’re recovering from a c-section, the lower height of a bassinet makes it simpler to lift your baby in and out., not like a standard crib, which has higher sides that you’ve to lean over.

American Academy of Pediatrics strongly recommends room sharing for the first six months up to one year. Most babies outgrow a bassinet by the time they are three to four months old or at least when they start to attempt to pull themselves up and out of the bassinet. Once this milestone comes, there is a need to transition your baby into a crib.

You should have your bassinet ready to go as soon as your baby comes home from the hospital. You and your baby will enjoy the comfort and relaxation that comes with a bassinet in the first couple of months (3 to 5 months) or once your baby starts to pull themselves up and out of the bassinet. A point to note, though – bassinets are shallower than cribs, so if your baby reaches the milestone, be careful your baby not to flip over and tumble out.

Difference between Bassinets playards and mini crib

All these three work for newborn sleep. In which one to invest in entirely depends on your needs. They are all useful for new moms, most especially if you want to keep your baby close.

Bassinet: Baby bassinets are an upgrade from the baby cradle. They are lightweight and small and only suitable for newborns. Some have collapsible bases making it easier to stash away when not in use.

Playard: The mesh sided space works best for overnight sleep, baby’s naps, or only playing in a contained space. Playards, once called playpens, fold in a compact tower, making it easy to travel with, most especially if you’re driving. However, they are a bit bulky for air travel. Playards come in different styles, and you might get some with diaper caddy, music/vibration features, a nightlight, a changing station, and additional bells.

Check the weight limit on any item you decide to choose. (Bassinets generally have low weight) and players and mini cribs need to be retired if your baby is agile enough to climb out on his own even if he hasn’t reached the height limit.

Mini crib: Mini cribs have narrower mattresses than standard cribs causing larger children to outgrow quickly. Ideally, you can keep it in the master bedroom or small nurseries. Depending on the style, some mini cribs fold flat, making them popular to keep at grandma’s house. The weight limit is higher than the bassinets; thus might be a brilliant long-term solution for room sharing after four months.

Excellent bassinets for newborns

Baby bassinets come in different styles, whether you want a traditional look or a sleek pod with some having non-negotiable features. According to Dr.Scott, babies need to sleep alone in their own sleeping space with four sides around them. It’s great to be sure that the bassinet’s sides aren’t made of soft plush material that the baby would suffocate against. Firmer mesh sides that allow air to circulate are perfect. If you’re inheriting a second-hand bassinet, make sure it’s compliant with current safe sleep standards, and also, the bassinet is not on recall.

The baby bassinet features: (Must-have)

  • Tight-fitting sheet
  • Locking mechanism (If the bassinet can rock)
  • Firm flat mattress
  • The four-sided sleeping area is made of mesh

The baby bassinet features: (Extra helpful)

  • Folding mechanism
  • Adjustable height
  • Lower storage space or side pockets
  • Vibration feature, overhead mobile or music player
  • A side that can be lowered and raised
  • Lockable wheels for more comfortable transportation from one room to another
  • A base that can slide under a base to save space

What to look for while choosing a baby bassinet

Choosing a bassinet is a personal decision and requires some thought ahead of time. Plus, your style may differ from others; however, the number one priority should be safety. Here are some core features to prioritize before buying the bassinet.


Budget is essential when buying a bassinet. You can get them at different prices, from extravagant splurges to extremely affordable. It’s not a must to buy a bassinet with whistles on it. However, if you’re up for a bassinet, that includes night lights or music, then you should at least expect to spend within the mid-range price point. But even so, you can get one that has all those features with a budget/pocket-friendly price.


Bassinets are more portable than cribs. However, for easier maneuverability, look for ones that can be moved from one place to the other with ease. For excellent portability, look for ones with wheels but make sure the wheels lock to prevent the bassinet from moving once in place. Each bassinet has its uniqueness; for instance, if you want a bassinet for travel, then look for one that can fold flat, ideally great for road trips or even shifting from indoors to outdoors.


Safety should be your number one priority. A new bassinet is excellent because you don’t have to worry about your bassinet being on a recall. However, you don’t have to worry either if you’re getting a second one, as you can check with the safety commission to be sure it’s not on a recall. Remember, your baby will outgrow the bassinet when they hit the product weight limit or start rolling.


This is a vital must-have feature if you plan to share your bedroom with your baby. Beds are different and so do heights. Therefore, a suitable co-sleeping bassinet should feature height adjustment for more comfortable positioning.


Most bassinets do more than holding your baby safely. Features like music, vibration, etc., help your baby soothe and help you also. For instance, when you’re trying to get a bite to eat and catch a nap. You’ll also find bassinets that safely support co-sleeping, but in general, it depends on your priorities.


Storage is not a must-have, but it’s a feature you should consider most, especially if you’re picking a bassinet with wheels, you need to look for additional storage. You can make your life more comfortable in the first days if you have diapers or bibs just next to you.


Q: How to soothe a baby in a bassinet
A: Newborns have an immature nervous system; thus, they can’t soothe themselves. They are used to being warm inside the womb. More so, they know how to suck, which is a gold thing soothing for them. That’s it! So, you have to do what you got to do to get them to sleep. You can plan a solid bedtime routine like cuddling, swaddling, quote play, light massage for baby, singing, reading to them, and bathing them. The vital thing is you follow the same routine every time. Lay your baby down awake: Rocking or Cuddling your baby is a good part of your night routine but make sure your bundle of joy doesn’t sleep in the process. You want them to be awake when you lay them down in their bassinet to enable them to learn to settle and sleep on their own.

Q: What is the safest thing for a newborn to sleep in?
A: The safest place is in a bassinet and later transition to a crib. Bassinets are safe for your baby in the first couple of months, and your baby will like the close quarters of bassinets as they give them that cozy womb-like feeling. Put your baby to sleep on their back and practice other safe sleeping techniques, and your baby will be just fine.

Q:Do you need a bassinet?
A: Deciding what to buy for your baby can seem a daunting task, especially for parents of newborns babies. You have a lot on your to-do list, but the most important thing is where your baby will sleep? In another room or with you? what will be suitable and safer for your baby? The answer is you need a bassinet for your baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics highly recommends a bassinet for your baby. A bassinet is convenient in many ways, and while you contemplate which one to use, make sure to check on the ones we’ve highlighted in this article to help you navigate.

Q: Is a crib advisable for your newborn right away?
A: The first thing to consider when you want to buy a crib or bassinet is where you want your baby to sleep in your house. A study by the Centers for

Disease Control and Prevention says newborns should sleep with you but not on the same bed. If your room is small, It might be challenging to fit a crib in along with your bed. A bassinet could be a worthy investment for its portability. In this regard, you can move the bassinet around the house to keep your infant around you during nighttime sleep and naps. Also, a crib is more expensive than a bassinet, and it’s not as easy to use as a bassinet.

Q: How safe is it for a baby to sleep in a bassinet overnight?
A: Yes. Your baby can sleep in a bassinet overnight because it’s safe and comfortable. Unlike swings, bouncers, and car seats, your flat level bassinet is like a mini-crib, safe enough for your baby to sleep overnight or as long as possible. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends avoiding co-sleeping altogether as blankets and pillows could pose a danger for the baby falling off the bed or even someone accidentally rolling on to the baby overnight. Also, this will lower the risks of sudden infant death syndrome and other sleep-related hazards. Parents should become aware of safe sleep guidelines. Always keep your baby in their cribs or bassinets or whatever you choose so long as it meets the latest CPSC guidelines.

Q: Do you need a crib and bassinet?
A: As we have discussed earlier, bassinets are very safe and comfortable for your baby in the first months. They are easy to move around and always keep your baby close to you no matter where you go. You can transit from a bassinet to a crib when your baby outgrows or starts rolling over, or exceeds the weight limit.

Q: Why does your newborn hate a bassinet?
A: Your baby doesn’t hate the bassinet after all ( does he even know what it is?) But it can be frustrating if they hate that one lovely place they should sleep at first. They could also want to be closer to you, or it could be something in general that keeps your baby awake, which has nothing to do with the bassinet. One thing you can do is to encourage sleep and study their sleep habits. You can also make a few adjustments to the bassinet more comfortable and try a few alternatives if nothing works. You can try to warm the bassinet’s surface to soothe the baby or switch to a cradle that utilizes a rocking motion. A point to note, though: Some babies don’t like sleeping on their back for various reasons. That said, you can talk to your pediatrician about what sleeping style is safe for your baby.

Q: How is it safe for your baby to sleep on your chest?
A: Holding your baby skin to skin is a powerful bonding experience recommended by the American Academy of pediatricians for up to an hour after the birth. Beyond that precious moment, it’s considered safe, with only one exception you should be awake. The study shows falling asleep while holding the baby is a great danger, which may trigger the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

SIDS: What’s the theory behind it?

American Academy of Pediatrics says the safe place for a baby to sleep is in the parent’s rooms. He should sleep in his bassinet or crib but shouldn’t sleep in his room alone until he’s 1 year and above. Further studies show when babies are close by, it helps prevent the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. DR, Goodstein says When your infant sleeps next to you, the background stirring and sounds prevent deep sleep, and it helps keep the baby safe plus encourages more comfortable breastfeeding.

How long should you put your baby down after feeding?

A vital recommended part of feeding a baby is burping. It’s an efficient process to help eliminate the air that your baby swallows during feeding. failure to burp your baby more often, it will make her gassy, cranky, or spit-up. Keep your baby upright after feeding to prevent the milk from coming up. This should take less than 15 minutes and sometimes longer. Your baby might spit up or GERD, but this is not something to worry about.

Take away

You have the power to care for your child. Don’t let people tell you otherwise. Among the duties, you need to ensure your baby sleeps comfortably and safely. Safety should be prioritized regardless of the method you choose. A baby bassinet can be a lifesaver as you adjust to life with your bundle of joy. You have many options to choose from. For instance, if your baby accompanies you on your travels a lot, be sure to buy a portable bassinet with all traveling features. We have various bassinets to choose from with different characteristics that suit your needs, from a multipurpose bassinet that serves other characteristics to ones that you can use for playpens or bassinet. It’s up to you to make a wise decision and choose what suits you right. As long as you ensure your bassinet is not on any recall list and it’s safe.

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