Jessy Faraday


The 11 Best Desk Lamps of 2024

best desk lamp

Ever felt that annoying headache while sitting on your desk for a little while? If yes, you’d agree that your eyes become itchy and irritated after just a few minutes. Don’t blame your genes, though! That headache and eye strain might be caused by poor …

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The 11 Best Sharpening Stones of 2024

best Sharpening Stone

Whether you love preparing food yourself or you take help from someone else, you’d agree that cutting veggies and slicing meat are the daily kitchen chores. However, the same chores can become problematic only due to one reason: a dull knife. That’s because using a …

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The 10 Best Hair Rollers of 2024

Best Hair Roller

Defined curls and waves give your hair a lustrous and classy look that you are after. Plus, curls also give a pseudo impression of more volume to even the thinnest hair strands. Therefore, getting a vintage curly hair look is nearly impossible without having the …

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The 10 Best Baby Activity Centers of 2024

Best Baby Activity Centers

One must get awe-stricken by watching a three-month-old baby learning things fast. A child’s brain is charismatic since it’s quite receptive to adapting new things in a fraction of time. This, being the reason, parents encourage activities and toys that improve brain function in these …

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The 8 Best Baby Formulas of 2024

Best Baby Formula

When a baby comes into this world, it’s completely dependent on you. Its parents, guardians, and caretakers have to be responsible for everything; from the milk, the baby drinks to changing the resultant dirty diapers. Of course, we all want the best possible nourishment for …

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The 10 Best nursing tanks of 2024

Best nursing tank

If there is a piece of clothing that gets a lot asked of it, it is the nursing tank. Every busy, tired new mother wants to give her precious bundle of joy the benefits of mother’s milk, but without sacrificing comfort, convenience, or fashion. A …

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