Clarisa Mane

Clarisa Mane
Clarisa is a freelance writer who specializes in product reviews alongside other writing niches. Her areas of specialization when it comes to product reviews include but are not limited to Baby items, women’s clothing, makeup, kitchenware, and accessories among other interesting topics. She is an avid reader of biographies and science fiction. When she is not behind her computer working, she is in the kitchen experimenting with different recipes.

The 10 Best bottle warmers of 2024

best bottle warmer

Now that your baby is here there are a couple of things that need to be in order. These are the diaper bags, the changing station, and most importantly the bottles. Nothing soothes a fussy baby faster than a warm bottle. Bottle warms while not …

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The 10 Best Baby Bathtubs of 2024

best baby bathtub

As a new parent, there are a couple of things that you buy to gear up for your new role. From cute little clothes to nice-looking squishy toys. However, not very many parents pay attention to where their baby is going to shower. Let us …

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The 10 Best Potty-Training Seats of 2024

Best Potty-Training Seat

It must be that time when you want to get rid of those diapers and you need your little one to potty train. With so many options in the marketplace, choosing the perfect fit for your toddler can be an uphill task. Potty training can …

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The 10 Best Crib Mattresses of 2024

best crib mattress

Is your baby on the way? If so, you have likely been preparing and gathering all the last important items needed for them to be using. Well, we understand that part of this process is also picking the safe, soft, and comfortable crib mattress for …

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The 10 Best Baby Playmats of 2024

best baby playmat

Without a doubt, every parent always wants the best for their babies. They dedicate their time and energy to create a safe and stimulating environment for their babies to play and learn. On the bright side, there are plenty of great play mats that not …

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The 10 Best Baby Swings Of 2024

Babies do not come with a do and do not manual. Most if not all parents have to figure out what works for their baby and what does not along the way as the baby grows. However, there are a few things that many parents …

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The 11 Best baby socks for 2024

Best baby socks

What are the most adorable yet frustrating pieces of clothing in a baby’s closet? Baby socks, yes these little pieces of clothing that are responsible for keeping those chubby feet warm and comfortable. Did you know they also top the list of the most misplaced …

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The 10 Best butt lifters of 2024

Best butt lifters

There is a lot to be talked about as far as the female body is concerned. From having flawless skin to having beautiful hair. The one thing that most women want is a perfect figure. Whether you are petite or plus size, having a beautiful …

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The 10 Best sewing machines of 2024

best sewing machine

2020 seemed to bring out the artist in everybody. Many people turned to arts and crafts to pass time. DIY trends were at their all-time high. Some people focused on making their pets cute adorable outfits. Others were focused on mask making. The ones that …

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The 9 Best Bike Water Bottles of 2024

best bike water bottle

Bicycle riding is a terrific sport that lets you exercise various parts of the body and also releases waste products in the form of sweat. To have a good time while cycling, you need the best bike water bottle to carry water along to keep …

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