Why we need a Minimalist Wallet

As the tempo of life in a modern city is very quick, Wallet and Money clip is certainly one of the most important accessories in a man’s travel bag. In our daily life, men usually like to carry bifold wallets, trifold wallets or front pocket wallet, most of these wallet may has enough card slots for all your cards and cash, so people are used to classified them as traditional wallet.

As our daily life becomes more and more detailed, the quality of our life is constantly improving. a minimalist wallets for men are becoming become more and more popular to suitable for the fast rhythm of modern life.

What is minimalist Wallet?

There are ID card, credit card, bank card, supermarket card, shopping card, membership card and so on, so many cards are not easy to store. The small, men’s minimalist wallet card holder is well-designed for these cards, the size is just right, to manage so many your cards together in neat condition, avoid the occurrence of a few random card, the appearance is very convenient to put your front pocket nicely, easy to carry with you everywhere.

Kinzd slim minimalist wallet

kinzd slim minimalist wallet with ID window and RFID blocking

Advantages of Minimalist Wallet?

Designed by artists, Kinzd card holder wallet are not only ultra-thin, slim and durable, but also simple, tearproof and 100% recyclable. Some slim wallets are gender-neutral, some are waterproof bifold wallet. If you need to find a new wallet to replace bulky wallet, just have a look our slim wallet for both men and women, when you try our ultra thin wallet to experience how comfortable, beautiful and safe minimalist wallets it is! Your pocket will become light right now while you use ultra-thin wallets.

Why we carry a RFID blocking minimalist wallet? All of our wallets made of finest leather with RFID blocking. A Minimalist Wallet with RFID Blocking protection PREVENTS data from being stolen from contactless Cards by identity thieves just using special contactless card readers. You can easily store 6-7 cards in Kinzd Slim wallet. It is very thin and slim, you will forget it in your front pocket.

Meanwhile, you will find here various smart wallets, passport holder wallet, thin card holder, leather money clip wallet in different style, colours, functions and sizes. Moreover, we have prepared enticing gift box packing, which will improve functionality of your card wallet.

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