The 15 Best Shower Heads of 2021

Whether it is a lovely morning or even tiring day to start; the sole thing which keeps your daily life energy is the best shower head .

However, the experience would not be so much exciting, if the shower does not work as it is supposed to as a result of the inappropriate shower head.

Currently, the top shower heads aren’t just about the functionality but the look and have supplementary features as well.

Based on your requirements, it might be challenging or easy to select an innovative showerhead to suit your bathroom. The majority of showerheads out there may look similar; still, their features may vary from one another.

If you’re confused about what exactly you are searching for while purchasing a showerhead, then it may seem like navigating the minefield.

However, before buying a showerhead, we recommend you reading the reviews and buying guide below that will assist you to make the best decision.

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Moen S6320BG Two-Function Velocity 8″ Rain Shower head

Moen S6320BG Two-Function Velocity 8

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Add some elegance to the bathroom using this Moen S6320BG Two-Function Velocity 8″ Rain Shower head.

Regardless of what sort of showerhead you are trying to find, Moen has provided it for you. This is on the market in 4 different finishes, such as brushed gold. Choose the finish and boost the aesthetic charm of the shower.

However, this item from the Velocity line, without any doubt, is the best shower head available on the marketplace.

It includes a centered rinse and also a setting for full spray. If you’re trying to find more settings for spray in the rain showerhead, then this product can be the perfect match for you.

Not to mention, this unit provides the spectacular gold finish that would look superb with a beige or dark styled bathroom.

To tell the truth, one problem that often people face with the rain showerheads is they provide superb coverage, still not enough water pressure.

But with this product, you can easily switch over to another setting which offers more centered rainwater pressure.

Key Features

  • Offers a full coverage
  • Includes a luxury design
  • Provides powerful rinse


  • Brand: Moen
  • Model: S6320BG
  • Type: Rain shower
  • Spray pattern: Two
  • Product size: 3.13″x8″x8″
  • Product weight: Approximately 2.55 pounds

  • It is versatile
  • Comes with 4 finishes
  • Offers 100 nozzles designed for the rain-type shower
  • Its price is somewhat high

Speakman SC-1220AF Vandal-Proof Shower Head

Speakman SC-1220AF Vandal-Proof Shower Head

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To get a soothing bathing time, the Speakman SC-1220AF Vandal-Proof Shower Head is perfect because of the essential and unique features this is constructed with.

Also, the supply of two vandal-proof handles makes this easy to select either cold or hot water. Speakman SC-1220AF Vandal-Proof Shower Head includes a lifetime limited warranty that guarantees the bang for your buck.

On top of that, this showerhead is incredible; thanks to its chrome finish as well as you can easily use this to enhance the décor of your bathroom for fun bathing time.

Needless to say, the state-of-the-art material utilized in creating this showerhead helps it be sturdy thus it will certainly last for prolonged periods.

Even more, this showerhead is also rust-proof and corrosion-proof, and thus it will last for quite a long time as it won’t corrode or rust.

Key Features

  • Comes with 4″ handles
  • It saves energy considerably
  • Simple to maintain and clean


  • Brand: Speakman
  • Model: SC-1220AF
  • Type: Handle
  • Spray pattern: One
  • Product size: 8.25″x8.25″x2″
  • Product weight: Approximately 5 pounds

  • Simple to install
  • Attractive rust-resistant finish
  • Offers temperature control advantages
  • Its height is short

WASSA 3″ High Pressure Fixed Metal Shower Head


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If you are interested in replacing your existing shower head but do not want a 1/2-dozen pattern, then we have the best thing to suit your needs.

WASSA 3″ High Pressure Fixed Metal Shower Head won’t look extraordinary, still, the pressure this produces will certainly make you astonished.

A manufacturer focusing on engineering will be able to do considerably with a small shower head.

However, this is 3″ only in size but has even more nozzles compared to larger heads that boost the pressure effortlessly.

The WASSA 3″ High Pressure Fixed Metal Shower Head is seriously extraordinary because of its size.

However, the sole thing you will want to take into account is you cannot dial this down, thus there are no pulsating or mist features available on this head.

It is accessible in chrome as well as is included with Teflon tape. At the same time, you are offered with a guarantee from this Company.

Key Features

  • Light in weight
  • Features a chrome finish
  • The rotating ball joint provides a preferred spray angle


  • Brand: WASSA
  • Model: WS1201
  • Type: Wall-Mounted
  • Spray pattern: One
  • Product size: 2.75″x2.75″x3.5″
  • Product weight: Approximately 4.9 ounces

  • Sturdy
  • Stylish look
  • Offers a chrome finish
  • The pressure of water is very high

American Standard Spectra Plus 9035254 4-Function Shower Head

American Standard Spectra Plus 9035254 4-Function Shower Head

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This American Standard Spectra Plus 9035254 4-Functions Shower Head provides you a unique design offering you a blend of the handheld showerhead and broad showerhead.

It is easy to change the settings for spray quickly with this handheld showerhead making use of the toggle.

However, you do not have to stress about this head falling out as its Dock-Tite function ensures that the shower is firmly docked.

Divert paddle is a superb feature integrated into this showerhead that will provide simplicity with adjustment between settings for a spray with the required ease.

Its drench spray, on the other hand, will see the body covered fully in water within very little time, with sensitive giving a good spray that is soft on your skin.

Key Features

  • It is well-known
  • Offers aqua toggle mechanism
  • It can cover your full body effortlessly


  • Brand: American Standard
  • Model: 9035254.278
  • Type: Not mentioned
  • Spray pattern: Four
  • Product size: 10.56″x9.5″x3.63″
  • Product weight: Approximately 2.71 pounds

  • Offers 4 spray settings
  • The traditional design of the shower
  • It can be easily adjusted to support animals and children
  • Many find it hard to rotate this showerhead down

Speakman S-2252BBZ Multi-Function Icon Anystream Shower Head

Speakman S-2252BBZ Multi-Function Icon Anystream Shower Head

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This amazing showerhead is the best-selling highly pressured shower head available on the marketplace.

This Speakman S-2252BBZ Multi-Function Icon Anystream Shower Head out there is constructed from solid brass and is available in various finishes such as brushed nickel, oil-rubbed brass, polished brass, polished nickel, and polished chrome that indicates this high-pressure showerhead is built to last for very long.

This Speakman S-2252BBZ Multi-Function Icon Anystream Shower Head has six adjustable jets integrated that are generating 48 individual sprays.

Due to the conventional design, the “high-flow” heads are ageless and can certainly be utilized in various bathroom designs as well as that implies it is truly the most powerful and versatile showerhead.

In terms of installing this Speakman showerhead, there’s no simpler thing to perform considering this showerhead is made to be installed easily within a short while and even you do not have to seek the services of a professional as you can perform it on your own.

Key Features

  • It is long-lasting
  • Premium solid brass
  • Steady powerful spray


  • Brand: Speakman
  • Model: S-2252BBZ
  • Type: Wall-mounted
  • Capacity: 2.5 GPM
  • Product size: 3.8″x2.8″x4″
  • Product weight: Approximately 1.44 pounds

  • Several settings
  • Offers a lifetime warranty
  • Increases the pressure greatly
  • Its design quite basic

Speakman S-2251E2 Polished Chrome Shower Head

Speakman S-2251E2 Polished Chrome Shower Head

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This Speakman S-2251E2 Polished Chrome Shower Head utilizes the patented, adjustable Anystream system in order to transition via the supported settings for spray, distributing the water equally and delivering every stream at the supposed pressure.

Although it doesn’t have a setting for massage, the rate of flow on three streams is outstanding, with Flood spray particularly providing a waterfall experience.

Furthermore, it includes 8 integrated self-cleaning plungers which prevent the build-up of sediment and hard-water.

This way, it assists to keep this showerhead clean as well as enhances its life expectancy. The plungers, on the other hand, are built to boost the water pressure.

This showerhead is manufactured from sturdy solid brass. This Speakman S-2251E2 Polished Chrome Showerhead is provided a polished, corrosion-proof chrome finish.

The modern design is elegant and the right accessory for every modern bathroom. This includes a limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Key Features

  • Various finish options
  • Includes 8 adjustable jets
  • Several pressures available


  • Brand: Speakman
  • Model: S-2251E2
  • Type: Fixed
  • Spray pattern: Eight
  • Product size: 4.75″x3.63″x5.13″
  • Product weight: Approximately 1 pound

  • Simple to clean the nozzles
  • Offers 3 modes to fit your mood
  • Accessible in different polishes offering a unique look
  • Flow restrictor reduces the pressure of water

KOHLER K-17493CP Flipside 4 Functions Shower Head

KOHLER K-17493CP Flipside 4 Functions Shower Head

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As they claim, this KOHLER K-17493CP Flipside 4 Functions Shower Head is unquestionably stylish and durable.

This KOHLER K-17493CP is an extremely versatile showerhead that is long- lasting. Not to mention it features a chrome polish which will have the shower glowing.

One more thing, this is simple to install, thus do not expect any major challenge while installing this. It has 4 special spray settings that offer a broad range of expertise to ensure that you take pleasure in the shower experience.

Needless to say, the water pattern of the nozzle increases the strength of the pressure of water to make an excellent shower experience.

Last but not least, KOHLER K-17493CP Flipside 4 Functions Shower Head is uncomplicated to handle due to the smooth handle.

This showerhead is manufactured in a way so that it can stop the accumulation of lime that may block the holes of the shower when you use the hard water.

Key Features

  • Stylish design
  • Every spray face includes a focused face
  • The effortless operation even with your soapy hands


  • Brand: KOHLER
  • Model: K-17493CP
  • Type: Handheld
  • Spray pattern: Four
  • Product size: 13.5″x5.25″x4.5″
  • Product weight: Approximately 1.29 pounds

  • Great rate of water flow
  • Simple to swivel and adjust
  • Easy and long-lasting to install
  • Doesn’t contain the shower arm

Hiendure HS16CBB 16″ Matte Black Shower Head

Hiendure HS16CBB 16

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The majority of rain showerheads available possess square spraying face. Thus, if you desire to have a square rain shower head you can grab any premium rain shower head you may discover.

However, if you desire our viewpoint regarding the best square rainfall showerhead, we recommend you this Hiendure HS16CBB 16″ Matte Black Shower Head.

It is the top 16″ rain square shower system that has great features and a ruthless rainfall shower. This has long-lasting and glossy “Matte-Black” finish for magnificent looks as well as feels like SPAs and hotels at your bathroom.

Not forgetting, this 16″ rain square shower head includes 196 easily cleanable silicon built nozzles and this will guarantee high-pressure ultra thin rainfall shower. Without any doubt, you will love this surely.

Key Features

  • Offers a full coverage
  • Fantastic water flow and pressure
  • Advanced looking, wonderful chrome finish


  • Brand: Hiendure
  • Model: HS16CBB
  • Type: Rain shower
  • Spray pattern: Not mentioned
  • Product size: 17″x16.5″x3.5″
  • Product weight: Approximately 6.46 pounds

  • Quick cleaning
  • Robust material
  • Made and finished aesthetically
  • May be large to a few people

Ana Bath High-Pressure Anti-Clog Dual Bronze Shower Head

Ana Bath High-Pressure Anti-Clog Dual Bronze Shower Head

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Now, we have another amazing product for you. Ana Bath High-Pressure Anti-Clog Dual Bronze Shower Head is just awesome.

This is an ideal double showerhead from the factors of structure and qualities.

The Anti-block nozzle of this shower head from Ana bath will remove calcium and minerals found in water. Therefore, you must not be concerned about the existence of harmful calcium and minerals in the water.

Additionally, the exclusive feature of the showerhead is it features 5 spray functions. These 5 functions are rain mix, bubbling and bubbling spray, rain mix and massage, rain spray, and massage spray.

However, if you love to get a magnificent shower in the large shower room, this Ana Bath High-Pressure Anti-Clog Dual Bronze Shower Head will be ideal for you.

In fact, this particular showerhead is ideal for a refreshing and clean bath experience.

Key Features

  • Several functions
  • Durable build and materials
  • More choice of the spray patterns available


  • Brand: Ana Bath
  • Model: SS5450CORB
  • Type: Handheld
  • Spray pattern: Five
  • Product size: 11.7″x7.6″x3.7″
  • Product weight: Approximately 2.69 pounds

  • Features an anti-clog layout
  • Simple access to the water regulator
  • You can use the two heads at the same time
  • The fittings can loosen as time passes

KOHLER Single-Function K-10282AKCP 2.5 GPM Shower head

KOHLER Single-Function K-10282AKCP 2.5 GPM Shower head

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This KOHLER Single-Function K-10282AKCP 2.5 GPM Shower head makes use of groundbreaking technology which makes it the state-of-the-art shower head out there.

As it’s the result of groundbreaking technology, it provides a smooth showering experience which will cause you to forget the tiredness of the day.

This particular showerhead generates sexy water drops as its system infuses 2- liter of air per 60 seconds, therefore, providing a powerful full spray.

The faucet is built-in with showerhead to avoid hard water thus providing 2.5 gallons for per 60 seconds.

This KOHLER Single-Function K-10282AKCP 2.5 GPM Shower head doesn’t corrode, tear or wear easily due to its attractive color finish thus it offers the bathroom an unparalleled elegance which you want.

On comfort, this showerhead boosts the performance while reducing water wastage because of its enhanced spray which has an exclusive nozzle that provides precise water coverage.

Key Features

  • Advanced build quality
  • Fits all the standard shower arms
  • Great wave structure for massages


  • Brand: KOHLER
  • Model: K-10282AKCP
  • Type: Wall-Mounted
  • Spray pattern: One
  • Product size: 0.02″x3″x6.75″
  • Product weight: Approximately 1 pound

  • Beautiful finish
  • Durable metal build
  • Simple to mount with current plumbing
  • The noise is very loud for many people

AquaDance Antimicrobial High-Pressure Rainfall Shower head

AquaDance Antimicrobial High-Pressure Rainfall Shower head

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This is a twin shower head that will is simple to mount and use. However, both the showerheads have magnificent setting features. Among these settings are power-rain, massage, off/on, and etc.

It is easy to utilize both shower heads simultaneously or separately. Also, the ability to choose which head to utilize is under your control.

The installation is quick and easy. It doesn’t take lots of time to get the system set up. This showerhead is simple to clean too.

It makes it stronger. The showerhead is reliable for use as well as it doesn’t pose health threats to your body.

AquaDance Antimicrobial High-Pressure Rainfall Showerhead is installed with the anti-clog nozzles which help to avoid this shower from blocking. This can take a fairly long time just before you perform the unclogging.

On top of that, the material utilized to make this is proof against the creation of molds as well as other hazardous bacteria.

Key Features

  • Several modes
  • Simple installation
  • Sophisticated inverter


  • Brand: AquaDance
  • Model: 5528
  • Type: Wall-Mounted
  • Spray pattern: Six
  • Product size: 10″x6″x4″
  • Product weight: Approximately 1.67 pounds

  • Simple installation
  • You don’t need any tool
  • Combination of the handheld shower and overhead shower
  • The majority of parts are made from plastic

Hotel Spa Antimicrobial Notilus High-Pressure Shower Head

Hotel Spa Antimicrobial Notilus High-Pressure Shower Head

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Nautilus, the top-notch US showerhead manufacturer has made this durable and superb pulsating device with the scary consumer in mind.

Its EPA authorized Microban material stops the microbial development, thus you’re guaranteed to get a clean, safe shower.

The antimicrobial life-long features combined with the ruthless cleaning power imply this showerhead is perfect for anyone, particularly the young children, elderly, and even families who might have health concerns.

The Hotel Spa Antimicrobial Notilus High-Pressure Showerhead includes a large 3″ and 4″ face and 6 settings for the spa-like magnificence.

The pulsating setting for massage is perfect for releasing anxiety and soothing the aching muscles.

Includes all you require for a tool-free, effortless installation as well as lifetime warranty. At the same time, this unique showerhead is made to fit all the standard shower arms. But, because of its hefty construction, the lightweight arms won’t be enough strong.

Key Features

  • Perfect for the entire family
  • The nozzles are self-cleaning
  • Simple to take out the flow restrictor


  • Brand: Hotel Spa
  • Model: 5532
  • Type: Handheld
  • Spray pattern: Six
  • Product size: 3.5″x10″x6″
  • Product weight: Approximately 1.2 pounds

  • Offers a lifetime warranty
  • Includes Microban technology
  • This is a large, high-pressure showerhead
  • It is pretty heavy

KOHLER Awaken G110 K-72419Cp Multi-function Shower head

KOHLER Awaken G110 K-72419Cp Multi-function Shower head

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It is a superb quality shower head. It is a long-lasting showerhead from Kohler, crafted from polished chrome.

You’ll love its modern geometric design. This looks rather elegant but simple. It is a good showerhead which fuses a smooth design, superior quality as well as best performance to make a functional device.

The geometric design blends properly with modern baths. This is an easy yet functional device that will fit the bathroom with smart decor.

The KOHLER Awaken G110 K-72419Cp Multi-function Shower is going to be an excellent match for guest bathroom, your kid’s bathroom, or master bathroom.

However, you get 3 unique sprays: wide coverage, intense drenching, and focused spray. Also, the transition between the individual sprays, undoubtedly, is easy and quick.

The bath experience you receive with this particular showerhead is just amazing. A sophisticated spray technology reduces wasteful overspray even while boosting rinsing and cleaning efficiency. This generates more targeted coverage for a superb performance.

Key Features

  • It is highly affordable
  • Includes a modern design
  • Leading-edge spray engine


  • Brand: KOHLER
  • Model: K-72419Cp
  • Type: Wall-mounted
  • Spray pattern: Three
  • Product size: 2.88″x4.31″x4.63″
  • Product weight: Approximately 0.01 ounces

  • Luxurious build
  • Loaded with different features
  • Includes six unique stream settings
  • Eliminating the limiter damages the shower settings

Lokby 5″ Handheld High-Pressure 6-Setting Shower Head

Lokby 5

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If you are in search of a showerhead that provides a ruthless showering experience, this Lokby 5″ Handheld High-Pressure 6-Setting Shower Head might simply be the best one to suit your needs.

This particular showerhead produces a pressure-growing stream that provides water at an increased velocity to make up for low-pressure water situations.

Additionally, this showerhead from Lokby includes 5 different spray styles which make a pressure increasing effect for amazing shower experience.

Its anti-clog self-cleaning nozzles eliminate minerals, lime, and even, hard water build-ups, guaranteeing that you will not be wasting a lot of time maintaining this Lokby showerhead.

Moreover, this item is made from chrome coated ABS material, steel hose, and an adjustable solid brass rotating ball joint.

If you are trying to find a showerhead that is simple to mount, then Lokby 5″ Handheld High-Pressure 6-Setting Shower Head will be an excellent buy!

Key Features

  • Simple to clean
  • Convenient tool-free setup
  • Rustproof and strong construction


  • Brand: Lokby
  • Model: Not mentioned
  • Type: Handheld
  • Spray pattern: Six
  • Product size: 10″x5″x4″
  • Product weight: Approximately 1.6 pounds

  • Offers a pause feature
  • Uncomplicated installation
  • Comes with an adjustable mount
  • It is heavy

Waterpik Flexible High-Pressure Shower Head

Waterpik Flexible High-Pressure Shower Head

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Last but not least, this device is the exceptional model from Waterpik as it includes elements of both handheld and fixed-head units. This includes an 18″ flexible hose that allows you to adjust the angle, position, and height.

This device may appear looking somewhat unattractive with the long neck. However, if there’s a system to retract the18″ hose while not being used, then it will make this product a lot more outstanding.

However, we enjoy the performance which this showerhead provides to every relation, regardless of age or height.

The neck, on the other hand, can be effortlessly adjusted to fit very tall people as this can be organized to use by kids.

This Waterpik Flexible High-Pressure Shower Head is a unique model from Waterpik. The 18″ shower neck has been built to adjust to any direction, height, and position.

Key Features

  • Easy installation
  • Simple adjustment
  • Includes 6 spraying modes


  • Brand: Waterpik
  • Model: 603
  • Type: Wall-mounted
  • Spray pattern: Six
  • Product size: 18″x3.8″x7.8″
  • Product weight: Approximately 1 pound

  • Simple to install
  • 6 options for Spray
  • Adjustable neck height
  • Its parts are made of plastic

Ultimate Buying Guide On The Best Shower Heads!

Taking a bath is the initial thing you do each and every morning which allows you to get up and start your day.

Thus, obviously, you desire that feeling to be an excellent one to make you able to start fresh. No matter if you are renovating the bathroom or just trying to find a nicer shower feel on a restricted budget, then you need the top shower head that will fulfill your needs. You can watch this YouTube video for more knowledge!

Listed below are a few valuable tips to take into account when trying to purchase the best shower head which will last for years, satisfy your desires, and even boost your health:

Ease Of InstallationIt is easy to discover an excellent shower head that needs simple installation procedures you can certainly do on your own and does not require any help to install.

It is always an advantage because it is going to save you money and time. For making the process of installation simpler and avoid any annoying hassles, if you possess a regular shower-arm, then select an ideal shower head which states it will fit all the typical shower arms out there.

Top Quality Water Filtration

If a daily shower, not to mention, is necessary to you, then a unique showerhead with a system for water purification should be similarly as significant because it offers you a completely safer and cleaner shower experience.

Although all the shower heads possess integrated “metal-screen” filters which eliminate rather big pieces of the sediment, they are very outdated and only are integrated into conventional showerheads for eliminating clogs as well as ensure their appropriate function.

Avoid screen filters. You should choose one more beneficial and a modern one. The screen filters execute as minor of the task as they need to in terms of filtering the water and practically are worthless.

Pressure Of Water

There is nothing more un-enjoyable and boring compared to a shower that has a weak pressure of water.

The streams do not feel pleasant, and this may feel as if it requires a year for even rinsing the shampoo out of the hair.

It is not how an ideal shower experience ought to be. This is why it is so necessary to look closely at the design of the spray plate before buying.

Efficiency Of Water

How much water-efficient an ideal showerhead is actually had plenty related to the design of spray plate.

Spray plates along with bigger and fewer holes provide you a less strong water pressure as well as will misuse far more water. However, a conventional shower head usually uses almost 4 GPM water.

On the other hand, an increasingly advanced water-efficient model uses just about 2 GPM water and can practically cut the usage of the shower water in half.

Finish And Materials

It is important to select a particular design of a shower head that is designed with continuous endurance and safety in mind. The top material options for the shower heads tend to be ABS plastic, stainless steel, or brass.

Stainless steel, needless to say, is more affordable than brass. At the same time, while metal tends to be durable, it is difficult to get an advanced created spray plate that has metal alone.

The showerheads having thicker designs additionally are constructed from plastic. So, if you select an ideal shower head which contains a plastic substance, ensure that the sort of the plastic utilized is ABS.

This is because ABS is actually a non-poisonous plastic which is very solid and proof against corrosion or chemicals.


The showerheads which contain essential oils can provide you with spa-like feel with many extra healing advantages of the essential oils whenever you shower.

The aromatherapy can take the health and shower experience to a new level. However, have you said that “I don’t enough have time” for relaxing yourself?

Okay, with the aromatherapy showerhead, you do not want any extra time. It is easy to indulge in the aromatherapy and also feel refreshed with every bath you take. Not to mention, the advantages of such oils are unlimited.

Negative Ionizer

Well, the best shower head which creates negative ions, without any doubt, will provide you an excellent shower experience.

Research shows that negative ions available in the air are confirmed to reduce stress, boost blood flow, and enhance breathing.

The negative ions, on the other hand, are superb for generating a relaxing experience, minimizing major lung problems for example bronchitis or asthma, and fighting SAD by boosting the levels of serotonin.

Vitamin C Implanted

The most-effective filter of showerhead alone won’t eliminate the numerous toxic compounds lurking in tap water.

However, a showerhead that contains Vitamin C, definitely, is the top organic way to eliminate these unsafe chemicals as well as is the sole way to take out the most poisonous ones such as Chloramine.

While combined with the showerhead, the Vitamin C doesn’t just get rid of Chlorine and many other dangerous chemicals before accessing the body, but also being bathed in the Vitamin C will be a great means to naturally recover and maintain the moisture of your skin.

It is important to ensure that chemicals are strained from the shower water as many of such chemicals in the tap water are shown to trigger many health issues with ongoing exposure and also are proven to aggravate lung and skin conditions.

Different Types Of The Best Shower Heads!

  • High-Pressure Showerhead
  • The high powered pressure of water is a benefit that not all homes can appreciate, and you will find many factors for that. As an example, this might be the plumbing problem or the water supply of your town.

    Moreover, the main cause is often your showerhead itself. Right now, if you’re dealing with the low pressure of water throughout your home, then it will be a superb thought to contact a plumber for checking the plumbing system.

  • Bluetooth Showerhead
  • Most of us prefer to sing while taking a shower. However, if you’re among those people, then it may be an incredible concept to purchase a showerhead which includes Bluetooth speaker.

    You will find many wonderful advantages of buying a Bluetooth suitable unit as you can play songs from the Smartphone using such a handy Bluetooth feature.

  • LED Showerhead
  • At this point, you can easily take your bath experience to an entire new stage by purchasing a showerhead which includes a built-in LED light.

    Getting the LED feature within your showerhead will certainly add more elegance to the bathroom and assist to make a more fulfilling shower moment.

    Also, with the LED you can add your preferred light and color to your shower. This is extremely important when you are thinking about a LED function in which you thoroughly check out the source of power. The LED showerheads can include water pressure or a battery cabin.

  • Wall-Mounted Showerhead
  • It is the desired sort of showerhead and even the most famous one and such a showerhead is actually something which nearly every single home has.

    This doesn’t matter in case you possess a showerhead which is currently fitted to the wall as you will find plenty of design options out there to remodel your bathroom.

    It is easy to replace the wall-mounted old showerhead with a modern better-made shower head.

  • Handheld Showerhead
  • Exactly like a rain shower head, a handheld showerhead contains many different solutions for mounting which you have to be conscious of.

    At the same time, a handheld showerhead includes a flexible hose or tube which you can hang this up on the hanger, swivel, or bar which you attach to the wall.

    However, all there’s to conduct is to simply screw the hose onto the shower arm. Doing this, you can maneuver the hose down and up, as per your choices.

  • Rain Showerhead

Not to mention, these sorts of showerheads usually are very well-liked, and they’re made to give you a sense of feeling that you’re standing in the rainfall as it provides tiny drops of rain to create the feel of being engrossed in the raindrops.

It is an exceptional means of making your shower experience an enjoyable activity. Such sorts of showerheads are quite large and even the flow of water will cover the entire body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s The Best Psi For Showerhead?
A: Quite a while ago, the shower heads supplied around 5 – 8 GPM (gallons per minute) at just 80 psi. However, the latest standard for the “low-flow” heads is around 2.5 gallons per minute at just 80 psi.

A few “low-flow” showerheads supply 1.6 GPM only. A good low flow showerhead can feel great at low and high pressures of water.

Q: Can A Showerhead Boost The Water Pressure?
A: Poor performance of the showerhead is usually a design problem. A shower head with high pressure boosts the water flow through showerhead intended for an impressive spray.

If the showerhead you have is poor or is suffering from low pressure of water, then enjoy a superior performance by changing it with the Waterpik showerhead offering OptiFLOW.

Q: Where’s “Flow-Restrictor” Placed On A Shower Head?
A: This flow restrictor, needless to say, is typically circular, flat and plastic, and features a star-formed metal center.

It is generally positioned behind the metal “screw-off” portion in the fixed showerhead. However, they can differ in color as well as include open inserts near to the edge.

Q: Does A Showerhead Support Any Shower?
A: Basically every showerhead features a similar connection in America, 1/2- inch NPT. It is standard! If you have a “shower-arm” plumbing originating from your wall or your ceiling, then you can easily select whichever showerhead you desire and mount the shower head anywhere you need.

Q: Can I Replace The Shower Head?
A: It is pretty simple to change a showerhead as well as it is a job that can help you save bucks on your water and energy bills.

It is easy to cut the use of your water by around 25% to 60% and even use much less electricity on water heating simultaneously by replacing the water-hogging, old shower head with the latest model.

Q: Why Is The Pressure Of My Shower Head Low?
A: Do you face low pressure of water in your shower? Odds are your showerhead includes a blocked nozzle.

Simply unscrew the showerhead and then soak this in the vinegar-water, or perhaps if this seems too much gone, then mount a replacement.

Q: Do The Rain Showerheads Offer Great Pressure?
A: Usually the rainfall heads do not have the best water pressure. Therefore, if you choose strong showerheads that put out loads of pressure, a conventional rain shower head will not be an excellent move.

Q: Do The Shower Heads With Low-Pressure Work?
A: The shower heads with low pressure often have finer and fewer holes that consequently makes the flow of water feel stronger.

The adjustable showerheads which give you various spray options can assist you to get the water flow boom on.

Q: Should I Eliminate The Flow Restrictor Of Shower Head?
A: Water restrictor actually is meant to save your money on energy and water bills, still if you reside in a place with low pressure of water, then flow restrictor will reduce the shower to the tiny drizzle of the water. Taking water restrictor off will return the pressure of shower to normal, yet it may additionally increase the water bills.

Q: Which Sort Of Shower Will Be Best?
A: Electric showers, on the other hand, are the most flexible type of shower on the market. Electric showers will be perfect if you need to have a quick hot shower, and they provide the possibility for electricity savings.

Q: Do The Rain Showerheads Utilize More Water?
A: Do the rain showerheads utilize more water? Well, showering is very eco- friendly because a 5-min shower makes use of ONE-HALF the water utilized to have a shower.

Q: How Long From Wall Should Be The Rain Showerhead?
A: A tall person utilizing the shower must have around a foot of clearance.

Q: How Often Is It Safe To Change The Shower Head?
A: As many kinds of bacteria flourish in moist places like the shower, it’s suggested that you change the showerhead every six to eight months.

Trying to maintain the showerhead clean, particularly if you possess hard water, will be very hard to manage.

Q: Is A Big Shower Head Considerably Better?
A: For many people, a stronger shower indicates a more satisfying shower. Also, a shower head with high pressure provides you a stimulating shower experience. When the water flow of your showerhead is poor, low pressure of water in the home or even an ineffective showerhead may possibly be the reason.

Q: Why Do Individuals Prefer The Rain Showerheads?
A: The majority of people mount the rain showerhead due to its comforting qualities. The feel of water surrounding you, dropping over the top of the head, and going down the body, will be extremely refreshing and relaxing.

Q: What To Use For Cleaning A Showerhead?
A: For cleaning a showerhead, it is easy to soak this in vinegar. You will find two methods you can conduct this.

First, you can easily fill a bag with the vinegar as well as wrap this around your shower head, after that secure the pouch around the showerhead using tape, rubber band, or twist tie.

Q: What’s The Waterfall Shower?
A: The waterfall showerheads are not mounted in an identical way as the standard ones. Instead of shooting out the flow of water at a perfect angle, they’re installed overhead for providing the “top-down” drenching effects. Unsurprisingly, it is like standing beneath a natural downpour or waterfall.

Q: Are The Rain Showerheads Worthwhile?
A: Typically, rainwater heads do not have the best of the water pressure. Therefore, if you choose powerful showerheads that put off loads of pressure, a conventional rain shower head will not be an ideal move.


The goal of this post is to present you with 15 best shower heads of 2020. You may discover plenty of products available in the marketplace but not every one of them will be the best value for your money. Honestly, that is why this post must be read.

At the same time, you should focus on customer reviews to learn the benefits and drawbacks of a product. Also, when your need and budget are satisfied with the product, you can purchase it happily.

Our top pick is Moen S6320BG Two-Function Velocity 8″ Rain Shower Head. It is just an awesome one! Its performance, features, and design will simply make you amazed!

Also, our top budget-friendly recommendation is Speakman SC-1220AF Vandal-Proof Shower Head. It has everything you may need but at the same time, it won’t let you break your bank.

All the items reviewed in this post are only the best shower heads that offer different qualities and features to fulfill everyone’s needs.

They vary from a basic unit to an advanced unit with the top features you can think about.

In this best showerhead review post, we have done our best to offer you the best ones to ensure that you can grab the best shower head which fits your demands best.

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